Monday, April 17, 2006

Photo Montage..

Two of the reasons why I'm lagging with my blog are because of digiscrapping (which I'll share once I've uploaded my masterpieces soon) and this:

Create your own video at One True Media
Will be creating more of these for our prenups, hotel preps, reception, honeymoon and other out of town trips pics. Niyahaha! :) *talon-talon*

Update about myself: I'm in my third week of having my time and enjoying not being a corporate slave anymore!!! (I miss paydays, though)

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Wedding Story...finally unfolds....

It's been weeks since I last checked out my friendster account, blogged, checked out my co-w@wies blogs. And it took almost two months before I get to share our wedding kwentos...hehehe! Time flies so fast that I didn't notice that most of them are married na rin like me (those that I got close with at w@w are mostly december '05 and january '06 brides). Haven't checked w@w mails for ages, that's why I didn't notice that most of us graduated from stressful but enjoyable wedding preps. Just checked out Geri's blog and nainggit ako ha...buti pa siya she's through with her Supplier Ratings. So here I am, will try to publish this as soon as possible (it won't be easy and this might take me days or weeks perhaps, before you can finally read it on my blog. Date and time check: Feb 12 11:06 PM) Warning: this is really long.

December 16, 2005 Friday:
Paul fetched me from our house at about 10 am..brought all the accessories and paraphernalias we'd be needing. We proceeded right away to Sta Rita to have a confession but since late si Paul wala ng available na priest that time. They didn't have any other schedule anymore for confessions on that day.

But there's one thing I was happy about. Yun eh natapos na ang renovation on the front yard of the church. Weeks prior our wedding day, nalungkot kami when we learned the possibility na umabot ang renovation until our day.


Incidentally, Kitte just coordinated a wedding a week before ours at Sta Rita din and yun nga , it was not a good view daw with all the construction on the background while the bride walks down the aisle. Nanghihinayang talaga ako siyempre naman you wish nothing on your day but the best of everything di ba? Pero yun nga super blessed talaga kasi we learned na katatanggal lang that day yung mga construction equipments and everything. Di pa siya ganun tapos kasi inaayos pa yung fountain pero at least wala ng malaking color blue na parang billboard na harang. Ang panget nga naman sa pics di ba?

Off we went to Paul's house to take lunch and decided to search for a church where we could confess prior checking in at Rembrandt Hotel at 2 pm.


I was kinda frantic that time kasi I didn't want to get married without making a confession. I'm not that religious pero I'm still aware naman of the requirements before receiving a sacrament. Buti na lang, St. Paul the Apostle Parish (very near Rembrandt) held confessions at 8 pm. So yun, I checked in at the hotel muna, and the first thing I did? Fixed my gown on the manequin I rented. Hehe! This gown was made by Leonie Bautista..another tipid find as referrec by my fellow W@wies.


Kaso nalungkot ako when I saw that my gown needs ironing sa lower portion. Isa pa, the gown didn't fit well sa manequin. I have a small built torso eh yung manequin mukhang medium yung size kaya di ko ma-zip yung gown ko on it. Tapos di stable yung stand ng manequin. Salamat sa directory na nasa room kaya ayun it stood well naman all throughout the night until the pictorial the next day.
Since wala pa sina ate (they'll be staying overnight with me sa hotel), Paul and I went to Crossings Department Store muna to buy fruits and flowers for the mass offering. At about 5:30 pm, Paul left me na alone sa hotel. He'll be back at 8 pm para magconfess kami sa St. Paul. So ayun, while waiting I asked help muna from the hotel staff to iron my gown. He had a hard time ironing it kaya binigyan ko na lang ng malaking tip. Then I just watched tv, watched some fireworks sa hotel window (siguro may xmas party that time somewhere near the hotel). 8 pm..Paul came back pero ala pa rin sina ate. Then...finally nakapagconfess din and went back to the hotel din agad. Wala pa rin ang mga ate ko. Paul dropped me off na tapos ayun..there I was sa Friday's eating my last dinner as a single lass alone. I thought kasabay ko sina ate and we could've eaten somewhere cheaper pero wala they arrived past midnight na. Ayun pinuyat pa ako hehe..oks lang talagang di rin me makatulog that night..I guess, andun yung excitement at kaba. Buti na lang one of my secondary sponsors and officemate, Melanie, spent the night sa hotel. So nagchikahan muna kami what was going on sa office (I was on leave for 1 week na prior my wedding) and she was making kwento about the christmas party which I missed kasi nga alangan naman makiparty pa ako eh wedding ko na the next day. I slept for barely five hours lang. Basta the last thing I remember before I dozed off to sleep was a text message I received from Paul at 1 am: "Bi, sa sobrang xcitement k, nde ako mk2log. Haha! Nd im d luckiest guy in d world tom. I love u so much nd i mis u. Mmwah!

December 17, 2005 Saturday..The Most Awaited Day:
My phone alarmed at 5:45 am. Being the sleepyhead that I am, siyempre feeling ko nanaginip lang ako kaya di pa ako agad bumangon. I was like half awake-half sleeping that time pero basta parang it took me 15 minutes bago nag-sink in sakin na I have to get up na coz it's my wedding day at may kumakatok sa pinto. And there was really someone knocking on the door at 6 am..yan pala mga coordinators ko Kitte of Out of the Box Events. She greeted me with a very lively good morning and ang kasunod..ayun pinaligo niya na ako. Right there and then..she instructed her husband, Joseph to buy breakfast na while the 3 other coordinators waited sa hotel lobby.
I took a bath..then a few minutes later came Kenneth Uy along with his back-up photographers naman..and a few more minutes came my make-up artist, Joan and Loren (formerly of Clamar). In an instant, the room was filled with "busy-bee" suppliers. The photographers took pictures of our wedding accessories.

bouquet invitesmosaic invitesIMG_6394_MG_3965_MG_3963

While my sisters, Mel and I took turns to have our make-up done and while waiting for our turn and some sneak snapshots, we took our "love ko to!" breakfast.

At past 7 am, there came Lala (Interplay), our florist. She delivered my super dooper lovely bouquet and that of the entourage's.


While I was being made up..Paul and his family arrived kaya ayun non-stop picture taking na rin siya. They dressed up and had his pictorial in the adjoining room while I was having my make up done at syempre non-stop posing and smiling sa camera.

Copy of IMG_6243 _MG_4451copy IMG_6315copy

IMG_6321copy IMG_6376copy IMG_6301copy

Sa dami ng camera na nagflaflash, di ko na alam kung san ako titingin. At kulang na lang magsabit ako ng alambre sa gilid ng bibig ko para di ako mangawit sa kakangiti. hehe!
That time, siyempre andun ang kaba pero I dunno for some reason, mas nangibabaw ang pagiging relaxed ko. Sabi nga ng isang bridesmaid ko, my face was radiating with happiness daw. Isa pa siguro kung bakit relaxed kami was that, we are pretty ahead of the schedule...the ceremony is at 11 am pero 9:30 am we were all ready na. Picture taking galore na lang.

IMG_6369copy IMG_6445copy
Paul left the hotel at 10 am tapos about 20 mins later I left na rin. Mang Jerick, the driver of the AdeB bridal car (who was waiting for me as early as 8:30 am), was driving relaxed in partida mabagal pa siyang magpatakbo. Since lapit lang naman ang Sta. Rita sa hotel and basically, Quezon Ave lang ang tinawid...we were at the church at 10:30 am. Thirty minutes ahead of the ceremony. Mang Jerick didn't proceed to the church driveway agad but instead parked sa medyo malayo but enough for me to see the guests who were arriving and the entourage lining up for the processional.

While waiting, just observed and marveled about everything...i prayed and thanked God muna for that beautiful day...medyo cloudy ang skies but it was not raining, thanked God for letting the church front yard construction finished just in time, thanked God for all the guests, friends and relatives who'll be celebrating with us....

I could see Paul na walang magawa, mingling with the guests at tawa ng tawa kahit na obvious naman na kabado siya. I was seated in the car waiting for Kitte's cue while Mang Jerick shared some stories about his married life (counselling ba?) and actually, just making me comfortable. He was asking.."o ma'am ok ka lang ba diyan?". He even imparted his thoughts na communication is one of the key elements in marriage. I didn't wear my watch that time (pinatanggal sakin sa hotel) perhaps para di ako siguro magworry sa time. Pero they didn't know na sa handbag ko pala siya along with my cellphone. So nilibang ko din muna sarili ko since text messages of well wishes poured in.

_MG_4686copy IMG_6482copy

While waiting, Edith (one of the coordinators) approached me together with a Sentimental Groove staff, she confirmed that some songs were to be deleted during the ceremony as instructed by the parish staff. I gave my approval kasi aware naman na ako dun. It was barely a week before the wedding when we were informed na some song parts of the mass (Amen, Holy, etc) had to be recited lang daw...barely a week when we have printed all 50 copies of the misalette. Also, the staff told me na it's not Enamel who'll be performing but the the main TSG Group! siyempre i was so delighted..instant upgrade at no extra cost. I didn't ask anymore for the reason basta siyempre happy ako at na-upgrade pa. We've attended their demos a lot of times and hands down talaga kami sa galing nila. We initially wanted to have them kaso we settled for their 3rd group on our booking stage kasi booked na ang two best groups nila. So it was really a blessing when they told me it's gonna be TSG1..i knew they'd rock talaga.

That time, I had no idea what or who we were waiting for..basta I was wondering and asking my sister bakit di pa nagstart. Oh well, we really couldn't start kasi wala pa pala daddy ko and some entourage members like the coin bearer and one of the Principal Sponsor proxies. The entourage has lined up na daw and in fact, Kitte's cued to start na ceremony but my sisters and my aunts insisted to wait for my dad. Aba, siyempre umuwi pa dad ko from Saudi just to walk me down the aisle noh. So yun after conquering the traffic at Nagtahan and after finally finding their way to Sta Rita, my dad arrived at 10 mins past 11. Haha..the groom and the bride were not's the bride's dad who was late hehe! I even texted/joked my dad on their way na konti lang ang kakainin niya sa reception kasi late sya.

Then the moment I've waited for started...pinababa na ako ng car while the main door was closed..Kitte arranged my veil...Kitte cued me to get ready..I could hear Canon in D by Pachelbel being played. "Ah nagstart ng maglakad ang Entourage.." I said to myself. "Waah ang daya naman gusto ko kung buksan ko na kaya itong pintong ito. Ako lang ang di nakakakita eh.." I waited for a few minutes pa. It was only Kitte, her husband Joseph and driver Mang Jerick who was with me outside making chika. Pero siyempre silip-silip sila sa loob kasi silang magbibigay ng cue kung kelan nila open ang door. Pero thanks to them, at least may kausap ako. They were trying to ease the tension I was feeling siguro. Oh well, basta ang feeling ko and what's going on my mind that time: excited - oo, kinakabahan - medyo, happy - super.

Kitte later on, exclaimed: "Ay ang daddy nagli-line up pa lang...iyak na ng iyak.." That was the time I realized..oo nga noh, this is the moment na pala na my dad will walk me down the aisle and give me away. Tears started to fill my eyes. Kitte told me.."ay isipin mo na lang how you'd walk with your gown para di mo siya maapakan...basta sipain mo siya bago ka magstep." Then Kitte cued to open the door. The last words I heard from them was "smile...and walk very sllooowwwlllyyyyy.."
IMG_6652copy _MG_4858copy IMG_6655copy
The door slowly opened...I heard the first lines of my bridal march, You Raise Me Up. "Oh siyet...this is it na!" Grabe tumindig balahibo ko sa boses ni Johann of Senti Groove. There were so many people looking at me...ang daming camera flashes. Di pa ako nag-s-step, I looked at the far end of the altar and searched for my man. And sa dami ng tao sa harap, I finally saw pogi on his barong and was smilingly so radiantly.

Seriously, walking down the aisle is the weirdest feeling I ever had in my life. It was so surreal. It's so hard to put into words exactly what I felt. ..."seeing smiles of friends, families, relatives; sobrang liwanag because of the lights; sangkatutak na camera flashes; sobrang nakaka-touch na You Raise Me Up being sung while I walked, etc". It really was like a walk in the clouds.


I'm not used to being the center of attention with all eyes set on me..pero that time..ang sarap ng feeling. I felt like a goddess..para bang nasa commercial ako na pag dumaan yung babae eh nakatitig sa kanya lahat. And what's so special is that I know na may nag-aabang sakin at the far end of the altar. The one I've fallen in love with for the past five years, the one I'm about to marry and the man I'll be with for the rest of my life and grow up with. "You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulder. You raise me up to more as I can be..." the song goes while I walk towards my man.
Next person I looked for was my dad...and there he was midway the aisle wiping his tears..."awwww...waahhh!" I could feel my tears forming pero I tried not to make them fall..and instead flashed my biggest smile ever. I reminded myself..."ang make-up baka masira.." haha! Seriously, I understand and I could feel why my dad was so emotional at that moment. Being the first among his girls to marry, it's so difficult giving a daughter away whom you've nurtured for the past 25 years alone. While it's true that's it difficult being a product of a broken family, it's equally hard for a dad to raise 3 girls on his own..working abroad and the sacrifice of not being with your children to see them grow. You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulder. You raise me up to more as I can be..." the bridal song goes for my dad.."Thanks Pa!"


Finally, Papa and I were in front of Paul at the altar. As my dad had his last wipe of tears, he finally handed me to Paul. Then I kissed my dad before he let me was difficult as it was my last kiss to him a few minutes before I'd be changing my surname he'd given me since birth. Then Paul approached him and hugged my dad...awww! the two most important men in my life. Together, Paul and I walked to our seats in front. While waiting for the song to end, I looked up to the altar...You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulder. You raise me up to more as I can be..." The song goes to Him.."Thank you for everything Lord.."

Then the ceremony started..went on..the next thing I knew we were reciting our vows, slipping our rings to each other's fingers, the arrhae was given to me, the candles were lit, the veil was pinned, and the cord was placed. Camera flashes were still everywhere.


One remarkable moment during the ceremony was the singing of the The Lord's Prayer. Grabe...never in my whole life pa akong nakarinig ng ganung makatindig-balahibo na boses na super touching and feel mo ang message ng song. Thanks to Ronald of The Sentimental Groove..even our guests, they were super impressed daw.

Kung may impressive, meron ding disappointing. Earlier upon seating pa lang, I already looked for the unity candle supposedly arranged by our florist. After the communion, the lector called us to light our unity candle. Seeing there was none, I looked at our coordinator and asked where's the unity candle. Obviously, wala siya. More of this sa suppliers' ratings na lang. Disappointing but I just dismissed the feeling..I didn't want to spoil my mood that time just because of that. Isa pa, I promised myself na no matter what happens, I'll just let it go.



The ceremony ended and the pictorials began. Hay kapagod mag-project at mag-smile. Pero tiring as it was, mas nangingibabaw ang excitement and tuwa kasi ang daming nagpuntang friends, relatives and colleagues. Edith was rushing us to cut the pictorial session na so everybody could proceed to the reception na. Medyo alanganin na kasi ang oras. The ceremony and the pictorials ended about past 12 noon. For sure, gutom na ang mga guests.

Upon arriving at the hotel, ayun pictorial galore pa rin muna kami nina kenneth before proceeding to the ballroom.
IMG_6911copy _MG_5161copy _MG_5166copy _MG_5179copy _MG_5141copy
Entering the ballroom, hay sarap na naman ng feeling. Everyone's on a festive mood as Paul and I entered with the song "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" on the background. I could see na maraming vacant seats pero natuwa ako kasi super daming pumunta. Mas ok naman na yung sobra ang seats kesa naman sa kulang. I roamed my eyes...ang ganda ng ballroom. Pero di ako satisfied 100%. More of this again sa supplier's ratings na lang.
_MG_5292copy _MG_5388copy
The program started with a prayer led by my sister. Tapos pictorial muna with the guests and the couple by table numbers..then eating galore na. I agree with what they say na kahit na gutom ang tiyan mo, di ka makakain ng husto because of the excitement.

Siyempre exception na naman si Paul dito, naubos niya yung niserve sa min. Samantalang ako, a few spoonfuls of each dish that was on my plate, ayaw ko na. Ang dami din kasing food eh so siguro nabusog na ang mata ko bago pa ako sumubo.

Then we went on with the usual speeches, cake-cutting and the bouquet-toss and garter-throw ceremonies. Incidentally, our candle sponsors were the lucky ones to be awarded with the bouquet and garter. We started with the guys wherein we tested their abilities in blowing their lungs out. Whoever has the smallest balloon within the given time shall be the lucky guy. For some reason, I didn't know how Genil ran short of breath and blew the most kapirangot yellow balloon. Galing mo Edi ha nakahabol ka at the last minute!

IMG_7061copy _MG_5493copy _MG_5509copy
For the girls naman, we had the typical single stem throw wherein whosoever won't catch anything shall be the lucky girl..that's what they knew at first. But the real story is everyone's get to grab one rose each but whoever will catch the sole rose with a tiny ribbon...she'll get to be kissed by the lucky guy and at the same time shall have the chance to wear my garter to be slipped in by Genil. Haha! What a scene...girls on their gowns and dresses scrumbling on the floor to grab a rose.
and here are the lucky couple...ooopss i'm sure wala namang magagalit. :)


Then our parents gave their speeches. It was somewhat short pero sobrang meaningful samin ni Paul. My dad made me cry na naman. I know though it's sad for him to give me away, I know he's happy and proud of what I've become and he trusts Paul of my future. Nakakapressure nga lang kasi sabi ni Papa, sana daw sa next na pagbalik niya he'll be bringing pasalubongs na for his first apo hehe! With Paul's mom naman, sobrang cool ng speech niya. In fact ang daming nagcomment na she's a good speaker. She gave us advices na talagang ma-i-instill sa yo. I'm glad everything was captured sa video...sarap ulit-ulitin.
When we had our father-daughter dance with the song Someone To Watch Over Me, grabe nagbaha na naman ng mga luha. For one, sobrang emotional kasi talaga ng dad ko. Oh well, actually, buong family namin. We were both crying and for me this was the time na talagang umiyak din ako. We didn't say a word kasi alam na namin ang thoughts and feelings ng isa't isa. We treasured that moment kasi nga kung baga it's our last dance na and it's symbolic kasi this was the prelude of our first dance ni couple. Andun yung transition na he'll be giving me to Paul na in the middle of the dance. When I lifted my head and partly saw the guests..hala...they were wiping their tears. Tapos after, a friend of my sister texted her na she hates my dad daw for making her cry twice hehe!

Then Paul and I had our first dance na with This I Promise You. Why this song? For sentimental reason na eto kasi "theme song" namin five years ago nung naging kami nung college hehe! Ang cute ng moment kasi daming bubbles on the air..just the way I planned and wanted it'd be. Tapos around us may mga bata na aliw na aliw sa bubbles and they were playing with it.
We also had our money dance. At first I was reluctant in having this one kasi it appears na medyo tacky sa mga guests..pero after consulting my W@wie sisters sabi a lot are still practicing it kahit dito sa city. Katuwa kasi halos di na ako makagalaw sa dami ng nagpin. I could say na nag-enjoy din sila sa kaka-pin sa min. Katuwa pa kasi gusto nila while pinning the money, pose muna then dapat makuhaan sila ng picture while doing it. We got enough and sobrang thankful ako for it. Di pa namin siya ginagastos and nasa savings lang. Eversince kasi when we distributed the invites, our parents help us disseminate the info na we prefer cash gifts and meron kaming money dance para di na sila bili ng usual wedding gifts kasi nga naman we'll be staying for the mean time with my in-laws.
_MG_5641copy _MG_5658copy

I didn't include much intermission kasi I just wanted to keep the program short para di ma-bore ang mga guests. True enough, our guests didn't leave agad. That's one thing I was thankful for kasi the emcees wrapped up the program na pero a lot still remained at nakipicture nonstop with the couple. Kapagod man pero this was the moment na sinamantala namin to thank them for celebrating with us. Sobrang saya ng moment. That time medyo nagsi-sink in na sakin na patapos na pala and it somewhat saddened me kasi parang I didn't want to end it pa. Kung baga sa panaginip eh ayokong munang magising. The the guests started leaving at ang mga natira na lang eh mga suppliers and some relatives.

Looking back on that day, though there were some glitches, wala akong gustong baguhin and I just want to relive each and every moment na nangyari. Until now, I even kid Paul na sana ikasal kami ulit at kung pwede sa 5th and 10th anniv haha ang gastos! Masarap ang feeling kasi the one year of wedding preps and siyempre it involved a lot of pagod, stress and tears din hehe, it turned out the way we wanted it to be. Sabi ko nga sa speech's worth the wait and pagod. The gastos never mind..i tell you mahal talaga magpakasal pero sulit naman kasi sobrang magical and it's so surreal pag andun ka na. Above all, sobrang to the highest level ang happiness kasi Paul and I were united in love na with the blessings of the Lord and with everyone who celebrated with us. Eto yung pinakahihintay naming day and it finally came into reality na. Before it was just a goal..a dream..and we're proud of ourselves kasi narating namin and we did well. Sobrang nakaka-touch to see your family, friends, relatives na sobrang bihira mo makita and for some ngayon mo lang nakita..celebrating your happiness with you. Hay sobrang indescribable. Kung pwede nga lang araw-araw ikasal eh hehe!

When I gave my thank you speech..parang wala kasi ako sa sarili so marami akong nakalimutan pasalamatan.. Basta, here are all the people who helped and supported us throughout our wedding preps:
1. To my family - i don't know how could i thank you enough for all the support and love you've given us. To my siblings, throughout my life kayo ang nakasama ko and i owe a lot sa inyo lalong lalo na sa 2 ate ko. Though medyo nagtampo ako sa inyo nung wedding preps kasi kahit na kayo maids of honor ko and you weren't helping me that much, i'm still touched and happy kasi nakita ko naman how you fulfilled your duties on our wedding day. Now I'm about to start a new chapter of my life, mahirap kasi di ko na kayo madalas makakasama pero I'm happy and proud kasi I'm still armed with your love and with the lessons you've taught me. With my new life with Paul, alam ko you're still by my side with your support. Pa, don't worry I'll always remain your bunsong "ninin". I love u all!

2. To Paul's family - thanks for welcoming me into your family. I'll always be grateful for rearing and raising Paul the way he is. I'm just glad kasi 2 na families ko ngayon. Thanks for all the support you extended..suggestions, inputs, referrals, etc throughout our wedding preps. I'm sure di nagtatapos diyan and start lang yan.

3. To our Ninongs and Ninangs - thanks for gracing our special day and moreso, thanks for saying yes to the role we've chosen you to partake in our married lives.
4. To our entourage - sobrang thanks for ushering our were all so pretty, dashing and handsome.
5. USTHS Friends - thanks sa friendship. More than anyone else, kayo ang nakakaalam kung pano nagstart ang friendship namin ni Paul nung HS. I know there were some twists and turns beforehand pero just like you, kami din we didn't expect na we're destined together. Thanks na kahit may mga pasok pa and may mga commitments yung iba sa inyo, you still came and enjoyed with us.
6. My Globe colleagues and Contactpoint Colleagues - sobrang salamat at full force pa kayong pumunta. I value your effort for coming so much.
7. To our relatives - especially those who came from abroad, Isabela, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Nueva Vizcaya, Bulacan, Laguna and as far as Butuan City - grabe..sobrang touch kami and we truly feel layo ba naman ng nilakbay niyo.
8. To my cousin, Manong Lawrence - salamat sa personalized m&ms where our names our printed..ang cute talaga at ang daming natuwa.
9. To my CWL kada - thanks for the warm wishes you texted me...and syempre salamat sa're all my online bestfriends talaga.
10. To our wedding suppliers - grabe..our wedding wouldn't be as great as it was without your help. Kenneth & company, Emily, Kitte & company, Joan & Loren, Ginee of Rembrandt, Ms. Leonie Bautista, Nikko of Veluz, Erika for the choco fountain, Lala, TSG Group, Egay & Cecile, Melinda, Tricie & Mang Jerick, Ms. Odette, W@W family, Bridal fairs organizers at sa lahat ng nakasalamuha namin na suppliers sa Divisoria at Recto...maraming maraming salamat! Your efforts are acknowledged in details sa suppliers ratings ko which di ko lang sure kelan ko matatapos hehehe!
And of course, sa husband ko...thanks for the support and for understanding my moods and sentiments during our preps. Thanks for letting me learn a lot of things...for sure there were petty quarrels and misunderstandings along the way but super happy ako kasi you taught me how to compromise, how to persevere in achieving our goals, and simply thanks for letting me know how much I'm loved by you. Thanks kasi kahit pagod na pagod na tayo..go na go ka pa rin. I'm glad we did it...kudos to both of us. Surely, the wedding is just a beginning and I'm looking forward to face more challenges and happiness in our marriage with you and of course with the Lord. I love you bi!


Date check: Blog published on April 10, 2006 ..niyahaha 3 months in the making ito! Good luck talaga sa suppliers ratings ko. hehe!