Saturday, June 23, 2012

90% Well

After being sick with terrible colds and cough for more than 3 weeks, I’m finally feeling better.  I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and normally, it wouldn’t go away in a month.  Actually, I still have occasional bouts of nasal congestion and throat itchiness (so I cough it out) but I’m waaaay lot better.  In fact, my right hearing has been restored.  It was impaired and had hearing difficulty the entire time I was sick! 

While I’m near to 100% recovery, it’s just disappointing that the bug hasn’t just left the house as it’s my little princess who’s now nursing colds and cough. She’s now under medications which spells a little trouble because she dislikes opening her mouth to drink meds!  The worse part is that she’s taking in about 5 medicines including 2 antihistamines since this was brought about by allergy.  Glad that we were able to buy her medicines easily just how easy it is to order online for Adipex at  Yes, even medicines and supplements now can be ordered through your fingertips!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sleeping Difficulty

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping at night lately.  I’m still nursing my more than a week old sinusitis so the moment I lie down on the bed, my nose becomes so congested that I’m having a difficulty breathing.  The Camphor and Menthol I’m using helps a bit and just for a short time.  So I end up almost awake throughout the night.  I’ve been wondering if I can use a med to induce sleeping but I’m not quite sure about ambien side effects.  Anyway, I just hope and pray that the prescribed meds will work effectively and wears out this discomfort I’m feeling.  Gahhh! I hate being sick.


Nothing stays still.  Change is inevitable.

There would always be a point in our lives when we find ourselves losing interest with a routine or those things that have become a habit.  Although not necessarily wanting to give it all up, but there’s a time when we want a breather and do something new.  We find something else to divert our attention with the hope of easing the boredom.  For some, they yearn for a new adventure. 

This is what’s exactly happening to me right now.  The online world has become a hard habit to break since I first touched the keyboard and even more when I got hooked on blogging.  I know you might have noticed the very scarce updates in all of my blogs.  I guess I’m at that point that my passion is shifted to something else.  From getting hooked on internet and technology (yes, there has been a geek in me for the past few years), I’m wanting something else.  So from reading about POS Hardware, software and other techie things, my time are now mostly spent on doing crafty things.  I’m not entirely giving up blogging but I don’t know…perhaps, I just want a breath of fresh air.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fender Telecaster Guitars

If you are into country music and blues, going through the Fender Telecaster guitar center is a top tip that most guitar experts give.  The Fender Telecaster has supreme good looks and has a particularly distinctive sound thereby making it a top favorite among country music players.  Among the guitar players that expressed admiration with this guitar line include the famous Bruce Springteen, Andy Summers and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.  In fact, Jimmy Page even used a 1958 Telecaster on the amazing track Stairway to Heaven.  The next time you drop by your guitar shop, give a Fender Telecaster a trial run.

Guitar Playing

Probably, if I continued my guitar lessons when I was younger, I would have been skillfully strumming my favorite songs now and even contemplating to buy Line 6 Amplifiers.  Or who knows, I could have even set up a band by now.  My sisters and I were bought with an acoustic guitar before and we all learned the basic chords.  Sadly, we lost interest along the way and soon forgot about it.  I don’t even remember where that guitar could be right now.  If my son expresses an interest about guitars, I’d be glad that he continues the interest I once had.

Back To School Savings Tips

Kids going back to school means huge expenses are coming the parents’ way.  There’s the tuition fee that increases yearly, books, uniforms, school supplies and other stuff.  June (here in the Philippines when school year starts) is an expensive month for parents of schooling kids.  To save on costs, here are some tips on how parents can save:

1.  Have an “essential” back-to-school list and stick to it.

2.  Set limits. Stick to the budget.

3.  Do not buy new uniforms or schooling clothes if the old ones can still be used.  This also applies to school shoes and bags.

4.  Bind loose notebook leaves that were unused in the previous school year.  You spare yourself from buying new notebooks.

Another ten months of schooling are about to start.  The next thing you know your child is preparing for a gre schedule and that’s when you realize time flies fast indeed.