Monday, August 30, 2010

BioAstin, jarrow and Enzymedica vitamins

Our bodies generate new cells every now and then. In order for this to happen as well as to get protected from diseases and to remain healthy all the time, we need a constant supply of essential nutrients. We are reminded to always eat a balanced diet because the food we eat is the ultimate source of these required nutrients. However, due to modern lifestyles that we have now, a balanced diet is hardly met every single day of our lives. That is when vitamins and supplements come into picture as they fill in the gap of these missed nutrients in the body. Taking vitamins and supplements can lead us to a better and healthier life with less to no health problems. There are also life phases wherein we need that extra boost of nutrients. For example, to prevent birth deficiencies for the infant, a folic acid supplement is necessary before and during the pregnancy. Adolescents, pregnant and lactating moms need extra nutrition like iron-fortified pills.

While there may be numerous drugstores and pharmacies abounding in our communities, ordering for nutritional supplements and vitamins are made available easier through online retailers such as Supervits. It is a comprehensive resource of the highest quality health and nutritional supplements such as enzymedica and jarrow products. If you are looking for a powerful supplement that can provide optimum body protection, the BioAstin Supreme™ is worth a try. Its claims include supports joints and tendons health, the eyes, skin, cardiovascular system and many more. Ordering for these vitamins are an easy task at Supervits. This particular vitamin super store offers free shipping deals as well as frequent monthly specials.

the importance of auto body tools

Gone are the days when a vehicle is treated as a luxury. Nowadays, it has become an important property, even being considered a necessity now for those living in the urban areas. Despite the continuous surging of oil prices caused by the world economy’s instability, many still find the pros outweigh the cons of owning a car. That’s why the automotive industry is always at its sales high.

Because of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, car owners can not afford their vehicles to conk out or malfunction anytime. It’s really horrendous and it can entail so much hassle and stress especially if one’s stuck on the road. This is why it’s very important to always have automotive repair tools in the car trunk for emergency purposes. These are seemingly the “first aid kit” that can temporarily revive a worn out machine until they are seen by a mechanic.

Eris Automotive Tools & Equipment is one of the leading retailers of auto body tools and otc automotive tools on the web. For seven years now, they have been a favorite online destination of professional mechanics and home mechanics because of the complete and wide selection of mechanic tools for all types of automotive jobs. So whether you’re eyeing for dent repair tools such as dent pullers or a specific wrench type from GearWrench, Eris Automotive Tools & Equipment is the place to hang around. Their monthly specials are also something worth checking out every now and then.

Pet and Dog Toys Shop

Not everyone are pet lovers. And if ever they have a pet dog or a pet cat at home, for most owners, they do take care of their pets but not as lavish and as intense others would do to the point that they spoil them. Spoil in a sense that they are pampered with regular grooming, given premium feeds and treats and shopped with premium stuff like Dog toys and Toys for cats. Others even would buy Large dog beds for their canine bestfriends or should I say, canine babies because they really regard them as their kids.

These pet owners, I am sure, are thankful for sites such as the Premium Pet Supplies 4 U online shop. It is an online retailer of various affordable premium goods for the home pets like leashes, collars, dog clothes, pet boots, treats and grooming and health accessories. The pet clothing and leash products are crafted with high quality materials thereby making them durable, long lasting but at the same time made up with the trendiest and attractive styles. The shop has also a wide selection of premium food treats like big jars of sirloin tips, raviolos, dried liver and so much more. Their products are not centered only on dogs and cats but they have products as well for birds, ferrets, fishes, hamsters, turtles and many more.

A Possible New Career With iPhone App Development

My husband is a software developer and is employed in one of the leading IT Consulting Companies worldwide. His works are focused though on designing and building websites of prominent businesses worldwide. He’s actually a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer but apparently was led to the world of Information Technology after taking the Boards. It is his first ever job and is still working for the same company for six years now. These two fields are entirely different but he said that there’s a similarity as far as the logical skills required and the fast advancement of technology particularly, the internet, are concerned. I remember that his thesis tackled telephony and the VoIP technologies which has got to do with audio conferencing.

Since he has gotten attached to the world of web designing, the emergence of wonder gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad might lure him to take a step forward in his career and maybe he could try iPhone App Development this time. Application developers of these are really well demanded these days. It is because there are also many software developing companies looming following the great demand for iPhone and iPad apps. One of them is which I came to learn about when I was scouring the iTunes Store for new iPhone game applications I can download to my iPod Touch. This particular software programming company is specializing not only on iPhone Games Development but on BlackBerry, Palm Pre, RIA, and Android App Development as well. With all the numerous applications that have been awarded as top favorites worldwide, it can be said then that Sourcebits is an industry leader in advanced software, Web portal and visual design.

Gold Bullions Soothe Me

I just beat a work deadline and so to relax myself from the nerve-wracking turbo blogging I made, I’m now taking it easy by just browsing and reading my favorite business and finance related sites. Yes, reading articles on how to make more money relaxes me.  Seeing the shining, shimmering and splendid gold coins, bullion and ingots at US Gold Bureau all the more soothe me.  I don’t know what’s with them that I’m so attracted browsing each and every bullion item on the gallery.  I really stop scrolling and take a moment to read the inscriptions made on each bar like its weight and the year.  It must be I see invisible marks of $$$ on each bar, that’s why I’m so enamored to see such bullions.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Business Custom printing Services

A friend recently ventured into an apparel retailing business. She started small employing only just very few for the manpower and leasing a very meager commercial space in the university belt area. She started simple and small but she surely envisions big as she thinks of expanding her business in other areas come the time the business starts flourishing. '

Since she has just started, she’s working on the advertising aspect of the business so as to make her market be aware of her products, invite leads and eventually make sales. Marketing and advertising are important factors of any business. Thus, it’s necessary that the entrepreneur implores effective ways and means to attract the target market. Right now, she’s on the lookout for a supplier who can do graphic design and Custom Printing services. She needs to have brochures and flyers printed as these will be hand out within the area. I just read about so I hurriedly told her about its services. My1Stop is a one stop shop for all graphic design and custom printing services needs for small business to large corporations. Their wide range of services include Plastic Card Printing, Custom Magnet Printing, Commercial Full Color Printing, Business Card Printing, Eco-Friendly Printing, Form and Label Printing, Promotional Products Printing and a lot more. As they are online-based, ordering and dealing with them is easy peasy wherever in the world you may come from. The skilled artists come up only with the best artistic designs and quality photo prints that are truly effective for the business’ marketing efforts. My friend got ecstatic and she’ll gonna contact them soon.

VA Loans: A Great Home Loan Deal for the Veterans

A special type of loan known as the va loans offer a great home-buying opportunity. However, this is not for everyone as it is specifically developed for those active in the military service, discharged in the service due to disability and for the retired or the veterans (thus, called Veterans Administration Loans). This is an incentive granted as a special reward for their unparalleled patriotism and service for the country. What’s special about this type of home loan are the low va mortgage rates. Also, there is no down payment required thereby giving these honorable men great savings. Unlike traditional home loans, va home loans do not require to have a large household income to qualify. Among the relaxed requirements include maintaining delinquent-free credit history for at least one year, their service length, rank and a few other factors.

Applying for a Veterans Administration Loan isn’t also complicated as one may think. There are companies such as the MyVaRefinance that can guide the borrower go through a hassle-free transaction. For several years now, they’ve helped qualified personnel in securing their dream homes. They also help one apply for a va home refinancing loan. This is a type of deal that a qualified personnel should not miss.

Gold Coins as Wedding Arrhae

We had Unity Coins as our wedding arrhae five years ago. I initially thought of using old gold coins but the difficulty of scouring for those vintage pieces during that time stopped us. Instead, we just purchased equally lovely and significant unity coins from a wedding shop retailer.

Speaking of gold coins, I just browsed the website of US Gold Bureau now and my plans of searching for rare coins were suddenly revived. I didn’t know that old gold coins have so much market value now that one can sell at such a fairly high price thereby enabling one to rake in much profits. Aside from gold, silver coins are also enticing to buy these days. As theorized by many experts, it’s also the perfect time now to buy silver because the recent trend sees a remarkable increasing value trend and may continue in the next coming years.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marine Engines

Boats and marine transportation are pretty well demanded here in the archipelagic Philippines. In fact, fishing is among the top sources of living especially those in the country baselines. Tourism has always been in a booming state because of the prime beaches that abound drawing tourists from around the world. These are the reasons why supplies of Marine engines and boat engines should be neverending.

In the US, boat enthusiasts’ favorite resource of Marine engine and Boat engine supplies is the US Engines Inc. It’s a one stop shop for competitively priced and high quality rebuilt engines. These engines are remanufactured and serviced by highly qualified technicians and have continually served the market since 1986. Their extensive selection is impressive that makes a client wander no further or look into other stores. Their reliable service and expert installations are also the reasons why their clients keep coming back to them for support and maintenance requirements for their boats and marine transportation. Among their remanufactured engines, the mercruiser marine engines are also a top demand because of their 7 year warranty and fuel saving guarantee they extend. That only means that their works are truly reliable and durable that will last for several years.

Lovely Pendant Light Fixtures For the home

We were invited to a friend’s newly built house yesterday and I’m so impressed with how she artistically styled the home. Just like ours, their place isn’t that huge but she was able to make it appear spacious because of the furniture, ornaments and light fixtures she used at the proper location and points. She didn’t hire an interior designer and did it all by herself so I’m really envious of her interior designing skills. I invited her over to our house so she can give input and recommendations on how to make our Little Mansion more homey, elegant and well designed.

One of the things I can’t get my eyes off in her house are the pendant light fixtures in the living room and in the dining area. She also has kitchen light fixtures installed and it’s equally elegant as well. She mentioned that her Mom in the US bought them from Echo Lighting Design Gallery. She got good reviews of this online store in terms of the quality, wide selection, competitive pricing and impressive customer service. Since last night, I’ve been endlessly browsing the pages of the online catalog and I must agree that their products are indeed lovely. This got me excited all the more for our upcoming home lighting fixture project for our humble abode.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What is a hydraulic Ram?

At my folks’ place in Makati, water shortage was the biggest ordeal we endured when we transferred there two decades ago. The place was elevated, in fact, the road leading to our house was uphill so it’s understandable why the water supply was scarce. One of the solutions that the homeowners thought of was to use Hydraulic rams. A hydraulic ram or hydram is a hydropower-powered cyclic water pump that is used in highly elevated remote areas with a source of low-head hydropower then there’s a need for pumping water. Then years later, the homeowners decided to use Electric motors as they deemed it necessary to cope up with the increasing demand of water as more and more residents moved in our village. During that time, industrial supply stores were greatly demanded as it’s there the necessary supplies are bought like a Hydraulic valve and Pneumatic valves. If internet was already existing that time, I’m sure they would have scoured the necessary supplies from Fremont Industrial Supply, Inc. In the US, it is the leading distributor of high quality and extensive catalog of industrial supplies like pneumatic cylinders, air line preparation components, air line tubing and fittings, high pressure hydraulic pumps, gear reducers, bearings and other power transmission components.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Usage and Forms of gold

Gold has ever since long been used as a means of barter.  Nowadays, this precious metal is used in a lot of ways and even in different forms: as jewelry, in electronics, industry, in the field of medicine, as food and drink, and as gold chemical compounds. But other than this, we all know that gold is used as a standard for monetary exchange, for example, in the form of coins and ingots. However, do know that coins in circulation are alloyed other base metals to harden and be suited for day to day circulation. But there are those forms which do not require good mechanical wear properties that’s why modern collector/investment bullion coins are typically 24 k or carat, the designation for pure gold.  These are not actually stock knowledge.  That’s what I learned when carefully read the wall posts at United States Gold Bureau’s Facebook Fan Page.  Check it out and don’t forget to hit the “like” button.

Win a Diaper Bag from ManilaBaby Shop!!

I want to win any of these diaper bags….

4872237426_a2bf1525f8 4872237660_b37c01f151

That’s why I’m making this post to earn additional entries to Manila Baby Shop’s Online Contest.  August is the site’s giveaway month and up for grabs are the LifeSavers bag (priced Php 1000) and the Froot Loops bag (priced Php 1200).  The contest will run from August 9 until the 27th.  For info on how to join and win, check out their site.4872698448_c1fa5b1d5c

The LifeSavers is a super light weight, canvas bag which we use to bring DW’s stuff for overnight trips. This  bag has also been used as a laptop bag and can also be used as a school bag for school-aged kids!

The Froot Loops is diaper bag that converts into a stroller bag so that you can have easy access to your baby’s stuff anytime, anywhere!

Both bags have waterproof interiors with lots of pockets. You also get a free extra large changing pad which provides maximum coverage for those public changing stations and a plastic pouch!

LifeSavers Bag dimensions: 15” length x 12” height x 5.5” width
-Printed Canvas
-Water-resistant lining
-Five (5) outer pockets
-Six (6) inside pockets
-YKK zipper closure
-Adjustable Cotton Strap with shoulder pad’'

Froot Loops Bag Dimensions: 12” length x 11.5” height x 4.5” width
-Laminated Canvas
-Water-resistant lining
-Five (5) outer pockets
-Six (6) inside pockets
-Magnetic lock closure
-Adjustable Cotton Strap with shoulder pad
-Stroller loops

Facebook is the new multiply

Isn’t it amusing how Facebook has become the new multiply site now where netrepreneurs can sell their products widely?  The tagging feature on photos make it possible so as Facebook is the most used and popular social networking site now, marketing your products has never been this easy.  From clothes to shoes, to books, bags and even cars and houses..everything can be marketed easily and for free in Facebook.  For the consumers, online shopping has never been this enjoyable, too.

Texas Car Accident Attorneys

What I love living here in the northern part of QC is that, we rarely or should I say, we’ve not encountered so far any traffic problems along Commonwealth Avenue.  This used to be a traffic-congested road but with the road widening project that our government undertook, the 7 wide lanes (each side) does not build up traffic at any time now.  However, since the roads are practically free flowing and the traffic is light, I can’t help but get wary of how fast the trucks, buses and other vehicles run especially at night.  Accidents sometimes do happen and the damages are most of the time severe since the vehicles are fast moving.  Under such cases, a reputable and skilled injury attorney should be contacted.  In the US, there’s a well known firm that employs the best Texas Car Accident Attorneys.  The services O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath firm attorneys are necessary to rightfully claim all what is due to the injured party.

Hand Crafted Wedges

I found these stylish Hand Crafted Wedges Collection in my Facebook feeds and I really find them cute.  However, they’re quite pricey at Php 850-1000 per pair.  But perhaps, the fact that they are hand crafted means that the production isn’t as simple as it may seem.  Also, the seller indicated that 3-4 weeks are allotted for the production time.  Nevertheless, they’re really nice.  I just wonder if they feel comfy when worn.  Check this Facebook page should you wish to order.

40285_119582921423735_100001160834502_106328_4637751_n 40947_119578571424170_100001160834502_106289_6747188_n 40947_119578581424169_100001160834502_106292_896705_n 37991_119578741424153_100001160834502_106307_5328296_n

Cute Dresses

For a couple of days now, I’ve been browsing endlessly a particular local online apparel shop in Facebook and I’ve been staring at these cute casual dresses:

38644_103271629730544_100001431219245_26337_1069805_n 38769_103271673063873_100001431219245_26339_7370467_n

 38769_103271676397206_100001431219245_26340_7371945_n 38769_103271703063870_100001431219245_26347_8055511_n

Looks like someone’s gonna shop in frenzy again.  Uh-oh.  Hope I’ll get flooded again with tons of online works so I can buy even just one piece from this set.

Colleges and Universities directory

When I was about to start College, I was fortunate that I finished High School in a reputable University that’s why I didn’t have a hard time with my college plans.  In fact, we were exempted from taking the college entrance exam because of good Senior High grades and as part of our privilege as University High School graduates.  I was also set early which course to take.  I know I’m really lucky because we don’t have to endure the difficult and rigorous process of university hunting.  But these days especially with the advancement of the internet, students of today need not undergo such a tough phase of school hunting because of online services made available by College Degrees Today.  It’s a sort of a comprehensive directory of the different top colleges and universities in the US and enables one to research online degrees.  It has an organized listing of courses, campuses, degrees that will make the search such an easy peasy task.  Students can peruse and compare their chosen field then will be able to select the ultimate and perfect course for them.

Friday Fill In we go!
1. Life is a rollercoaster ride.
2. My boys keep me going.
3. My last text message (or IM) ended in these three words: Yabyu! Mmwah!. (It’s pretty obvious for whom it was, right?)
4. The husband’s favorite, Nilagang Baboy, is what I'm thinking about for dinner sometime soon.
5. On the 1st day of August, my day was spent well with my boys.
6. My two year old son is so lively and energetic.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish whatever pending online tasks I have, tomorrow my plans include attending a birthday party, salon visit and a trip to a plant shop nearby and Sunday, I want to go malling with my boys.

New Do New You Coupon

I have a 2010 Belle de Jour Power Planner and it comes along with numerous coupons such as this:


I’m planning to have a haircut again soon so this might be a good deal.  I haven’t tried Shuji Kida services but I’ve been reading in blogs good reviews about them.  So let’s see if I can drop by Greenhills anytime soon for me to try. I just hope that they’re rates are not that steep.

Silver Skull Spoons

If you are served with these silver skull spoons, would you be able to eat?  Well, I would not.  Even if these are made and minted from genuine silver, I wouldn’t dare use it.  It just gives me the creeps just seeing these skulls.  Anyway, speaking of silver and precious metals, I’ve always thought of purchasing gold coins to jumpstart from what I heard a very profitable business and investment.  Precious metals vary and they come in gold, platinum, and silver and are available in different forms: coins, bullions, ingots and bars.  What’s stopping me then was that I lack the necessary information about this type of investment.  But luckily, I just found out about US Gold Bureau and I think, I found the reputable gold dealer who can assist me in this undertaking.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Too Trusty

Watching the news lately about various stealing, kidnapping and carnapping modus operandi and ways, I can’t help but be alarmed.  Eventhough we have a security guard keeping an eye on our village round the clock, paranoia can sometimes take over my mind that I wanted to force the husband to buy and install security cameras within our compound.  He reminded me that I have to learn how to be trusty and just let loose once in a while but I retorted that in times like these when economic life is tough, there are so many people on the loose who’ll resort to stealing just so they can have something to feed their families.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Passion That Pays Generously

If you are like me who is so much into blogging, then I bet you also author and maintain more than one blog or more than five even. Each having different niches and themes catering each and every interest that you may have. If you are monetizing them or you just simply want to have an "identity" of their own, each of them have their own domains and for the more internet savvy, they also have their blogs hosted. But such can be so costly, thus, looking for cheap linux web hosting is a usual routine come renewal time.

While maintaining so much blogs can be rewarding ($$$) and fulfilling for having so many memories chronicled as they happen, it can also be time consuming and sometimes, brain draining. I author a total of nine blogs now (soon 11) all in all with different niches. Back then, I was able to religiously update each one of them but the moment I became a Mom, less time is spent although I can't also disregard it totally as it's my bread and butter since I'm no longer working in the corporate world and it's my way of augmenting the husband's income.

Every mom will agree with me that motherhood is really a tough job and stressful and so I can say that blogging, which is the only “me” time that I got, keeps me sane.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I blame them for my being so lethargic since yesterday.  Aunt Flo arrived and my pending online works remain untouched.  There’s not much these days but not working on them early will see me again cramming come deadline.  Except for the time I went to the back to pay off some debts yesterday noon, I just practically spent the whole day on the bed lounging all day long.  I even had to asked Yayie to cook our food because I was really feeling sluggish and couldn’t get up.  I thought of running treadmills to perk my mood up but as I’ve said, getting up would only drain further the limited energy that I have.  :sigh: These are the days when being a woman is so difficult.

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Increasing Trend of Cosmetic Surgery

Last night, I came across an American drama series entitled Nip/Tuck while searching for interesting shows on TV. The title in itself is already interesting. I found out later that this show centers on the professional lives of doctors, patients and surgeons. Furthermore, what makes the show more interesting is that it involves the cosmetic procedures and practices that are actually happening in real life situations.
I found myself finishing the show because I was so intrigued by the featured episode story. Then later, I checked out the net for more information regarding plastic surgery and came across cosmetic surgery mexico. It is a website which promotes cosmetic surgery spearheaded by their medical director, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero. They offer a variety of plastic surgery mexico services and 100% guarantee of safe cosmetic surgery from a team of experts and an ethical clinic. Such services they offer such as tummy tuck mexico or abdominoplasty, a procedure used to make the abdomen firm by removing excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen. Cosmetic surgery face lift or rhytidectomy which is a procedure used to give patients a more youthful appearance. Other services such as breast implants and breast augmentations can also be conducted. It’s not a surprise to us that plastic surgery is in an increasing trend nowadays due to the “instant miracle” it brings. It is said that it brings confidence to a person making him psychologically fit and happy. Generally, it also improves his lifestyle. Plastic surgery is truly a gift and wonder of science.

A Mansion WIth a Pool is My Ultimate Dream Home

A reasonably sized house complete with a huge garden, an inviting porch and a huge pool is the exact picturesque of my dream house. Of course, I’m satisfied and overly happy with our new humble abode that we just acquired but I guess, everyone of us has our own ultimate dream house. I am picturing myself relaxingly curled up on a recliner with a good book, a cool pina colada on the other hand while occasionally checking out on my boys excitedly splashing water on the pool. Lovely scenario, indeed.

I am not actually bothered by the rigorous maintenance that has to be done on a pool. For I know that spa filters, spa chemicals, hot tub filters and all other pool replacement supplies can be readily shipped by Spa-Daddy is a web-based store that supplies wide range of quality products to maintain a sparkling water in the pool and spa. Aside from the reasonable prices, they are very well recommended by a lot of pool and spa owners because of their impressive customer service. As one testimonial on their site said, they can be easily reached on the first ring in the morning and deliveries are always made fast. They do not hesitate to replace or redeliver items for any unintentional blunder on their part. It’s also interesting to note that their website is a good resource of various information on chemicals, natural products and tips on good water filtration.

Portland Computer Support

Isn’t it annoying when your computer keeps on getting those viruses, spyware or any other irregularities in your computer despite of the precautionary measures you’ve done? I, myself, am a victim of these things once in a while. Good thing there are PC repair sites such as PCMD, Inc that can help us overcome these difficulties. PCMD, Inc., a Portland computer support company, continues its commitment in bringing quality service to its customers in the Portland area. For three years, the expert group of Portland computer repair specialists has been assisting households and small scale businesses on their concerns about their PC’s and MACS. Whether it’s virus removal, hardware or software installation, data backup, OS installation, networking, peripheral set up, you name it, they can do it. PCMD, INC. provides excellent yet affordable Portland pc repair services to their customers. In my opinion, the prices are very reasonable since credibility wise, you are entrusting your desktops/laptops to some hardcore professionals. All of their staff had an extensive background in both consumer and professional hardware. They are a team of friendly computer experts who explain the problem of your system and its corresponding solutions well and very detailed. When you contract their services, you need not worry that you must be techie neither be a computer geek to communicate with them. All you need to do is to point out the problem and they would do the rest.

Talk To Anyone Anytime With a Satphone

Isn’t it great if you can talk to anyone, anytime, any day, any place? Wherever you are, a sat phone can give you the capacity to make or receive a call anywhere. Unlike cellular phones which may have limits set by the cellular phone companies, satellite phones can be used everywhere. All you need is simply a clear view of the sky. Satellite phones are also mobile phones which connect to the satellites that are orbiting around the earth. They have been around for decades. While browsing the net, I came across This website is your one stop satellite communication solution provider. Their site offers a large range of satellite phones for specific purposes. They have a well organized website making it very user-friendly to potential buyers of satellite phones. You can find handheld satellite phones, fixed satellite phones for you homes, vehicular satellite phones which can be used when you are travelling on land, maritime satellite phones when you are on the open waters like ocean or seas, aeronautical satellite phones which is essential on aircrafts and even commercial satellite systems. You can also purchase prepaid sim cards and airtime plans, docking kits, cables, batteries, chargers and even other accessories.

The Importance of Water Filter Systems and Purifiers

We were not spared when Maynilad Water Services had to cut down 30% of its water supply to the eastern side of the metropolis that they serve. We did not have water for more than one week and just like everyone else who were in the same plight, we anxiously waited for help in the form of rations brought about by truck every now and then. Although murky, we were still thankful that we have some to use in our day to day routines. It was that moment when the husband and I agreed that we should have invested in Water filters or Water purifiers long before so we could be somehow provided with a safer and clearer water. Although, they are not meant to totally eradicate 101% all water impurities, a large percentage is diminished.

There are various Home water filter suppliers on the web where we can find all sorts and types of filters for personal use. But the most alluring I saw online are those from Big Berkey Water Filters. They are the largest licensed dealer of Berkey products in the US and Canada and they have the widest selection of water filter systems and purifiers.

Browsing their catalog, I believe the Berkey Light model is perfect for our small family during unexpected emergencies as what happened recently. This system comes complete with two black berkey purification elements, 2 cylinders, a base and utilizes the latest technological advances. I’m lured towards it because of the freebies that come with it like 2 Sport Berkey Bottles, PF-2 Filters (Set of 2), replacement parts kit and shower filter. I know that this is a good choice because it’s among their bestsellers as featured on the site.

va home loans

I can perfectly understand how loans, specifically, housing loans can be so helpful in acquiring one’s dream home. We’re currently in that life turning point and actually, we’ve just moved in a month ago. We initially thought of applying a housing loan from Home Development Mutual Fund but as government offices in the country have this stigma of processing applications so slow unless one got a connection, we decided to apply ours in a bank. We obtained the approval in just a matter of five days after submission of all the necessary documents. Then after that, everything was in order. The next thing we knew, we were already packing our things and we were moving in.

In the US, there are these so called va loans. It’s also a housing loan but it’s a special kind that is intended for veterans who “offered” their life for the country. It is a loan that retirees or those in military can avail for them to acquire their own house. Of course the va mortgage rates as well as va refinance rates are greatly reduced. This is a form of incentive and a token for all the hard work, courage and patriotism they rendered to the country. My VA Refinance is a great resource of the lowest VA mortgage rates in the market. They have been existing for 10 years already and because of their exemplary service and truly alluring rates, they were able to help thousands of retirees achieve their own home where they can retire relaxingly.

Mold Test Kits

My son, unfortunately, has developed asthma last year. The husband and I were surprised because none of us are asthmatic nor have respiratory tract complaints. That’s when I realized how the environment and the air we breathe now are so full of impurities. As confirmed by his pediatrician, respiratory problems such as as asthma can indeed be acquired from the surroundings and is not necessarily hereditary. The good news is that he can outgrow this provided that we prevent him from various allergens and conditions that can trigger this. This is why I’m so very particular with our home’s sanitation. I have already discussed this with the husband but very soon, I’ll be getting a mold test kit similar to the one available at to prevent mold causing illnesses. The mold test kit is just easy to use and requires no extra help from professionals when administering it. The kit which costs $68 comes complete with testing materials, an instruction sheet and processing form. The analysis will be performed upon turnover of samples. An online full-color report will be emailed and can also be posted online for easy retrieval and access any time. The results can be further explained through a phone conference. Doing a test for mold is one way of keeping the home free from illnesses and diseases.

Houses For Sale in Arizona

While helping an aunt find homes for sale in gilbert az, I came to know about the impressive services and accomplishments of a Chandler Realtor named Steve Rook. He is a top and expert realtor in the area of Maricopa County, specifically, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Queen Creek. He helps both property buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate objectives. For sellers, he commits in providing excellent lead finds for prospect buyers and negotiation skills to get the highest possible price for your property. For the buyers, his experience and deep knowledge about Arizona real estate enables one to find his dream home at the most alluring deal, whether it be the ahwatukee homes or any of chandler homes for sale. Steve Rook has been a great matchmaker. Hence, there are so many Arizona dwellers and businessmen who are satisfied with his services. The subjects of his services, by the way, is really diverse and they include residential real estate services, condos, rentals, commercial real estate. With all the numerous options, I bet, some finds difficulty in determining the exact details of their dream homes. But fret not because Steve Rook can positively come up with the greatest proposals there is in the market.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wholesale fabrics for a Home Based Tailoring Business

With just a creative mind and a resourceful attitude, it’s so easy nowadays to start a home-based business. Let’s say you have a pair of artistic hands that can transform an ordinary piece of fabric to a stylish fashionable wardrobe, linens or draperies, moolah will definitely start to trickle. For a more profitable tailoring business, one needs to scour for the affordable yet quality Fabrics such as that sold by Discount Fabrics USA. It is a is a Thurmont, Maryland-based company that sells Wholesale fabrics. Serving for more than a decade now, their company has expanded to become one of the largest dealers of drapery and upholstery fabrics on the entire Eastern Seaboard. With their online store, shopping for a specific type of fabric among multitudes can’t this be easier. Their selection is very extensive but browsing each one is easy peasy because all fabric types are prominently listed on the sidebar. The $6.99 Fabrics and Best Sellers can be easily spotted too because of its strategic placement. For a more pleasurable viewing, each of the fabric type are artistically photographed. What I like about their website is that a comparative viewing of prices (retail vs wholesale) is also listed. They also have themed sections so let’s say you wish to sew a jungle safari themed draperies, one section is entirely dedicated for all fabrics with such style.