Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rainy Season Vacay...

Day 1 - July 20, 2006
Paul and I, together with our HS barkada Leia, Genil & JR, set out on a not-so-bright-sun-shiny day but nevertheless with clear Metro Manila skies on our Day 1 for our "Bora sa tag-ulan" trip. We arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport at about past 12 pm...quite a bit early for our 3:30 PM flight but overestimating the travel time from QC to Pasay is way better than finding ourselves stuck in a traffic jam and messing up our check-in time, isn't it? The airport check-in lobby was not really crowded as it's a lean season for travelling but I just noticed that Cebu Pacific qeues are always filled up. Well, I bet, with the same reasons that we have, it must be their lean season Php 10 promo they launched beginning of this year. In spite of the long qeues of domestic travellers, we were able to check in without much hassle and then the, "long-waiting" begins.

waiting at the pre-departure area of MIAWe glued our asses on the Pre-departure area seats for two hours waiting for our flight 5J-343 bound to Kalibo hubby and mewhich is scheduled to leave at 3:30 PM. The flight monitoring clock on TV has already ticked at 3:30 PM and yehey! we weren't called yet to board the plane. And I thought, PAL lang ang "Plane Always Late"? We boarded the plane around 4 PM na yata.

flying over cloudy skiesAnyway, the flight was smooth naman all throughout the trip. The skies were clear pero mostly thick clouds blocked the view below. We were given C2 drinks and Cream-O choco cookies minutes after take-off. The flight took us more or less 50 minutes but didn't notice or didn't bore us as the crew entertained us with a Bring Me Game. I could have won a Cebu Pacific bag if I was able to pull out agad my cellphone charger from my bag. Sayang. Buti pa si JR..he won a bag as he was able to swiftly put up the Safety Instruction Card tucked in front of him.

JR (on my right side), me and hubby*Leia & Genil*camwhore couples aboard the plane
C2 and Choco Cream-O*cream-o proof on JR's teeth*Bring Me Game winner

touch down - kalibo airport runwayWe arrived at the Kalibo airport at about 5:10 in the afternoon. Aklan skies then were confusing. Welcome to Kalibo AirportOn one part, clouds weren't inviting, in fact, it looked like rains will pour any moment while on the other side, the sunny part seemed a bright welcome for us. We set out immediately and hopped in the van that would bring us to the Caticlan port. The 2-hour trip from Kalibo to Caticlan made me a bit nauseous as we drove on a mountainous-long-and-winding roads. me, JR (still proud of his prize), Leia & GenilManong driver was driving fast and was accelerating madly kahit na zigzag ang daan. Grrr! Nakakaba talaga kasi the sun has set na, it was dark tapos the rains poured hard na rin. Oh well, siguro on manong driver's mind, he wants us to reach the port asap as delikado rin to sail out in the dark (pertaining to our banca transfer from caticlan to the bora island). Pero naman, I almost puked out talaga sa hilo. I didn't anticipate this as we flew via Seair (which directly lands at Caticlan airport, thus, with a shorter travel time) the first time Paul and I went to Bora last December.

It was already dark na talaga when we reached the port. We were about to board the bangka when a real bad luck struck the Boracay Virgin, Leia. first pit stop for LeiaShe stepped on a rusting nail that pierced her heels twice. Blood drooled on her foot profusely as she was grimacing in pain. First pit stop we hanged out on the Boracay Island? the hospital! She opted to be shot with the anti-tetanus medicines. Siyempre naman, if you could've seen the rusting nail, katakot talaga. Medyo nagswell nga and as per the doctor, medyo deep daw ang laceration kaya ganun. And there goes our first adventure on the island.

We then checked in at Hey Jude Hotel at Station 2 located near D'Mall and D'Talipapa. It was already 9 am and we heard our tummies growling madly hehe! Di pa pala kami nagdidinner. just checked in at Hey Jude HotelWe brought some canned goods for our meals (para makatipid) but then we were that hungry and we wanted to eat asap. We then hurriedly scouted for CHEAP eateries sprawled near Hey Jude but since it's pretty late and most were about to close, their leftovers weren't inviting and kahit na siguro cheap siya, sayang lang ang money. It's good that we spotted an Andok's resto around the corner. I feasted on a Php 37+ worth of their breaded porkchop with rice while Paul stuffed himself with two barbeque sticks at Php 15 each. Oh ha? Tipid di ba? What a catch! Sarap pa. Oh well, for those of you who have gone to Bora, you'll agree with me na such a pain on the pockets pag dining time di ba sa sobrang expensive ng foods dun. Siyempre kungbaga, tourist price: ice cream at Php 100? California Maki at Php 250? Solo full meals at Php 250-300? hay! ginto ang pagkain dun. Actually, we set out on this vacation with one clear agreement and goal: to enjoy in a super dooper tipid mode. :D

Day 2 - July 21, 2006
We find stuffing ourselves with our free Hey Jude breakfasts: Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, American breakfast, early morning of our Day 2. breakfast at Hey JudeAfterwhich, we changed into our swimwears and approached the beach. Hmmm, the skies were a bit cloudy but nevertheless fine naman. Good enough for the skin..hindi iitim wheee! A bit windy thus, with the semi-gigantic waves. We strolled along the shoreline first and headed to station 1. At siyempre, the camwhores in us kicked in:

with a sandcastle*braving the waves*macho daw?*JR with his imaginary girlfriend daw*Bora waves
me & hubby*the grotto at station 1*my baby*50 sandy toes*heads down
solo ko naman*JR & hubby*JR, me, Leia and Genil*Leia and Genil*my hubby

We then braved the waves and swam. Kainis biglang uminit ng husto. The scorching heat burnt my skin in an instant waah! tan lines agad.

breakfast at Hey JudeWe headed back to our room and readied ourselves for lunch. Guess where we ate? Andok's ulit! Waaah! cholesterol warning. This time we feasted on a half chicken and liempo. Hala, cholesterol talaga. Tsk tsk bad!

Mid-afternoon, it started to rain. At siyempre pa, since takot kami sa sunburn, we grabbed the opportunity to swim minus the sun. Ang cool tignan kasi ang dami ding nagsilabasan para magswim sa tag-ulan. At dahil windy nga, lakas ng waves and much to our enjoyment as it overpowered us (kahit na sabayan namin). Lagi kaming "burado". Literally dragged sa shoreline kaya masakit ang katawan after. haha! We no longer captured our "burado" moments dahil one, mukha kaming tanga hehe! and second, umuulan nga so mababasa lang ang cam. :p

We got up and went back to our room just in time for our dinner. Since the aftertaste of liempo and chicken lingered still onto our tongues, we decided to search for a new one. With aching muscles, we didn't have the energy to wander far away pa kaya we landed on a resto near andok's. I tried their sisig rice topping turned out na super spicy pala. I have high tolerance on spicy foods pero niyay! I gulped so much water to pacify it and naumay ako agad. Paul wasn't satisfied either, he ordered asado rice toppings and he was given 4 pieces of meat na puro taba. Oh well, since we're all hungry, we just swallowed what we ordered and agreed di na mauulit dito.

We went back to our room and watched how Purefoods emerged as the PBA Champs against Red Bull. I am not a PBA fan pero I rooted for Purefoods..bakit? wala lang. Takot ako kay hubby eh. He hates Enrico Villanueva of Red Bull kasi. Quoting Leia, may "poot" (matinding galit) everytime Paul comments on Enrico's arrogance. Buti na nga lang at nagchampion ang Purefoods kundi, baka may nagwala sa room namin. :)

Day 3 - July 22, 2006
Paul and I woke up with rumbling and aching stomachs. Naah, hindi sa gutom. Paul got LBM and for him ewan ko ba kung bakit, this automatically means lalagnatin siya. After a few hours, may fever na nga siya. I, on the other hand, still could taste the sisig and it was not a good one. We were about to go boating and islandhopping sana this day pero Paul and I begged off. Later, I threw up what I ate for breakfast. As for our companions, ok naman sila. I figured it must have been the sisig we ate. I shared some of my sisig to Paul kaya pati siya nadamay. Hay! Food poisoned on day 3..tsk tsk tsk! We stayed at the hotel the whole afternoon while they went snorkling and island hopping. Oh well, oks lang, we have tried it naman na the first time we went kaya oks lang to pass muna. Sayang nga lang ang photo opportunities. haha! Here are some of the pics of their islandhopping adventure:

JR being attacked by a starfish?*the trio enjoying without us (huhu!)*cave*mini-bangkas

I felt better in the evening pero si Paul still burning hot with fever. We stayed in the hotel and just killed time chit-chatting, reminiscing HS days, tuksuhan and chikahan and everything while we watched HBO's House of Wax. Genil and JR went to Pier 1 midnight to experience Bora gimik weekend nights while the three of us stayed and dozed off.

Day 4 - July 23, 2006:
After eating breakfast, we went to the beach for our last dip. Waves were bigger and stronger and we were easily wiped out again, much to our delight. Hours later we headed to the hotel and started packing. We toured briskly the souvenir shops and bought necklaces and bracelets for my mom-in-law and sis-in-law before eating our lunch. For the last time, still had it at Andok's hehe! We were fetched at 12:30 pm for our 4:55 flight at Kalibo. The banca, van and bus transfers from Caticlan to Kalibo were more comfy this time. And siyempre pa, we lounged for two hours at the airport as we waited for our plane.

goodbye kalibo*at the Kalibo pre-departure area**

We were informed later that our flight will be delayed for a few minutes as the flights coming from Manila were all behind schedule due to the bad weather in Manila (typhoon Glenda about to hit Luzon). This was the day when non-stop rains poured and flooded some parts of Metro Manila. Hearing this, we braced ourselves with possible heart-pumping turbulences up there. Truly, there were some but notwithstanding the heavy rains here in the metro, we landed safely naman.
So there goes our "Boracay vacation sa tag-ulan". Enjoyed. Sunburnt. "Nailed". Food poisoned....FUN! FUN! FUN!
So there goes my "utang" kwento and pics. Sorry if it took me the whole week to finish this entry. Well, aside from waiting for my friends to upload their bora pics, I wasn't in high spirits too, to blog lately. I have several thoughts in my mind to chronicle here but the more "conscious" side in me urged and opted me not to. Basta...basta..basta. :( :( :(

Sunday, July 23, 2006

We're Back...

...from our 4Days 3Nights stay here:

I'm missing so soon the white-pristine sands, the totality of "bora" ambiance...

I shall be back with the full getaway story and more pics.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Story of Us..

Happy 6th year Anniversary, bi!

So here we go again, mushy-mushy mode na naman tayo. As mentioned on my prior post, today's our 6th year anniversary...yeah kahit na we're married na, we do still celebrate our bf-gf anniv. In fact, minsan mas naaalala naming magbatian tuwing 19th kesa sa 17th (wedding anniv). We could've gotten married on a 19th last December but we preferred to wed kasi on a Saturday which yun nga 17 nun.

Anyway, as promised, nagbungkal ako ng aking archives and here's one entry I made regarding our love story prior our wedding haha!

Posted on July 10, 2005: The Story of Us

I was browsing my uploaded flickr pics when I chanced upon these pictures...

1st year
This was taken during our freshman year at UST High School. (Just click on the pic to see a clearer and larger view) Paul's on the last row, fourth from the left. While I'm on the 2nd row, fourth from the right. Paul, as admitted, had a crush on me then..haha! sorry baby, magblog ka rin para makabawi ka. Young as we were then, M.U. kuno but it was a shortlived one as I had another crush who was also a classmate. (Until now, Paul would always tease me na ipinagpalit ko daw siya).

Second year HS, Paul and I were the only ones who were transferred to St. Bartholomew (first section..naks!). We were not on talking..nor looking terms. Hehe! Kunwari galit me sa kanya. I even handed him back the '95 Valentines Card he gave me. He was linked to PLENTY girl classmates of ours then..and I had different crushes too hehe!

Third Year: On speaking terms na pero konti lang. I was surprised to know na he was courting my seatmate, Leia. She was also our classmate and my seatmate nung 1st year and naging classmate ulit nung 3rd yr.

4th year
Fourth Year: They were still an item. This time we were already on speaking terms, usually on lunch breaks, since leia was still my seatmate and paul would make "tambay" sa pwesto namin. I even shared kwentos to Paul regarding my crush who's from another section then and another one na classmate namin. Paul is on the last row, fourth from left. I'm on the 2nd row, 3rd from left.

Graduation came..I took up Commerce while he took up ECE (still at UST). I didn't know exactly when.. basta nagulat na lang ako they broke up.

Semestral break first year college, I got a call from Paul. He asked me to accompany him to watch a movie..i dunno if it was a date..hehe! Bored as I was, I agreed. We watched The Truman Show and ate at Wendy's. I was kind of aloof with him at that time..di ko lang alam kung bakit. I told my college kabarkada, Paula about this. Nagulat na lang ako nung tinawagan niya si Paul (Paula was a high school batchmate so kilala niya rin si Paul). Ewan ko ba kung anong pumasok sa isip ni Paula at ginawa niya yun. She sort of bombarded Paul with questions like nanliligaw ba siya and what did that date mean. After that, I never heard of Paul again. Di na siya tumawag ulit...

Two years later, I got a text message from Paul..turned out he got my number from his kabarkada, Genil. First sem (3rd yr college) had just started when we bumped into each other at the walkway near HS bldg. He grew taller and bigger..while ako daw according to him..nagdalaga na (it could've been the white college uniform and the little makeup I wore). We exchanged text messages and calls. This time no apprehensions na as in parang long lost friends ang turingan..we became close. He was courting a high school classmate na kapareho ko ng wonder I would see him in front of the Commerce Building on dismissal time. The exchange ofSMS continued..he called me up para magkwento ng development ng kanyang panliligaw. He sought advices from me nung nagkaproblem siya. She needed a girl's point of view daw. Pag di sila sabay maglunch, he would ask me na hintayin siya (my class finishes one hour ahead kasi than his) and we would eat at Almer's (unlimited gravy). Ok lang sakin kasi mabait ako hehehe! Pag may problems ako that time, I would also turn to him for advices.We were the best of friends then. It broke my heart when he told me he has to stop courting her, kasi yun daw ang wish nung girl. He did. I felt sorry for him kasi talaga namang nasad siya. I gave him all the comfort he needed.

Because of that..we became much closer pa..we would go out on wednesdays and fridays. Tambayan namin Robinson's Place..we would eat at Deli Sheli and watched movies. Every week yun. We enjoyed each other's company..the next thing we knew..we were mutually infatuated na pala.

July 19, 2000 was the day when he finally expressed his feelings..I was to get off his car nung sinabi niya yun. Unhesistantly, i answered likewise. That was five years ago...and now, five months from now, I will walk down the aisle smiling knowing that Paul will be by the altar to meet me. As my blogger header says.."He never thought it would be her..she never thought it would be him. But the Lord thought otherwise, an answered prayer he is to her..his greatest blessing she will always be.." Paul indeed was an answered prayer to me, he has been my fortress, my strength, my bestfriend, my clown, my listener, my driver (hehe), my constant companion, my baby..simply my man whom I'd want to share my life with forever.

can't wait for that day.. u! Advance happy anniversary!

ok..tapos na pagka-mushy-mushy ko..pagbigyan minsan-minsan lang ito hehe.ciao!
all smiles

here's a pic of our high school class during our dec '04 reunion. Six of them will be our "abays". :D
gerry libis 3

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Monthsary and my Weekend

Happy 7 months of marital bliss to my dearest hubby! Two more days to go, Happy 6th Anniversary naman! Haha! kahit married na, we still celebrate our bf-gf anniversaries...that explains the Cebu Pacific tickets I posted the other day.
Entry created July 16, 2006:

And yes..finally! Paul and I went out on a Sabado night gimik. Yesterday was the birthday of his HS bestfriend, Jordan and we were connived by his girlfriend, Odessa to hold a suprise party for him. It wasn't really a big bash as the simple feasting just took place in his house with us, his HS barkada plus girlfriends/partners pigged out with pizza, lasagna, carbonara, chicken, sans rival and chocolate cake. The kada was complete: Genil and Leia, JR and Nicee, Paul and me and of course the celebrant, Jordan and his gf, Ode. Clueless as he was, Jordan's eyes widened as soon as he stepped inside the house and was shocked of our presence. At siyempre pa, the usual chikahan and asaran just like the good old days. All 7 of us except JR's gf were HS classmates at USTHS and it's kinda interesting to know that aside from Paul & me na nagkatuluyan na, going strong din sina Genil & Leia and Jordan & Ode. Galing noh? kaya nga solid itong barkadang ito eh. We practically know each other that much kasi nga magkakakilala na kami noong mga totoy at nene pa kami way back HS years. May mga side stories and other twists pa sa mga love stories namin pero I'll just repost an entry on Wednesday about that in time for our anniv. Hanapin ko pa sa archives hehe!

So there, after stuffing our tummies with much food, nagkayayaan na manood ng sine. And yes! congatulate me people! Didn't I just make an entry a few weeks ago complaining (and making parinig to Paul) that I haven't been to a moviehouse in ages? We watched a last full show screening of the Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest at Gateway. Don't expect me to create a review on it kasi there are still some parts na di ko ma-gets since I wasn't able to watch Part 1. Obviously, sequel nga siya at may kasunod pa. Effects and acting wise, ang ganda. Johnny Depp entertained me at sobrang katawa talaga mga comedy stunts niya as the Captain Jack Sparrow. It got me bored a bit though and nainis sa mga supernatural sea monsters with giant tentacles na mga kontrabida. Ewan ko ba basta kainis ang itsura eh. Haha! Si Papa Orlando Bloom naman, hay, ayaw ko hair at bigote niya dito though gwapo pa rin naman siya..I like his looks better nga lang sa Lord of the Rings.

We went home in the wee hours of the morning na..hehe! gimik mode talaga noh? We were at home mga 2 am na yata and slept din agad which luckily I did kahit na may onting effects pa ng caffeine kasi nag-Starbucks pa kami prior watching the movie. Oh well, sleepyhead talaga ako. Besides, we need to wake up early in the morning for my OB check-up. Not much irregularities found naman and I was just given a cleansing medicine to work on my system next month.

After the check up, we headed straight to SM to buy footwears namin ni Paul. He bought a new black shoes kasi bumigay yung old one dahil sa ulan..wawa naman! As for me naman, bumili ng tsinelas for our getaway on Thursday hehe! Wish ko lang talaga walang dumating na bagyo on Thursday 'til this weekend para ma-enjoy naman namin ang Php 10 fare promo ng Cebu Pacific. San kami pupunta? Hmmm...we'll be hitting the Bora sands and waves ulit hehe! Second honeymoon? oo hehe! Pero unlike the first last December, we'll be going with our kada Genil, Leia and JR...and this time, with a super tipid mode. Off-peak season ngayon kaya we'll really hunt for a good place to stay that offers a huge huge huge discount. I know we will find one. :)

Hmmm...tamad mode ako ngayon magblog..sorry...pansin niyo? Just want to share how my weekend was. hehe!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

5 days to go...

yehey! wanna join me????

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Top 10 Songs that Moves Me

Maulan. Mabagyo. Nakakatamad. Walang magawa. "No classes". Estudyanteng nagdiriwang. Buhay ang blogosphere ngayon.
Countdown: 1 week to go..woohoo!
Got this from Kay and it made me want to try it myself.
What are the top 10 songs that moves me? Here it goes..

1. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban (watch the wedding ceremony photo montage here with this song as the background)
Fave lines: You raise me up so I can climb on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be..."

Undoubtedly, this song has made one big impact in my life. This was my bridal song when I walked down the aisle. The moment then was so surreal. Many shed tears because of the thrilling atmosphere. My dad was bawling and my handsome man patiently waiting for me on the other end of the aisle and the Lord waiting for us on a farther end. The lyrics says it all..the message of the song goes to the men of my man, my dad and my Lord.

2. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways by Nina (like her revival version more than Julia Fordham's)
Fave lines: "Love moves in mysterious ways. It’s always so surprising when love appears over the horizon I’ll love you for the rest of my days. But still it’s a mystery of how you ever came to me which only proves love moves in mysterious ways..."

My personal theme song during my wedding preparations. Di pa rin makapaniwala that Paul and I are destined after all those years. :D

3. This I Promise You by N'Sync
Fave line: "And I will take you in my arms. And hold you right where you belong. Till the day my life is throughthis I promise you..."

Our theme song way back MU stage and bf-gf early months. Wahaha! Our Couple's First Dance song on our wedding reception.

4. The Warrior Is A Child by Gary V.
Fave lines: "Lately I've been winning battles left and right. But even winners can get wounded in the fight People say that I'm amazing Strong beyond my years But they don't see inside of me I'm hiding all the tears..."

Hearing me this makes me want to cry..lalo na pag naririnig ko siya sa funeral. Oh well, i guess theme song natin kasi ito as human beings as we journey through our lives.

5. Change the World by Eric Clapton
Fave lines: "That I can change the world I would be the sunlight in your universe..."

Actually, I just love the melody of the of my all-time favorites. Pwede ring theme song of lovers ito.

6. Lead Me Lord by Gary V.
Fave lines: "All the time my Lord I need you there you are my light I cannot live alone Let me stay by your guiding love..."

I sing this song (which also serves as a prayer) whenever I'm so downhearted with life's challenges and seemingly about to give up. With this song I also reminisce our retreat days way back student years.

7. Now and Forever by Air Supply
Fave lines: "Now and forever remember the words from my heart will always be true. Now and forever together and all that I feel is my love for you..."

My favorite song way back toddler years. According to my folks, I used to sing this song over a hundred of times along with the jukebox of our neighbor(hinuhulugan ng barya). Geez...I'm so old na. When they bought an Air Supply minus one..eto ang resulta:

Disclaimer: Walang kinalaman ang bagyo sa larawang ito, ok?

8. Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder
Fave lines: "There's something 'bout your love that makes me weak and knocks me off my feet.."

Just another soul and refresher song. Sarap kasing pakinggan.

9. Forever in Love Instrumentals by Kenny G

Another stress reliever song...minsan pampaantok ko hehehe!

10. More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Starecase (Ayala Corp commercial jingle)
Fave lines: "Oh, I love you more today than yesterday But not as much as tomorrow I love you more today than yesterday But, darling, not as much as tomorrow..."

Hmmm...another song that can immortalize my love for hubby naks!

So there goes my random fave songs I have in mind right now. Here's my radio blog link where some of the abovementioned songs can be played. Which reminds me, I tried uploading that radio blog on my sidebar but I just couldn't configure correctly kainis!

Btw, don't bother passing a mic on me, ok? don't want the storms go ballistic all at the same time, do you? Sayaw na lang pwede pa. :D

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who in the World is Elvis?

Well, I will be out the whole day today and as I have a promise to update this nook of mine every other day, I will be leaving you with this entry. Sensible? di ko lam pero it's pretty hilarious. I found this on Meng's site and I couldn't help chuckling over her results. This stirred my curiosity and I laughed harder when I saw my own test results. How in the world do they randomly produce these answers anyway?

Your Boobies' Names Are...


So siya pala si Elvis???? :lolz:

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Go USTe!

The 69th season of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) kicked off yesterday at the Araneta Coliseum with the University of the East strutting their stuffs in the Opening Ceremonies as they are the host of this season.

Being a Thomasian for eight years (HS & colllege), I've been one of those excited students who would eagerly watch and root for the UST Tigers. Siyempre proud! Kahit na di impressive ang records nila these past seasons, still I find myself loudly cheering for them everytime may game sila. Minsan nga Paul and I would even watch them live sa venue. Well ganun talaga...I just love everything about my alma mater. All the way ang support kahit graduate na. I remember sarap pag nagcha-champion dahil walang pasok buong university hihi! I miss those glorious days of the Tigers way back early 90's when they bagged four consecutive basketball championships. Gone are the likes of Dennis Espino, Edmund Reyes, Bal David, Estong Ballesteros, Chot Tangquincen, Richard Yee, Henry Ong, Gerard Francisco, etc. I remember they even had a victory parade around the campus and I was able to have the 3-pointer Henry Ong sign my araneta coliseum ticket. I was in second year HS then nung nanood ako ng championship game against La Salle at kahit bleachers pa, pinagtiyagaan ko. That was the time din when there were exchanges of foul banner captions from both schools. One La Sallian banner says.."tuition niyo baon ko lang". Oh well, keber! Siyempre di maiiwasan minsan na maging over excited mga fans at pati such remarks nagagawa. Anyway, champions kami noon kaya sorry sila. :) (Ngapala, we won't be seeing action from the La Salle Green Archers this season as they are suspended for allegedly faking the eligibilities of 2 players the other season).

The Tigers may be in the lower bracket of the last season's team standing, UST still came out as the Overall Champion of the 68th season last year. And take note, UST holds the record for having the most number of Overall Championship trophies (33)..iba dun naka-display sa gym entrance hehe!

The tigers played their first game of the season this afternoon and it was a heartbreaking 2-pt deficit loss against the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons (92-94). At siyempre pa, the Iskolars ng Bayan are rejoicing over their victory.


While the Tigers did make good plays on offense as they got 2 really good offensive rookies, pumalpak sila sa defense and they allowed several 3-point shots from 2 same Maroon players. Hay! It really was a tight ball game though I could say na maswerte lang sa 3-points ang mga Maroons. Oh well, today might be their day..I'm sure the Tigers will come back with a vengeance as they face-off on the second round. As Paul would say, di araw-araw ay pasko. Hehe!

The UAAP season kicking off means the UAAP cheering squads preparing their stuffs for the upcoming 2006 Cheerdance Competition. With the duel of the Maroons and Tigers this afternoon, buhay na naman ang cheering mania especially to the two rival squads UST and UP in the Nestle Cheerdance Competition being held every after first season of the UAAP. Kanya-kanyang pasiklaban na naman kanina at halftime which made me reminisce of the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe's winning perfomance last it here and comment about it:

Astig noh? Hanep ang choreography and mga cartwheels, pyramids, flying stunts and everything di ba? The whole package is fantabulous and indeed a champion material, isn't it? Siyempre naman, tulad sa general UAAP championships, the Salinggawi Dance Troupe holds the most number of 1st placer trophies. They are the current defending champion and holds 7 out of 11 titles since it started in 1995. UP is the closest rival with 3 championship trophies in tow. Click here for the complete tally.

Here is the Tigers' game schedule for the season:

Tigers game sched

Can't wait for the Tigers' next games and for the Cheerdance Competition...go uste!

**Photos grabbed from More pics of the action on their site.