Sunday, August 28, 2005

W@W Grand EB High!

Million thanks to benz and john, the brains behind (w @ w) and its egroups, for organizing the much-awaited Grand EB of the w @ wies last August 28 at The Oasis. Truly, it was fun and memorable as we got the chance to meet the faces behind those emails, who we've exchanged with wedding preps ideas, raves and rants. There were lots of activities prepared, free prenups shoots, games (physical and nerve-wracking ones), giving of the 2005 W @ W Peer Awards, we feasted on the sumptuous meals prepared by the sponsors and of course the non-stop chikahan!

eb27aug1 group
The W @ W Family

Eventhough we arrived early at 2:55 pm, (the EB starts at 6 pm) BITIN pa rin!!!!! Hehehe, we bagged the "Earlybird Award" nga pala. Actually, we were there early to avail of the free Prenups Shoots sponsored by John Mateos Ong and Frank of Imagineer scheduled at 3 pm. As announced last Friday, the prenups would be on a first come first serve basis. Hala sige, excited kami kaya ayun..2:55 pa lang andun na kami. They were setting up the place pa lang and wala pa yung mga photographers. Take note..we arrived before John and Benz did! hahah! Partida natraffic pa kami sa gilmore hehehe! While waiting for the photographers and other w @ wies who'd also be availing of the prenups, we toured the venue muna. The Oasis is located along Aurora Blvd. It's kinda new pa lang siya and truly maganda ang place...nice landscaping, malinis, ample parking space.

3:15 pm..the second couple came. They were Tin and Archie. It was my first time to meet Tin pero narecognize ko na siya from afar...saw her pic kasi sa blog niya. Ngapala, runner-up sila sa Earlybird awards! Then a few minutes later came Charie and Wella. After a while, we were called na to start the prenups. Frank of Imagineer was the one assigned to us. He was warm and friendly naman. Paul and I were quite comfortable while he was taking picture of us. He instructed us what pose to make, where to sit and lie down (wahaha oo pinahiga ako sa damuhan), where to look at. He even shared to us how deep his passion is to photography. We learned na by profession, he's an architect pala and sabi niya wedding photography is more lucrative kahit na mahal ang mga gamit. Oh my gulay! yung mga cams pala nila 100K na yun, and depende pa sa mga lens na ginagamit nila. Nevertheless, the shoot was fun. Though medyo limited lang ang shots na ginawa samin ni Frank compared to John who was in charge naman kina Tin and Archie. Maybe Frank was anticipating of more w @ wies who'd be arriving soon. Since it was a Saturday, Paul has to leave soon since kelangan niyang magbantay sa computer business niya. Sayang lang kasi konti pa lang pala ang w @ wies na dumating para magpaprenups and the coordinator of Vision and Ideas was asking me kung gusto naman namin magpakuha kay John. Sayang nga lang and I told her na in as much as I want to eh Paul has already left. Ok na rin lang, at least meron pa rin naman kami. After all, we have our own prenups naman with our booked photographer, Kenneth Uy, some time this september or october.

Minutes and hours later.. and after a heavy downpour of rains, W @ wies started to arrived, some alone but most with their h2bs ( W @ w lingo for husband-to-be). I met Mhay ni Jerry , Karla ni Alex, Meng ni Keith, Mec and Jojo, Yna and Xean, Jacque and Simon, Maricel ni Arnold, Dionne and Joven, Con ni Nel, Aggie and Edil, Joy and John, Jeng and Jeff, Ivy and Gail, Cindy ni Mark, Inch and Bryan, Tina and Glenn, Chris and sobrang dami pa! Wella, Charie, Tin and I volunteered to man the registration. Sabi ba naman nina Wella para daw akong I would know names nila considering first time ko silang mameet. Siyempre, yan ang nagagawa ng bloghopper hehe! I'd seen their pics on their blogs kaya I recognized them agad.

Grand EB - charie, me, tin, wella & mec
Charie, Me, Tin, Wella & Mec

Grand EB 3

Sarap ng food prepared by Josiah's. There were 3 caterers who sponsored the event pero I only got to taste Josiah's. Got full agad kaya di na ako nag buffet table hop pa. It was a blast talaga. We even won one of the group games..courtesy of Archie ni Tin hahaha! kaya may mga w @ w mugs and key chains kami. There were lots of games conducted..Bring Me Game, Donut Eating Contest, Longest Kissing Couple, "Scategories" etc. The said games also showcased the talents of my w @ wie sisters and their h2bs...there's the killer giling moves of jojo and mec, simon-jacque and yna-xean duets and the acapella of mhay ni jerry..grabe I was in awe to know na talentado pala mga ito! Galing-galing nila! There was also the W @ W Peer Awards (got nominated too for the EBest of them all..which kinda surprised me since twice pa lang naman me nakaattend ng mga EBs before)...The winners deserved the awards.. most of them got my votes hehe! Congrats Aggie, Mec, Jacque, Wella, Glo and Francis!
Grand EB my loot bags and prizes

Tired as I was, I went home with lots of goodies in tow, with a smile on my face and siyempre baon ang super fun memories with my w @ w family that I'll truly cherish. Wedding preps would never be fun as it should be without w @ w...and with that I'm just so happy and blessed to belong in this group. At w @ w, empathy is an understatement, nobody out there understands the sentiments and moods of a bride and groom more than, we, w @ wies do. Kaya nga super blessing talaga samin sina mama benz and big dad john..our w @ w parents who started it all. Million thanks will not be enough to express our gratitude..siguro the best way we can pay them back is to help those new fellow w @ wies just like we were welcomed and helped before . Ah basta I'm truly proud being a W @ wie..

can't wait for the Xmas Party on November!!
**tagal naman...:wink:**

more pics can be seen at

Glimpse on Our Precious..

One of the things that I was most excited about this weekend are these...
mai paul rings 2

Couldn't contain my excitement when my dad and tita texted me about our rings (gifts nila)...they have it na..fully engraved and ready to be slipped onto our fingers. Pero sorry me, hanggang pics lang muna as these rings are still in November ko pa siya makikita up close and masusukat when they get home.

mai paul rings 4

Thanks Pa and Auntie Lily! love u!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Our Precious..

Got a surprise overseas call from dad this lang nangungumusta and informing me na he's in jeddah right now for a few-days-work-assignment...(my dad's a civil engineer and he's based in dammam, saudi arabia where he works as a consultant for saudi electric company). He also told me na they ordered our wedding rings na (their wedding present to us aside from the monetary gift they gave us last January) yahooo! white gold and "kagaya daw ng nasa pic" which i gave them as their guide in finding our ideal bands. Makukuha daw siya after a week. Yahoo! excited na ako..can't wait to see the pics. Kaso nga lang sa november pa namin siya mahahawakan at masusukat since my dad and stepmom will be home by the end of november pa. :(


Am not happy with what's going on in our center. Two of my colleagues will be transferred to another center -- all because of cost-cutting. We have to cut down the center's salary expenses. (Kung sabagay, lahat naman yata ng companies ngayon sobrang nagtitipid). Kaso siyempre, sino ba naman ang gustong magpalipat pa sa ibang center. Marami ngang naiinggit samin because of our 8 am - 6 pm fixed business hours and holidays, saturday-sunday rest days. Halos lahat kasi ng business centers ng Globe eh mall-based so siyempre mall hours and hindi fixed ang rest days nila. So yun, since walang magvovolunteer talaga, the officers (including us, mga cashiers ooopppsss cash officers pala..we're no ordinary kahera, y' know hehe!) voted for these two people na malilipat. Labag man sa kalooban namin pero we have to. These two colleagues of mine have been informed na of their transfer..and siyempre nakakaawa. I just wish them the best of luck and may they excel and ipakita na nila na basta trained sa Tower One..the best! (waahh good luck din samin na maiiwan..undermanned na kami sobra! huhuhu!)


Got a new mobile phone today! yipee and i love it! It's a SE K700i...

Picture 1

I just couldn't resist the promo - Existing Globe G-Plan subscribers may avail of a handset under HANDSET BASE PRICING at 0% interest up to 18 months when using any of the participating Credit Card for payment. O siya..kalikutin ko muna... :D

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Church Wed Seminars skeds and other blurbs

Yipee! We had a productive Saturday today...First, we went to Sta. Rita this noon to have our Canonical Interview, Pre-Cana Seminar and other required Formations scheduled. The parish holds these activities once every month. We scheduled ours as follows:
Canonical Interview - September 7, Wednesday
Pre-Cana Seminar - September 11, Sunday
and another seminar (hehe! ano nga ulit yun?) - September 18, Sunday
We have to schedule it ahead so that we could already file our leaves from work. In my case, so that we could ask for a reliever. I'm a frontliner and with our center having a high-foot traffic and now already undermanned (cost-cutting ek-ek), it's hard when one takes a leave. Sobrang kawawa. I'll be celebrating my first year with Globe this 27th, and would you believe I've only had .5 vacation leave out of 15 days allowed to date? Whew! half-day lang yun...that's a record for me hehe! It's not that super loyal ako or what, it's just that I could not leave my colleagues behind na nahihirapan. I know the feeling kasi. Imagine..kulang na lang di ka makapag-lunch sa sobrang dami ng payment transactions. Anyway, that's fine with me naman..besides, am saving it for december hehehe!

Side kwento: Before going to the parish office, it was 2 pm and there's a wedding being held. Sakto sa bridal entourage kaya I told Paul na panoorin muna get ideas siyempre. As always, medyo nagiging tear-jerker ako talaga everytime I watch a bridal march. After the entourage and the parents have marched and prior to the bride's entrance, the church doors were closed. The bridal march was an instrumental of "The Prayer". Very solemn ng mood and after some notes, the doors were openned and there was the beaming bride. Waahhh..ako na nanood lang and I didn't even know the couple pero naiiyak ako. I wonder pano kaya ako sa mismong march ko. Di kaya magngangawa ako dun hehehe! Ngapala, definitely we'll be adapting the closing doors effect..para may drama! hehe!

After talking with Cecille and all our queries answered, we proceded to Prestige Paper. We bought the sample paper Paul will be using for our invitation covers. Since our motif is powder blue and canary yellow, we chose the paper type, Hong Kong 230 gsm light blue. Hard enough for the cover and nice shade..though di talaga siya sakto na powder blue pero pwede na. Finally, we were able to complete the names of our entourage and principal sponsors. Yehey! Paul was able to print a few inserts na. Galing-galing talaga...I'm proud kasi DIY (do-it-yourself) lang siya pero ang ganda! Parang pinagawa sa labas.

Since walang magawa habang nagbabantay dito sa shop nila Paul, I scanned the choices (from the mags) for the entourage gowns. Since maaarte mga ate ko who are my Maids of Honor, I reminded them to have their preferred design ready this weekend. Aba ang reply ba naman ng isa, "akalain mong seryoso pala na magpapakasal ka noh!" ang kulit! heheh! As for my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors, will just email them the designs and I hope approve sa kanila mga yun.

I also exchanged text messages with our photographer, Kenneth Uy. I asked if we could possibly schedule our prenups shoot this September. Sabi niya he's available on weekdays only..if we want daw sa october, medyo free siya on weekends. I just told him na we'll check our schedule first. So yun, pag-uusapan pa muna namin ni Paul.

So yun, medyo productive talaga ngayon hehehe! Back to wed preps ulit yahoo!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Our Honeymoon Destination is....

where kaya? (considering the meager budget, of course)...

Option No. 1: HONG KONG

Option No. 2: BORACAY

Option No. 3 : EL NIDO
(yun eh kung bibigyan ako ni Angie ng big, big discount!)
--hehe isinima kunwari--

The poll is now open..hehehe!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

...chentleens forever

I was browsing over my saved messages on my mobile phone and this one made me smile once again...

I'd b hapi 2 emcee 4 ur wedding mai..D least i cud do..Ay grbe dti mga debut nyo lng ang iniemcee k, ngyn wedding na..Awww rgards to paul, too. Mis u! Mwah! :)

Got this last Apr 23 from my HS bestfriend, Gretchen, when I asked her the favor to emcee our wedding reception program along with a HS classmate, Archie. While Paul's family and I were on our way to Pampanga for an outing, we were delighted to hear our names over the fm radio..

"Hi to Mai and Paul who are tuned in right now...they were my classmates in high school and it's nice to know that they're tying the knot on I'm wishing you all the best guys!".

That's Gretch greeting us over the airwaves..she's a deejay at Blazin 105.9 (10 am - 2 pm weekdays, 2-6pm on saturdays). O di ba astig ang emcees namin! Archie and Gretch were the best debaters we have on our batch. (Archies's working for Miriam Defensor-Santiago). I'm sure they'll do great on our day, eversince, lagi na silang nag-e-emcee, besides, it'll have a more personal touch since they know a lot about us..especially Gretch, whom I shared almost all of my HS secrets with. We used to have a journal where we would alternately write a message for each other everyday...andun lahat ng secrets, pen names of our crushes, doodles ng kung anu-ano, poems, our theme songs for our moods, heartaches, sama ng loob, anything we'd like to write.

She really was indeed my bestfriend as we had lots of similarities kaya nag-jive talaga kami..we're both small (body built and height), we both wore braces, we're both moody, we loved the songs even if by jam morales and tell me by joey albert, etc. Awww, reminiscin such makes me miss her a lot. We parted ways na kasi nung college. She took up AB Legal Management while I took up Business Ad..though we went to the same college building at UST, we rarely saw or even bumped into each other as we had different sched and eventually, had different circle of friends :( Di pa uso cellfone nun, la naman siyang landline sa ayun...nawalan ng communication. It was just the other year, i think, when I got hold of her mobile number. Ayun, tapos nakita ko siya sa friendster..and there..ayan may balita na ako sa knya. The last time I saw underpass ng Ayala-Paseo. Papasok me ng office while siya naman pauwi na. She works at Sykes in the evening and hits the airwaves in the morning..hay ang sipag ng lola! (not to mention ang yaman na nito!)

When Paul and I were planning who to get as our emcee..without second thoughts, i texted gretch right away. If there's one person who knows how it all started between Paul and I, that would be Gretch. Kaya Gretch..manlibre ka naman..(haha! ang layo)

You may be wondering why with that title, "chentleens" was how we fondly called our "best-friendship". "Chent" taken from her name, Gretchen, and "leen" from my long nickname, Maileen. (Uy trivia you know kung san galing ang "mai" ang layo sa real name ko na napaka-santacruzan ang dating na "maria elena").

And with Gretch accepting the favor, ngayon pa lang, thankful na ako. Indeed, chentleens forever..right Gretch?

More Today Than Yesterday...

As the Ayala Center commercial jingle goes...

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But, darling, not as much as tomorrow...

hmm.. a good song to be heard on the reception...a wedding song, indeed. Have to include this in the repertoire that Enamel of Senti Groove shall play on our day. Speaking of Sentimental Groove, haven't got in touch with them since the last time we attended a demo..that was our fourth visit and hehehe yup with uncertainty, (because of negative feedbacks we heard about them at the weddingsatwork yahoogroups on how they deal with their clients) we booked them. We also had our share of disappointments with them.."magulo kausap, magulo ang pricing, etc"..but ewan super galing kasi nila. Performance wise...galing! Anyway, I just hope that everything will be ok..I'm sure Kitte, our coord, will be there to back us up. We'll schedule to have our Production Meeting with them some time on october, at the same time, have to pay kahit mga 40% lang of our balance...para di naman mabigat bayaran come our wedding day.

La lang..i'm blogging about this song because just received this from a fellow w @ wie (thanks apols!). Last song syndrome? Maybe maya-maya ng konti pag natapos na at nagsawa na ako sa kauulit-ulit nito.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Paul's Promotion

Paul surprisingly dropped by the office this noon..all smiles ang mokong ang his eyes sobrang glittering.

Siyempre, Paul got his ratings na and woohoo! this calls for a celebration! My hubby-to-be will be promoted to software engineer (from junior SE) come september. Am so excited! Pero siyempre mas excited ako sa increase ng pay wahahaha!

Congrats bi! Keep it up.. am so proud of you. :D

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Officially Missing You

Aside from being my all-time fave, Tamia's cut is absolutely my current theme song..

I miss a lot of things..

1.) blogging - obviously, i rarely log in and post my blurbs these days. Give me my own PC, a BIG break from work (err, resign??) and I'll devote 50% of my time blogging 50% will be for the # 2 of my "officially missin'" list. My bro, as usual, crams for projects and assignments that I'm barely "allowed" to use this PC. This PC serves 2 bosses lately, number 1 is my cramming bro and the other one is my "chatting" sis whose thoughts nowadays are "mawala na lahat, wag lang Yahoo Messenger!". Pwedeng bang isama ang PC sa wish list ng bridal registry namin? Bundled with internet connection..DSL ha? hehe!

2.) Wed Preps - I's been a while since I was so enthusiastic doing it. Lately, i've been focused on work on weekdays and raving to rest on weekends. There are still a lot of nitty-gritty details to do..waaah! la pang entourage gowns couturier. We're still into it pa naman siyempre pero sobrang in no major accomplishments. We already have our CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) applied..and due to be released on the last week of August. Paul already has his Certificate of Confirmation annotated for marriage purposes. Mine, ayun andun pa sa Sts. Peter and Paul Parish where I was confirmed hehe! Haven't requested for one but nag-inquire na ako. Seems like easy to obtain naman. It'll cost me Php30..punta lang daw ako dun and I'll have it kaagad. No other requirements or papers to submit. Baptismal Certificates..ayun la pa. I'll request mine sa Isabela..will just text my uncle or mama for that. Marriage License la pa din. Hay! Getting married is so complicated pala. hehe! Ah basta, I promise, September MUST be a one-busy wed preps month for us. By the way, our coordinator Kitte of Out of the Box Events, has updated their site. Hehe andun na names namin sa Weddings To Come nila....check it out! To my fellow w @ wies na wala pang coordinator, do check them out..i tell you..sobrang nice catch sila. :D

3. Studying - hmmm..ako nga ba ito? i don't just crossed my mind. Seeing my brother review for his periodical tests revives my thoughts..shall I pursue my MBA dream? hehe baka mamaya "dream on" na lang...let's see...asa pa ako...makapag-leave nga from work di ko magawa, mag-masteral pa kaya..san ko isisingit sa sched ko yun?

Aside from these three, I miss my family (my dad's in saudi, my other sis is attending to a business she just recently put up in Pasig and rarely goes home na dito :sigh: ), my HS classmates, my college peers, my former colleagues at BPI and Contactpoint, my colleagues at Globe: myra and jade - one's on a long-term leave and the other one has transferred to another business center.

Hay if only my mood meter from unkymoods is working (oo nga, ano nga bang nangyari dito? seems like the site's no longer functioning) could be a "i'm on a senti mood". Anyway, a brand new week is coming not work work na naman...alang katapusang work...tagal naman ng Friday.......makatulog na nga lang...


Sunday, August 07, 2005


Patay ako nito pag nabasa ito ni Paul hehe! Just told him that I'm about to sleep na..and here I am blogging teeheehee! bad me! Sorry B, this only takes a minute (?) --a minute daw oh--Just can't resist the urge to check my mails before I doze off..and of course, took the chance to peer at my blogs since I wasn't able to check it the whole day. To my surprise, 6 good souls left their own blurbs on my tag board...much more, fellow w @ wie, Bless, gave me an assignment: I was tagged and have to keep the chain alive....

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?

Number 1 on my list would be sleeping! I'm a certified sleepyhead and Paul can attest to that. Second would be eating haha!
Antukin/pala-tulog + matakaw kumain = batugan
(disclaimer: pag weekends lang naman!)
Third would be blogging and surfing the net..walang kakupas-kupas!

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

same answer as number 1..hehe!
Seriously, praying to God and knowing that I can surpass things that challenges my stress level with His guidance and help...and of course, when I hear the comforting words of my Baby.

3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.


Have to call it a day..was tired of shouting and cheering for my alma mater live at the Araneta Coliseum this afternoon for their 7th game on this UAAP season..waaahh!! they lost to UE and an appalling 1 - 6 is their current record. I could have lost my voice shouting but I won't get tired supporting my dear alma mater...Black gold black white!! GO USTE!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

PC # 51

While waiting for my younger brother who's taking the UPCAT, am currently killing time here in a computer rental shop in Philcoa. :Sigh: am bored! I timed in at 2:45...still have about 2 hours to bro's until 6:20 pm pa. Have to bear with my aching back and heavy-dreading-to-sleep eyes..really would love to sleep..lamig pa naman because of the rainy weather.

I miss Paul na naman..we were together this morning but he can't be with me this afternoon. He has to man his computer shop. How I wish lapit lang ang shop nila dito para libre ako hehehe! and of course to be with him! Anyway, ok naman dito specifically PC #51 (just randomly selected this)...the connection's pretty fast. My blog is functioning sa IE nila. (blog's not displaying correctly in the first shop I went to..) to edit some posts, added a couple of w @ wie links, added two weddingsatwork badges on the side bars. My blog's not functioning with a mozilla firefox browser. I wonder why.. Paul has to fix this. There might be some missing or incorrect codes somewhere.

The vitamins i'm taking lately started to kick in its effects..hehehe sobrang bilis kong gutumin. Paul and I just had a merienda and now, am drooling over a chowking tarpaulin here where a platter of chicken, pansit, buchi, rice and chicharap and a bowl of halo-halo tempts me. Hmmm...wahhh nagugutom na naman ako! Oks lang, just like the w @ wie weight gainers, I wish na magkalaman ako before the wedding i've said, it's not nice to see a wedding gown on a hanger walking down the aisle..:D

As Paul's doing our invites, one of our Principal Sponsors hasn't replied back his middle initial. Will try to ring him tonight..hope we could have it na para maprint na yung mock-up invite namin. :D

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wed Preps Review

Good News: Just 135 days before the big day
Bad News: Seems like we've been on a "lay-low" mood for these past few weeks :(
Not much are to be added on our wed preps checklist.

To date, here's how we are doin' with our preps:

Bridal Car: Booked Adeb Enterprise for an MBE320, paid the reservation fee.

Bridal Registry: La pa..but we're thinking of Rustan's.

Cake: Booked Emily Uy and have discussed already the details. We'll ba having a non-traditional, 3-layered choco-walnut cake. It's one of those things that I'm most excited about to see on our reception. Just wonderin' how will Emily portray us through the cake toppers. (",)

Church: Booked Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish. Paid the reservation fee. Legal and other church requirements are yet to be submitted on Sept. Pre-wedding seminars will be scheduled by Sept.

Church and Legal Requirements: Obtained authenticated birth certificates from NSO already. Our applications for our CENOMARs (Certificate of No Marriage), Certificates of Confirmation and Annotated Birth Certificates annotated for marriage purposes are all still pending. Marriage License yet to be applied for by October or November.

Coordinator: Booked Christine Daria-Estabillo of Out of the Box Events and paid the reservation fee.

Couturier for Bridal Gown: Booked Leonie Bautista. Measurement will be taken on Sept 24. First Fitting some time on October. Gown ready for pick-up a week after the first fitting.

Couturier for Entourage Gowns: Still pending. Will have to finalize with the ento of the final style, color, and setup.
Couturier for Groom: wala Paul na bahala dito.

Emcees: Our beloved high school classmates Archie Gonzales and Gretch Wania will be our emcees..have informed them and they're more than willing to emcee for the reception program:)

Florist: Booked Lala Baldelovar of Interplay. Paid the 50% downpayment. Have decided on details for the bridal bouquet, entourage's and table centerpieces/setup for the reception venue.

Gift Favors: For the guests, our DIY stuffs are almost done. Thank you tags na lang. Same with favors for the female principal sponsors and female entourage. Pending are favors for the male principal sponsors and male entourage.

Guest Sheets: Haven't drafted one. La pa kami prenups pics eh.

Honeymoon: We're still undecided between HK and Bora. How about a poll on thi?

Hair and Make-Up: Booked Clamar. Paid 50% downpayment. Trial make-up scheduled on september in time for our pre-nuptial shoots.

Hair Accessories: La pa. Am still scouting for the perfect tiara for me.

Invites: Paul's finishing the mock-up invites. Can't wait to see the final output..labor of love ni Paul.

Misalette: La pa. Haven't started on the draft. I'm tasked to do this one.

Musicians: Booked Enamel of The Sentimental Groove. Paid the DP. Production meeting to be scheduled by September.

Photograhers/Videographers: Booked Kenneth and Nelwin of Uy Photography. We shall be having our prenups on September.

Reception Venue/Food: Booked Hotel Rembrandt. Paid the DP. Contract signing and food tasting by September.

Rings: gift ni Papa. La pa. Nasa Saudi pa.

Shoes: La pa din..saka na ito. Though medyo nagcacanvass na for my bridal shoes.

Special Effects: la pang bubble machine. Haven't decided on this really..bahala na.
Photo Mosaic - hmmm...titignan pa
Photo Montage - freebie (from my coord)
Customized M&Ms - hmmm..still pending.
AVP - c/o Paul's friend, Anna.

Wedding Accessories: Cord - bought from Rio Tiaras,
Unity Coins from Weddingsatwork,
Unity Candle from Lala of Interplay,
Bible - la pa.

Fitness and Health: (<--isama ba talaga?)Am trying to gain more pounds. Just started taking Mosegor Vita as recommended by my fellow w @ wie, Jacque and my sister, Dada who attested na nakakapagpataba nga ito because of its effect to one's appetite. Wanna improve my shape and built..don't want to be a walking hanger on my gown. Will update you of my progress. I'm targeting to gain 10 pounds more before my wedding day. As you see, ok pa naman siguro if we're takin' easy on preps lately..we've booked almost all of our major suppliers kaya ok na talaga yun. Still have 4 1/2 months to prepare for the other nitty gritty details..and of course still have about 9 paydays plus one bonus payday to replenish our diminishing moolah.

Anything we might have missed/overlooked?

Questions? Comments? Just holler..........