Thursday, June 30, 2005

Globe plans anyone???

Our center has been striving hard to meet the monthly sales quota of postpaid lines..and i think we did it for the month of June! Despite having literally been swamped daily of about 10-15 MSAs (Globe postpaid application forms) and handsets of different models, types and of course, prices, i feel proud of my colleagues who had been triply working hard na "maglako ng linya and handyphones". Though I have not contributed any inorganic (term used for approved non-walk-in referrals by the center staff and officers) sale for this month..(eh kasi naman no time na talaga for cashiers noh! straight shifts na nga kami lagi eh due to cashiering manpower shortage) am still glad to be of help processing official receipts.
I just wish i can contribute kahit isang sale lang for July. I heard they'll be giving cash incentives for every inorganic sale starting next anyone interested...pls pls pls sayang din ito..pangdagdag wedding fund lang hehe! We have promos, in fact..daming promos na nakakalito na minsan..will try to post tom..just forgot to snatch the price list i printed in the office a while ago.


We're still in the course of spotting the right On-The-Day Coordinator/s for us..i've received a lot of proposals but this one, which we'll be meeting this saturday, quite impressed me of their package and how their head coordinator corresponds with me recently. I believe ..sila na nga! Hope everything will turn out well. Wish us luck! :D

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Metro Weddings Mag, Cord and Arrhae Purse

Paul and I went to Rockwell this afternoon for our fourth bridal fair.

power weddings rockwell

It's entitled "Power Weddings @ The Rockwell Tent" organized by Angel Winks Production. As compared to other bridal fairs we've attended, this is the smallest so far..not much suppliers were featured on the fair. The usual, ever-present caterers (such as Auffrance, Juan Carlo, Hizon's, VS&F) and photographers such as Ariel Javelosa, Pixel1, F. Topico Mayuga, Ritchie Pingol occupied large portion of the small Rockwell Tent.

As usual, we walked through each aisles getting all the brochures they were handing. Yup, I do still collect all these brochures for my filing. Since this is our 4th fair, sobrang kapal na ng wedding files ko. First stall that caught my attention was the Metro Weddings Booth. Without second thoughts, I brought out immediately Php 250 to pay for the latest edition of Metro Weddings Mag (Vol 5 No 2 with Jodi Sta. Maria on the cover). Since early June, I've been hunting for this issue at several magazine stands and even at Powerbooks and National...hehe and lucky me I found it on the fair. In fact, even when we're at Glorietta this afternoon parang wala pa siya sa Bufini.

Second stop .. the works of Regie Escolin of Rio Tiaras caught my attention. There were several elegant tiaras on display that cost about 1000+. Nope, didn't buy one..though I really intend of having one on my wedding day. Haven't decided yet on how my hairstyle will be like (haven't had my trial make-up with Clamar)...anyway, if ever i'll be having leonie gives away free tiara as part of the bridal gown package. If ever, I won't like the design..then andiyan lang naman si Ms. Rio. Aside from the tiaras, the booth of Ms. Rio also showcased her cords, brooches and arrhae purse. Cutie ng blue cord niya kaya we bought it na..i know, i said before na i'll be the one to make our cord..hehe! well let's just say na i fell in love with the cord upon seeing it and medyo tinamad na akong pumunta pa sa quiapo to buy the materials hehe! Along with the cord comes with the arrhae purse..both are in accordance with our motif which is powder blue (though di masyado yung crystals used for the cord at sa purse pero blue pa rin hehe)..just have to change the ribbon of the purse siguro with yellow na lang for the powder blue-canary yellow motif. Kaso on second thoughts, Paul prefers to have the arrhae placed in the usual-cage-type coin container para daw mas magandang tignan..let's see hmm..

Since we've booked almost all of our major suppliers, we eyed this time more on coordinators. Unfortunately, i have to dismiss the idea of having my ex-colleague, Jojo, who did part-time wedding coordination before while we were still with Contactpoint, to be my OTD (On The Day) Coordinator on my wedding day. We've talked 2 weeks ago and much to her regret she won't be able to help me since she's working full-time and is currently super occupied with her present post at Convergys. (Jo, don't worry, i understand. it's ok. remember we're on the same shoes right now..i know the feeling..basta dapat andun kayo nina Angie, Bel and Chi..miss ko na kayo!).

Anyway, only few coordinators were at the fair. I was about to inquire with The Bride's Avenue but my ever-impatient fiance kept on bugging me to leave na. (well, i think, ganun talaga ang mga husband-to-be's..di ba mga w @ wies?) Wala pa nga ata kaming 15 minutes sa place nagyayaya ng umalis. I was a bit pissed off that I walked out the fair ahead silently..and was pouting. To my "inis", I even told him that I'll be going by myself to the NBC Tent Bridal Fair on September...hehe! para I'll have all the time to roam nga lang what for? by that time, complete na kami sa mga suppliers :( Anyway, buti na lang talaga we have 2 accomplishments: Metro Weddings Mag, the cord and the purse for the arrhae.

By the way, any OTD Coordinator recommendations? Our budget is about 8K-10K...Clarice of An Event to Remember and Queen Gutierrez of Just like Ours (who were both w @ wies) are already fully booked for december weddings. :( Sayang highly recommended pa naman sa w @ w. Speaking of w @ w, didn't get to see any w @ wies at the Weddingsatwork booth. Supposedly, may EB daw. I just don't know if we were there early (2:00pm) or maaga sila.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Thanks to Charity ( a fellow w @ wie) for sharing this idea. I'm thinking of having this customized m&ms chocolate served during the reception proper as sweets for "pica-pica" or dessert and at the same time part of the table centerpieces.

cool huh!?!? You can have it customized and order them online ..8 oz (1 bag) of it costs $9.49..minimum order of 4 bags. The downside..they don't ship customized m&ms internationally. Hmm....calling all my US-based relatives or friends...need your help po...

* can i have this included in our bridal registry? hehehe! *

Love Paradise

For those asking who sang Love Paradise that's bein' played here in my blogs music's Kelly Chen. This lovely song is included in her Stylish Index album. Medyo anime ang dating noh? Anyway, here's the lyrics..(thanks jemmabel and joann for liking this song).

You're always on my mind
All day just all the time
You're everything to me
Brightest star to let me see
You touch me in my dreams
We kiss in every scene
I pray to be with you through rain and shiny days

I'll love you till I die
Deep as sea Wide as sky
The beauty of our love paints rainbows
Everywhere we go
Need you all my life
You're my hope
You're my pride
In your arms I find my heaven
In your eyes my sea and sky
May life be our love paradise

cute ng lyrics noh?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The quest for the gownmaker is over!

As I've blogged last Friday..I'd expected for a one-hell-busy-tiring-Saturday. It was, indeed!
Tiring as it was (daming tao and super init since tanghali na nung dumating kami dun)..still we're glad and siyempre, fulfilled. In the afternoon, Paul has to take charge in managing..err manning.. their computer siyempre sabit ako hehe!
Anyway, just want to share our wed preps accomplishments this week:

1. My Gown
Finally, I've met and booked the ever famous Tutuban-based gown maker who charges super cheap but definitely nice bridal and entourage gowns..that's Ms. Leonie Bautista!
I've shown Ms. Leonie my preferred gown design and quite relieved kasi from a professional coutourier's point of view, ok lang daw sakin ang ganung style.
I was just having doubts before if this will fit my small and slender built. Buti na lang ok naman daw. Reasonable din naman ang quote niya and we already paid the downpayment. It's made of jusi, complete with beadworks, with train and off-white ang color. And she also gave me the sked for my measurement, fitting and even the pick up date. I still have until September to gain weight at magpataba or magkalaman (if that's the proper term). As of now, since super stressed me sa work, many are commenting na pumayat ako. I weighed last week and to my dismay..i lost 5 lbs all because of W-O-R-K! Na dahil sa work eh nagkasakit fact, anemic pa ata ako ngayon. Anyway, I still have about 3 months to work on this. My measurement will be taken on Sept. 24..first fitting on Oct. 19 and hopefully by Oct. 22, it'll be available for pick up na. O diba bilis!

2. Souvenirs for guests
We've bought the paper soaps, bottles, sinamays, glue sticks needed for our DIY souvenirs. Will post the pic soon..haven't uploaded the pics on flickr.

3. Souvenirs for Female Principal Sponsors
We were at National Bookstore this afternoon to buy glue sticks for the souvenirs. We were about to leave when we saw these scented candle sets that are nicely packaged na rin..complete with ribbons at siyempre sakto sa motif pa namin ang color na available. We were able to buy only 5 of these..they ran out of stocks na. We'll check the other branches na lang if they still have..we need 3 more since 8 ang ninangs namin.

Sigh! Monday na naman na naman!

Happy Monthsary nga pala sa baby ko! We're celebrating our 59th Monthsary (that's 4 yrs and 11 months)! Next month 5th anniv na. How did we celebrate our monthsary? We had 2 Big Mac discounted Value Meals (Php 87 each..20 pesos off from the regular price Php 107) at Mcdonalds. Hehe!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Night Thoughts..'s a freakin' FrIdAy night!
freakin? la lang..gusto ko lang sabihin..harhar!
what a freakin' week!
For the second time in a row..our Saturday morning will be spent at Divisoria..for sure, tagaktak na naman ang pawis. We'll be meeting (and hopefully i could book) ms. leonie, my prospect gown maker. We'll also buy additional materials (paper soaps, bottles, laces and ribbons) for our DIY (do-it-yourself) souvenirs and hopefully we'll finish the packaging of all 100 pcs by tomorrow..
Will just entail our weekend wed preps achievements soon (sana nga meron)..tinatawag na ako ng kama ko..antok na ako..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

alang kwenta..

la lang..just wanna blog kuno hehe! not much to just glad that it's mid-week already..2 araw na lang saberday na! yipee! Can't wait for this week to end..another wed-preps-busy-saturday coming up! Divisoria here we come ulit!

by the way, i'm all smiles again (after series of crying sessions every night because of work stress for the past 2 weeks)..15 ngayon eh..pwede bang araw-araw pay day? Sana June 30 na bukas. :D Need more dough to pay off my credit card and cellphone bills..and of course pambayad pa pala sa mga wedding suppliers..suddenly my
:D changes to :(

Sunday, June 12, 2005

an update...(finally!) whew!

yehey! got some updates to feed..

* I woke up late...(what's new with that? hehe! kaya nga T.G.I.S. eh!).
* Went to Megamall for our 3rd Bridal Fair.
* Supposedly get the contract from Kenneth Uy (photographer and videographer who happens to be a featured supplier at the fair).
* Ganda niya..di niya dala!
* Quite suprised to know that UY Photography is now changed to Kenneth Uy Photography..ang chika? naghiwalay na daw ang magkapatid??
* We saw fellow w @ wie, sweety's prenups pics in kenneth's folio..quite relieved na maganda ang kinalabasan (was having doubts kasi before..)
* Roamed around to see which suppliers were present.
* We're not that keen anymore since we've booked almost all of our major suppliers.
* 50% of the featured exhibitors are photographers and videographers.
* We tried dipping choco mallows at the chocolote fountain..yummy!
* Just spent the whole afternoon manning Paul's computer rentals shop.
* Emily Uy (cake supplier) faxed the contract.
* We'll be paying the 50% of the agreed price this coming pay day.
* Paul's on the process of conceptualizing our DIY invites..may mock-up na siya..ganda! can't wait to see the finish product.

* We went to Divisoria in the morning..
* First stop, ms. leonie bautista's bridal gown shop at tutuban..grace quoted the design I want at 6.5K.
* We discovered a shop who can make our ento gowns for as low as 650. We won't be going to Malolos anymore ...initially, we planned to have the ento gowns rented at 300. Since the price difference is minimal..we decided to go for divisoria rates na lang.
* We'll be coming back next week to finalize booking with both gown suppliers.
* Second stop, House of Fashion Accessories along Sto. Cristo St...we bought paper soaps samples for our DIY souvenirs.
* May gift favors na rin ako for my female ento!!! hehe!
* Third stop, Tabora St..we bought additional bottles and sinamay baskets for our souvenirs
* Fourth stop, Megamall ulit for the bridal fair..and tadaaaa! nakalimutan ulit ni Kenneth ang contract! hay! We might just wait for our prenups shoot siguro...hopefully, by that time, dala na niya.

What a tiring yet fulfilling day! Need to doze off na..we'll be attending Senti Groove's demo ulit tom at 3 pm. We'll watch our booked musicians, Enamel..and hopefully, we get to choose our female singer na.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm BACK!!! I?

Nope..i didn't go hiding........
I was just literally confined within the four nooks of our office for 16 straight hours almost every day for these past two weeks..(huwaaatt? nagawa ko yun??) it's not being workaholic..i didn't have a choice. My 3 co-cashiers at Globe Tower One left me all alone..huhu! I'm stuck with 2 relievers..(siyempre iba pa rin talaga pag regular mo ng kasama).

Anyway, as I've said, I didn't have a choice. Aba, kung pwede nga lang..I would have went home early everyday and sit down with my wedding preps and update my blogs religiously...Haler! may buhay din naman ako. If only you could see me now..hay! kelangan ko atang uminom ng sangkatutak na stresstabs! This has been the most challenging chapter of my career since I've been a corporate slave.

I even got sick because of this stress..and yup! syempre pasok pa rin me. Hay! if only I could resign anytime..kaso I can't...really..I cannot.

Thanks to all those who regularly visit this blog and tagging kahit na di ko masyado ito na-u-update. Medyo I'm back on track with my wedding preps this weekend (thanks GMA for moving the holiday on monday! yipee!) To start with, we went to Megamall this morning to get sana the contract with Kenneth Uy at the bridal fair. Unfortunately, di niya dala. We'll be back tomorrow. We'll also be going to Divisoria tomorrow as the gown coutourier hunt continues. I heard may mga gowns dun na 5K, we'll be buying/order the paper soaps for our DIY souvenirs atska additional bottles. (Thanks Mhay ni Jerry and Wella ni Nikky for your referrals) Also, we'll be going to Quiapo to buy stuffs for the DIY cord (thanks mareng Jacque and Wella sa mga tips)..then in the afternoon, off to Megamall ulit for the fair. Todo na ito! Sana maraming accomplishments tomorrow!