Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Missin' Baguio & Pasko Kwento

==Missin' Baguio==
I shouldn't be here blogging at this moment. Or let me rephrase that, I could be blogging at this very moment but not here...dapat andun ako sa kabundukan ngayon eh..feeling the cool december Baguio breeze with dear hubby and his family. Every year kasi, his family make it a point na mag-Pasko or magbakasyon dun (got to experience that family tradition for the first time last year after the wedding). Pero ngayon, while my hubby is enjoying up there, here I am naiwan..nursing my 6th day old healing, sutured gums where my impacted wisdom tooth used to lodge.

Yes, I'm still battling with the pain brought about by the surgery/extraction of my wisdom tooth. Actually, I thought I was doing well on the 4th-5th day after the operation. It wasn't bleeding anymore, the swelling has subsided, the pain was manageable inching away gradually. I could then "swallow" semi-solid foods (or kaya siya nagiging semi-solid lang kasi laging sinasabawan ng crab and corn soup). And in fact, I was overly stuffed nung Noche Buena. I don't know if that was due to the voracious appetite that I've always had or bumabawi lang kasi ilang araw din akong tag-gutom or should I say, "soupy" meals lagi. I ate pansit, chicken, mashed potato, chocolate mousse, sugpo, blueberry cheesecake for the Noche Buena...sinong mag-aakalang kagagaling ko lang ng operasyon di ba? Yes, I was able to taste and eat them all, kaso sobrang bagal kumain and di masyadong ma-savor ang yumminess kasi I have been chewing with my right molars, which until now di pa rin ako sanay (i'm a lefty kasi).

Anyway, on with the kwento...hubby and I were supposed to take a night trip to Baguio last night (25th). So after nga magpakabusog, I woke up on Christmas morning with a sore mouth and aching gums that lasted throughout the day. I was really crying na in the afternoon sa sakit and kahit na I took a Dolfenal 500 mg, the pain was intense pa rin and I could see and taste na may blood na naman. With a heavy heart, I was forced na maiwan while hubby went on with the trip with his Dad (nauna na ibang family members nila nung 24th). Planado na pa man din ang lahat...kainis! We were thinking na baka matagtag ako at mapagod ng husto sa biyahe at baka lalong mahirapan mag-heal. Kaya eto, naiwan ako ngayon dito sa bahay walang magawa (fortunately, di na masakit ngayon). My dad and stepmom (who arrived from saudi on the 18th) naman, headed for a long trip to Isabela a few hours ago to visit naman my Lola. This morning, I went back na to my dentist to have the stitches removed and at the same time, para macheck ang healing progress. Sabi ni dentist, the wound hasn't closed and isn't completely healed yet and may pumapasok na food remnants or particles causing occasional pains. Kaya eto rest..rest and rest para magheal na and madalas mag-gargle ng OralHex. Kainis lang kasi naiwan sa Frisco yung Nicholas Sparks book ko which di ko pa tapos basahin and yung external hard disk kaya hindi rin ako makapagdigiscrap naman. Buti na lang, newly repaired yung PS2 ni brother kaya nakikilaro ako ng Grand Theft Auto hehe!

==Pasko Kwento==
Since we got married, we already have agreed our Christmas and New Year setup. We'll be spending Christmas with my family since my dad takes his vacation off from work in Saudi during December. Nagkataon naman na oddly, kung wala sa Baguio, hubby's family doesn't prepare a Noche Buena but have a grand Media Noche on New Year's Eve. So pag New Year sa kanila naman kami kasi bukod sa Media Noche, they're armed with all sorts of firecrackers para mas mafeel ang festive mood. Which on the other hand naman, walang ganun sa family namin eversince my dad and sister met a minor accident on firecrackers many years ago. So quits lang di ba?

So nung 24th, hubby and I were here in Makati. We heard mass at 8 pm together with my dad, stepmom, ate Tet, & Rely. Immediately after, we already ate our Noche Buena kasi we were all gutom na. As mentioned earlier, we had pansit, chicken, mashed potato, chocolate mousse (contribution namin ni hubby), sugpo and blueberry cheesecake. Hay kabusog! After eating, my dad called my eldest sister who's currently based in Qatar with her husband. Hearing my sister's voice, I know she's malungkot and missing us all lalo na't on occasion like this. It's our first Christmas without her as she just flew in there nung April lang. But I know naman na she's happy pa rin naman kasi it's her first Christmas with her husband. Clock ticked to 12..and christmas na! I greeted and kissed everyone. Hours later, we dozed off na. How I wish, pasko lagi. Sarap kasi pag sama-sama ang family. As simple as it was, I could say na for just being together in prayer and meal, I felt the Christmas spirit in its truest sense.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Here's our warmest greetings from my husband and me:

Merry Christmas!

Journalling reads: Wishing you a peaceful season full of love and happiness.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ouch-y Christmas


Journalling reads: I won't be having a chowful Christmas after all. I have been complaining months ago my aching erupting wisdom tooth and have guessed that it was impacted. Truly, my hunch was right. I just have my tooth extracted via an oral surgery five days before Christmas. My dentist (and me, of course) had a hard time with the operation that it lasted for two hours removing a single deeply positioned and angled tooth. She even had to inject anesthesia thrice in various spots of my gums throughout the surgery, thus, my left cheek and neck are swelling as if I have mumps. In addition to the pain I'm nursing right now, I guess I just have to bear with a "soup-ful" Christmas Noche Buena.
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary, my Dear Hubby!

Early Xmas Gifts

Journalling reads:
It seems like it was just yesterday when I vowed to be your wife..your better half to love, honor and take care of you until eternity. Time flew but I didn't notice it passed by as I was busy falling in love with you more and more each day as I wake up beside you. On our first year of wedded bliss, I reflect on the many things that we have shared. Lots of hopes and dreams were fulfilled, and wonderful memories made. I can't ask for a better man to share my life with as you're already the perfect piece to complete the puzzle of my life. I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with such a gentle man who loves me unconditionally. I thank the Lord for bringing us together..thankful for giving me a man who loves me even more than I love him. On our first year anniversary, I want you to know that I still remain true with the vows I made at the altar. I do and will always love and take care of you until the end of no end. I love you so much, my baby!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Seems like I won't be having a "chow"-ful Xmas after all...

1. i got colds..
2. i got an irritating cough..

and worst...

I'm nursing a swollen cheeks and gum..thanks to this impacted wisdom tooth. I will be undergoing a surgery this week to remove the tooth I have been complaining months ago. Waaahhh this is it..i know some of you have warned me of this already pero waah katakot huhu! Magpa-pasko pa naman. Pano na ang noche buena huhuhu! Pero kaya ko ito..temporary lang naman ang pain for several days pero ang results naman would be permanent and for the best :) Kaya wish me luck.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


and you shall receive....

Early Xmas Gifts

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Didn't I just post my Christmas Wish List entry a few days ago??? Yes! I got two of so many realistic and fanciful wishes that I enumerated:

1.) I now have the most recent Nicholas Sparks' release, Dear John...and my kris kringle baby was so kind enough to give me the hardbound one costing Php900+. Astig! (Eh kasi wala naman talagang paperback pa nun sa NBS hehe! I just wrote it anyway sa list ko nagbakasakali...and truly, my wish was granted haha!) Yipee..another addition to my Sparks collection. :) The only book that I'm missing is Three Weeks With My Brother. Di kasi siya nirelease dito sa Pinas...how I wish may friend ako sa Tate na mapagsuyuan. **wink-wink**

2.) My second wish that came true is..I'm now sporting a newly rebonded hair! Di masyadong kita sa pic but feel na feel ko na ulit maglugay ng hair hehe! Thanks to my dear hubby for this gift yihaa! Actually, don't know kung anniv gift ba ito or christmas gift or both na. Hehe! Whichever, thanks thanks ng marami :D

Now to update my wishlist...
"Castle in the air" Wishes:
1. Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi)
2. $100 worth of digiscrapping GCs
3. a laptop
4. a brand new mobile unit (preferably 3G-enabled, kahit ala namang ka-3G)
5. iPOD video
6. a getaway with hubby abroad (Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore)
7. an additional Video Card for the PC at home
8. a GC at David's for Hair Rebonding service

Realistic Wishes:
1. Dear John (paperback) by Nicholas Sparks
2. Filipino Cookbooks (except Del Monte bec I have it already)
3. Adobe Photoshop books, Java Programming books, Creating Website Books
4. a nice office bag
5. Ralph Lauren perfume

I will still keep on wishing..malay natin di ba? Balikan ako ni Santa hehe!

**My dad based in Saudi just called...uuwi daw sila sa Dec 17!! Yahoo! (Am I looking at another wish that'd be possibly granted?)

On another thought, I'd rather have our ultimate wish over all these material things. A wish for a life that we've been patiently waiting for, constantly praying for. But as they say..and as I say over and over on my thoughts and in my heart...ask and you shall receive...in God's perfect time.
Edited Dec. 24...I must have been really good this year. I have to scratch two more things off my wish list. Hooray! My wonderful husband gave me a nice bag and my dad gave me a Ralph Lauren perfume as pasalubong. :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

80's-themed Xmas Party

Xmas Party

Journalling reads: It was my first Christmas Party with the CVG guys and it was a blast. Coming to the party all dressed up with an '80s theme, everybody was so game into it that all of us were clad in bright-colored-and-off-shouldered big blouses, large-buckled belts, denim mini-skirts, warm-coloredhigh socks or leggings, chuck taylor sneakers, teased bangs, big earrings, tucked-in fitted shirts topped with unbuttoned polo shirt, pinched-rolled or cuffed jeans. We also have this group presentation contest that was likewise 80s-themed. There were performances of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper and even the Pinoy icon Hagibis. I'm just proud to say that our group won..must have been the group performance of Together Forever done Rick Astley style that mesmerized the judges. The food was awesome..various viands of beef and pork, fresh salad and the most salivating of all..the lechon (roasted pig) fresh from Cebu yum yum! In an instant..it was deboned to bits. There were also games participated by all and of course, the most awaited exchange gift were I got one of my christmas wishes, Nicholas Sparks' Dear John. Everybody went home tired but with smiles and new memories in tow. How I wish, such can be celebrated more often.

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More party snapshots:

Bel, me and Joy
Bel, Me and Joy

Joy & Me
Joy & Me

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Christmas Wish List

With the weekly Kris Kringle we have in our department that started a few months back, we'll be wrapping it up with a grand exchange gift at the Christmas Party tomorrow wherein it will be the babies' turn to give gifts to their mom or dad. We were asked to send our wish list with gifts at worth Php 500 or more. My mom's wish list is a massager she saw at Watson's which I still have to buy come lunch time. **Thank you mom for making it easy for me whew! **

And I pity my baby for I still haven't given my wish list hehe! **Edit: I just clicked the submit button of my wish list mail...hope he still has time to buy it** Well, my apologies..for some reasons, di ako makapag-isip ng gusto kong gift na worth Php 500. Kung pwede lang ba itong hilingin:

1. Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi)
2. $100 worth of digiscrapping GCs
3. a laptop
4. a brand new mobile unit (preferably 3G-enabled, kahit ala namang ka-3G)
5. iPOD video
6. a getaway with hubby abroad (Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore)
7. an additional Video Card for the PC at home
8. a GC at David's for Hair Rebonding service

haha! libre namang mangarap di ba? Seriously, here's my wish list that I sent:
1. Dear John (paperback) by Nicholas Sparks
2. Filipino Cookbooks (except Del Monte bec I have it already)
3. Adobe Photoshop books, Java Programming books, Creating Website Books
4. a nice office bag
5. Ralph Lauren perfume

In fairness, marami din pala akong naisip..spur of the moment! hehe!

Paging Santa Claus.... :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Yes..this is for real!

My apologies for not updating you guys about my world lately. Yes, it's nearing christmas. (In fact, in our company, it already is christmas tonight as we're having the company-wide christmas party at the World Trade Center). This is the reason why I have been lagging so much. Since programs are exchausting their budgets with upcoming parties and year-end activities kaya eto ngarag-ngarag to the max dealing with vendors for their requirements.

This coming Friday naman, it's our department's christmas party with an '80s theme..time to bring out the '80s outfits that have been stashed for years. hehe! We'll be having a contest din kaya busy kami sa pagpractice with steps of Together Forever, Like A Virgin, Katawan...and the like. Hope I could blog about that this weekend hehe! and I hope manalo din ako sa raffle namin!!! Kelangan kong bumawi...kasi kahit mabunot name ko tonight with the company-wide raffle for the Chevrolet grand prize eh di ako eligible with my project employee status. Pero sayang noh? Ang gwapo nga ng car kanina eh...I wonder who'll be driving that home. Kainggit.

Feel ko na ngang malapit na ang christmas kasi I received na my first xmas gift from a colleague today...yahoo!

And still with christmas pa rin tayo, we finally went to Divisoria last Friday to shop for christmas gifts. Kaso sa dami ng tao at pagod na kami ni hubby, we gave up and went home na kahit na di pa nabibili lahat. Pero onti na lang naman ang wala so perhaps, one of these days na lang magshop ulit. Also I'm about to finish the 2007 calendars I'm personally digiscrapping yihaa! Will post that on a separate entry na lang. (And yes, I have been digiscrapping madly lately...kaya napapabayaan ang blog hehe! Dami kong new LOs sa gallery ko hehe!)

Wow! Time flies so fast talaga...13 days to go...one year na pala kami ni hubby! yahoo! I'm looking forward to it kasi we'll be having a weekend getaway somewhere (pero di naman kalayuan)...kwento ko na lang after hehe!

Okay...that's it for the mean time...see yah around and let me be the one to greet you all advance Merry Christmas!

And to my dear husband, advance happy 1st anniversary! yabyu!

my DH

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weebee me..

Okay I admit..I was such one negligent blogger the past few weeks. So plenty of things to blog about but the mood was not just there. I've been meaning to make my presence felt and even tried a couple of times drafting a "back from hibernation" post but it only got me staring blankly on the screen for reasons I myself do not know. Whew! But don't worry I'm doing okay..so much have happened the past few days and amidst the hustle and bustle of the days that gone by, I'm doing good..my hubby and I are still very much in love, just fine with work and of course still enjoying the roller coaster of life. This entry will consist of "assorted" happenings and random thoughts..

1. 35 days to go, hubby and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and I'm so overwhelmed how we've journeyed together the first year of our marriage. We've faced a lot of challenges and I'm just proud how we are dealing with each and every trial that tested us. We've been blessed with so much happiness and triumph that made us appreciate each other better. I'm so much blown away how my hubby has been taking care of me and how understanding & supportive he has always been. We have some plans brewing up of how we'll celebrate it come Dec. 17..but more than this celebration, the best gift we could probably give to each other is the fulfillment of our neverending promise to fulfill the vow we've made one year ago that is to love each other more and more each day and to face life together until we're old and weary..and the promise to never get tired waiting fervently for the blessing we've been wishing and praying for that will complete us as a couple and family.

2. We videoke-d the night away last Friday as we celebrated our department's October & November birthday celebrants at Music 21. It was so much fun as we pigged out, which by the way I discovered that it's one of our department's weaknesses, and of course it was so amusing as we took turns passing the mic and "overpowering" the music (lolz). Lunch at Max's last friday was also on the department's budget as we welcomed our new Purchasing Supervisor. I've been with the group for only more than 1 month pa lang and yet madaming blowouts and parties na ang ikinabusog ko ng sobra. And I discovered na mababaw pala kaligayahan namin na kahit Flat Tops chocolate, mallows, pretzels, etc...pinagpiye-piyestahan ng lahat! Di kami nauubusan ng food..no wonder kahit na one month pa lang ako with them, I gained weight agad and a lot nakakapansin na tumataba daw ako. Hehe! This is favorable to me para naman di na ako underweight. :)

3. I responded to Bren Taylor-Boone's CT call at DST and luckily got accepted. Now I'm still in cloud nine as I'm still tooting for my first ever Creative Team. I'm just so ecstatic that I get to have Bren's kits for free and digiscrap as much as I want. I'd just have to create at least four layouts using her kits a month as part of our terms and upload it on three different digiscrap galleries which is quite easy naman. View my recent LOs on my DSP gallery, DST gallery and SOTB gallery. Leave me some love..alright?

4. As I'm not satisfied with the services of my OB at Chinese General Hospital, we decided to change and return to my first OB at Capitol kahit na mas pricey ang fee. And as I returned to her, I'm quite relieved to see some tests results via TransV that nothing's wrong with my repro system and that my uterus is anteverted (normal position of uterus) as opposed to the claims of my other OB at CGH that mine daw is retroverted. We'll be back on Tuesday for the interpretation of the other tests results.

5. "We may never completely understand God's plan and we may not like the suffering and troubles He's letting us undergo but we should think that God doesn't loves us less with that. In fact, He loves us so much and He'd always know what's best for everyone." That's what I have in mind right now as I see my sister-in-law, who has just been discharged from the hospital, crying and grieving so much for the baby she lost on her 8th month of pregnancy. We were awaken yesterday morning by a text of mom-in-law informing us that Ate was rushed to the hospital and will give birth any moment as her waterbag broke. Hours later, we got a text that the baby didn't make it as he had a weak heartbeat and as they say, congenital complications was the reason of his demise after living for about 20 minutes only. We drive to Pampanga this morning to lay Baby Akil to rest. A baby who looks so fragile and innocent, perhaps, sad that he wasn't able to be with us longer but looking at his tiny cute face...he's so in peace probably because of the pouring love he got from the family and friends even for just a short time.

To you baby Akil, we want you to know that you're so loved by many. Especially your mom and dad who's been so much in pain because of your loss...hurt because they didn't get to be with you as you were laid to rest this morning and aching for they were not given the chance to nurture you with their love and care for a long time. I'm sure you've seen how your 3-yr-old Kuya Miggy was wailing and calling for you last night when he got home from the hospital. He didn't want to get off the taxi and he was shouting.."no go home..go to 'Chilie' only". And this morning, I'm sure you heard him shout "bye baby 'Chilie'...wav yu" as he left you a flower. As they say, there's a reason why this happened. Perhaps, para di ka na mahirapan at mag-suffer ng matagal. We did not get to know you more but I'm sure we'll meet you again in time. We'll be fine Baby Akil..we love you..our little angel up there.

Hay! ka-sad..si Baby Akil pa man din sana first na inaanak ko. I thought may aaginaldohan na ako this Christmas.

With that, I guess, I have to end this here muna. Just letting you know I'm alive and hope this "weebee me" or welcome back drama would drive me to blog more these coming days.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Meeting Madame President

I'm just amazed how time really flies so fast. I can't believe na it's been 3 weeks na pala since I started work..and yey! Di ko namalayan ang time kasi medyo na-engrossed sa work agad hehe! (excuse for neglecting my blog these days? hehe!) My first 3 weeks got me involved agad with the preparation of a big event in the company. We had our Building Dedication (blessing) last Wednesday and no other than GMA lang naman ang special guest. O di ba, astig!

Since I'm with the Purchasing group, we were busied with sourcing suppliers and ordering from vendors for the event...and grabe most of these transactions were all rush order requirements kaya ngarag kami at nangarag din ng suppliers. Pero rewarding naman ang experience..the event was succesful and bigatin kasi it's my first time to see in person & even shook hands with the highest ranking official in our country. Yes...I got to shake hands with Madame President, not only once but twice - nung dumating at nung paalis na siya! In fairness, she was in the mood that time, all-smiling & amiable and stayed for almost an hour when in fact, her itenerary should've just included the unveiling of the Dedication Mark for a 15-minute activity. Kinamayan kaming lahat sa Finance Dept hehe! She also listened to a mock-up telephone inquiry between a CSA & a client and joined our corporate officials in a breakfast/merienda salo-salo. I have a video clip of this encounter with GMA kaso di ko maforward to my email from my phone. Sayang..share ko sana.

Yiha! TGIF!!! and double yey! just got my first pay woohoo!!! :D

Thursday, October 05, 2006


..BUT challenged!

That goes to the work that I'm dealing with right now.

When a former colleague (now my desk buddy at C) encouraged me to try out this post, I thought I was only engaging myself with a "mere" part time job while I'm waiting for some other pending applications, thus, with a project employee post. Having been aware of the reason why I resigned from GT, sabi niya, "don't worry purely purchasing tasks but dedicated to the Operations needs lang ang gagawin mo. Parang ikaw lang ang bridge between the Ops and the vendors." With that and of course with the pay that's equal to the salary I left at GT, I accepted the job offer.

Two weeks have almost gone by since, and I'm starting to have the real feel of my job. I'm on my way to get the hang of it though I feel I'm still depending too much with Joy of the things and decisions I have to make. Overwhelmed..I couldn't say na nalulunod na ako with the tasks that I'm handling, in fact, wala pa nga ako dun sa peak kungbaga...pero ngayon pa lang, laging overtime galore na ako... siguro it's just natural to feel overwhelmed kasi nag-aadjust. But what I do like is that kahit na extended ang working hours at walang OT pay, I could say na I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I'm just glad na panibagong skills na naman ang natututunan ko ngayon..I've never handled purchasing kasi before and I'm looking forward to learn and hone my skills further. Add to that, seems like sarap kasama ang Finance group. By the way, we had our monthly staff meeting kanina with our Director then after that, proceeded to Marina Jupiter for our lunch...as in pig out talaga with crispy pata, baked talaba, kare-kare, sinigang, pinakbet, talaba, ensaladang mangga, ensaladang talong, etc..blowout daw ng mga September celebrants sa department. Siguro one thing I like about our department is that, most are young and of my age..though meron ding medyo seniors na pero mostly mid-20's.

Anyway, back to being overwhelmed, today I learned na I'm in for more pala. C will be centralizing its Vendor Contract Management system worldwide and I'm surprised how our Manager vested her trust in me to handle it, for C Philippines that is. Hay! Nalula naman ako. Am I ready for that big leap??? Scary! but I'm challenged. :)

With the lack of blogging time, I'll just summarize some highlights of my week and some random thoughts na rin at the moment:
1. Went to my OB yesterday for my monthly check-up..I'm on my third month of work up na..hay! wish ko lang magbunga ang kakainom ko ng clomiphene citrate.
2. Haha! kabago-bago sa work, leave agad. Well, la ako choice, monthly check-up eh.
3. Napagkamalan akong med rep ng secretary ng OB ko kaya ayun, I waited for about 3 hours bago ma-check-up ni Dra. Hay! I'd no longer relate the details dahil maiinis lang ako ulit.
4. I got my passport ammended na with my married name. (Thanks Chris!)
5. I haven't digiscrapped for two weeks now. Huhu! Dami ko pa man ding new kits courtesy of DSP's Club Digital which I won from the NKOTB contest before.
6. Yipee! may 120G External Hard Disk na kami ni hubby. Pwede ko na store dun mga digiscrapping kits ko.
6. Mukhang masaya yung Victory Party kagabi ng Thomasians kahit na inulan. Na-feature kagabi sa TV Patrol..wow grabe ang Tigers Champion Fever! Ironic lang, Parokya ni Edgar ang nag-concert dun (mga atenista yun eh).
7. I'm missing my hubby now. He went home kasi sa QC last night and bukas pa niya ako sunduin para sabay kami uwi doon for the weekend. I prefer going home kasi dito sa Makati (my parents' house) pag weekdays since tricycle away lang ang Convergys.
8. I recently signed up with a Forum for Pinay Digiscrappers...saya! http://phpdigiscrapper.proboards78.com/
9. Yey! TGIF tomorrow! Dress down nga pala kami bukas.
10. Inaantok na ako!
On that note, I have to go....I have a busy Friday ahead, I need to reserve much rest. Till then...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tigers Rule!!!!!!!!

I bet you know what I'm blogging excitedly about tonight!

Eversince I learned that UST Tigers won against the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the UAAP Game 3 Finals this afternoon 74-76 via Overtime regulation through the shoutbox of Ustexchange, I was so overwhelmed with pride and joy that I couldn't wait to get home and watch the replay on TV. I was in the office working my ass off but I just couldn't concentrate as the heart-pumping blow by blow details are being entailed by the USTexers, along with hubby's YM messages who luckily was watching the game in their office along with his Thomasians & Atenean colleagues. Hay! I was really itching to go home and absorb the action up close. Buti na lang talaga may replay on TV..and there having watched the replay, I just witnessed how they bagged the crown and felt the proud Thomasian spirit filled the Dome as they sang the UST Hymn..can't help with the goosebumps that I felt..sarap ng feeling..so nostalgic talaga and I'm just glad being a Thomasian.

Champion Tigers at '69
(photo grabbed from www.philstar.com)

Grabe! After 10 years of title drought, they were able indeed to bring back the glory years of the UST Tigers in the 90's. Until now as I'm composing my entry, can't help but wear this big smile on my face and a thankful heart to the Lord for bringing out the best in them. A Cinderella story indeed..who would've thought, a team that wasn't favored to win early this season and barely making it to the Final Four, defied all odds and emerged victoriously in the end?

**commercial break lang muna, Saksi on GMA 7 is featuring about the game this afternoon at katuwa yung pag-alaskahan ng mga anchors na sina Vicky Morales who's an Atenean and Arnold Clavio, a Thomasian.**

Congratulations din for the Blue Eagles for putting up a One Big Fight. In fairness, magagaling din naman talaga sila and they have nothing to be ashamed of..siguro the Tigers just have the bigger dreams, heart and greater desire to win.

As the Thomasian crowd cheers go: Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go go go go!


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Surprised? Naah, typhoon "Milenyo" didn't storm through and ransacked my blog thus, with the new look. I just feel like having a new ambiance around here as I got bored already with the old layout. One, aside from changing the design, I started revamping some links on the sidebar and I'm planning to clean it up more on the next coming days or weekends perhaps. Two, I painstakingly went through the codes and finally, whew! corrected some syntax errors that had been bugging in the old layout. Three, yey! no more after-10-years-loading-drama...did you notice it?

Yey! I "survived" my first week at work, di pa naman ganun ka-busy and somewhat lax pa ang workload and schedule but I feel the greater chunks of duties are about to start pouring in next week, though.

I never realized how big trouble the typhoon left the metropolis until I saw uprooted trees on the road, collapsed EDSA billboards, bogged down MRT & LRT operations, landslides killing several people and some homes not having their electricity restored yet until this very moment. Luckily, I was at home then when the typhoon hit the city. We were directed by our Director not to report for work if we don't have any critical deliverables that day. So I just stayed at home...watched how umbrellas of passersby flipped to a cup position and witnessed how our neighbor's wash basin (batya) got carried and blown away by the strong winds. Buti na lang, half-day din lang si hubby and classes were earlier suspended naman so we stayed at home lang with my brother. Nagkulitan, slept the afternoon away and pigged out with pancit canton for merienda as darkness hovered the metropolis because of the blackout. 8:30 PM, we were dozing off na..wala kasing magawa hay! Our electrical power was restored at 2:30 am Friday morning and I was just surprised to know ang dami kong colleagues na brownout pa rin daw sa houses nila. Even in my in-laws' house in Frisco, wala pa ding kuryente hanggang ngayon kaya di kami makauwi dun and Paul and I are still here in Makati (my parents' house). Thank God, we managed to survive the wrath of the typhoon. Sana lang last na yun...it was terrifying kasi.

Double yahoo! for the UST Tigers. They survived Finals Game 2 today against Ateneo 87-71 and got back confidently from their heartbreaking one-point-loss last Saturday. Go get the Championship Trophy on Monday, Tigers! Woohoo! Go USTe!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

First Day High

* Nasasabik sa unang araw ng eskwela, taas-kamay with confidence let's do the first day high *

Apart from having that as my LSS, (last song syndrome)..I had the euphoric feeling that of an excited student on his first day of school this morning..only, for me, it has got to do with my first day of work. Brand new week, brand new day, brand new work. And how did it go? well, not much tasks yet, mostly...just some "tunganga" moments while reading a manual and familiarizing myself about the Purchasing Processes I'll be dealing with in the coming days and observing while I was oriented by a colleague whom I'll be sharing tasks with. Only she wasn't able to orient me fully yet as she has some urgent matters to attend to. So pasundot-sundot pa lang. While the things I'll be needing and my PC are being set-up, I also took the time to accomplish first the necessary HR, agency and bank forms for new hires. As Joy said, samantalahin habang wala pa ang workload, so savor the moment hehe!

As I had experience working for a call center also in the Finance Department before, I'm hoping I'd be able to adjust well with the culture and new working environment easily. Colleagues wise, I'm just fortunate to work again with two colleagues who used to be my close officemates way back my Contactpoint years. In fact, they are the ones who referred me to this job for the mean time as I'm waiting for my application with a government corporation. (So Tin, yep, I'm still pursuing my desire to work for the government hehe!) So at least, panatag ang loob ko kasi we pretty knew each other and go along well. I missed their company especially yung lunch outs namin kaya I'm just estatic to go through those again..in fact nagsimula na kanina hehe!

As for the workload I'd be having, I'm given a heads up and I'm expecting it's not gonna be a walk in the park. Anticipating such, in fact, made me miss my "batugan" life that ended yesterday. I'm missing my limitless sleeping, digiscrapping, surfing...though I have internet connection naman sa office but then siyempre alangan naman gawin ko mga yun haha! But then again, at least, I'd be wearing a big grin on my face come Oct 15, wouldn't I?

On a sad note, my heart is still weeping with yesterday's UAAP Finals Game 1 results between UST & Ateneo. Probably, you have read/seen the story on the news or even watched it how the Tigers almost had it but lost with a big mistake on the last second of the game (yes! as in 1 second). Darn! I was there in the coliseum and was one among the yellow gallery rejoicing when Allan Evangelista sank the shot that gave them the one-point lead with 2-3 seconds left. Early on with the game, it was one heck of a neck-to-neck battle...as in nagpapalitan lang ng lead. And who would've thought, the game will be decided on the last second of the Fourth Quarter as the Atenean Kramer sank the ball easily from a genius play designed by their Coach. As the Tigers' Coach Pido said, nakalimutan ang depensa. They learned their lesson in a hard way..but then..it ain't over 'til it's over. May Game 2 pa and I'm sure the Tigers will be back with a vengeance on Thursday. As they say, pag nadadapa, lalong nacha-challenge at nagiging matapang..Anyway, win or lose, the UST Tigers have already proven their abilities this season...kaya:

Black gold, black white
Go fight, fight, fight
and win for U-S-T!!!!!
go USTe!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Official..


1.) I will be making a comeback to the corporate world and start reporting for work on Monday after enjoying a "queen" / SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) lifestyle for five months. Just to correct those who posted comments on my previous entry, I will be working for a call center but not as an agent, particularly I'll be connected with its Finance Department so no shifting schedules for me there..just the regular office hours of 8am-5pm.
2.) I'm inching my way to the withdrawal stage of digiscrapping. Huhu! Not much time to limitless scrap. waahhh!
3.) UST Tigers are facing the Ateneo Blue Eagles on Sunday! I watched their live breathtaking and exciting game yesterday against the UE Warriors clinching the finals seat by just a mere point 81-82. Whew! Go USTe!!
4.) We're watching live the Championship match on Sunday! Just got the tickets this afternoon at the UST Gym pero Upper Box B na siya as sold out na daw ang Patron, Lower Box and even Upper Box A tickets. Woohoo!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bum..no more?

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I was caught up among so many things since last week and possible in the coming weeks ahead.

I was busy updating my resume, filling up application forms, readying some requirements scanning online job search matches and still doing endless settling variance and clearance with GT. :D
-- Yes, I'm about to bid farewell to my being bum...and I'd definitely miss my five-month of lazying around, sleeping and waking up at my desired time, pigging out the whole day, unlimited internet surfing/blogging/bloghopping and non-stop digiscrapping. Hehe sounds like fun, wasn't it? While waiting for the results of my pending application with a government corporation (finally, my civil service eligibility I earned last August will be put to use), I'll be trying for the mean time a project employee post for a call center's support group that a former colleague offered me. Hmm...the work, environment and the pay..all in one package...is something worth being excited about and looking forward to. So there you go, as early as now I'm announcing, there will definitely be some blog absence in the coming weeks. Pero babalik at babalik pa rin naman ako, don't worry. Will also try to sneak in and peep in your blogs once in a while.

I'd also like to blab how supportive I've been of UST Tigers' campaign this season onset with the UAAP Final Four...this time, I didn't resort just merely rooting for them on TV. I watched their two latest games live! Their rubber match with the Adamson Falcons for the 3rd spot last Thursday at ULTRA and their first thrilling Final Four match with the UE Red Warriors yesterday amidst the huge crowd at the Araneta Colisseum. Ibang-iba talaga if you watch and cheer for your alma mater live. And definitely sweeter pag nananalo sila. Haha! Worth it yung binabayad and masakit na sore throat after ng games kasi nanalo UST. With UE enjoying a twice to beat advantage in the Final Four, the Tigers are all set and growling to get Game 2 from them to advance to the finals and face the Ateneo Eagles for the championship title who are now relaxing on their Finals seat as they won over the Adamson Falcons yesterday.

We also watched yesterday's match between the Eagles and the Falcons..and oh boy! grabe ang tension! Sobrang init ng mga ulo ng mga players and coaching staff of the Eagles. At sobrang mas mainit ang mga ulo ng mga Eagles' fans. They were abhoring and cursing the referees for their inconsistent calls. Well, its alright to express their disgust pero naturn off talaga ako when some fans went to the extent of attempting to hurt the referrees physically on their way out of the court during the halftime period. Masyadong affected at ramdam na ramdam ang poot. Nakakahiya talaga kasi mga kababaeng tao and "respetado" pa man din ang mga dating nila..as in medyo may edad na. Siguro nanay ng isang player? Ewan ko lang. Sayang ang pagiging "atenean" nila. Tsk tsk!

In the midst of these things, siyempre pa, nilalasap ko na ang mga huling araw ng pagkahilig ko with digiscrapping. Katuwa kasi kasali pa rin ako sa Digital Elite Team contest ng DSP. It's on its 3rd week na. It started with 186 layouts, then trimmed down to 80 and just last week further cut down to 40 entries! And yes! katuwa talaga kahit na ang hirap mag-isip ng new concept at style every week. Anyway, here are my entries, the last of which is the latest that made me advanced this far: (just click on the thumbnail to view it larger..credits are likewise displayed on the gallery)

Ins.pi.ra.tion - DET4 Round 1 - Relax, Dad! - DET4 Round 2 - Through My Window - DET4 Round 3

And of course, I'd like to share my fave layout I did so far...this layout also made me win in one contest at DSP just recently.

Forever Lasting

You’ve always been there for me through the good & bad times. Always my strength when I’m weak, my soul uplifter when I’m down, my number one proud fan for every triumph. You’ve always made me feel how lucky I am to be loved...little did you know, I’ve always loved you much more than you love me.

Memories Ploppers by Lauren Bavin
September Club Digital
A Splash of Colour Add-on Pack2 by Lauren Bavin
Fonts: Bradley Hand, Hanshand, Freebooter Script

Monday, September 11, 2006


Yey! Kudos and big congratulations to the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe for bagging First Place at the 69th UAAP Cheerdance Competition yesterday. Winning it for the fifth time in a row (with 8 championship trophies throughout the contest's 12 yrs) is indeed another sweet victory which make the whole Thomasian Community glorious and proud. Watch their winning piece and check out their highlights with a "bridge Spiderman-like walk, five girls mounted with a Superman music theme on the background, a summersault toss, amazing pyramids, perfectly synchronized dance routines topped with the overwhelming support of the Thomasian crowd's yells and cheers"...okay enough of me and just watch them do the talking.

Credits to Youtube's uploader Disharmony.

Go USTe! Congratulations as well to the 1st runner-up, the FEU squad and the UP Pep for the 2nd runner-up amazing finishes. More of the story here. I just hope..they'd also pass the "blessings and grace" to the UST Tigers who are making their comeback (finally!) in the Final Four and eventually bag the tourney ring this season.

On another note, I'm also making a shoutout to our bunso "baby" brother (who's not a baby anymore as he's been wooing us that he may be permitted to drive our old conking car for his 17th birthday). Happy Birthday, Kuya Rely! (Hmm..9/11 attack anniv hehe!) Yes we call him kuya as he's the only "astiging" bunsong unico hijo in the family. He's also been charming me that he'd be given a guitar and requesting me din to digiscrap his pic daw...daming demands ah! (I'm still working on your digiscrap, ok? Upload ko pag oks na). I love u, kuya! Ngapala, ayan another wish granted...i've blogged about you haha!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Feelin' Better

Reading my entry I made last night and browsing through your comments, I could say that I'm feelin' better now. Thanks for the encouraging words, my dear blogger friends. I'm sorry for having you absorb some bad vibes on a bright monday morning. Credit that to raging hormones brought about by PMS. Lolz.

Anywayz, as I've slightly transformed my blog to a digiscrap nook of my latest layouts (LOs), I might as well share some recent works I did (while I'm sulking). At kahit na bad mood ako, akalain mong may creative juices pa rin pala ako...hehe!

By the way, to my digiscrapper friends out there who are interested in joining contests, check out the Digitalscrapbookplace Forum as there are lots of on-going challenges out there. Try it and I'm sure you'll super dooper enjoy. If ever you decide to register, don't forget to put my nick (maileen1) on the referrer's box, ok? :)

1. Here's my first entry to the 4-Round-Elimination Digital Elite Team Contest at DSP. Only half of so many participants make it through the second round. I'm not confident and am not expecting anything as there are lots of outrageous layouts out there but I'm quite satisfied with how I played around with the kits and elements. It's my first time to use circle papers and I love how it functioned as a spotlight.

Check out larger image and comments from fellow digiscrappers here.
Au Natural Page Kit by Kim Liddiard
Circles of Nature Stackers Word Art by Tina Chambers

2. Another entry for the Six-Pack Challenge (also at DSP) where six photos must be scrapped in one layout.

View the image and journalling here.
Live Laught Love Kit by Jamie Rousselle
August 2006 Club Digital

3. Lastly, Karla requested me to create a layout that she'll give her father on his birthday. Here's what I did:

View the image and journalling here.
A Time To Remember Kit & Add-on Pack by Kim Liddiard

Whew! I can't believe..3 LOs in one day! Thanks to digiscrapping...I definitely feel better now.. hehe! Therapy din pala ito!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mind Your Own Business...Pwede?

I just hate it when people try to rule my life..mingling with my business and seemingly dictates how to run my life. And I just hate it more when I pour out my emotions like this on my blog, but couldn't find the right words to express my frustrations...even uncertain if this ranting will do me good.

Eversince, I grew up being independent...deciding and acting on my own. In doing my projects and assignments as a student, I would exhaust all my means first before I implore aid from the others. Hindi kasi ako parasite na palaging dependent sa isang bagay..nor I was trained to become one...read that: hindi ako pinalaking parasite. As long and as much as I can, I avoid seeking help from anyone. And even when I started working (and changing works), I've been confident and comfortable with my own decisions. I know I may have made crooked decisions along the way but I reaped all the consequences wholeheartedly and there's no one else to be blamed kasi nga I decided on my own.

Siguro, that's one thing I miss about being single. Walang complexities pag decision making kasi your own self lang naman ang involve...walang ibang apektado..walang ibang nagre-react..walang nakikialam. Don't get me wrong, DH (dear husband) has always been supportive of my decisions and I love him more because of that. At kahit makialam siya in some ways, oks lang...asawa ko siya eh and I know naman before I make any decisions, I have to hear his say first. My ranting isn't about us. There are just things (outside factors) in my life now that I wish to straight it clear. Just as my first sentence says, I hate it when people pries and questions the decisions I make. I know you're just concerned about me..and I appreciate that...but there are a lot of other ways of showing it than constantly bugging me with all those repetitive questions and comments. This is my life. I have my own timelines..own plans..own thoughts..own decisions. Mind your own business, will you?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Moment Like This

If there's such thing as a Wedding-Preps theme song, that would be A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson for me. Her song became a hit while we were preparing for the wedding last year and I constantly fell in love with this song..along with the song Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, a revival hit by Nina.

I'm just glad that the Lyrical Challenge of this month at DSP is about this song. I immediately sorted our stashed digital wedding pics and off I digiscrapped using the following kits:
* Softly, Sweetly Page Kit by Stacey Jewell Stahl
* Frame Brushes Variety Pack by Lauren Bavin
Both were included in the August Club Digital Kits which I won from the NKOTB5 challenge I blogged recently. This layout is also doing double duty for the Playing by the Numbers Challenge where one has to scrap six photos in one layout. View the full layout here.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wisdom Teeth.

* I never learned my lesson to habitually save my document. I was about to hit the publish post button of this entry...then in a blink of an eye, I was staring next to a black screen and darkness hovered..brownout!! Just great, isn't it? Now I have to re-collect my thoughts and start all over again...grrrrrrrrr! *

Miraculously, something kept me away today from the computer..thanks to these Wisdom Teeth (yes, "teeth" as in all four of them) making their LATE grand entrance and punishing my quiet and mumming gums. * They'd been lambasted and suffered numerous orthodontic adjustments when I had my braces years back * I was quite surprised to know that our third molars a.k.a. wisdom teeth, grow in at around ages 17-21...ages considered when people become "wiser" thus, with the name "wisdom tooth". Now with the late springing up of mine, does it mean I'm maturing late and it's only now that I'm becoming "wiser"? LOL.

Now what's keeping me in pain..enough to drive me away from digiscrapping? My 2 upper third molars have developed earlier than the ones below and are growing in normally, I believe. Since their growth are almost complete now (meaning in its proper position and size), it crushes into the corresponding gums below. The 2 wisdom teeth below are almost still beneath the gums. Since the upper don't have complete partners yet..there goes the swelling of the gum below and pain on the left, even more painful when I chew food. I'm now even quite accustomed chewing on my right (I'm a lefty chewer, by the way) but still having a hard time eating with a pace that of a turtle and failing to savor the yumminess of the food. Too bad, I can't pig out despite having a voracious appetite. :(

What worries frightens me now is that I seem to have the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth. And if they indeed are, their removal through surgical means (OUCH!!!!) is highly recommended to prevent: bacteria and plaque build-up, decay of adjacent teeth, jaw and gum disease, infection, cysts development and even tumor development. Just thinking of the terms cyst and tumor make me shiver. In the same way that the thought of undergoing the surgical knife (dental knife, that is) terrifies me. And assuming that I might be on my way to conception, I can't just go on on any medications that easily.

Well, I guess, I have to continue with my Bactidol and saltwater gargling remedy for a while and schedule a dentist visit soon. I just cross my fingers (and toes) they'll get better and healed soon without undergoing that frightening (and of course, cost-entailing) surgery. For now I just need to be a brave warrior battling the piercing pain....hu hu hu! Has anyone seen the tooth fairy?

On a lighter note...oh yeah, another digiscrapping thing in here...hehe! pardon me for my madness, I'm really so much hooked into it. Besides, these pratically made my gum pains vanished for a while..so to my non-digiscrapping blogger friends out there, bear with this, okay? I just want to share that DSP has already sent me 2 prizes (of 3) for my NKOTB winnings.

1.) The first one (for my Round 1 win) is a $ 3.99 coupon that I immediately availed yesterday and shopped this. After which, I made this and entered into a another contest:

Road Trip

Journalling: While most of our three-hour ride to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas consisted of chit-chats, games and pigging out with chips, the long trip lulled us to sleep.
Side Kwento: These are hubby's Accenture officemates: Anna, ate Czar, Roj, Almer and Glenn together with Anna's bf and a co-Career's "ampon", Melvin. Taken on our way to Virgin Beach Resort where they held their teambuilding last May 2006. It's always fun tagging along with them on their teambuildings...hehe!
Credits: Road Trip Page Kit by Lisa Carter and Stacey Jewel Stahl
Fonts: Penmanship Print, Yikes, Yelly, Hanshand

2.) The second prize I received was for my 9th place finish in the Overall Top 10. I received a $17.97 worth of coupon for a 3-month subscription to DSP's Club Digital. Now I'm really excited with this one because I'll get to receive monthly wonderful selection of digiscrapping products such as 2 complete Page Kits , one Plopper and an Alpha, some great Word Arts, one Programme specific item such as Paint shop Pro Tubes, Photoshop Brushes or some digiscrapping pleasure goodie. Isn't that great? It'll be a blast definitely. Now, I'm just awaiting the third prize which is for my 3rd Round win. Oh yeah, another $3.99 coupon coming my way.

/me wiggles in excitement

after too much jerking.....

/me clenches teeth then starts grimacing in pain....OOOUUUUUUCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yep..today is Tuesday and it's a sunny day...oh what a lame childish intro! I suddenly remember my elementary days where we used to recite our morning greetings with "Good morning teacher..good morning classmates. How are you today? We are fine thank you. Today is [insert date here]. It's a [insert weather condition here].

I'm meaning to blog later this afternoon and I should've been digiscrapping (oh yes...madly addicted to it already) this morning as I got new kits to work on but then the AVG anti-virus software is running its complete system test [from drives C to F...yes I got 4 hard drives] and is slowing down the PC. Will have to postpone doing with Photoshop for a while if I want to finish right away with my LOs and avoid system hang ups.

Tuesday with a new challenge. I have to extract some creative juices once again and do a layout for Rene Bross' Boys and their Toys Challenge at DSP...hmmm the challenge's title seems intriguing..if you are green-minded then..[insert naughty thoughts here]. Lolz.

I hope this Tuesday finishes without my memory gap kickin' in again. I totally forgot yesterday to follow up our clearance with GT. Bawal ang pork, bawal ang beans..etc. hay! memory gap nga naman.

Hay another sabog entry! Tagal kasi matapos ng AVG run eh...

Here are some of my latest LOs:

<----Click here for a larger pic
More Today Credits:
Brown Freebie Kit by Stephanie Ogren
Heart Doodles Brush by Suzanne Walker
Tag Set by Lauren Bavin
String Element by Lauren Bavin
More Today Than Yesterday Lyrics by Spiral Starecase

Click here for a larger pic ---->
Butterfly Kisses Credits:
A Time to Remember Kit by Kim Liddiard
Butterfly Kisses Lyrics by Bob Carlisle

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Go USTe!

UAAP Update: Upset-Minded: UST Halts Ateneo's Bid For Sweep.

What a thrilling 88-80 overtime victory for the UST Tigers this afternoon! Indeed a sweet revenge for the humiliating first round loss. Go Uste!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Lucky me..I got 3 great surprises this weekend. Oh well, I'm indeed a sucker for surprises and I just love being astonished once in a while especially when life seems to be monotonous and boring.

Surprise #1:
Kristen, the moderator of DSP's New Kids 5, announced Round 3's Top 10 yesterday and surprisingly, for the second time I made it to the list...Hurray! This will earn me my second prize which is a freebie kit. I haven't received the prize yet for my first week win but the organizers informed us they will be sending it in the next few days since the NKOTB5 has just wrapped up. Though my entry Dream Come True was one of my favorites so far and felt pretty confident with it, I didn't expect it'd be one of the Top 10 among 79 amazing entries. Take a peek in the gallery just to have an idea how the judges could've knacked their heads in choosing the best among the best layouts out there.

Surprise #2:
As the 3-week-contest New Kids 5 has been wrapped up, they held a chat this morning (US night time) to announce the Overall Top 10 after rounding up and averaging the scores from each of the 3 rounds. What a morning gift...I place 9th overall! With this I'll be expecting another prize coming my way. I can't believe I'll be earning 3 prizes from the very first digiscrapping contest I joined. But more notable is that I'm quite amazed on how my skills improved through their CCs and suggestions. It's just sad New Kids has ended..no more weekly pressure..no more tireless revisions..no more challenges...but these got to be paused momentarily only as Kristen announced they'll be organizing in the coming months another contest for the "not so New Kids". It's something between New Kids and the Digital Elite Team (DET Booth Camp)...that's got to be something to look forward to.

Surprise #3:
Finally, after a month of waiting and persistent follow-ups from the cargo company, the package my dad has sent us from Saudi arrived this morning. I excitedly opened it up and savored the waft of balikbayan box..I just love how the scent of the items lingered my nostrils. Well, it must have been the bath soaps, toothpastes, detergents, fabric softeners that mostly filled the box. Other stuffs include clothes, toothpastes, coffee, bed linens, some canned goods, tissues and even a carpet! Enough to scratch those things from the weekly grocery list for several months. Also, I got a navy blue Mango XS shirt while hubby got a Quarter Deck White t-shirt. So to my dad and my stepmom who are avid readers of my blog...thanks so much for the package you sent. Mmwah!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Our everyday lives get us to be customers in various necessities and services we need. I'm pretty sure the "Customer is Always Right" thing is stuck in our heads as we demand nothing but the best customer service we deserve. And customer service starts in the queuing line. Studies have it that the Average Patience Time of customers (the time a customer is willing to wait) is 15 minutes.

Customer side in me:
1.) I usually pay our bills through online banking to save time, effort and transportation fare. But the procrastination queen in me got me again last week. I totally forgot that our electricity bill is already due kaya ayun I found myself yesterday hurrying to the Meralco Office near our place. Upon reaching their office, I wanted to backout upon seeing the various snaking lines on the payment counters. Sobrang daming tao! But then, I got no choice..I have to pay our overdue bill. So I stood and queued behind the shortest line (among 6) I saw and looked at my watch...1:30. Slowly I noticed that the line has moved a bit...time check: 1:40. I glanced towards the beginning of the line and attempted to count the heads in front of me, there were about 15. Great, my heels and legs were starting to ache and from where I was standing I wondered what time will I be finally served. To entertain me and eased my boredom, I brought out my mobile phone and played Christmas Trouble. Inch by inch, I felt moving closer until I finally saw the cashier and handed my bill. I wanted to check the cashier's exhaustion after serving a long line but he seemed okay naman. Well, I'm just not sure kasi medyo aged na mga cashiers sa Meralco..siguro sanay na. The processing was fairly fast naman though the cashier wasn't courteous. Final time check: 1:55. Whoaa...25 minutes of waiting time. They failed the Average Patience Time by 10 minutes.

2.) I proceeded right away to a nearby bank to deposit some savings. There were only two tellers as it is a relatively small branch. Again, I felt backing out upon seeing the line perhaps, this was due to the declared Special Non-Working Holiday last Monday. I quickly glanced on the depositors' documents on their hands. As I had worked as a teller for the same bank (but different branch) before, I was quite familiar with the nature of transaction they'd be having basing on their documents. There were mostly deposit single transactions and a few bill payments that would only take a few minutes to process. I decided to wait at the end of the line thinking it'd be fast naman. I glanced on their wall clock...it was 2:05. I counted the persons before me on the line and there were about 15 again. Oh great...bakit lagi akong pang-16th? As using mobile phones are prohibited inside banks, I just observed the people inside especially the bank's employees. I wallowed myself in thinking of and recalled my teller life before. I noticed they are now using a different tellering system...gone are ancient ABS system and green-colored uni-functioned monitor..as well as the noisy dot matrix printers. I was that buried in deep thoughts perhaps that I noticed na 20 minutes have passed but I only moved about 5 steps forward lang pala and there was a still long queue in front of me. Oh crap..still, I waited. I was distracted by one of the teller's powerful voice asking for the officer's override password. Then I laid my eyes on the other teller..they weren't smiling and worse, their eyebrows were meeting in the middle and their foreheads wrinkled seemingly pissed or angry. Whoa...that's a big no-no based on the Customer Service code. The code also states to observe the GMTY rule. This stands for the mandatory greeting a teller should do.."Good Morning/afternoon and Thank You". 2:40...I noticed my co-depositors were breathing out heavy sighs, stomping their feet on the floor obviously pissed off while letting out impatient remarks and were cursing the poor tellers. At 2:50, there were only 2 in front of me...but just the bad luck we needed, the teller's printer screwed up prolonging the waiting time even more. When it was my turn, the clock's hands were on 3:05....whoa! exactly one hour of waiting time...and guess what time was the teller finished my transaction? 3:06! I waited an hour for a minute transaction. Obviously, they failed the Average Patience Time.

The frontliner side in me:
As I had engaged with the customer service industry for the past four years (3 years being a frontliner), I feel for these cashiers who were doing their best, speeding up transactions, barely having time for a "wee-wee" break and shortened breaks and yet they are the ones absorbing all of the irate customers' rantings and curses. Physically exhausted na nga, emotionally stressed pa. But then, that's a frontliner's life. We get to meet different types of customers..from the most humble and considerate ones to the most conceited, mean and arrogant ones. No matter how hard you try to shrug it off, lagi kang talo..your pride always being stepped on and as a person nakakababa ng self-esteem talaga. You have to give in...as they say..customer service kasi eh. We need to treat these customers as if they are the kings and us, servants. They are the ones giving us business...in the first place, we exist because of them. In the end, tama nga naman, di ba?

Coming from these two POVs (being a customer and had been a frontliner myself), it has taught me to be considerate and value the virtue of patience. As a customer, it's okay for our patience to be tested once in a while. Also, I have to remember that the cashier or the frontliner is not a robot..we need to be considerate din naman dahil limited nga din naman ang powers nila. As a frontliner naman, one needs to be considerate din of the customer's waiting time. By nature, madali naman talaga tayong mainip. And yun nga, we get to be customers din naman on other services kaya the more na we should understand and empathize with them. Most importantly, if the customer has waited for so long na, dapat bumawi na lang by giving exceptional accommodation and service para mapawi yung inis at galit ng client.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Credits: Country Grunge Kit by Marcee Dugar, A Time to Remember Elements by Kim Liddiard..both from DSP.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2

- doesn't want to announce her birth date on her blog.
- becoming a nun once crossed her mind.
- thought of flying to Cebu asap when she was in the lowest point of her life.
- Bubba Gump model.
- loves eating..eating..and eating.
- had a Princess themed Mcdonald's Birthday Party last year.
- the eldest among her siblings but pictures with them don't say so.
- she's feeling better with her Dad right now.
- having second thoughts of offering her seat in MRT to pregnant passengers as she's having trouble distinguishing a pregnant lady from a big-bellied one. Kinda torn between offering an unselfish act or rendering an offense.

**There goes my random thoughts and recollection about Tin while I was digiscrapping her pic.

I met this pretty lass in the blogosphere world. I can no longer recall who tagged first, it's just that the next thing I know..her blog is one of those I frequently round, tag and her entries being commented on. Her entries would always be short but precise and straight to the point. What I love about her blogging is how she imparts her random ramblings, her thoughts, wit and even frustrations in life...the way she shares her life to her blogger friends...the way she sees her own, according to her, Pretty Life. Though we haven't met personally yet, I'm sure her positive outlook and bubbly personality shines through even more in person..even better the way she is in her blogging world. I couldn't think of a better caption than her own personal quote on her blog...am I not right? "short but precise and meaningful".

So there goes the RAK I'm blabbing about last week.

This is Tin, the younger sister I never had..the sole "kind-hearted" challenger among my oh-so-many blogger friends out there who bravely took my dare. (hehe! nagparinig na naman).

So Tin, I just want to affirm that you have indeed a pretty life with a pretty face. Keep on shining with your positive aura. God Bless!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This week's the 3rd and last round for DSP's New Kids on The Block 5 Contest and I'm really having a blast. Aside from the excitement I feel making it on the first round (still patiently waiting for my prize which is a new kit), I'm surprised on how I am improving each week. Got tons of helpful comments, suggestions, new techniques..I just love hearing other peeps' comments my LOs are getting better and better each week...and I'm yearning to learn much more!

I know, i've been raving about this digiscrap thing in my blog..well, honestly, it has been taking up so much of my time these days and there's not much I can share about me lately except this one...(so bear with it, ok? lolz)

The results for Round 2 won't be announced until Thursday night (US EST time) so that's Friday morning here in the Philippines. Oh yeah, I'm now even into calculating and converting US and Phil time zones every now and then to anticipate and join the scheduled chats where they give out freebies.

Here's my first version for Round 3 using the Ceylonese Sapphire Page Kit by Lauren Bavin and Sweethearts Brush Set by Suzanne Walker (DSP Designers). We are instructed to use Lauren's kit, another kit and the layout has to be about one's self. I don't have recent decent photos worth digiscrapping of so for the nth time, I resorted to doing my bridal pic.

NKOTB5-RND3Ver1a-Dream Come True

Journalling reads:
A moment of calm soothes my heart as I hear the harmony in the music that signals my entrance. I feel as though I am embarking on a journey that I have envisioned all my life.
Today, on our wedding day, I see you standing waiting for me by the altar, about to grasp my hand as we begin to speak utterances of our love and commitment.
As I walk down the aisle, I look forward to raising our family and buildingour relationship under the care and guidance of God.
As I walk down the aisle, I look forward to sharing with you more of life's ups and downs.
As I walk down the aisle, I look forward to spending the rest of my lifewith you, my best friend, my soul mate..my love. From this day forward our lives will be intertwined forever.
As I walk down the aisle, I suddenly realize the dream I envisioned long ago is now magically unfolding...

Again your CCs (constructive criticisms) are welcome and feel free to comment. I got a suggestion from the forum to do something with the silver border of my pic..I'm still thinking how to go about it.

Here's another technique I just learned using Photoshop...

photo tinting
Photo Tinting! I just love how the yellow hue soothes the eyes!

I got quite engrossed with this technique that I even "borrowed" bridal shots of my CWL online kada (fellow former brides-'05-'06): Wella, Mec and Yna to practice with.

Now, what's with the title?

Though I didn't win in fellow wawie & digiscrapper Aggie's RAK (Random Act of Kindness) raffle, I'm inspired of her mala-Pay It Forward thoughts that I decided to go with the rippling effect. Since I'm into digiscrapping lately, my simple RAK would be I'll digiscrap blogger friends' pics. It may sound easy for a sacrifice but it's not. Sometimes it takes hours working on a layout before satisfaction sets in with your final product. And of course, what's sweeter about it is somebody's thinking of you.. Yes promise, I'll be thinking and offering a prayer for you while I'd be doing it. hehe! O di ba ok yun? Please post a comment if you'd like your pic* to be digiscrapped BUT remember I'll be waiting for your own RAK, too. It's mandatory that you have to blog about it and make sure your RAK will continue to set a ripple effect. It doesn't matter how big or small a favor you'll do. Basta importante, it's something that you'd do sincerely and with all your heart. A little act of kindness, pag marami ang gumawa, brings a big impact and makes the world a better place to live in (hmmm..parang kanta ah). It's also one way of repaying God for all the blessings He's been showering on us. So come on, join me here, ok?

* Note: Any hi-resolution picture will do..your pic, your bf's& and gf's pics, your family's, a friend's pic, a scenery..kahit sino at ano basta siyempre wag lang vulgar and obscene. You may print it and give it as a gift or pwedeng i-post niyo ito as a friendster testimonial like what I do...please wag niyo lang po ibenta as the freebie kits I'll be using are covered with TOUs (Terms of Use). Please post a comment and leave your email addresses and I will send you further details (pic requirements).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006



This is Nicole. A six-year-old cutie kid who was one of the flower girls in my wedding. I just love how Kenneth Uy, our photographer, captured her pouting moment. I can't think of a better caption than this. :)

Floral Beauty Overlay and Background by Kim Liddiard

Friday, August 11, 2006


Just a quick hello...
The results for NKOTB Round 1 at DSP are in and my "Key To My Heart" entry made it to the top 10!!!! Geeezzz...I'm so ecstatic..who wouldn't be? There are so so so many amazing and outrageous LOs out there that it would really be impossible for my entry to impress the judges' artistic and scrutinizing eyes. Now I'm going gaga with the prize they'll send me (a new kit)..can't wait!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Round 2

Results for DSP's NKOTB5 Round 1 aren't in yet. So I absolutely got no idea how my entry fared among 99 entries..(asa pa ako, noh?). Anyway, Kristen sent today the instructions and the kits' coupon for Round 2 which I immediately downloaded. One thing I like about this NKOTB challenge is that you get to have free kits (usually cost around $3.99 on their digishop) for you to work on for each round. So kahit talo, panalo pa rin because of this freebies, di ba?

Here's my entry for Round 2 entitled The Magical Kiss:


Journalling reads: "It was not my lips you kissed but my soul...And when my lips meet thine, Thy very soul is wedded unto mine."
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Fonts: Monotype Corsiva, Script MT Bold
One Fine Day Kit by by Stacey Jewell Stahl
Moments Wordart by Tina Chambers
Floral Beauty Overlay by Kim Liddiard
Heart Doodles Overlay/Brush by Suzanne Walker
Windswept Stitch by Kim Liddiard
Wedding Kiss Quote by H.H. Boyesen


On another hand, I got another excuse for not blogging lately. Our DSL connection here at home (Makati) has been screwing up lately. You're deeply immersed in your surfing thoughts..the next thing you know you're disconnected and could not reconnect even if you've shut down and restarted the pc. Kinabukasan ka na makakareconnect kaya good luck talaga. I already reported this to the PLDT DSL helpdesk, but to no avail, this keeps on recurring still.

Friday, August 04, 2006


As blogged the previous months and weeks, I took my Civil Service Examination yesterday via the Computer-Assisted System and boy, I'm still in cloud nine rejoicing..I passed the test..thank God!

With "lots" of butterflies in my sickening stomach, my hopes of passing went down the drain after the gruelling exam. I was quiet uneasy kasi di na ako sanay na nagte-test..it's been years na rin kasi since I graduated from college kaya I'm no longer used to pressure brought about by exams. I had lots of unsure answers and very wild guesses especially on the numerical reasoning (problem solving) and vocabulary. My efforts on reviewing the Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees, Environmental Laws and Human Rights paid off. Marami akong sure answers dun. (So pardon na my absense in blogging ha? Hehe! Nagbunga naman eh.) Two hours of orientation plus the 3 hour exam that started late (10:am-1:00pm) definitely resulted to a growling hungry tummy. I tried eating my lunch but I just didn't have the appetite or even the energy to swallow some food out of tension and uneasiness. I just munched some sandwich and gulped my fave C2 drink. Sobrang kinakabahan ako and even psyched myself already that I'd fail the test.

We were told we could get the exam after an hour. But thanks to them, they tortured us more by making us to wait for 3 hours. Hay! But then...it's worth the wait naman. The examiner began distributing the results alphabetically. Results for those surnames starting with D were done and he was with Letter E already when I noticed my name was not called. So I waited longer until maubos na yung envelopes. The hall was near empty na of examinees and we were only 4 na lang na naiwan...all with questioning faces...asan ang envelopes namin? The examiner flashed a big smile. Yan pala, hinuli ang mga nakapasa. Surprisingly, out of 40+ examinees, there were only 6 who passed. I was delighted even more when I was informed I had the second to the highest score in the batch. Coolness talaga! Passing score, by the way, is 80%.

So there...with this, I'm now eligible to work for the government..and as I joked my dad, I'm now eligible to corrupt? :lolz:

Happy weekend everyone! :D

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Pardon my blog lagging and mood swings. As I said on my last entry, got plenty of entries on my mind but the "conscious" side in me can't just find the "right" way to blog it and yeah, sige na nga, nakakatamad lately hehe!

Anyway, while I idle with my blog, I found myself hooked once again with digiscrapping. I just joined an online contest at DSP called "New Kids on the Block 5" exclusively for first-time digiscrappers. Got my dose of CCs (constructive criticisms) already on the forum and I just love how they convey their thoughts and comments..definitely helpful in honing a newbie's digiscrapping skills. The girls do have the "eye" even for the smallest details. Grabe!

Here's my entry: for Version 1 (first attempt), Version 2 (better), Version 3 (best, so far). I'd love to hear your CCs,too and wanna know how do you think I'd fare on week 1. :) The contest, by the way, will run for 3 weeks this August each with different themes and challenges. :)

NKOTB5 entry

Title: Key To My Heart (Version 2)
Digiscrapped by: Mai
Credits: Welcome Kit (Captivate Capture Create) by Laura Bauvin
Metal Rimmed Tag (Tag Set) by Laura Bauvin
Gold Staple element from Swirlicious Set by Samara Gugler
Font: Fiolex Girls
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rainy Season Vacay...

Day 1 - July 20, 2006
Paul and I, together with our HS barkada Leia, Genil & JR, set out on a not-so-bright-sun-shiny day but nevertheless with clear Metro Manila skies on our Day 1 for our "Bora sa tag-ulan" trip. We arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport at about past 12 pm...quite a bit early for our 3:30 PM flight but overestimating the travel time from QC to Pasay is way better than finding ourselves stuck in a traffic jam and messing up our check-in time, isn't it? The airport check-in lobby was not really crowded as it's a lean season for travelling but I just noticed that Cebu Pacific qeues are always filled up. Well, I bet, with the same reasons that we have, it must be their lean season Php 10 promo they launched beginning of this year. In spite of the long qeues of domestic travellers, we were able to check in without much hassle and then the, "long-waiting" begins.

waiting at the pre-departure area of MIAWe glued our asses on the Pre-departure area seats for two hours waiting for our flight 5J-343 bound to Kalibo hubby and mewhich is scheduled to leave at 3:30 PM. The flight monitoring clock on TV has already ticked at 3:30 PM and yehey! we weren't called yet to board the plane. And I thought, PAL lang ang "Plane Always Late"? We boarded the plane around 4 PM na yata.

flying over cloudy skiesAnyway, the flight was smooth naman all throughout the trip. The skies were clear pero mostly thick clouds blocked the view below. We were given C2 drinks and Cream-O choco cookies minutes after take-off. The flight took us more or less 50 minutes but didn't notice or didn't bore us as the crew entertained us with a Bring Me Game. I could have won a Cebu Pacific bag if I was able to pull out agad my cellphone charger from my bag. Sayang. Buti pa si JR..he won a bag as he was able to swiftly put up the Safety Instruction Card tucked in front of him.

JR (on my right side), me and hubby*Leia & Genil*camwhore couples aboard the plane
C2 and Choco Cream-O*cream-o proof on JR's teeth*Bring Me Game winner

touch down - kalibo airport runwayWe arrived at the Kalibo airport at about 5:10 in the afternoon. Aklan skies then were confusing. Welcome to Kalibo AirportOn one part, clouds weren't inviting, in fact, it looked like rains will pour any moment while on the other side, the sunny part seemed a bright welcome for us. We set out immediately and hopped in the van that would bring us to the Caticlan port. The 2-hour trip from Kalibo to Caticlan made me a bit nauseous as we drove on a mountainous-long-and-winding roads. me, JR (still proud of his prize), Leia & GenilManong driver was driving fast and was accelerating madly kahit na zigzag ang daan. Grrr! Nakakaba talaga kasi the sun has set na, it was dark tapos the rains poured hard na rin. Oh well, siguro on manong driver's mind, he wants us to reach the port asap as delikado rin to sail out in the dark (pertaining to our banca transfer from caticlan to the bora island). Pero naman, I almost puked out talaga sa hilo. I didn't anticipate this as we flew via Seair (which directly lands at Caticlan airport, thus, with a shorter travel time) the first time Paul and I went to Bora last December.

It was already dark na talaga when we reached the port. We were about to board the bangka when a real bad luck struck the Boracay Virgin, Leia. first pit stop for LeiaShe stepped on a rusting nail that pierced her heels twice. Blood drooled on her foot profusely as she was grimacing in pain. First pit stop we hanged out on the Boracay Island? the hospital! She opted to be shot with the anti-tetanus medicines. Siyempre naman, if you could've seen the rusting nail, katakot talaga. Medyo nagswell nga and as per the doctor, medyo deep daw ang laceration kaya ganun. And there goes our first adventure on the island.

We then checked in at Hey Jude Hotel at Station 2 located near D'Mall and D'Talipapa. It was already 9 am and we heard our tummies growling madly hehe! Di pa pala kami nagdidinner. just checked in at Hey Jude HotelWe brought some canned goods for our meals (para makatipid) but then we were that hungry and we wanted to eat asap. We then hurriedly scouted for CHEAP eateries sprawled near Hey Jude but since it's pretty late and most were about to close, their leftovers weren't inviting and kahit na siguro cheap siya, sayang lang ang money. It's good that we spotted an Andok's resto around the corner. I feasted on a Php 37+ worth of their breaded porkchop with rice while Paul stuffed himself with two barbeque sticks at Php 15 each. Oh ha? Tipid di ba? What a catch! Sarap pa. Oh well, for those of you who have gone to Bora, you'll agree with me na such a pain on the pockets pag dining time di ba sa sobrang expensive ng foods dun. Siyempre kungbaga, tourist price: ice cream at Php 100? California Maki at Php 250? Solo full meals at Php 250-300? hay! ginto ang pagkain dun. Actually, we set out on this vacation with one clear agreement and goal: to enjoy in a super dooper tipid mode. :D

Day 2 - July 21, 2006
We find stuffing ourselves with our free Hey Jude breakfasts: Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, American breakfast, early morning of our Day 2. breakfast at Hey JudeAfterwhich, we changed into our swimwears and approached the beach. Hmmm, the skies were a bit cloudy but nevertheless fine naman. Good enough for the skin..hindi iitim wheee! A bit windy thus, with the semi-gigantic waves. We strolled along the shoreline first and headed to station 1. At siyempre, the camwhores in us kicked in:

with a sandcastle*braving the waves*macho daw?*JR with his imaginary girlfriend daw*Bora waves
me & hubby*the grotto at station 1*my baby*50 sandy toes*heads down
solo ko naman*JR & hubby*JR, me, Leia and Genil*Leia and Genil*my hubby

We then braved the waves and swam. Kainis biglang uminit ng husto. The scorching heat burnt my skin in an instant waah! tan lines agad.

breakfast at Hey JudeWe headed back to our room and readied ourselves for lunch. Guess where we ate? Andok's ulit! Waaah! cholesterol warning. This time we feasted on a half chicken and liempo. Hala, cholesterol talaga. Tsk tsk bad!

Mid-afternoon, it started to rain. At siyempre pa, since takot kami sa sunburn, we grabbed the opportunity to swim minus the sun. Ang cool tignan kasi ang dami ding nagsilabasan para magswim sa tag-ulan. At dahil windy nga, lakas ng waves and much to our enjoyment as it overpowered us (kahit na sabayan namin). Lagi kaming "burado". Literally dragged sa shoreline kaya masakit ang katawan after. haha! We no longer captured our "burado" moments dahil one, mukha kaming tanga hehe! and second, umuulan nga so mababasa lang ang cam. :p

We got up and went back to our room just in time for our dinner. Since the aftertaste of liempo and chicken lingered still onto our tongues, we decided to search for a new one. With aching muscles, we didn't have the energy to wander far away pa kaya we landed on a resto near andok's. I tried their sisig rice topping turned out na super spicy pala. I have high tolerance on spicy foods pero niyay! I gulped so much water to pacify it and naumay ako agad. Paul wasn't satisfied either, he ordered asado rice toppings and he was given 4 pieces of meat na puro taba. Oh well, since we're all hungry, we just swallowed what we ordered and agreed di na mauulit dito.

We went back to our room and watched how Purefoods emerged as the PBA Champs against Red Bull. I am not a PBA fan pero I rooted for Purefoods..bakit? wala lang. Takot ako kay hubby eh. He hates Enrico Villanueva of Red Bull kasi. Quoting Leia, may "poot" (matinding galit) everytime Paul comments on Enrico's arrogance. Buti na nga lang at nagchampion ang Purefoods kundi, baka may nagwala sa room namin. :)

Day 3 - July 22, 2006
Paul and I woke up with rumbling and aching stomachs. Naah, hindi sa gutom. Paul got LBM and for him ewan ko ba kung bakit, this automatically means lalagnatin siya. After a few hours, may fever na nga siya. I, on the other hand, still could taste the sisig and it was not a good one. We were about to go boating and islandhopping sana this day pero Paul and I begged off. Later, I threw up what I ate for breakfast. As for our companions, ok naman sila. I figured it must have been the sisig we ate. I shared some of my sisig to Paul kaya pati siya nadamay. Hay! Food poisoned on day 3..tsk tsk tsk! We stayed at the hotel the whole afternoon while they went snorkling and island hopping. Oh well, oks lang, we have tried it naman na the first time we went kaya oks lang to pass muna. Sayang nga lang ang photo opportunities. haha! Here are some of the pics of their islandhopping adventure:

JR being attacked by a starfish?*the trio enjoying without us (huhu!)*cave*mini-bangkas

I felt better in the evening pero si Paul still burning hot with fever. We stayed in the hotel and just killed time chit-chatting, reminiscing HS days, tuksuhan and chikahan and everything while we watched HBO's House of Wax. Genil and JR went to Pier 1 midnight to experience Bora gimik weekend nights while the three of us stayed and dozed off.

Day 4 - July 23, 2006:
After eating breakfast, we went to the beach for our last dip. Waves were bigger and stronger and we were easily wiped out again, much to our delight. Hours later we headed to the hotel and started packing. We toured briskly the souvenir shops and bought necklaces and bracelets for my mom-in-law and sis-in-law before eating our lunch. For the last time, still had it at Andok's hehe! We were fetched at 12:30 pm for our 4:55 flight at Kalibo. The banca, van and bus transfers from Caticlan to Kalibo were more comfy this time. And siyempre pa, we lounged for two hours at the airport as we waited for our plane.

goodbye kalibo*at the Kalibo pre-departure area**

We were informed later that our flight will be delayed for a few minutes as the flights coming from Manila were all behind schedule due to the bad weather in Manila (typhoon Glenda about to hit Luzon). This was the day when non-stop rains poured and flooded some parts of Metro Manila. Hearing this, we braced ourselves with possible heart-pumping turbulences up there. Truly, there were some but notwithstanding the heavy rains here in the metro, we landed safely naman.
So there goes our "Boracay vacation sa tag-ulan". Enjoyed. Sunburnt. "Nailed". Food poisoned....FUN! FUN! FUN!
So there goes my "utang" kwento and pics. Sorry if it took me the whole week to finish this entry. Well, aside from waiting for my friends to upload their bora pics, I wasn't in high spirits too, to blog lately. I have several thoughts in my mind to chronicle here but the more "conscious" side in me urged and opted me not to. Basta...basta..basta. :( :( :(