Friday, June 24, 2011

Heavy Rains, Stop!

Despite the heavy rains, the husband still was so every eager to come to work.  I was coaxing him to just work from home but the very dutiful and dedicated employee in him decided still to report for work.  I can’t help but worry because the heavy rains and strong winds are just too strong.  His umbrella isn’t enough to keep him dry.  Plus, floods are everywhere and this might just get him stranded on the road.  He didn’t bother bringing the car because it’s much more a hassle if the situation gets worse.  I really wish he just stayed at home.  I won’t be pacified until I see him home safe and sound. 

Hope the heavy rains will stop now.  Let’s all just stay indoors.  Don’t bother braving the streets as it’s just too dangerous even if your rv has rv insurance, it’s better to stay put and safe.

A Newlywed’s Wealth Management Plan

After the big wedding day, the newlyweds finally face the reality that they are on their own now and about to start a new life together.  Their financial future is among one of the most important topics that they have to discuss which include saving options, insurance, property ownership, money management, etc.  An wealth management plan should be formed and put in place to ensure the financial security of the family they’re starting to build.  This may be a little complex for a starter but newlyweds can turn to a Missoula, MT wealth management group for guidance on this very delicate matter.  The Eichwald | Fritch Wealth Management Group, part of D.A. Davidson & Co., provides financial services assistance to individuals and businesses in providing an integrated approach to arriving at an effective and realistic wealth management plan.  This often covers the following facets: investments, cash flow, insurance, debt, retirement and real estate plans.  Most marital problems are rooted in money problems but if they are checked in place even before they appear, marital bliss and harmony will be achieved.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Smartphone

When we went to Singapore last week, two of the destinations that my Brother-in-law headed to were the Sim Lim Square and Funan Mall, two renowned shopping centers where cheap electronics and gadgets abound. He was so keen to buy an iPad 2. The price would have been a lot cheaper compared to selling prices here in Manila or in Qatar however, stocks are extremely low. This triggers the sellers to peg it at higher prices..(read: the law of supply and demand). He decided that he’ll buy it in Qatar instead since the rates are almost the same. He just bought a new smartphone, (I forgot which htc sense model). He got for just about SGD800+ inclusive of 7% GST which he was able to refund at the airport before our departure.

Lingerie for the Plus Sized Women

Who says lingerie is only for the petite or slim figured lady and that full figured women do not have the right to wear one? Gone are the days when the lingerie is manufactured in small or standard sizes. Search online lingerie stores and you’d find that there’s a ton of full figure lingerie options perfect for every size. Such sizes are also available in mall shops and department stores but why waste time, money and energy going to the mall when you can order with just one click online? Just research and dig around the web and you’d find that perfect plus sized lingerie that will flatter and accent each and every curves you’ve got.

Monday, June 20, 2011


One of the basketball tournaments that the husband’s basketball team joined ended the other week and guess who emerged as the’s none other than their team!  I was all smiles when he texted me that they won by just two points via a buzzer beater shot by his teammate.  I wasn’t able to watch their championship game since it was scheduled so late and it’s just impossible for us to brave the traffic towards Mandaluyong at 10 pm.  Nevertheless, I prayed for their success and supported their team in spirit.  Before each game, I always remind the husband to play safely and stay away from injuries.  He’s been complaining about a minor pain on his left knee and this worried me because I have heard stories about players needing a knee brace for torn acl.  ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and it’s one of the four major ligaments of our knees.  Athletes usually suffer from torn acl due to straining lateral rotational sports movements.  This requires surgery and complete rest for several months for the ligament to completely heal and rehabilitate.  Glad that this isn’t the case for the husband as the pain’s now gone and could have just been a minor muscle strain or that sort.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enrolling in a Beauty School

A beauty school is what one considers if she’s artistic and wants a non-regular college program.  Cosmetology courses such as those offered by Regency Beauty Institute which has a Columbia beauty school branch, are typically short termed and it can be finished within 9-12 months.  With that, they can find jobs right after they graduate in top salons and earn a decent pay immediately.  There isn’t much requirements before entering a beauty school.  No need to take the SAT exam or whatsoever.  You just have to be at least 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or GED.  The curriculum involves typical classroom lectures and the more exciting part, the hands on training or the clinical work in an actual salon which the campus usually has.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 260T Harbison Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29212

Productive Saturday

Just two more then I’m done for the day.  I’ve been pretty productive today (just like yesterday) so even though I won’t  be able to finish all other writing assignments as I’ve initially aimed, I’m still satisfied to have been able to finish a looooot.  Sorry to flood your Google Reader with my feeds from all of my 11 blogs.  Can’t stay further because it’s getting pretty late already and this preggy mommy needs to rest after a hard day of work. :)

Go For Bridal Flats Shoes

Most brides choose high heeled shoes for their shoe ensemble.  Perhaps because they find it sexier or they want to appear taller.  But the truth is brides should choose a pair of bridal shoes that are comfortable and work well with the gown.  The ceremony and reception will be very tiring and involves walking up and about.  Walking in high heeled shoes can get the bride exhausted and feel uncomfortable and therefore can’t enjoy a what’s supposed to be a grand and merry day.  Not unless your high heeled shoes are heavenly and assures 110% comfort, go for bridal flats instead.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are in the Texas area and in need of legal assistance for any personal injury cases like a Topamax cases, auto accidents, slip and fall, drunk driving victims, defective machinery, sexual assault, accutane lawsuits and other practice areas, the attorneys of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 are the professionals to turn to.  They have handled and won several Topamax lawsuit already making them one of the top sought lawyers in the Texas area.  Their expertise and experience will ensure that you’ll get the justice that you deserve from all the damages caused by another party.

Suri Cruise Has a $150,000 Worth of Shoe Collection

Do you know that Suri Cruise owns over $150,000 worth of shoes?  What a lucky 5 year old child she is!  I wonder how much more worth of shoes she’ll own when she reach her teenage or adult years.  Millions worth perhaps.


Her collection includes a pair of Louboutins that Katie Holmes had custom made for her.  And oh..this little girl loves heels by the way.

Maternity Wedding Gowns

Seeing a pregnant bride walking down the aisle is not unusual anymore these days.  Brides under this circumstance need not worry because there are stylish wedding gowns that can still make them radiant and elegant despite having a ballooned belly.  Here are some of the styles meant for pregnant brides:

image image

Sustained a Bad Injury

I’m deeply saddened by a news that reached us last week.  A friend of ours just met an accident in the US and sustained a bad injury.  Good thing, it isn’t that worst so it’s expected that he’ll be able to recover well soon.  Right now they’re running after the one who caused the accident and the first step they did was to contact an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer from the law firm of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.  They’ve got positive feedbacks and raves how great, skilled and professionals the attorneys from this firm are so they’re confident that they’ll win and be able to recover claims and damages from the person who caused him harm.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Great Father’s Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is already next week and here I am I haven’t planned nor thought of what to give the husband.  This “I Love You Because..” tin looks a good idea.  It’s a DIY project so it’s economical and best of all, made further special because of the personalization and labor of love.  For the step-by-step guide, please refer to this post at Biograffiti.

image image

Hairstyle Trends

If your big Wedding day is coming close and you’re still clueless what bridal hair do to sport, check out the following hot hairstyle trend pictures of Hollywood celebrities for inspiration.  Should you wish to try it out virtually and see if it would look good on you or fits you right, visit for an online simulation and ideas.

image  image image image

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Buy Gold Bullion

If you' want to buy gold bullion, there are lots of things that one must be familiarized with first.  Gold bullion is precious and very valuable as an investment that’s why in order to be successful, gold knowledge is very important.  You need to know the characteristics of a genuine gold as well as its current price.  There are lots of websites in the web that gives tips and reliable information about gold.  The web is also a great resource of a listing of reputable gold dealers and mints worldwide such as the United States Gold Bureau, the trusted leader in American gold dealership.