Sunday, December 30, 2007


• munching a bunch of puto
• feeling/counting Baby A’s knee/elbow pokes and his “locomotion-papaya-dance” steps
• tweaking a new blog’s template (yup, my 3rd and “would-be” main blog)
• checking the status of my new and recently bought domain (a .com this time, baby!)
• synchronizing recently downloaded mp3s into hubby’s ipod

Friday, December 28, 2007


So many happenings, so many snapshots to upload and so many stories to tell….but so little time to do so. If there’s one term to describe the week that was…OVERLOAD just fits right…photos, gifts, stories, “sweets” / food (patay na naman ako kay OB ko niyan), and while everyone seems to be enjoying the holiday break..I had work overload this week! Arrgh! Let me catch my breath for a while. Promise, I’ll be back with some more entries and hopefully, some digiscrap layouts too. Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!

12 Days of Christmas - Cards by Raechel Knight

Missing my Online Friends.

I miss my bebot digiscraping friends badly! Our forum has been down for several days. I heard Angie’s fixing some stuffs on the site. I wonder how the bebots are doing lately. I wonder if everyone who participated in this year’s Christmas gift swap got their gifts from their Mommies already. I received mine a couple of days ago and I love it. I’m cooking up another post for that. Thanks mommy JennyL!

I also miss my CWL friends. They are the late ’05 and early ’06 fellow brides I met online at weddingsatwork who later on became IRL friends. It’s been a while since we last saw each other and I don’t think I’d get to see them all soon since 3 of them flew abroad this year. Added to that, half of the group are Mommies already and are busy attending to their babies. So I’m giving a shout out to all of them..miss you guys!

Jacque, belated happy anniversary to you and simon. I know you’re so busy lately with all the business gigs and your market research; and mommy duties to Simone. Don’t forget to set some time for yourself okay? Wella, happy birthday to you on the 24th! I know your birthday and Christmas this year is a bit more special since you’re celebrating it with Nikki. Mec, thanks for the Christmas card you sent via airmail! Congrats again for winning our anniv RAK. Yna, how’s Christmas in Singapore? Con, send my kisses to Porkchop. Tinchie, how’s 9-pounder Andie? Karla, Chris and Charie, have a great holiday okay?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

And The RAK Winner Is...

I'm so sorry if it took me almost a week before I came up with the announcement. Sorry to keep you hanging for a while but first, let me thank you for all the sweet messages you left. You just don't know how we enjoyed reading all of them making our anniversary extra special. So without further's our Anniversary RAK Winner:

Mec, thanks for the kind words and warm wishes. Paul and I were extremely moved by your sweet thoughts. I'll be sending you your prize in a while.

Web and Frostbitten Frames by Katie Pertiet
Acid Rain Paper by Janelle Kretschman

Fonts: Clingy and Harting

Missing Baguio.

The whole family is all set and excited for the traditional 4-day Baguio Christmas getaway on the 26th – everybody except me and hubby who’ll be left behind: 1. Long and tiring trips are definitely a no-no for me 2.) I have work on the 26th until the 28th (bummer!). So there, we’ll miss a Baguio adventure this year. We’ll miss the fun and bonding with the whole family. We’ll miss the cool breeze of the city. Anyway, we’ll just devour on their pasalubongs when they get back…strawberries, peanut brittle, lengua de gato, etc. as we watch their videos and pictures riding a boat at the Burnham Park or enjoying a horse ride at the Wright Park.

***Speaking of horses, if you are into horses or is engaged with any horse back riding sport, check out the wide selection of equestrian riding apparel at They offer the best and comfortable riding boots, riding breeches, riding helmets, show clothes, horse blankets, saddles and much more at “comfortable” prices!

5 Things.

I was tagged by Nyree (thanks girl!).

5 things found in my bag:
• Wallet
• Mobile Phone
• Kikay Kit
• Keys
• Plenty of abubots

5 things found in my wallet
• Cash
• Credit, Debit and ATM Cards
• Maxicare and Intellicare Cards
• Receipts
• SSS and Philhealth IDs

5 Things found in my room
• TV
• Desktop PC
• Laptop
• DVD Player
• 9 pillows on bed (yup ganun karami ang unan namin ni hubby!)

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do
• Travel Around the World
• Learn Photography
• Have a grand vacation away from work
• Learn how to cook
• Learn how to drive

5 Things I am Currently Into
• Blogging
• Online Tasks
• Digiscrapping
• Eating (!!!)
• Photography

5 People to Tag this Meme

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Hoorah.

It’s the last work day before the holidays and I’m dead tired and exhausted. I thought I’d just be relaxing today since everyone’s on a festive mood and several officemates were already on leave. I started the day light and easy but come noon just a few hours before my shift ended..everything went ballistic. Rush transactions simultaneously poured in. Isn’t that great? Arggh! It’s indeed a one big bang surprise before the Christmas break. Luckily, traffic wasn’t that bad on our way home. It’s a good thing that hubby took the Nagtahan route rather than EDSA because as seen on tv news, traffic was indeed heavy.

It’s four days before Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

Missing the Fun.

I was supposed to join my officemates-cum-business partners on a wedding coordination sideline gig tomorrow. But since I’m banned from engaging with strenuous and tiring activities, I was “scratched off” temporarily from the team’s roster. I’m a bit envious that I’m missing the fun working with my best buds, the nostalgic feel of a wedding and of course, missing a moolah-earning opportunity. The wedding is set very early in the morning that’s why my colleagues have convened already in a hotel tonight. I just checked on them a while ago and learned that they’re having problems with the wedding flowers vendor. I just hope the problem gets to be resolved soon while there’s still time. I wish them all the luck.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just Checking In Quick!

I'll sneak in here quick before starting today's work. I know I still owe you several updates regarding our anniversary, the RAK, the sweet surprises I received this week (including our Bebot exchange gift) and several other updates but I just can't do them at the moment. So that means you still have time to join! I promise, I'll be back this weekend. Hopefully I can start flooding entries by tomorrow night.

Even though office work is neck-deep in this "most wonderful time of the year", my colleagues and I are somehow feeling the Christmas spirit with all the gifts flooding our department's doorway. Gifts from fellow colleagues and from our beloved business partners (that's how we call our vendors) are overflowing. This is one of the perks that we in the Purchasing Group truly enjoy! In the spirit of Christmas, we decided to share these blessings to the whole Finance Group through holding raffle and random drawings. So there, we are taking home nice loots from expensive wines, grocery packages, gift certificates to small office desk items like planners, calendars, notepads and promotional pens. Funny and ironic though, all the preggies (including me) in our department drew and took home the much sought wines.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2nd Year Anniversary and a RAK!

Hubby and I are celebrating tomorrow our 2nd Year Anniversary. (I’m posting this now for a longer RAK time – see details below). I don’t know yet how are we going to celebrate it since they’re having their Christmas Party tom night. Anyhoo, since I can’t go out to buy him a special something, here’s a layout I painstakingly did for about four hours this afternoon! (Yay finally, was able to use the goodies I shopped these past few weeks). The message says it all… to my dear hubby: Happy Anniversary!!! Love you so much!

I’m also sending a shoutout to Andrea and Ramil…happy 2nd anniversary to both of you din!!!

On this same date two years ago, I vowed to be your constant best friend, your faithful partner, you eternal soul mate and fortress. I can still vividly remember that special moment when I gave you my word that I’ll love you forever and it is with you that I’ll share the rest of my life with. Now as we celebrate our second year anniversary and as we joyfully await the coming of our Baby A, I want to renew and reaffirm my be the best that I can be - as your wife and soon, Baby A’s mom. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you’ve given me. Surely we have our own share of ups and downs but it’s in those moments that we’ve proven how stronger we could become, how our love encompasses everything…and I thank for you that. Happy Anniversary and I love you so much!

My apologies if I don’t have any material thing to give you on this special day. I know, more than anything else, it’s this lil blessing inside my tummy that you’re most anxious to get hold of. Don’t worry Dad, our greatest and most-awaited gift will be unwrapped soon.

Clustered Frame by Catherine Paturet
Flower Swirl by O.N. Designs
Abigail and Acid Rain Papers by Janelle Kretschman
Bailey Elements by Janelle Kretschman
Frosted Snow Flurry Gold & Blue Bow by Michelle Coleman
Ribbon Rider by Natalie Braxton
Being Me Elements by Gina Marie Huff
Grunge Frame by Nancy Comelab
Font: KGD Kate


So here’s another RAK I’m throwing to my blogging friends out there. Since hubby and I were so blessed this year, I’m giving away $10 worth of paypal credits to the lucky one who’ll post the sweetest anniversary message and wish for us. (Minimum of 60 words and the link should appear one time within the post…just joking! Paid blogging ba ang dating? Lolz) This will be open until I say it’s over. Good luck!

28 Weeks.

My Baby A, we are on our 28th week already and this marks our third and last trimester. We’re in the home stretch, my sweetie! We’re almost there..just a few more weeks and we’ll finally see you. Mom will have her prenatal routine next week..the weekend before Christmas! Dad is excited again since I’ll undergo an ultrasound for your CA scan. We’ll be seeing you again my little boy in the monitor, I bet you’ll carry out again your usual tricks. Don’t give the doctor a hard time checking on you ha?

Here’s how Mom looks like now onset with the last stretch of our journey. A lot of Mom’s friends whom I rarely see are asking how I look like recently so here it is. Now they can attest if I really look like a “butete” just like how Mom’s colleagues would always jokingly say.

Mom together with Tita Amor, Tita Bel, Tita Joy and Tita Riza during the Xmas Party

Dad and I went to Dakki yesterday to avail of their sale promotion. Look what we got you, sweetie! You now have your pillow set. Daddy said it’s his Christmas gift to you. He’s even joking that he’d wrapped it also so you have something to open when you come out. So far, here are your stuffs at the moment, your Baby Book and this infant wear set given by your Tita Dada. Dad and Lola Liz scheduled to shop your other stuffs by next month. I would love to go with them but as you know we’re prohibited to engage with tiring activities for our safety.

Tomorrow is a special day for your Mom and Dad. We’ll be celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary! We both are in high spirits since we’re celebrating it in anticipation that our family will soon be complete with your coming. I’m just not sure though if we can have a special date tomorrow since it’ll be your Dad’s Christmas Party in the office. Probably, the date will have to be moved to some other day. Let’s just wait and see.

I love you my sweetie,

Baby A’s development at 28 weeks:
By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels. He can blink his eyes, which now sport lashes. With his eyesight developing, he may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. He's also developing billions of neurons in his brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

Another Award!!!

Thanks to Yen and Kathy for this award eventhough I'm a bad blogger sometimes (usually on weekdays):

Bodacious means;
bar·da·cious (bär-) Southern & South Midland U.S.

1. Remarkable; prodigious.
2. Audacious; gutsy.

1. Completely; extremely.
2. Audaciously; boldly.

Now I'm passing this badge to Litzie, Suzanne and Diane.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ang "Kawawang" Lechon..Bow!

Whew! I just finished a handful of my blog assignments. I’m a bit tired and sleepy already. Tomorrow’s a another day and since it’s still a no-work day, expect a lot of new entries (and photos) on this blog. You know naman, I usually get to update my nook only on weekends. So before I retire the night, I’m sharing a photo that I know you’ll be drooling over. Here’s the Lechon Cebu (flew all the way from Cebu really!) we massacred and feasted on during our Christmas Party last Tuesday. Yummy!

My Kris Kringle Gift.

One of our Christmas Party highlights last Tuesday was the Kris Kringle revelation where we got to know who our Mom/Dad and babies were during the themed weekly giving of gifts. Since it was the culmination of our Kris Kringle, we had the giving the other way around. It’d be the babies who’ll be gifting their Mom/Dad in accordance to their posted wish list. My Dad, who was generous during the weekly giving and gave me a pillow, 2 bars of chocolates and stuffed cellphone holder, wished for an Adidas golf visor or a body pillow. I gave him the latter since it was easier to buy in a nearby Dakki outlet and the cost is just within the agreed limit. As for me, who has been ever ready with my wish list since November, I received this from my baby:

…the latest Nicholas Sparks novel (released just last September). It seems that Nicholas Sparks’ books have been a yearly/traditional gift to me. I got 2 books last year and now I have another one to add to my collection. Can’t wait to start reading it!


Bubba Gump is one of my fave dining hang out at Greenbelt. Aside from their yummy and huge servings, I just so love the ambiance with all the Forrest Gump memorabilia strategically displayed and draping their walls. I wonder where the owner obtained those authentic collectibles. I actually saw this similar Tom Hanks-signed poster hanging on their wall.

They must have got it from By the way, if you are in the lookout for authentically signed and unsigned memorabilia of your favorite movie and television celebrities, sports and music icons, check out this site. They have a wide selection of signed posters, displays, photographs and prints of infamous celebrities of all time. They even have in here Harry Houdini and US President Display Memorabilia. If you are a collector hobbyist, then this site is a one-stop shop for you. You better check it out fast as they have a 15% off holiday sale promo.

For the sports fans out there, check out their wide array of baseball autographs and minted memories sports collection as they are tied up with The Highland Mint. Among their bestsellers is the Angel Stadium of Anaheim Bronze Coin which only cost USD 14.95. It’s actually a nice inexpensive holiday present for those baseball fans out there.

Mesothelioma What?

Are you familiar with or have heard of the term mesothelioma? It’s my first time actually to hear about it as I stumbled upon the topic “mesothelioma lawyer” while surfing the net a while ago. I initially thought it was some kind of a criminal offense or any misdemeanor-related act of some sort. When I googled about it, I was surprised to know that it’s some kind of a cancer usually hitting a part of the respiratory system due to exposure with asbestos. The asbestos industry has been regulated since the 1970’s being the sole cause of this disease. There are actually legal issues connected thus, there are lawyers who are focused, help represent and recover damages of those affected with such disease and other serious injuries.

Party-filled Week.

This week was a party-filled one. One was last Tuesday for our department’s exclusive Christmas bash while the other one was the company-sponsored party for all of our Makati sites last Wednesday.

Our department’s party was supposedly held at Prince Plaza but due to schedule conflicts, the managers decided to have it instead in our colleague’s place here in Makati. It was actually fun although I didn’t participate much in the contests. There were lots of foods (catered by Food Creatives)..i love the Cebu lechon; videoke galore; parlor games and the most-awaited dancing contest. There were 4 groups who competed and strutted their own Papaya Dance versions. Since there are 3 of us in the department who are pregnant and didn’t join, we served as the judges and it was actually tough. They all have their own styles, unique costumes and different interpretations. The first group (who eventually emerged first placers) was the most impressive of all. I like their funky, colorful, flashy and prismatic style where they used little, different-colored flashlights strapped on their fingers and eyewears. Their blings-blings also spiced up their costumes. I heard they even intended to use more props such as solar lights but it just didn’t work when they were about to perform. The other groups adapted various themes such as Filipiniana-Political, Ang TV-Santa Reindeers and 70’s themes. The party was a blast. We ended it up early since we still have work (and another Christmas party) the next day.

The company-sponsored party was held at the PICC Forum. Well, I dunno but it was actually pretty boring. We just availed the free food (catered by Via Mare), tried our luck in winning raffle prizes and just grooved to the disco music afterwards. Out of boredom and since I got sleepy, I didn’t finish the party and went home ahead of everybody although I noticed that several were also leaving the venue early.

I have pics to share but I haven’t uploaded them at the moment. Will post them here soon.

Fridays Feast 172

Make up a word and give us its definition.
Mai-licious - which means pretty and sexy pregnant lady! Lolz!

What is currently your favorite song?
Swept Away by Christopher Cross. It’s definitely not a new song but I find it playing it over and over again on my Playlist every time I do my online chores. Probably the sentimental in me is striking again plus these crazy pregnancy hormones overwhelm me and gets me pretty excited with the coming of Baby A. I’m really and literally “swept away”.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?
Hmm..stuffs for Baby A (since I can’t go malling and shopping) – The Coutoure Diaper Bag (I have a feeling Santa will be surprising me with this soon) and Baby Sling.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.
To be specific, Ralph Lauren Perfume…hubby has never tried other perfumes other than Polo Sport.

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?
Baron Geisler…drunk, wild, berserk inside Big Brother’s house. Quite disturbing really & scary.

On Being Skinny.

Since my childhood days, I have always been on the “skinny” side. I am not sure if it’s quite a blessing then but I had my own dose of scolding from my folks – to eat plenty, take naps in the afternoon, drink vitamins, etc because they say being thin when you’re a kid comes with an impression of being almost malnourished. I did try overhauling my scrawny-look but probably, that’s just how my metabolism (and genes) works. There was even a point when I could consume two cups of rice a meal – yeah, a construction worker appetite – but the heaviest I weighed during my late teen years was just up to 100 lbs (average weight played around 90-95 lbs). I never passed beyond that. Diet, slimming teas, medicines and trainings, diet patch – those were never part of my vocabulary.

With my pregnancy and with Baby A developing inside me, it’s a milestone actually for me to see the scales hand whip up beyond 115 lbs. As of my last checking, I’m on my 118 lbs mark already. I’ve indeed gained a lot but a lot has been commenting that I still look “sexy” (thanks!) and lean despite the bulging tummy: in short, no pregnancy fats. Prolly, this is the time when I have to thank my metabolism and genes, at least, I won’t be having a hard time or will not undergo at all the stage of trimming down weight after I give birth.

The Orleans Hotel.

For those of you who are heading to Nevada for the holidays, you better check out the cool deals being offered and place your reservations at Orleans hotel Las Vegas. Located two miles west of the Las Vegas “strip”, it houses over 1,800 comfy and attractive guest rooms and suites. The Orleans offers the best of everything from gaming, entertainment, shopping, fitness, outdoor fun, etc. Mardi Gras is also celebrated everyday here so do check it out and see for yourself.

Gasping for Air.

Eeeekk…no weekday updates? Well, it’s December and it’s certainly that time of the year when our department is so swamped with work! Oh well, being with the Finance Department of the company and having a centralized Purchasing Group catering the needs from across all of our sites (7 in Manila and 2 in Visayas), makes us the most wanted and most sought after during these times when everyone’s up with their Christmas Parties (booking of venues and caterers), purchase raffle items, book travels and accommodations (issue LOAs to hotels, pension houses and Condo Hotels)..anything that has to do with procurement of the things they’ll be needing, commercial negotiation with vendors etcetera etcetera. While everybody is so high-spirited and giddily excited over the holidays, yeah..we on the other hand are busy and so stressed out that we can’t even seem to feel the holidays anymore. With call centers having a fast-phased setting aggravates the situation…all time favorite term? RUSH PROCESSING! Arrghh! We can’t even breathe anymore. We need a break..a loooong break!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

27 Weeks and Happy Feet.

My Baby A..As anticipated, our last week was indeed busy and tiring. Mom’s back at work and after a 2-week absence, I was so swamped with unread emails, phone inquiries from vendors, and other pending tasks. Mom intended to blog but since I was so tired to do so, I just managed to hang online for several mails, did some blog visits, monitored paypal earnings and that’s it. Albeit hard, our week was pretty exciting too and filled of surprises and blessings. Here are just some of the highlights of our week:

* Everyone’s glad to see me back last Monday and they’re all happy to know that we’re both well. They commented that my tummy grew bigger na nga. They even compared my tummy to a co-preggy colleague who has the same body physique as mine and who’s giving birth a month ahead of me. Mine is bigger daw.

* Dad started shopping for gifts already. Yay! Since he was on a week-long offsite training, he’d dropped by Glorietta muna before picking me up after work (since Mom also rendered OT for an hour each day to cope up). Galing-galing ni Dad pumili..hehe! He’s really a savior since we’re barred from malling nga.

* On Thursday – Yipee! Mom received her 13th month pay! Mom also received a package from a blogger friend, Kathy. (That deserves a separate entry). Thank you sis! Mmwah!

* Friday – Mom’s boss treated the whole group with a sumptuous lunch at Sentro Greenbelt.
* This week was a comical one. I received all sorts of comments that a pregnant woman typically gets:
Colleague: "Mai..ang laki-laki na talaga ng tiyan mo!" (Siyempre naman, nagdedevelop si baby eh)

Colleague # 2: "Mai..ang cute mo..para kang butete!" (Hmmm..flattered with the “cute” thing. With the butete thing..whatever!)

Colleague # 3: “In fairness, Mai..pag nakatalikod ka..di ka mukhang buntis” (Siyempre naman, ang baby ko nasa tiyan ko..wala sa likod)

Colleague # 4: “Mai, ang nene mong tignan kasi eh..para kang batang buntis!”

Paul on my protruding navel: “Bi, ang cute ng pusod mo…mukhang pwet ng manok!”

Paul on my way of walking: “Bi, ang cute mong maglakad..para kang penguin” (Maestro music! Dance..Boogie Wonderland..hehe mala-Happy Feet ba?)

Hay I wonder what comments will I get pa?

How Baby A's growing:
This week your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14.4 inches long with his legs extended. He can now open and close his eyes, and he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. He may suck his fingers, and although his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with assistance — if he were to be born prematurely. Chalk up any rhythmic movement you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and isn't bothersome to him, so enjoy the tickle. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. Wonder what he's thinking?

Stop Me!

Stop me…stop me!
….Ay tigilan mo ako..tigilan mo ako.
Jun-jun, I told you not to go to but you go to.....”

Oh well..just mimicking the hilarious maid in the recent PLDT commercial ad (on their wireless landline phone). But totoo…stop me! Waaah! I’ve been shopping for digistuffs lately (and even madly downloading freebies that I get hold of) but the problem is, I haven’t even opened my Photoshop lately. I have several projects in mind…but where the heck is my mojo nga ba?!? Hmmm..eto na talaga..I’m off to open my Photoshop!

By the way, my shopping madness holed up $21.06 on my Paypal credits already. Kaya…stop me talaga! (tigilan mo ako…) Lolz. Buti na lang..mababa ang conversion ng $$$ ngayon!

What Christmas Ornament Are You?

You Are an Angel

A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.

This is so true! Bukod sa mukha akong angel..likas talaga akong mabait! Bwahahaha! *kapal*

Linky Love Chain.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Online To-Do's

Why I didn’t get to blog for one week? Well, as anticipated, pending tasks at work were the culprit. I extended some extra hours just to cope up and since I need all the rest I could have after a tiring day, I didn’t get to hang out that much online when I get home. I’m just glad that it’s weekend so here am I, updating my blogs madly and planning my online itinerary. 1. I pretty have a handful of blog assignments that are nearing deadlines so I better start doing them. 2. To those who left messages on my tagboard and left comments on my previous entries, I owe all of you blog visits. I’ll hang around in your nooks in a while. 3. Hubby started doing our Christmas shopping for gifts already but there are still several in the list that we haven’t thought of what to give. I’ll surf for great ideas later. 4. I must also start browsing for baby stuffs. I’ll research the must-haves and other necessities that Baby A will need. I’d also start hunting for baby furniture like drawers or closets for his things and probably, baby cribs too. Seems I pretty have a hectic line-up of to-do’s so I better start going and will be back in a while. See yah later.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

26 Weeks.

My Dear Baby marks the last day of our 2-week house confinement. Yay! The doctor gave us the go signal to resume work tomorrow BUT we were reminded to observe extreme caution at all times. Bawal mapagod..bawal mastress. While I’m pretty excited to step out of the house, I’m kinda apprehensive with the heaps of awaiting tasks on my desks at work. I wonder how many emails that I need to go through tomorrow morning.

According to Mom’s OB last Thursday, everything’s going well with you and me. I now weigh 115 lbs (we’re surely getting heavier huh?). For the first time, you didn’t give the doctor a hard time catching your heartbeat through the Doppler. That’s my boy! But of course, you didn’t let the checking finish without you performing your usual antics. You gave two powerful bolts to the doctor’s surprise and delight. You’re really so active I always say, you can be so malikot inside me but promise me when you’re out, be nice and always behave, ha? Our next visit will be on the month end and we’ll be catching a glimpse of you again because we’ll be having our CAS.

It’ll be one busy, hectic week ahead of us, my baby…but I promise, we’ll take it easy. I love you, my sweetie!


Here’s how Baby A is growing according to
Your baby now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber), from head to heel. The nerve pathways in his ears are developing, which means his response to sounds is growing more consistent. His lungs are developing now, too, as he continues to take small breaths of amniotic fluid — good practice for when he's born and takes that first breath of air. His testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum — a trip that will take about two to three days.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Squeaking Bed.

It seems we are in need of replacing our bed already. I am not actually sure what’s eerily squeaking, if it’s the bed frame or the foam mattress. With the coming of Baby A next year, we need to have a king-sized one since I’m planning to co-sleep with him perhaps, during his first few months. I guess we’ll start canvassing and plan when to purchase it. For the mean time, we’ll just bear with the squeaks or probably hubby can remedy it.

Itchy! Itchy!

Arrggh! My belly’s itching badly! I’m really tempted to scratch it but the thought of horrid stretch marks make my hands back off. My OB doesn’t recommend applying any creams (anti-itch lotions and moisturizers) since there are still no proven studies that these mixtures are actually effective, according to her. Between 75% to 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy and it’s a fact and phase that I just have to accept and face (pregnancy hormones again!). Actually, I can see some marks start appearing already :sob: I just hope that they disappear in time. The only means of appeasing and lessening the chances of having it is by not scratching it no matter how itchy it can get.

For those Mommies out there, how did you deal with these?

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Online DVD Rental.

With the onset of piracy, video sharing internet sites (Youtube, etc) and peer-to-peer file sharing applications (Limewire, Kazaa, etc), I wonder how the video rental shops are still making business lately. Although the government is already exerting tremendous efforts of combating piracy, these businesses should also come up with innovative ways on winning their patrons back. In the US, they have these so-called Online DVD Rental Companies where one can rent DVDs by mail. These companies operate with such premise:

1. Customer avails rental service through the company’s website.
2. Customer sends a list of movies and the DVDs are sent directly to their mailboxes.
3. Customer watches the DVDs and sends them back in the mailbox for pick up. A prepaid return envelope is used for this.
4. When the company receives the returned DVDs, movies next in the customer’s list will be sent.

I don’t see any reason why this can’t be adapted in our country. Everyone is practically connected to the internet nowadays anyway.