Monday, December 20, 2010

Home Organizing

Organizing one’s home can be very taxing especially if the fixtures of your home are elevated. Vertically challenged individuals, like yours truly, need the aid of step stools to organize ones kitchen cabinets or walk-in closets. Though an added expense for maintenance of one’s home, step stools are mainstays in the constructions tools of one’s house. The constant search for a sturdy, safe and enduring two step stool has been more of a challenge than anything. Sometimes the step stools that are readily available in the market are all so frail and feeble or are cause of accidents at home.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally Up

Finally, the husband and my Brother-in-law who was here earlier were able to put up the Christmas outdoor lighting fixtures we bought in Pampanga a month ago.  The husband planned to install long before but the improvised ladder he used to step on got broken.  (He even met a little accident while using it).  Then busy schedule got in his way that the installation was prolonged.  Glad that it’s up now.  It really is looking a lot like Christmas now here in our compound.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Alternative Option

Just when I thought that we’re all ready for the wedding we’ll attend tomorrow comes the realization that the dress I’m planning to wear isn’t in my closet.  Geez.  All the while I thought it’s just there and I have even thought which pair of shoes and jewelries to partner it with.  It just dawned on me earlier that I have brought it back to our Makati home a few months ago.  Now, I’m trying to contact my brother to drive it to here along with the canon projector I’m borrowing.  However, with the Christmas rush and pestering traffic all over the metropolis, I don’t think he’d be in the mood to brave it so I might as well start looking for an alternative option in my closet.

On Giving Gifts to Men and Boys

When we were shopping for Christmas gifts two weeks ago, the husband and I argued about the premise whether the boys and men are the easiest to give Christmas presents to.  As compared to ladies who have so much interests, men are sometimes just limited to very few things.  Like if you’d take a look at a masculine room, shirts, sport trophies and gadgets are the most common sightings.  The husband said that the fewer the choices are, the easier to decide.  But I believe otherwise.  Since the choices are limited, isn’t it much harder every year to think of anything new or unique item to gift? 

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Why Should You Get Payday Loans Online?

The internet is a treasure trove of all kinds of resources ranging from information to complex products and services. The growth of the internet into our lives is very remarkable, especially if you take into account the time that it has taken to virtually take over every aspect of our lives. A very good example of how internet has become dominant in a common man’s life is payday loans. Now, should you need it, you can acquire payday loans from the comfort of your home without even having to provide extensive documents or even worry about your credit history. Now, you may question the wisdom of getting payday loans against the multiple benefits of conventional forms of loans available in the real world. However, the question is moot because online payday loans are, by far, the more advantageous option. Here is how.

1. Speed:   The main calling card of online payday loans is that they are the fastest method for anyone to get a loan. On the contrary, conventional loans tend to be more long winded as they involve complex and detailed formalities regarding vetting of the loan application and the loan applicant’s abilities. In fact, you can get online payday loans in a matter of hours while conventional loans take days to get commissioned.

2. Variety:   It is easier for a person to have more options and to compare the same in a more detailed manner if it is through the World Wide Web. Imagine trying to find all the brochures and documents for different types of loans in the real world. You would have to go to different banks and financial institutions or pay a financial consultant for the same. In contrast, with online payday loans, all you have to do is conduct a search on one of the many search engines with proper keywords and you get a host of options on the first page itself.

Convenience:   The point of variety leads us to the convenience of acquiring payday loans to the difficulties of dealing with conventional types of loans. When you acquire online payday loans, you will not have to travel anywhere for anything or, for that matter, fill too many complex application forms. On the other hand, when you apply for conventional loans, you will have to make multiple trips, attend multiple meetings and fill up applications forms that are full of jargon. Hence, in simpler words, it can be said that online payday loans are more convenient to get than conventional types of loans.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Jewelry Gifts

If you want to give a truly unique gift this holiday, jewelry with a personal touch can be a memorable way to make a lasting impression on someone. It doesn't cost anything extra to personalize your diamond discount jewelry gifts, it just takes a little extra thought and attention. Here are a few ideas to consider to help you find a gift that is as unique and personal as the recipient.


Any jewelry that can carry photos, like lockets and charms, offer a great opportunity to personalize a jewelry gift. Photos that can help to personalize a jewelry gift are photos of children, parents, grandparents, or even the gift recipient themselves. Romantic gifts can include an image of the couple. For pet lovers, you can put a small picture of their beloved pet.


If you know the birthday of the gift recipient, you can choose jewelry that has their birthstone in it. Most of the birthstones are semi-precious stones, and for those that aren't you can used synthetic stones. However, many of the semi-precious stones are easily affordable.


Buy charms that mean something special to the gift recipient. Maybe they love penguins or they are book worm, you can buy little charms indicative of their personal preferences. Maybe they have a goth style and would appreciate skeletons or crosses as charms. The charms are as individual as the people.


Names make a great way to personalize a jewelry gift. You can use the letters for initials or engrave the name or nick name onto a piece of jewelry to personalize it. Charm or pendant necklaces with initial charms are popular with a large number of people. You can even get a bead bracelet with engraved lettering to spell out the name of the person or someone close to them.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Christmas Gift

Our Christmas gift for the little one is ready and it’s just waiting to be gift-wrapped.  We didn’t have a hard time thinking about it because it’s actually his long time wish.  He would nag us to buy him one every time we go to Toys R Us or every time he sees one on TV.  Oh boy, he’s indeed growing up so fast.  He can now tell what he wants and soon, perhaps, he’d be wishing for more high tech gadgets such as PS3, an iPod and who knows even a laptop.  Have you also observed how kids of this generation have gone so way advanced and techie?

Friday, December 03, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

When you buy gold coins, you make a good and sound decision for your finances. Gold is never a bad investment, whether you buy them for your personal collection or as a means of securing money for yourself in the future. It is a highly valued form of commodity, does not depreciate, and is recognized all over the world.

Compared to paper money, gold does not rely on exchange rates or a particular country’s economy. Because it is also in limited supply and with the possibility that it will become scarce in the future, it is wise to invest in this precious metal. The United States Gold Bureau can help you start with this endeavor.

Donate 5 Books and Get Php 500 Off on a Crocs Pair

Want to score a Php 500 discount on your next Crocs purchase while supporting a worthwhile cause?

Crocs has initiated a month long book drive starting November 19 where people can donate 5 books and enjoy a Php 500 discount on a pair of Crocs. All Metro Manila Concept Stores will join this drive so you can bring the books to any outlets.

The proceeds will be for the benefit of the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.

For more details, check out the Crocs Philippines Facebook Fan Page:

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The One Thing You Need Most in Business: Good Cash Flow

Profits are good, but if they're seasonal it can crimp your cash flow on off months. The one mistake new entrepreneurs make in business is not planning for shortfalls in cash flow by locating a business loan option ahead of a cash flow emergency. With insufficient cash flow, your business can teeter on the brink or lose valuable opportunities to expand. Either way, if you plan ahead and learn the ins and outs of proper cash flow, you won't be caught short without enough notice to bridge the gap with emergency loans.

Plan Your Cash Flow

If your business is seasonal, you need to be aware when your cash flow will dip. Save enough to carry you through poor months or have some loan options available so that you can continue to make payroll and keep your doors open. Many companies fell apart during the recession because they could not gain access to conventional credit lines that helped them maintain their businesses. However, there are other alternatives and as a business owner you should know about all of them.

Research Lenders

Take a look at what types of alternative lending is available, in case we have another credit crisis. Merchant lenders can provide a loan based on your credit card receivables, instead of your business credit score or some form of collateral. This can make these types of loans easier to get when other forms of credit dry up.

Stand Ready to Profit

By planning ahead, you will have access to money to help expand your business when an opportunity arises. Maybe you want to fund the purchase of new infrastructure in your business and the government is now offering rebates. If you can't locate the money, the rebate will be meaningless. In cases where you stand to lose more by not taking action than to take action, secure the cash flow so that you have the funds necessary to progress as a business.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Responsible Driver

I really am blessed to have married not only a loving and supportive man but a responsible driver as well.  You see, the husband drinks once in a while in late night parties and recently, in their late night team building activities with colleagues.  But when he knows that he’s driving after, he controls himself and drinks just enough.  Or in times that we’re with him, he doesn’t drink at all.  He knows that alcohol can change the framework of an individual so he’d rather pass the bottle than put to risk our lives.  How I wish all of the drivers out there think like him.  Unfortunately, many motorists have to learn the difficult way.  They wait that they get involved in accidents first before their senses are shaken up.  They wait for Houston DWI lawyers to bail them out before they realize how serious and dangerous drunk driving is.