Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Responsible Driver

I really am blessed to have married not only a loving and supportive man but a responsible driver as well.  You see, the husband drinks once in a while in late night parties and recently, in their late night team building activities with colleagues.  But when he knows that he’s driving after, he controls himself and drinks just enough.  Or in times that we’re with him, he doesn’t drink at all.  He knows that alcohol can change the framework of an individual so he’d rather pass the bottle than put to risk our lives.  How I wish all of the drivers out there think like him.  Unfortunately, many motorists have to learn the difficult way.  They wait that they get involved in accidents first before their senses are shaken up.  They wait for Houston DWI lawyers to bail them out before they realize how serious and dangerous drunk driving is. 

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