Friday, May 17, 2013

The Local Music Scene

The music scene has been experiencing a plethora of foreign bands and artists coming to the local concert scene to stage concerts. It’s a great advantage to concertgoers but can be a disadvantage to the local music artists in general. Most concertgoers would naturally watch foreign artists with the reason that they can catch a local artist’s show next time.

The key here would be to improve the music scene in general. Concert artists should improve their repertoire. Publicists should amp their marketing. Bass and other musical equipment should be state of the art as well.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Don’t End Too Soon, Summer.

Summer will end in a month’s time here in our part of the world.  And I should be alarmed because I haven’t worn my beach wear and haven't gone for a good swim in the beach or pool yet because of my very busy schedule with my work.  Hopefully, I’d be able to trim down my work tasks so that it’ll be somehow manageable and I can sneak out for a brief vacation.  Wish me luck.

Wishing to Head to Somewhere Cooler

The summer heat has been unforgiving these past few days.  These make me want to hit the road with the family and just head to the mountains of Baguio where the climate is much cooler.  I’m sure my kids would be ecstatic as well because more than the cool weather they always look forward to enjoy their favorite activity at the Wright Park: horseback riding!  They care less if they don’t have the proper riding attire like the mens riding pants, all they care about is they’d be able to mount and have a cool ride with a guide, of course.