Friday, November 27, 2009

This Is It!

If schedule permits, we might be able to drop by in our future little mansion's location tomorrow morning and meet our Ninong (the developer). We'll sort out and finalize a few stuffs regarding the financing part. We might also be able to discuss the final design layout specifically the floor plan on the ground floor since ours will slightly be deviated from the other houses' layouts. Well, I leave that task to the husband he's more knowledgeable about those stuffs than me. I will just meddle come designing time..err not actually meddle because I also know less about interior designing but more of giving out suggestions on minor things like the bathroom lighting for example. Can you already sense how excited we are? This is it! The future little mansion is inch by inch becoming a reality.

Don't Underestimate

I have mentioned earlier that we're attending a wedding tomorrow. It's our first time to set foot in that particular venue so I asked a while ago the driver husband if he knows already how to get there. His answer: "I have a gps-like mind so don't you worry and we'll get there". Yeah right, there goes the confidence again. I just hope that we won't get lost on our way and we'll really get there in time.

After Graduation Plans

Our youngest sibling will be graduating from college in less than four months. Finally, my Dad can now truly relax and just enjoy his retiring years after painstakingly working abroad just to send us to good schools. I'm not sure though if my brother will find right away a job or will take a few months of rest. In my opinion, it would be better if he'll try to find a job right away. Seeking a job right now is kinda tough so he should grab all bright chances that he can get. Besides, should he wish to study further, he can enroll himself in online colleges like Capella University while working. Capella is an accredited, fully online university and one of the best online graduate schools for working adults. They offer various graduate degree programs one of which is business and just the perfect masteral course for my brother. He really should check out this school soon and I bet that he'll more likely agree with my suggestion.

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Christmas Goodies from Conti's

A former colleague of mine is currently working for Conti's, a pastry shop and restaurant well known for its luscious dishes liked Baked Salmon and cakes like Mango Bravo. Be sure to sign up for austin weight loss programs after gobbling at their resto. She announces in her facebook wall that the Conti's Christmas Goodies are now available: fruit cake, special ham, cakes, pastries, sweets like polvoron, pastillas, mango empanaditas, cashew empanaditas, special breads in boxes and a lot more. These are perfect for all those who have sweet tooth and these also serve as magnificent Christmas gifts to friends and loved ones. But if I were to ask, I'd prefer to receive a whole (not just a single slice) Mango Bravo cake for Christmas and I'm more than contented with that.

Discounted iPhone Accessories

I bet shopaholics in the US are now trying to hit the sack as early as they could to store enough energy in time for the Black Friday Sales shopping in stores a few hours from now. Or perhaps, some of them have already set up tents and are camping out outside their favorite malls so they'd be first in the line. For some most probably, they have already taken advantage the Thanksgiving deals in online shops like (their thanksgiving sale is up to 70% off). Do check out their great deals now specifically their iphone accessories. From $39.99, these Maximo iM-390 iMetal™ Isolation Earphones' price is now just $25.79. Great savings, indeed.

Cosmetology School

Tomorrow's the wedding day of a dear friend of mine. I have already prepared the dress and thought of my getup for tomorrow. Unfortunately, I left my iron hair straightener at my folks' place in Makati so I'll just go to a salon after lunch for hair services. I might as well hire help to have my make up done since I'm no expert with it. These are the times when I wish that I can pursue a degree in any cosmetology schools in kansas so I can expertly do all these by myself. I learned from FindABeautySchool through their beauty school directory about the various top notch beauty schools in that area as well in other states. Its services are really convenient for beauty student hopefuls through their comprehensive directory listings searchable either by zip or state.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2010 Travel Plan

As the year comes to an end and we're about to welcome a new year, it's never too early to start planning and writing down our goals/plans for 2010. I could say that our year will be mainly focused building and "beautifying" our little mansion. By the way, just heard another positive news about it last night *wink wink*.

Hubby's offshore work assignment next year is still obscure so we'll focus on among other things like domestic travel plans. I want my son to visit his great grandma in our hometown in Isabela where I know he'll appreciate the green fields, the farm scenery complete with animals and even farm automobiles and cattle supplies, the nearby irrigation to which I'm sure he'll drag us because he'd want to swim. Just by thinking about this trip makes me giddily excited. It's been a while since I visited the grannies so this homecoming will be great.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Out of Whack


Yeah..right. That's the major reason why I've been slacking these past few days letting all my online assignments just pile up and end up cramming come deadline time. Not even my favorite past time of window shopping online for clothes and Naot shoes can perk me up. Geez, hormones! Why do they have to get out of whack every now and then?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We just received the wedding invitation from one among our many friends who are getting married before the year ends. Looking at their entourage names, I could say that they are one "professional-studded" cast because mostly are doctors, engineers and architects! Lacking is a representative from the lawyer's group. I wonder too if the group of CPAs is represented.

Speaking of Certified Public Accountants, I've heard one particular Las Vegas accounting firm that my batchmates in college are raving about. A lot of them are wanting to fly to Nevada and be part of KondlerCPA's group of elite accountants who are very well commended for their brilliance in providing accounting services and financial business solutions. Having a vast experience in industries like petroleum distribution, auto dealerships, retail/convenience stores, etc, it's no doubt how many businesses in the area are contracting and commending their services very much.

Brooches as Gift Toppers

I'm feeling a little crafty this afternoon as I am about to gift wrap a present I'll be giving a friend on her birthday soon. Look what I chanced upon on the web while researching for some creative and unique ways of giftwrapping. Using a brooch as a gift topper definitely adds a personality to a gift no matter how small the parcel is. You can also adapt this idea when wrapping wedding or birthday giveaways.

For ways and special instructions, check out the blog post here.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

It's no longer surprising why December and not June is actually the wedding month here in the country. As a December bride myself, I just know how advantageous it is to get wed in the most festive month of the year. This is the month when most relatives and friends from abroad take time to travel and spend the Christmas holidays back home. This means more loved ones and regarded persons won't miss your grand celebration. Two, this is the month when Christmas bonuses are in so there's extra money to splurge on the wedding expenses. Three, it's simply the most festive period and people are in great party mood because of the holiday fever.

However, there could also be disadvantages. One, December is a peak travel month so that means expensive airfare and hotel rates. Two, since a lot gets wed on this month, it also means that this is the month when most anniversaries are celebrated. So this I think has also got to do with disadvantage number 1 since a lot of couples wander away from the city and enjoy an Anniversary Getaway in the most romantic place on earth like the Riviera Maya beaches in Mexico. This coastline is where the Karisma group of hotels and the world of sensuality can be found. They have five signature resorts that include: El Dorado Royale Spa Resort (adults only), El Dorado Seaside Suites (adults only), Azul Beach (family-friendly) and Azul Blue (family-friendly) and Hidden Beach Resort (naturalist)...all highly raved about and commended for their exceptional all inclusive luxury vacation that they offer.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Feasts Food Gifts and Chef's Tips

So the Holiday is really just around the corner. Aside from gift shopping, the early Christmas preparations a housemaker usually does are learning new recipes for the Holiday Feasts and browsing for a comprehensive colon cleanse review to go with it.

Want to learn new recipes and menus to cook for Noche Buena and Media Noche feasting? Then this culinary demonstration organized by San Miguel Great Food Club and The Podium is a must attend activity.


We'll be attending a close friend's wedding by the end of the month. Then the week after, we'll witness another High School friend's wedding. Celebrations such as these will mean get togethers and I'm pretty sure that friends whom I haven't seen in a while will comment how I look skinnier as ever. For the nth time, I'll be asked if I'm taking appetite suppressants or those sorts. I can already picture their startled look when I answer back that I'm still breastfeeding my 20 month old son. It has always been like this...I don't know if they're surprised how breastfeeding can be a great slimming regimen or are they surprised why I breastfeed at such a long time. They perhaps don't believe that breastfeeding is really best for babies until two years and beyond.

Artscow Printing

Printing pictures is one of the things that I've been putting off for so long. With the tons of unprinted pictures stored in our hard drives, I think I need to allot a day off my hectic life just to upload and have them ordered at Artscow. I can't even remember which batch of Asher's pictures were printed last. Speaking of Artscow, I haven't also resumed digiscrapping his first birthday photobook. Yikes! I know, this laziness has to stop before he turns 2 in less than four months.

Disney Holiday Trips.

December is just a few weeks away and as early as now I could already feel that it'll be one busy month. A number of my online friends have already booked their Holiday travels. Almost everyone's heading to Hong Kong and bound to experience Disneyland! Perhaps it'll be Orlando apartments that they are booking if only United States is nearer. After all, the first Disneyland theme park is located there. But nevertheless, a lot still wants to visit the one in Hong Kong since it's relatively nearer, much cheaper and newer.

Health Insurance.

We proved how important it is to have a health insurance last year. Little A and I had quite a number of hospital trips so I can't just imagine how much the hospital bills could have holed our wallets big time if we didn't have a health card. I gave birth, I underwent a cholecystectomy surgery to remove my gall stones then the little one was hospitalized due to bronchial asthma before the year ended. We're really thankful that my husband's employer provides this health benefit to its employees and their dependents. It's just sad that dependents aren't qualified for the maternity benefit just like the Blue Advantage package offers. Nevertheless, we're still lucky because we are covered in case something unfortunate happens to us health wise.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Search of Breeches

As we always do every year, we joined the field trip of my in-laws' pre-school in Tagaytay. I haven't blogged the whole experience yet because I haven't uploaded our pictures. It's much enjoyable to read if the story is complete with pictures, right? Also, I'm still searching for a cheap pair of breeches that I can let the little one wear as part of his Equestrian/Cowboy getup. We bought him a mini horse battery-operated stuffed toy at Palace in the Sky that he fondly rides lately as he excitedly hears the neighing sound. I'd love to take a picture of him riding that little horse.

Can't Get Enough

And then..there are NINE.

Just one more blog and I can allot exclusively one of my ten fingers to each. My latest online nook is a travel blog where I will chronicle my latest trips and adventures but majority of the contents will be about the coolest travel deals I'll be seeing on the web. So do stand by while I put it up and ready for unveiling.

Addicted enough?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gold Investment

Generally, the gold, platinum and silver coins that we have on our purses are used as mere purchasing means at their current value to buy commodities. But for some, I'm pertaining to the hobbyists and those who are experts in the investment world, they use these coins as a means to acquire riches and financial security for the for the future. What they do is engage in a buy and sell practice with enormous profits in return. It actually takes a lot of skill, know -ow and persistence for this investment to work. It also needs proper guidance and assistance from the precious metal investment experts like those wise professionals from Monex Deposit Company (MDC). Having been the trusted leader in the industry for nearly 40 years, their gold value (in coins or in bullion forms) are simply the best running rates.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Not Anymore.

I'm pleased to share that I've already recovered from my Facebook game applications addiction. I have blogged about my favorite games that took so much of my time then and reading back, I can't believe that I was so overly hooked to Pet Society, Farm Town, Barn Buddy, Restaurant City, Sushi No Maki, Fish World, Bejewelled Blitz, Waka-waka and a few more before. It was actually the mountain load of online works I had that made me focus and neglected totally those game applications. I guess my main motivation then was that I don't earn from them so might as well give them up. I do miss my characters and pets once in a while and wonder so many things like the new modern sofas and furniture at Pet Society, new trees and new features at Farm Town, new breed of fishes at Fish World and a whole lot more. I refrain from opening any of these games because I'm afraid that I'd get hooked again.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Holiday Eyeglasses Fashion

For the eyeglass wearers out there, have you checked out the New Arrivals of Zenni glasses lately? Their $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses collection has now more options to choose from with the introduction of their Holiday Fun Eyeglasses. If you want to sport a themed getup this holiday season, you might want to check out this ultra chic design.

More Holiday designs are available on their gallery. Do check it out now.