Friday, September 30, 2005

knock knock..updates naman still here!

Just a quick blog post of what we've accomplished lately and we're eyeing to fulfill these coming days. Will really try to go into details once I got the time and pag nakapagpahinga na ako ng kahit konti (been really busy..):
* finally, we've found our entourage's gownmaker. pinagtiyagaan ang maputik na divisoria nung sabado (maulan last weekend because of the typhoons) ok lang at least we have a really tipid find. It's way below our budget kaya super happy talaga. I've already asked my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors to send their measurements.

* Invitations- we're halfway through na yata. RSVP card and map inserts for printing na lang.

* Tomorrow: the gift favors for male Principal Sponsors and entourage are ready for pick up. Same as with the customized invites' envelopes we ordered at Recto.

* Saturday: Bridal shoes hunt, bridal registry application at Rustan's, prodution meeting with Sentimental Groove.

* Sunday: Niyay! rest day overtime ako...huhu! pero ok lang at least may OT pay. As for Paul, perhaps he'll try to finish the invites na.

Next week..sobrang daming preps activities..I'll blog it as they happen na lang.

Have to sleep na..past midnight day much as I love pay days, ganun ko din ka-hate kasi pagod - pagod na naman sa business center sure dadagsain na naman kami because it's the last day for the Globe Lightest Stuff Promo. By the way, for Globe users diyan, unlimited text and discounted calls for postpaid and prepaid are extended until oct 27..Also, prepaid international roaming can now also be activated through text! just visit Globe Telecom's website for more promo details or email me at


Sunday, September 25, 2005


I've been tagged by Mhay, Joy and..
here are my seven things..

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) death of a loved one
2.) shortage of cash and check collections or stock variances at work
(san ako kukuha ng pambayad nga mga cellphones waah!)
3.) earthquakes
4.) meeting accidents
5.) getting broke
6.) mumu
7.) big dogs (lalo na mga askal)

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Spending time with Paul
2.) Internet
3.) KFC
4.) my mobile phone
5.) paydays and bonuses
6.) weekends and holidays
7.) shopping

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I'm Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) hehehe!br>
2. my nickname "mai" is derived from my real nick at home which is maileen
3. I am christened at home with lots of pen names...ninin, mogle, siding, mingming
4. I'm a sleepyhead..kaya nga gamit na gamit ang snooze mode ng cellphone alarm ko :D
5. I'm workaholic (no choice eh)
6. The heaviest I've been so far was only 100 lbs
7. I'm an Ilocana pero hirap to speak the dialect

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1. My bed
2. my 4 pillows
3. mirror
4. electric fan
5. Nicholas Sparks' books
6. mp3 player and speaker
7. phone

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Have children
2. Own a house
3. Own businessES (plural ito)
4. Travel around the world
5. Ensure my family is well established
6. Put up a school
7. Migrate to another country (niyahaha!)
Seven Things I Can Do:
1. I can be a voracious eater without getting fat/gaining weight
(kahit na pilit ng nagpapataba)
2. I can get dressed for work in 30 minutes
3. I can type numerous serial numbers fast without looking at the numpad
4. I can sleep for 12 hours straight
5. I can dance
6. I can survive my mornings without eating breakfast
7. fly (sa panaginip..hehe! la na akong maisip eh)

seven things i can't do
1. swim (floating lang alam ko)
2. drive (kaya nga andiyan si paul eh haha!)
3. last a day without talking with Paul
4. cartwheel
5. live without internet
6. be stuck alone on an island mala-castaway kahit na may "wilson" akong kasama
7. eat ampalaya

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1. Love for God
2. Love and value for family
3. Sense of humor
4. Smart
5. Goal-oriented
6. Sense of responsibility
7. simplicity

Seven Things I Say the Most
1. Bi
2. Nyee
3. Ow noowww!
4. Anak ng ...!
5. Kainis naman...
6. Anohhh baahhh yaannnn!
7. Paksiyet (hehehe!)

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Sa wakas nakauwi din kami ng maaga yahoo! As part of our center's cost cutting measures, our business hours are reduced..from 8am-6pm, we're now only open from 9 am - 5 pm. Though payment transactions are still least, we can go home earlier na. Siyempre it means more rest or should I say makakapagliwaliw na kami sa mall! We finished at 6:15 kanina yey! isa itong himala! we're used to going home at 8:30 or even 9 pm.

Anyway, we may be happy that we're going home early but still, pay days will be less anticipated na. Konti na lang kasi ang OT pay. Hay naku, when you're a cash officer (a.k.a cashier) sa globe, it's quite expected na you seem to get twice of your basic dahil sa OT..yep! sa last payslip ko nga di ako makapaniwala 37.5 hours of OT for 12 working days (average of 3 hours of OT daily)???? You could just imagine the stress I go through everyday...Hay naalala ko tuloy yung commercial ng stresstabs...malapit ko na atang maging kamukha yun dahil sa stress. niyay!

By the way, with regards to my previous post..thanks sa lahat ng nagleave ng comments..thanks sa encouraging words niyo..kelangan ko talaga yun. I'm doing okay na. :D As i've said ..i know kaya ko ito!

Monday, September 19, 2005

sad..pero kaya ko ito!

sorry..i just have to vent out what I feel..ayaw ko na munang umiyak as I had enough..

Throughout our preparations since January..
we've been doing everything on our own..
we did not ask for help...
nor were there offers of help, too...
bakit ngayong kung kelan malapit ng matapos...
naririnig namin ang "sana ganyan, sana ganito.."
hay! all i can say is that..
"sana you told us beforehand when we're starting pa lang para naconsider namin.."
"sana maisip niyo na this is our day.."
"sana tulungan niyo na lang kami at wag ng dumagdag pa sa pressure"

I never thought it'll be this hard...
daming pressures...
kainggit ibang w @ wies..they have their families by their side..
extending help kahit na di hinihingi..
asking how are they doing with their preps

oh well..ganyan talaga ang buhay..

how i wish makapag-leave ako anytime from work para ma-accomplish ang mga marami-rami pang to-do's..
with barely 3 months left..dami pang gagawin..i hate to think pero nagpapanic na ata ako..hay! sad talaga..pero kaya ko ito!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Off-topic: Congrats to UST-SDT!

Four-peat na ito!
Congrats to UST - Salinggawi Dance Troupe for bagging the 2005 UAAP Cheerdancing Competition..siyempre basta Thomasians magagaling!


hanep ng pyramid!

** photos courtesy of pics at **

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Invitations / Pre-Cana / Honeymoon / Birthday

On Invitations:
We haven't finished our DIY invites. Oh well, am not sure if we're halfway done since Paul and I are so busy these days. We are struggling to fit in work, business and wedding preps on our supposedly "rest days" on weekends. Paul has finished printing the 2 main inserts, drafted the map of the church and reception, and has cut and folded the main cover. To do's are the designs of the front cover, monogram and envelopes. I'm still optimistic, though. We hope to, err..should I say we must finish all these by November, in time for its distribution on 2nd-3rd week of Nov.

On Pre-Cana:
Major accomplishment for the week. :yehey!:
This is one of the church requirements we have to attend. This is scheduled by Sta. Rita Parish every second sunday of the month. It's a 3-hour seminar conducted by a marriage counsellor to prepare engaged couples for the proper disposition in marriage and family life. There's not much activity..we introduced ourselves to 15 other couples..and we just listened as he lectured on the basics of what to expect in marriage and family life and the ways of sustaining a happy family. He put more emphasis on the practical side..that is, we have to consider the couple's financial capacity in raising a family. Siyempre hirap ng buhay ngayon..mahirap nga naman magkaroon ng maraming anak.

We went to Megamall this afternoon to check out the Philippine Travel Mart Expo. Just like the wedding expos we've attended, I went home with lots of flyers..only this time it was limited to honeymoon getaways specifically Boracay resorts. Yeah..I have to give first, I was totally torn between visiting HK Disneyland and Boracay..but this time..ok na ako sa Boracay lang MUNA. (uuyy still hoping sa HK) hehe! Ok lang since we both haven't been to Bora. So yun, I'm rummaging through the Bora flyers I collected and started requesting through email for their peak season rates or honeymoon packages if they have. Tentatively, we're thinking of scheduling our getaway on dec. 19-21 (peak season na siya talaga). Since peak season na siya, we really have to book as early as now..nakow baka nga late na nga rin eh. hay good luck samin. So far, we're considering Pearl of the Pacific, Patio Pacific, Lorenzo Resorts (thanks Maricel for the referral), Boracay Regency, etc. Dami ko pang flyers dito..To those who've been to Bora, any recommendations?

Today's the birthday of my little brother..actually di na siya little..awww..sana baby pa rin siya. I miss his kakulitan, kadaldalan at kalikutan..I used to lull him to sleep nung toddler pa ngayon may nililigawan na eh huhu! Happy 16th Birthday, Rely!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Canonical Interview, updates and other kwentos

Supposedly blogged about this last wednesday but didn't have the time..
In lieu of the National Heroes Day last August 27 which fell on a Sunday, we are entitled to an extra day off from work. Having been saving my Vacation Leaves for a long break on December (wedding + Xmas break), I took this extra off to accomplish the things we've been planning to do.

8:00 AM: We attended our scheduled Canonical Interview at Sta. Rita. First, we were asked to individually fill out questionnaires which would basically indicate our readiness to marriage and compatibility of our background and our views regarding life, career, ambitions, plans, and most especially about our outlook on marriage. The test was relatively easy as it did not require logical thinking nor were there right or correct answers. I just felt a little bit uneasy for I might be surprised on the outcome..katakot lang na mamaya di pala compatible ang answers namin.

Second part was the orientation by the parish priest. He discussed the importance of the documents we're required to submit, discussed about what to expect on the succeeding seminars (Pre-Cana and Faith Catechesis) we'll be attending soon after the canonical interview, pointed out some reminders (especially "the don'ts") on the wedding ceremony proper. He then interviewed us individually..from which parish do we belong, if our parents are catholics, etc. Actually, what took place was not really an interview as he did all the talking. Just reminded us of what to expect on married life..that is, to be particular on each other's differences for he assured that misunderstandings of married couples definitely stem out of those unsettled differences. Minsan daw kahit na magbago ang isang tao, he would always come back to his old ways. There were other things he discussed pero not thoroughly as for sure it'll be talked about more on the pre-cana.

Third part was the pre-marriage counselling. It was in this activity when we discussed with a counsellor our answers to the test we took early on. On the contrary of my doubts, same ang answers namin ni Paul except for the family background questions. (I grew up in a broken, BUT nevertheless happy family). Katuwa kasi pareho pala kami ng thoughts and outlook not only on immediate plans but on the long-term goals din. We had fun exploring each other's insights with our counsellor..though medyo sinermonan din kami hehe! She reminded us not to forget the Lord..kelangan daw MANGUMPISAL as any moment we might leave this world..and of course, we wouldn't want to go unprepared.

After our canonical interview, we went to SPPI to follow up the proceeds of my brother's educational plan that was long overdue. Hay as usual uminit na naman ang ulo ko. Being the guardian, I've been constantly getting in touch with them since march of this year para ma-claim na ang 5th of 8th reimbursement ng tuition fee of my brother who's in junior yr HS. hay kaloka talaga eversince! Hirap nilang kausap..di pa rin sila nadala sa pagka-feature nila sa Private-I on ABS. I don't know what's taking them so long para maprocess ang check (I hope di pa naman sila palugi or something). Hay not only the process but even their Customer Service sucks BIG TIME! Akalain mong mag-irate ang client aba'y mag-irate din ang CSR nila? hay! As usual, we left their office empty-handed. They're asking us to provide a notarized SPA executed by my dad who's in saudi authorizing me to transact on his behalf. We have to provide this first daw before they'll process the check..ang arte think this is our 5th claim na ha. Grrrr!

After lunch, we headed naman to Hotel Rembrandt. Tuesday afternoon, I set up an appointment with their AE, Beth, whom we initially talked with when we booked last january. To my surprise, she's no longer connected daw with rembrandt. And I was like uh-oh..pano na yung napag-usapan namin? I mean, were we properly endorsed kaya? So yun, the one's now in charge is Ginee. We discussed the inclusion of the package, how many pax are guaranteed, etc. When I asked if she would still give us discounts on the rates as promised by Beth, sabi niya wala daw :( Kalungkot talaga..nasa discretion daw ng master chef..niyay sino ba itong chef na ito at makausap. hehe! pero ok naman kaming magagawa. We were not able to sign the contract with Beth kasi prior to her resignation. Kasi naman contract is to be signed after the 50% DP is paid and after pa ng food tasting. Eh alangan naman Jauary pa lang magbayad na kami ng 50% eh tagal pa ng December nun noh..besides pinag-iipunan pa lang namin ni Paul nun. So la talaga kami habol dun sa nipromise ni Beth verbally. Hay ayun..amen na lang kami. Kaya kelangan pang mag-overtime ng husto hehe!

So yun..hopefully, this weekend more accomplishments pa. Definitely medyo busy ulit..we'll be having our Pre-Cana this Sunday..kaya wait for my next blog..till then!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Got these links from my sister..
Click on it and take some time to reflect..

When you feel frustrated:
When you feel nobody's beside you:
When you feel stressed out:

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wedding Expo 7th Edition

No doubt and without second thoughts..we were in "perfect attendance" with the recently concluded Wedding Expo - 7th Edition at the NBC Tent held September 3 - 4, 2005. If I'm not mistaken this was the 5th Bridal Fair I've attended and eventhough we've almost completed our suppliers line up, I definitely wouldn't miss this biggest, so far, bi-annual fair presented by Themes and Motifs.

September 3, Saturday: Paul and I went there at about 2 in the afternoon. Our itinerary for that day supposedly consists of the ff:
1. Pay 50% downpayment to Emily Uy of Sugarbox for our cake.
2. Meet Lala of Interplay to have our 50% DP (paid last April 29 paid through the bank) noted on the contract.
3. Check out promo pricing of Louis Maclean for their wines.
4. Drop by the w @ w booth to grab a copy of the 2005-2006 edition of the Bridal Yellow Pages and at the same time, hand Benz the recopied cd's of the W @ W Grand EB pics.

Every Saturday, Paul and I (siyempre automatic yun) should be at their computer shop by 3 pm. Its his turn kasi na magbantay dun. So since we're kinda late, I suggested that he goes ahead to the shop and I'll take care of those things that needed to be done in the fair. Pero before he left, we roamed around briskly..we went to w @ w booth to give benz the cd's sana. Kaso she was busy giving out w @ w tags to some w @ sabi ko balik na lang later. We then proceeded to Louis Maclean. For the fair, they offer huge discounts on their wines and bubblers plus free packaging. Great! Walang isip-isip pa, we agreed we'll order 8 bottles for our male Principal Sponsors but told the girl in charge we'll call for our orders na lang. Third stop, Emily Uy..ooppss she was busy attending to a client and on we went for a walk muna. Paul halted me when she saw Yna passed by. I ran after her and yun chika-chika and talon-talon ever. It's just so funny kasi as if naman di nagkita for a gimik kinagabihan..pero ever umaatikabong chikahan na naman. And ayun, since may kasama na ako, Paul left na.

Yna and I have similar adorable suppliers..Emily Uy and Lala of Interplay. Yna led me to Lala's booth first. Naabutan namin si Nikki ni Alvin dun. (Hi Nikki!) I told Lala of my purpose of going there and ayun..she checked her record and issued me receipt for the payment I deposited to her bank account last April 29. So kind of her to suggest she'd date the receipt yesterday para daw maka-join ako sa raffle. (For every 1000 you book with a supplier entitles you to join the raffle, the grand prize of which is a trip for 2 to bangkok). So there nagkaroon tuloy ako ng 10 tickets. While filling out the stubs, I heard our names as they were announcing the winners for the hourly raffle. Hehe! We won a potpourri from Deu Blends.! Di me makapaniwala kasi usually di ako swerte sa ganyan. Oh well, katuwa talaga but it would be more fun kung manalo kami sa Bangkok Trip. hehe!

Yna and I also went to Emily and buti naman free na siya. I paid the 50% DP and had a little chit chat about the colors of our cakes. May mga samples kasi siya dun na nakadisplay and there was one cake na nagustuhan ko ang pagka-yellow niya. I asked if that's how it'll gonna be like for our cake pero sabi niya di daw canary yellow's lemon yellow. So sabi ko sige...ganyang yellow ang gusto ko and she took note of it. Yna also discussed with her some details and natawa ako sa sinabi ni Emily na "Naku wag mo ng ipatingin kay Yna ang mga designs na yan at magbabago na naman ang isip!) Hehe! Yna's wedding will be on Oct 14 (yihee! lapit na!).

We roam around the place and medyo kapagod siya since ang dami-daming tao..grabe rubbing elbows na literal! Buti na lang we saw familiar w @ wie faces dun..mec and jojo, geri and raymond, cindy ni mark, pinks and steve, con and nel, emmacks ni sam, tin and archie, dionne and joven, etc. We made some chika-chika muna..some of us made tambay sa booth ng interplay. It's fun to know kasi ang daming w @ wies ang nagbooked kay lala and sobrang natutuwa sa kanya..well, who wouldn't be? super darling and bubbly kasi...aside from her very, very reasonable rates.

We then proceded to the w @ w booth...buti naman at free na rin si Benz. I gave her the cd's and explained how the pics were divided. I also got a copy of the Bride's Yellow Pages. I was also able to obtain the contract for the bridal car service from AdeB.

After a while, nagpaalam na rin si Yna so naglibot-libot me ng mag-isa. Hay! it really was a tiring one kasi naman ang dami kong dala..the can of potpourri we won which was kinda bulky, lootbag containing magazine and other flyers, a file case - freebie from del monte kitchenomics, etc. Pero kahit na madami akong dala, I tried the chocolate fountains na nagkalat dun. Hmm yum yum! (mahal nga lang!) With tired hands from the loots I was carrying and sore feet, I finally resigned and headed home.

September 4, Sunday: Medyo sumaglit lang. 1) We ordered the wines from Louis Maclean. 2) Tried all the chocolate fountains. <--Wish ni Paul na matikman. I learned that he felt bad nung di daw niya na-try yesterday. So to grant his wish..ayun lahat tinikman namin...saya! i smell inclusion of a choco fountain on the budget list here?

Yipee may accomplishments na naman kami recently...
paid DP for the cake, ordered gift favors for the male Principal Sponsors and male entourage, obtained contract from AdeB..and by the way, may CENOMAR na rin pala kami. Marriage License na lang kulang for our legal documents required by the church. We'll be both on leave from work on Wednesday for our Canonical Interview in the morning and discuss the reception details with Beth of Rembrandt in the afternoon.

We're nearing the 100th day mark before the big day...soon, 2 digits na lang ang bilangan. I think we have most of the things covered na. Three months na lang...hmm...before we know it..Dec. 17 na! :wink:

Saturday, September 03, 2005

W @ W Grand EB Prenups

Here are the free prenups pictures I mentioned on my last blog. Thanks to Frank of Imagineer..hehe practice ito for our "real" prenups soon with Kenneth, our booked photographer.




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MGA PA-CUTE!!! hehehe!