Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Wedding Ring

Paul and I were really more than happy when my dad sponsored our wedding bands for us. He works in Saudi where gold is not that pricey as compared here in the Philippines. A blessing, indeed. Relief both on our wedding budget and of course, saved from the pagod ng paghanap (and I thank my tita for that..who, by the way, is also a reader of this blog nook of mine hehe). I just gave this pic for their guide. We want a white gold one..with a simple yet explicit style..hehe!

Speaking of rings, siyempre, walang bride ang gusto ng ganitong eksena...

buti na lang may ring bearer kami hehehe!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's Your Blogging Personality??

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate
You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger. You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

Got this from Jocelyn, a HS classmate and the brain behind Gimikera Is In. Do check it out...very informative. :D

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm deleting my Blog!

Thanks PGMA for declaring today special non-working holiday! Yipee! It was a long weekend..did a lot of things and was just glad to have this extra day..bakasyon galore!!!

Friday evening: After attending the monthly head cashiers' meeting at the HO, Paul asked me to proceed to Sunnette Tower for their Teambuilding (movie-themed costume party). Hehe feeling taga-accenture ako! Oh yes..I'm really invited sa mga teambuildings nila, am lucky kasi nakikikain ako hehe! Pero Paul is luckier to have such kind of colleagues. So bait and kwela talaga.
Saturday: Mah rest day! I just slept practically the whole day (siyempre in between meals) short, kain-tulog lang ang ginawa ko.

Sunday morning: After lots of convincing dramas by my younger bro, I attended the Parents-Teachers Assembly at UST High. The reason why my brother insisted na umattend ako? May 5% incentive daw sa project in one of their subjects. Kakaiba na pala talaga ngayon. Hehe! I graduated from the same school pero ni isa ala namang Assembly na ganyan noon haha! How I wish dumating na sina Papa from Saudi para di na ako guardian niyan hehehe! While waiting for lunch, Paul and I strolled muna sa UST grounds..grabe so much have changed..lots of buildings are being constructed...hay! na-miss ko alma mater ko for 8 years. Even in P. Noval, dami ng new restos, shops, etc. I was looking for squid balls kasi kaya kami napadpad dun. ..kaso ala eh. Well, sunday kasi. Dumaan nga pala kami sa gym where the Salinggawi Dance Troupe dancers were practicing their cheering stunts for their performance in the afternoon. May laro kasi UST Tigers in the afternoon..and siyempre talo na naman!

Sunday lunch: Paul and I headed to Chinatown's Best Foods at Banawe. Our HS classmate and Paul's kabarkada until now, Genil, is now an architect! He ranked #9 in the recent Board Exams kaya ayun nagpakabusog kami sa lunch blowout treat niya. Served as reunion na rin kasi daming HS classmates ang nagpunta. More pictures at

Sunday noon: I accompanied Paul at Gilmore..he bought 2 additional PCs for their shop.

Monday: Just did the souvenirs. Hehe lapit na matapos! Same with the invites lapit na matapos ni Paul yipee!

As for the title of this blog: Hmmm...kunwari lang...though minsan i'm on the verge of doing it kasi naman i barely have the time to update it or kung meron man, blogger isn't cooperating. I dunno if it has something to do with this newly-reformatted PC or with the DSL connection.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm Still Alive!

Definitely i am!
i know..i know i was absent here on my nook for days..
blame it on blogger..i dunno what's wrong..can log in but am having a hard time accessing my dashboard..can't create post (in fact, am just trying it now crossing my finger that this'll work), can't edit the draft regarding w@wies EB last Friday, can't edit my template..there must be something wrong i wonder ano kaya yun..:(


by the way, we celebrated our 5th anniversary last Tuesday..and indeed, it was extraordinary:
1. we watched "If Only" at greenbelt 3..we could have opted to watch at glorietta 1 (mas mura dun eh). The movie was nice..medyo tear jerker..i expected death in the end but surely ganda ng twist.
2. Kumain kami sa resto na mahal..kaya nga my sister was amused and laughing at us when she heard that we ate at Bubba Gump (1000+ bucks for our appetite that night)..we'd rather eat sa ever-favorite KFC..but since it was a special day..i was the one who invited, actually, dragged Paul to Bubba Gump. Muntik na nga akong iwanan at lumipat sa iba nung nakita ang prices sa menu hehe! Buti na lang naubos namin ang big servings nila..dapat lang! Grabe sa dami ng kinain ko until the next morning may aftertaste ako ng shrimp, steak and worcestershire sauce!


The Day that Was: I had a breakfast-one on one-meeting with Sir Jon @ Starbucks..(i just love mocha frap!)..we discussed my sentiments, thoughts, problems, issues concerning work. Isa lang masasabi ko..waahh have mercy on us please kung gusto niyo kaming magstay ni mel..isa lang naman ang solusyon dyan..dadagdagan nyo na kami. :p
Buti na lang nagpadala ng isa pang reliever kanina..hehe aga naming nakauwi..went to landmark to grab the latest copy of the Wedding Essentials mag..tagal ko ng hinahanap ito.


Wedding Preps: Ano yun? Nakakain ba yun? waaahh! la pang update..barely 5 months na lang dami pang gagawin and yet eto kami ni paul..tamad hehe! panic mode na ba?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Story of Us

I was browsing my uploaded flickr pics when I chanced upon these pictures...

1st year
This was taken during our freshman year at UST High School. (Just click on the pic to see a clearer and larger view) Paul's on the last row, fourth from the left. While I'm on the 2nd row, fourth from the right. Paul, as admitted, had a crush on me then..haha! sorry baby, magblogs ka rin para makabawi ka. Young as we were then, M.U. kuno but it was a shortlived one as I had another crush who was also a classmate. (Until now, Paul would always tease me na ipinagpalit ko daw siya).

Second year HS, Paul and I were the only ones who were transferred to St. Bartholomew (first section..naks!). We were not on talking..nor looking terms. Hehe! Kunwari galit me sa kanya. I even handed him back the '95 Valentines Card he gave me. He was linked to PLENTY girl classmates of ours then..and I had different crushes too hehe!

Third Year: On speaking terms na pero konti lang. I was surprised to know na he was courting my seatmate, Leia. She was also our classmate and my seatmate nung 1st year and naging classmate ulit nung 3rd yr.

4th year
Fourth Year: They were still an item. This time we were already on speaking terms, usually on lunch breaks, since leia was still my seatmate and paul would make "tambay" sa pwesto namin. I even shared kwentos to Paul regarding my crush who's from another section then and another one na classmate namin. Paul is on the last row, fourth from left. I'm on the 2nd row, 3rd from left.

Graduation came..I took up Commerce while he took up ECE (still at UST). I didn't know exactly when.. basta nagulat na lang ako they broke up.

Semestral break first year college, I got a call from Paul. He asked me to accompany him to watch a movie..i dunno if it was a date..hehe! Bored as I was, I agreed. We watched The Truman Show and ate at Wendy's. I was kind of aloof with him at that time..di ko lang alam kung bakit. I told my college kabarkada, Paula about this. Nagulat na lang ako nung tinawagan niya si Paul (Paula was a high school batchmate so kilala niya rin si Paul). Ewan ko ba kung anong pumasok sa isip ni Paula at ginawa niya yun. She sort of bombarded Paul with questions like nanliligaw ba siya and what did that date mean. After that, I never heard of Paul again. Di na siya tumawag ulit...

Two years later, I got a text message from Paul..turned out he got my number from his kabarkada, Genil. First sem (3rd yr college) had just started when we bumped into each other at the walkway near HS bldg. He grew taller and bigger..while ako daw according to him..nagdalaga na (it could've been the white college uniform and the little makeup I wore). We exchanged text messages and calls. This time no apprehensions na as in parang long lost friends ang turingan..we became close. He was courting a high school classmate na kapareho ko ng wonder I would see him in front of the Commerce Building on dismissal time. The exchange ofSMS continued..he called me up para magkwento ng development ng kanyang panliligaw. He sought advices from me nung nagkaproblem siya. She needed a girl's point of view daw. Pag di sila sabay maglunch, he would ask me na hintayin siya (my class finishes one hour ahead kasi than his) and we would eat at Almer's (unlimited gravy). Ok lang sakin kasi mabait ako hehehe! Pag may problems ako that time, I would also turn to him for advices.We were the best of friends then. It broke my heart when he told me he has to stop courting her, kasi yun daw ang wish nung girl. He did. I felt sorry for him kasi talaga namang nasad siya. I gave him all the comfort he needed.

Because of that..we became much closer pa..we would go out on wednesdays and fridays. Tambayan namin Robinson's Place..we would eat at Deli Sheli and watched movies. Every week yun. We enjoyed each other's company..the next thing we knew..we were mutually infatuated na pala.

July 19, 2000 was the day when he finally expressed his feelings..I was to get off his car nung sinabi niya yun. Unhesistantly, i answered likewise. That was five years ago...and now, five months from now, I will walkdown the aisle smiling knowing that Paul will be by the altar to meet me. As my blogger header says.."He never thought it would be her..she never thought it would be him. But the Lord thought otherwise, an answered prayer he is to her..his greatest blessing she will always be.." Paul indeed was an answered prayer to me, he has been my fortress, my strength, my bestfriend, my clown, my listener, my driver (hehe), my constant companion, my baby..simply my man whom I'd want to share my life with forever.

can't wait for that day.. u! Advance happy anniversary!

ok..tapos na pagka-mushy-mushy ko..pagbigyan minsan-minsan lang ito hehe.ciao!
all smiles

here's a pic of our high school class during our dec '04 reunion. Six of them will be our "abays". :Dgerry libis 3

Busy me and Lazy me..

Rummaging through my recent blog entries..Hmm seems like i get to update my blogs only on weekends..haha! yup it's because of both busy me and lazy me.

BUSY ME: As I've always blogged, seems like i doomed at work since 2 of my colleagues left.. leaving me with all the accountabilities and duties that a head cashier must fulfill. Anyway, Mel (who was really upset and crying last Friday because of our sickening situation) and I are still praying..hope it pushes through..i heard from Sir Jon that they're already making the justifications for additional manpower request. (Hay Lord..please please please..sana maging ok na po).

LAZY ME: Hehe! Since I only have limited time to surf everything at home (no internet access at work grrr!)..check mails, check those who commented and tagged at our blogs, check w@w mails at the yahoogroups site, check friendster, i usually ran out of time, thoughts and THE DRIVE to blog. Anyway, sobrang bihira lang naman na may wed preps update pag weekdays.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: Thanks to those who tagged..
Jocelyn: am not sure kung nasend ko na sayo yung music html code..have i? btw, saw you're really into blogging lately ha..maski sa ustex published mga blogs mo. keep it up!
Joann: Thanks for liking the love paradise lyrics..have blogged the lyrics and the artist. Hope u could leave your link or your email. :D
Nat: Isa pang blog addict lately..thanks for the warm wishes
Jacque: O siyempre welcome back..di ko lam kung san ka we've said back to pagcareer ng wedding preps. Sis, lapit na tayo..lapit na december. :D
delish/mec: yup..saw the booth of hairpieces and jewelries at the rockwell bridal fair..gaganda nga!
Joanne: Thanks for liking our blog. The music links? kung saan-saan..i just googled tapos i checked if it's working..ayun ok naman. Will send you pag nakahanap ako ulit.
Toni: best wishes ulit! ano feeling ng newlyweds? hehe! yup am so happy to get Kitte. she's so bubbly and machika talaga. :D will wait for your suppliers ratings.
Janelle: hello cousin and fellow bride-to-be! It's good na uwi sila..yah di nga mapakali si Lola Biling sa States..nagugulat na nga lang ako andito na lang sila sa Manila ni Mommy Loling hehe! M&Ms? Hiya ako eh hehe! actually di pa ako decided kung itutuloy ko siya.
Jacq: Another fellow-december-bride! musta preps mo? happy preps, too!
Kikay Tine: Thanks for the warm wishes! musta na ang call center girl? Kayo when ang wedding niyo ni Carlo? hehe!
Joy: Isa pang newlywed! best wishes ulit..yup..thanks..will wait for your missalette..strict ba ang sta. rita?
Janix: Siyempre alam kong hinihintay mo ang prenups namin sa ust..maski ba sa almers? hehe!
Christian NJ: hello chris! see u on december..pasalubong from New Jersey ha? honeymoon? we haven't finalized'll either be Boracay or Hong Kong :D
Grace: Hope you're doin' ok there in Bermuda. Thanks for liking our DIY souvenirs.
Bless: KFC tayo tara! hehe about sa gown mo..balitaan mo ako..good luck with your measurement taking :D

Thoughts on Current Political Turmoil..

Will there really be hope for us? even if GMA will step down and will be replaced by somebody else..whoever will that be won't make any difference. indeed, the plight of juan dela cruz will not improve in fact, it'll only get worse. Everyone's claiming they were cheated by another in the election, everyone's claiming that this certain politician is corrupt, everyone's claiming that this political leader is a many accusations, so many "pagmamalinis" many issues and I believe..WALA NG PULITIKO NA HINDI CORRUPT, HINDI SINUNGALING, HINDI MADAYA..pare-pareho lang sila! after all, it takes one to know one di ba? at ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Enough is enough..nakakaumay na. Nakakasawa na ang people power..wala ng bang saysay ang constitution? Kung may pandaraya sa election, eh di wag na lang mag-eleksyon..hay! Poor Filipinos..poor taxpayers!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

166 Days!!!!

Yeah just 166 days till the big day..can't help but be awed how time swiftly flies by. Seems like it was just yesterday when Paul suddenly slipped the ring into my finger and popped the question that every girls dream of hearing from their lads. Seems like it was just yesterday...
when I hinted my dad over chat (he's in saudi then Dec 2004) of our dec 2005 wed plans ...
when Paul and I started booking the church and the reception venue (January 2005)....
when I (alone muna) told my dad personally of our plans..
and the next day how paul talked to and asked permission/blessings from my dad (January 2005)..
(will blog this drama separately one of this days)..
when Paul's family did the "pamamanhikan" and so funny how my dad's brothers and sisters participated (it was the first time kasi in the family)..
when we attended our first bridal fair last February and from thereon started booking our suppliers...

now..looking on..seems like we're doing well..we've booked almost all of the suppliers we need. Just yesterday, to complete the line-up, we booked our OTD Coordinator. Yup you read it right..we already found one and we're so happy to have booked and met them. From the very first exchange of emails and correspondences, I had the feeling she's the one we're searching for..and indeed..I was right. Paul was glad, too, kasi she's machika and impressed of how she (along with her husband cum "their dakilang driver") interacted with us. Funny pa kasi I pencil booked her before our meeting..and to add we haven't met any of the coordinators we've inquired from. That's how I was impressed of her initially (by the way, I got fabulous feedbacks of her from w @ w) and without second thoughts..we've booked her, paid the reservation fee and signed the contract on our very first meeting! I do really like her personality a lot. Ma-chika, organize (as seen sa timeline folio niya) and you know na aalagaan ka niya on your wedding day...well it helps din kasi na she was a former w @ wie, they just got married last May 2004. Who is she? No other than..Christine Daria-Estabillo of Out Of The Box Events, Inc. (I'm really looking forward working with Kitte and her team!)

Paul hasn't started yet with our D-I-Y invites..poor baby..he has been a human torch this week..pabalik-balik ang fever. Get well baby..wag kasi pasaway at wag matigas ang ulo ha? Rest well.

Here are my utang pics, our cord (Rio Tiaras) and our D-I-Y gift favors.

maipaul paper soaps
paper soaps (la pa ngalang mga ty tags)

maipaul paper soaps3

maipaul cord
our cord..courtesy of Rio's Tiaras - Regie Escolin

yay! 166 days na nga excited na..lapit na pero parang it's still a long way to go noh?..ah ewan. :D