Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Monthly Round-Up.

It’s the last day of the month once again and before all memories made this month will slip away, I’m doing a review with the help of the Queen of Digiscrapping Prompts, Katie the Scrapbooklady, with her Round-Up Questions. As a new month begins, don’t forget to grab her March Amazing Month of Memories Class for limitless and wonderful digiscrapping ideas. Go and grab it at ACOT.

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
There were only two magazines I read this month. One is hubby’s FHM February issue and the Dec 2006-Jan 2007 issue of Mobile Philippines which I bought simply because I got intrigued of the articles about the latest gadgets specifically on the Digital Cameras and DSLRs. (Arrggh, I’m really wanting a Canon EOS 400D). It’s also good that I bought this mag, and I’m thinking of buying the latest issues, because there are Photoshop tricks and tips featured which I can definitely use with the photos I’m scrapping.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Hubby and I watched Music and Lyrics on the big screen last V day. We also watched some DVD flicks at home: Kasal Kasali Kasalo; the American Pie Collection – Naked Mile, American Pie 2 & Not Another Teen Movie. We’ve started Epic Movie and Not Another Gay Movie but got bored on the former while I found the latter so hmmm…unappealing and “kadiri” hehe! As for TV shows, I got hooked on Sana’y Maulit Muli while hubby likes Maging Sino Ka Man (yep, we are Kapamilya viewers). With the debut of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, we’ve never missed an episode yet since it started. Other shows I often watch are American Idol 6 and The Amazing Race All-Star Edition.

What special days did I celebrate and how?
Valentine’s Day – hubby and I dined out after work, played basketball, stacker, Time crisis at Timezone and ended the night by watching the movie Music and Lyrics.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Last V-day, I surprised Paul with a chocolate mousse, Samba and Hershey’s chocolates while I received one dozen of white roses and a Timezone Powercard which I madly consumed. Hehe! We gave Miggy a nice t-shirt for his 4th birthday.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
First two days of the month. I was confined in bed because of fever.

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
Oliver’s Sandwich & Pancake House’s Smoke Golden Tinapa Breakfast Meal.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
I shopped some more digiscrapping goodies online. I also bought a new pair of black shoes I wear for work & a nice striped blouse.

What were this month's disappointments?
- Same monthly disappointment…am still not pregnant.
- DSL still not yet installed at home (in Makati)

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Added 10 Layouts to my galleries
- Processed & issued 41 Purchase Orders to vendors
- Organized 11.3GB of digiscrapping kits using the newly activated ACDSEE 9 Photo Manager

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weekend Plans.

I know it's still midweek but hey..time flies so fast and after some shuteyes, it'll be the my favorite day(s) of the week already. So as early as now, I'll list down my plans for this coming weekend.

Friday evening:
1.) Must NOT render OT work. I have to drag hubby to the mall to buy myself a new pair of "office" shoes. Argggh, my black shoes suddenly ended its world. I desperately need to buy a new one as I don't want walking with my toes sticking out and seemingly peeping the outsideworld. Lolz.
2.) Shoot some hoops, fire some guns, and perhaps try Daytona at Timezone. Waah..seems like I'm addicted already swiping the Powercard.
3.) If we still have time, watch Epic Movie..I saw the trailer and it's pretty hilarious.

1. Wake up late.
2. Finish some CT duties.
3. Check out and earn some more reward points at SSD.
4. Search and download more freebies.
5. Digiscrap some more while watching my fave Saturday shows on TV.
7. Spend some "snuggling" time with hubby.
8. Do a DVD marathon.
9. Relaxxxxx!

1. Hear mass in the morning.
2. Digiscrap some more.
3. Eat and eat again.
4. Sleep..sleep and sleep some more.
5. Continue the DVD marathon.
6. Spend some more snuggling time with hubby.

Hmm...I'm looking forward for another relaxing, soothing weekend. Can't wait!


Have you ever wondered what type of cookie are you? Well, I do. hehe! Here's some quiz I stumbled upon at Sweet Shoppe Designs . Go ahead.. feel free to try and discover what cookie are you.

You Are a Black and White Cookie

You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.
When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


..not me, it's my basketbolistang hubby.

While I was digiscrapping away my Saturday noon with this:

Journalling: I've fallen in love many times..always with you.
Shakespeare Canvas Paper by Marcie Reckinger, Paper Border by Marcie Reckinger, Flip Cardboard by Linda Gil Billdal, Lots O Dots by Seebee, Frayed Hearts by Jenny Limayo, Star Bazar Ribbon by Linda Gil Billdal, Alpha by Doris Castle, Love Stencil by Toni Berman, Film Strip by Jen Wilson, Love Riveting Ribbon by Natalie Braxton, Cardboard Heart by Vera Lim, Charmtag by Michelle Coleman, Ribbon by Anne Langpap, Golden Heart Element by Kim Liddiard, Zigzag stitch by Angela Miner, Wireframe by Miles and Barb Derksen, Doodled Hearts by Kate Hadfield, Paper by Shabby Princess

Posted here.

and this:

Scraplift of Those Three Words by Gina Miller, Floral Design Day Prompt (Feb 28) from Katie's February Amazing Month of Memories Class, Posh Petals paper and flower by Eve Recinella, Elements from Be Inspired Collab Kit by Gina Miller and SSD Designers, Collage Floral Alpha Elements by Robin Carlton, Neopolitan Summer Papers and Elements by Amber Clegg, Intricate Border Element by Jamie Rouselle, Heart Doodles by Angie Briggs, Flower Accents by Anne Langpap, Flowers by Anna, Flower Vine by Carrie Stephens, Swizzelstick Flower by Debbie Fisher, Felt Flower by Jenny Limayo, Speech Bubble by Nancy Comelab, Shakespeare Canvas Clip by Marcie Reckinger, Pewter Alpha by Doris Castle

Posted here.

..the maid went up to our room and asked, as he was told, for some money to buy a bandage in the botica. I hurriedly went downtairs and found my grimacing hubby. He was doing daw a layup but landed hard and twisted his left ankle. So ayun, enough muna siya with basketball and kelangan ipahinga...kung kelan pa naman their team will be playing in the semis on Tuesday. Poor sorry but you cannot play. :p

Friday, February 16, 2007


...goes my heart!

As promised, I was supposed to clock out of office early last V day but unfortunately, hubby YM-ed me late..turned out, he was rushing some tasks. We met at 6:30 already and since we were both carrying our surprises for each other..the bouquet and a Red Ribbon chocolate mousse (which I sent him..oh yeah kala niya siya lang ang may surprise delivery ha hehe!), we went home in Makati muna to leave our things so that we can have our "date" comfortably. Since house is just a tricycle-away from ayala, we were able to get back din agad and started to scout for "empty" restos (which we knew, was impossible that day) in Glorietta by 7 pm. We initially planned to dine at Avenetto and feast on my latest fave pasta, Oil & Garlic Special, but as expected, the place was full..there was even a queue outside waiting for their turns to get in. Arggh! Off we searched further..we almost ate at Oliver's but my semi-pihikang hubby refused their pasta and sandwiches. We wandered again and our feet brought us to Food Choices...grilled chicken, calamares (one of my latest cravings) and beef kaldereta.

We then proceeded to G4 Cinema and bought tickets for the 10:30 pm screening of this:

But since we still have to wait from the time we bought tickets until the screening hour, we killed time playing Time Crisis, Basketball and some other games in Timezone...watched a group doin' the Super Trivia game and observed a girl in her college uniform (white blouse and skirt) do the Dance her high-heeled shoes! Hehe! Our credits were mostly consumed with shooting hoops. Ka-adik..yan tuloy, until now, my muscles hurt.

We then watched Music and Lyrics and got mesmerized with the soundtrack hehe! Ang cute ng Way Back Into Love and Pop Goes My Heart (though, am not really an '80s classic pop fan). The movie is nice in general...being a feel-good, romantic-comedy film. Nice din ang plot..i like the comedy scenes the best. Hehe!

So there..that's how our V day went. And of course...*wink wink* hehe!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hearts' Day! everyone.

Hay! I'm a bit sluggish right now. Probably I'm still tired of last night's OT. I went home around 9 pm last night as I was literally swamped with rush requirements from everyone..whew! Or perhaps I'm lazying because of the mood where deliveries of roses, chocolates and teddy bears are a common sight since this morning not only here in the office but moreso outside.

Well, am not envious as I already got mine. My husband never fails to surprise me. Despite agreeing that we would no longer send each other flowers (as we would do yearly) since we'll go malling, or perhaps, "date" would be better to describe it..this evening...and it would just be bulky..carrying and malling around with a bouquet of roses on hand. He still surprised me with a dozen of roses this morning...personally delivered by himself here in the office. ( benefits us both talaga that our workplaces are just near hehe!)

Hay, I don't mind carrying it tonight while malling, bi. Your sweetness is so much appreciated. Don't worry I'll clock out early this afternoon hehe! luv u for life!

What greater thing is there for two human souls Than to feel that they are joined for life.
Idea from Katie the Scrapbook Lady's February Amazing Month of Memories Class with February as a Wedding Month
Template from Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Visual Stories Template Set - Floating Frames
Heartitude Kit by Bren Taylor-Boone
Stitched Tags by Kim Christensen

Posted here.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Huwat! It's Friday already...oh let me rephrase that...Thank God it's Friday! The week went just's just okay, generally..everything went well.

Monday - typical day at work. Responded to lotsa lotsa emails which were sent over the weekend. My lunch at Max's was on Joy and Bel. Lucky them, they got their Sick Leave conversions. Went home at about 6 pm. Paul's officemate offered us a ride home and we were dropped off near Shopwise. We intended to just buy my cravings lately which is Dunkin's Boston Kreme. We ended up bringing home 6 Shopwise plastic bags plus 6 pcs of donuts, of course. Napa-grocery ng di oras..lolz!

Tuesday - processed a few Purchase Orders at work. Responded and read a multitude of emails ulit. Lunch AGAIN was on Bel and Joy. Lucky me, am I not? We had lunch at Avenetto in Glorietta and we feasted on on our fave...Oil & Garlic Pasta Special yummy! Went home around 7 pm. Ater eating dinner, Paul and I headed to their basketball game in Rockwell. This was my third time to watch and hooray...panalo sila. Paul scored 2 points hehe! That's my Michael Jordan!

Wednesday - as always, email galore. Lunch at our pantry but since Bel and I couldn't take in our concessionaire's food, we opted for a KFC delivery. Got kinda pissed off with one transaction..hay! They're rushing their request and yet, the requirements aren't complete arggh! Our group's supposed to have our Project Updates in the afternoon but our boss was swamped with meetings left and right. The meeting was moved to Thursday morning. Went home early because of the cancelled meeting. However, since it was a we drove to QC. (Just to recap our weekly sched since we got married: Sundays evening till Wednesdays pm - we stay in my parents' house in Makati. Wednesdays 'til Sunday noon - we stay in my in-laws' abode in QC.)

Thursday - meeting with the group the whole morning. Since a lot of our time was consumed in the meeting, Bel and I just had our Jollibee lunch in our workstations. Went home early...5:30 on the dot. We had to go home early since it's Father-in-law's birthday and we have to buy pa Pansit Malabon near Crossings (NBS). While the pansit was being prepared, we wandered muna in National Book Store. We bought a Sudoku (logical game of number puzzles) and the 2006-2007 Bride's Yellow Pages. It's not that I'm back with any wedding preps, pero it's a good reference kasi..especially with my work as a Purchaser. Pwede talaga naming magamit sa group. Went home then had a pansit dinner with the family. Later, I had to fulfill a CT duty since most of my co-team members were sending Katie their LOs already. I had to finish this last night:

Journalling: Love doesn't consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction-St Antoine de Exupery.

Katie the Scrapbooklady's Visual Stories Template Set - Floating Frames (available at
Katie the Scrapbooklady's Fill-abets Fillable Alphabets
Abrasive Earth Colors Papers by Lisa Carter (DSP)

Posted on my DST gallery. Please leave me some love. :)

I managed to do this in just about 30 minutes. Thanks to Katie's Visual Stories Template Set which is available here. Actually, even if you're not into digiscrapping, you can use this template set on your blogs for showcasing picture sets or picture stories.

Friday - Last day of the week in the office. Rushed all POs that need to be finished. We had lunch in Oliver's-Salcedo. Since another colleague will be leaving, food flooded our Huddle Room ulit. We had Spaghetti, Amber's pichi-pichi (again), and Yellow Cab Pizza. Clocked out at 7 pm...arrgghhh! we drove from makati to qc for 2 freaking hours! 9 pm na kami nakauwi and nakapagdinner. Traffic was so bad in Sta. Mesa. Wawa naman hubby-slash-driver ko.

Hay..thank God it's Friday...what a tiring week! Can't wait to rest this weekend and of course, digiscrap some more. By the way, an EB is scheduled with the Bebot Digiscrappers tomorrow in just not sure if I can join. We'll check our sched pa pero..I'd love to see and meet the persons behind the forum nick and creative LOs.

Happy Weekend everyone! Lapit na Valentines...and one month to go, tatanda na naman ako. :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New week.

==Sunday evening thoughts=
whhhat? Tomorrow's Monday again? yikes..I wonder how MUCH workload awaits me in the office especially that I didn't come in for 2 full days. well, let's just see. I just hope that traffic tom is not as bad as last Monday. I hate Mondays! WaaahhHh!

Since my fever kept me away for some time from the puter, I was able to finish only 2 LOs for this weekend:

Credits here.

Credits here.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


My previous entry entailed how I pigged out early this week. Ironically for the rest of my week, my taste buds abhored any food that was served. Eh kasi naman, Wednesday night, I went home with a weak, feverish feeling. Added to that siguro was the pagod brought about by work, frustrations, disappointments & issues na nadiscuss sa meeting (which kung di pa nagsu-subside ang inis ko eh baka mablog ko one of these days), and yung empty feeling pag-uwi sa bahay kasi that day was the flight of my dad and stepmom back to Saudi. So back-to-the-usual-aalog-alog-na-house ang uuwian namin sa Makati. Then that night, I went home alone kasi may basketball game pa sina Paul somewhere in Rockwell. I didn't get to watch na kasi 7 pm yung game while may meeting pa nga kami up to that time.

I collapsed on my bed upon reaching home sa pagod. Tried to eat, pero a few spoonfuls lang of kaning may sabaw ng Tinola ang nakain ko. I readied myself to rest na and just texted hubby to come home right away after the game. Thermometer scaled 38.3 deg C. Waaahhh, natuluyan na ako sa lagnat.

I didn't report for work on Thurs and Fri kasi I feel so weak and was having chills frequently. Thurs night, temp went up as high as 39.5 (nasa QC house na kami nun). Will have a check-up sana but Friday mid-am, I was feeling ok na. I was well taken care of kasi by my dear hubby who took a half-day leave last Thurs as well as my in-laws who constantly checked on me, how I was feeling every now and then. My FIL even rushed to the drugstore immediately realizing that we ran out of stocked antibiotics.

So if you noticed, it's only now that I get to publish the drafts I made earlier this week. I was kept away from the puter while I was sick. Hay! Pero it's a good thing talaga na oks na ako this least pede na ulit mag-computer and digiscrap hehe!