Friday, August 24, 2012

Time Flies Fast

Just a week to go, here comes the “ber” months.  For us, Filipinos, the first day of September marks the start of the Christmas season and by then, we’ll start hearing on the airwaves Christmas songs already.  But before I get excited for Christmas, I’m more ecstatic about my little princess’ first birthday on October.  Time flies, indeed.  It feels like it was just a few months ago when I received pregnancy gifts.  Soon, we’ll be opening first birthday gifts! 

Where did the time go? 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

17-Year Old’s Neural Network That Can Detect Breast Cancer Wins Top Prize at Google Science Fair

In this year’s Google Science Fair, a 17-year old whiz girl won the top prize for her cloud-based neural network that can accurately detect breast cancer.  Brittany Wenger designed artificial neural networks that assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer.  Artificial neural networks are essentially computer programs “coded to think like a brain”, she explained.  The difference is that it can detect complicated patterns that are too complex for humans.  The neural network is said to be 99.1 percent sensitive to malignancy.  Very clever and impressive for a 17-year old. She deserves the $50,000 in scholarship money, an internship with a fair sponsor and a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands as her grand prize for the said Science Fair.

Choosing the Best Credit Card

Several people use credit cards on a regular basis.  Credit cards, when owned and used wisely, have tremendous benefits people can take advantage of that can help in managing our financial resources more efficiently.  Getting the best credit card, however, requires caution to score the best deals.  In order to get the better deal, think about on which categories of items you regularly spend the most money.  Choose the closest category that describes your primary use of the credit card and from there you’d be able to choose the best credit card for you.

1. Airfare

2. Gasoline

3. Business expenses

4. Food, Medicine and Gas

5. Vacations

Birthday Cupcakes for a Doctor

While searching for cupcake designs that we can incorporate in my daughter’s party on October, here’s something interesting that medical professionals would find cute.  I bet they’d also want not just a piece but the whole box of these charmingly designed cupcakes.  This cupcake with a lab coat and stethoscope is actually one of the 6 doctor-themed cupcakes that Oh Crumbs! made for a doctor who’s celebrating his 30th birthday.  Here’s a picture of the whole lot.  Now that made me salivate and triggered my sweet tooth.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Just Some Random Thoughts

Facebook is one of the wisest inventions that the internet has brought us.  While there’s so much to love about it like it gets you to connect with your friends and loved ones who are distant, there are also some that I don’t like about it.  Some users become pretentious and self-righteous.  They post status or make comments bragging how “great” or how “good example” they are when in real life, they are not.  In fact, it’s the total opposite.  How I wish Facebook has the capacity to not post or reject a pretentious post or a comment from a poser.

Several Uses of Lemon Peels

Who would have thought that lemon peels have so many uses.  So before throwing them away, take a look at this list and see how much those peels will be useful to you.  You will be surprised on the lots of amazing advantages and uses that this “trash” can do.  I’m going to print this out and stick it as a note on our fridge as a reminder.

1. Clean greasy messes.

2. Clean your tea kettle or coffee pot.

3. Clean your microwave.

4. Deodorize the garbage disposal.

5. Polish chrome.

6. Polish copper.

7. Clean a stainless steel sink or your Frymaster stainless steel pot.

8. Keep insects out.

9. Make a scented humidifier.

10. Refresh cutting boards.

11. Keep brown sugar soft.

12. Make zest.

13. Make Vegan Lemon Biscotti.

14. Make twists.

15. Make lemon extract powder.

16. Make Lemon Sugar.

17. Make Lemon Pepper.

18. Make candied lemon peel.

19. Lighten age spots.

20. Soften dry elbows.

21. Use on your skin.

22. Make a sugar scrub.

Source: via Cherry on Pinterest

Artscow Freebie Codes

Have you made a Photobook on Artscow but can’t proceed to check out because you’re still awaiting some funds?  Well, now it’s the best time to finally check out your cart because Artscow has just released a freebie code:

Enter code: FRECRE8897 and redeem the credits for free for the following:

Five 20 paged 8"x8" photo books
Two 20 paged 9"x7" photo books

Validity of redemption is until August 10, 2012.

Customized T-shirts as Gifts

T-shirts and polo shirts are among the easiest and safest gifts given to guys. Well, for one, men wear loose shirts most of the time. While there’s a snug fitting fashion for men these days, loose, free size and baggy shirts are still the norm. The choice, however, will be dependent on the color, the fabric, the design and the overall appeal of the shirt.  If you’re thinking of giving shirts as a gift, be unique by purchasing customized t-shirts.  You can have the shirt personalized like have the recipient’s picture or name or his favorite character printed on the shirt.  It’ll surely make the recipient ecstatic seeing how it was personalized.

National Book Store’s Weekly Signed Book Treat

Hey booklovers!  Do you know that you can own this signed book by Jane Lynch (the Glee Star herself and an award-winning American actress and comedienne!) for free?

Join National Book Store’s Weekly Signed Book Treat!

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