Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Monday - we had our department's general assembly and much to our delight, lunch was not on us. While our director was having a talk, we were allowed to quietly feast upon our Max's Platter Meals consisting of 1/4 Max's Chicken, pancit canton, plain rice, caramel bar and coke.

Tuesday - my colleagues and I trooped all the way to Greenbelt as we were all salivating over Wendy's burgers for lunch. While my companions both ordered Bacon Mushroom Melt Combo Meal, I opted to eat Spicy Chicken Fillet + Regular Fries + Regular Coke PLUS Macaroni Salad.

Back in the office and four hours later, we were all discreetly called and headed to our Huddle Room for a colleague's surprise pizza birthday/despedida party. We indulged on two boxes of Pizza Hut's Family Meat Lovers Pan Pizza + two boxes of Family Hawaiian Pan Pizza.

Fast forward to dinner time at home, my parents ordered 1 bilao of Buddy's Pancit Lucban and my all-time fave sisig since may mga guests din sila last night.

Wednesday - We had Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and Spicy Chicken Wings for lunch.
For merienda, same colleague whom we surprised yesterday with a pizza party treated us naman with Amber's Pansit and the ever-famous pichi-pichi.

Nagutom ba kayo? Don't you wish kasama kayo sa food trip ko?

* Burp * oooppps...excuse me. :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Can't get enough of my Christmas wish list...that's why I'm gonna hang it in there until my birthday coming up in less than two months. My birthday wish list? I'm really, extremely and excitedly drooling over these things:
After hearing mass this morning, dear hubby and I went to SM North to buy some things and pay my Globe bill which is already one week overdue. Hehe! Oks lang..I'm confident naman that my line won't be cut since I'm still far from maximizing my credit limit eventhough I have the lowest plan (am not a texter that much and moreso, I seldom call).

We also stormed the department store to search for & buy a nice polo shirt for Father-in-law and a cutie shirt for Miggy (Paul's nephew) as their birthday gifts. FIL's celebrating his birthday on the 9th while Miggy just turned 4 yesterday.

We also bought 3 new pair of black socks for hubby while I treated myself with 2 new pairs of comfy slippers (hay di na nakuntento sa isa).

While we were passing by the computer & techie gadgets stores, we window shopped each that displays laptops on promo and looked for a cheap yet fairly fast that got a nice spec laptop. Hay..kaaliw tumingin! 0% promos via credit card purchases were also tempting. I also gushed for every EOS 400D or SLRs that were on display. If only I have that moolah to buy them right away..right then and there. But anyway, kelangan magpigil for the mean time, magtipid but remain hopeful though hehe!

Since it's a weekend, I was itching so much to here they are, just sharing my latest layouts.....

I Am
Credits here.

Credits here.

Credits here.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Worried. Doubtful. Disappointed.

I feel bad.

My boss unexpectedly huddled me for a one-on-one talk last Monday. In two months time, my stint as a project employee will cease and as the approval from the US office for an additional headcount in our team is still pending (so I can assume a full time position), possible scenarios in the next months will be like these:
1. contract is extended indefinitely..meaning, I won't still be having the hefty pay, benefits & allowances my colleagues are enjoying..and worse, leave benefits..arrgggh! I'm tired of this "no work no pay" thing!
2. if "this" particular colleague voluntarily or "involuntarily" leaves...well and good, I assume her full time position then I'm here to stay.
3. if, the contrary of #2 happens, then I's a bye-bye move on me.

:sigh: Isn't it annoying when your future is so absurd..that you yourself can't help & can't do anything but just wait until it happens? Isn't it disappointing that you can't control your own future? If asked, I'm not ready to move out, yet. I'm loving & enjoying my work here. I'm enjoying my colleagues' company & their wackiness as well as the perks and advantages of working here. (Perks: read as frequent "free" food trips, flexible working time, proximity of my workplace to Paul' in magkatapat lang kami ng building, the 10-minute-tricyle-ride from home to office which by default means cheap fare & no traffic to hurdle, ultra fast internet access though I can seldom surf leisurely because of the workload, etc).

Honestly, I'm not in my best spirits lately because of this mind-bugging issue. The reason why I also was not in the mood to blab here. As much as I try to be hopeful and optimistic, can't help talaga but to worry, feel disappointed and at the same time, ask there anything I can do RIGHT NOW?

Yep..there is..stand-by na nga lang muna ako. :(

Ok guys, need your help..refute my thoughts please. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007


my blog that is...

new header...more "new" things and looks coming up!

by the way, blogger might have heard my sentiments from my last entry...yay! I can now blog at home! :)

Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm still alive! Pardon my absence..Blogger doesn't STILL just won't let me in each time I access my blog at home. Can someone help me resolve this?


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello '07..So Long '06 (& Other Updates)

Yay! *insert "talon-talon" here*

It's the 2nd day of the year and let me first wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2007 open up for you more opportunities that will lead you to a path of continuted success, joy and good health.

I've been meaning to blog these past few days but blogger (now on their non-beta version) keeps on bumping me out. For some reason, di ako makalog-in (even before the Taiwan Quake a few days ago screwing up lots of servers internationally). Anyone, encountering the same dilemma? Now, I'm thinking of moving my entries to a new crib. Wordpress? Typepad? Hmmm...I'll ponder on that muna.

Anyway, as I bid farewell to '06 with this layout...I suddenly realized that life has always been colorful with all the ups & downs I went through last year. Initially, akala ko dumaan lang ang taon ng ganun-ganun lang..boy i was wrong. Marami-rami palang pangyayari na di ko mapagkasya sa isang layout lang. Anyway, here are some of my 2006 highlights:

2006: In Review

Journalling reads: January - adjusting with newlywed life. February - Bye-bye Globe Telecom. March - My 25th Birthday. April - Puerto Galera with Accenture Careers Team. May - Summertime at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. June - Filipino Blog of the Week. July - Boracay trip with High School Barkada. August - Digiscrap trapped, insanely addicted. September - Passed the Civil Service Eligibility Test. October - Met Madame President/UST Tigers ruled UAAP. November - Baby Akil is our angel. December - Xmas Party w/ CVG

Credits here.

My wishes as the Year of the Boar enters:
* peace
* joy
* financial & career stability
* good health
* contentment
* more love
* more challenges (ironically, yes, we need to have these as it's through them we become maturer and stronger)
* and as always, our ultimate wish..a baby!

Cheers, everyone!

**Wisdom Tooth Update**
Finally, I'm seeing & feeling progress day by day. I'm a bit back to my old eating habits..being a voracious eater, that is. Though the sutured gums haven't completely closed & healed yet, I can now eat & swallow better. And just last night, after having our supper at Frisco, I ate tacos, mashed potato, lasagna & siomai when we got home in that as "Merienda after Dinner??" lolz. Ala ng more swelling as well. The only thing na di ko magawa is rolling my tongue on the sides of my left teeth kasi na-s-stretch ang inner gums..though di na masakit but still, inaalalayan ko lang kasi baka lalong di magclose.

**Pyro's Now An Angel**
Pyro, a friend's 3-yr old nephew who was battling the big C for a year, finally joined his Creator last Dec. 27. While his demise is saddening, I'm sure his loved ones are consoled with the thought that he will no longer be in pain but rather in ultimate state of happiness. And I'm sure Py is even happier with the memories and love that were sent his way. I can still recall his angelic, delighted face when his wish was granted to meet Batista in person at Wish Ko Lang. Read more of his plight and Py's life here and please say a little prayer for Angel Py and his family.