Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Golden Rings.

We were so ecstatic when my Dad told us that he will shoulder the cost of our rings for our wedding. He’s working abroad specifically in the Middle East where the price of gold is a lot cheaper compared here in the country. We preferred a white gold one so what we did was we sent him our finger ring sizes as well as a sample picture of the design we wanted. When my dad arrived, I was so stoked to see the rings he bought because it looked exactly the same as that of the picture we sent him. We saved quite a fortune with that since my Dad bought these white gold rings at a relatively cheap price.  I initially wanted to ask him to buy gold coins from his favorite gold store but I decided to just check first with US Gold Bureau as it’s the proven authority of gold investment in the US. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Centipede Grass: Enjoyment without All the Work

Centipede grass is a great choice for people with busy lifestyles. It does very well in mild climates, and is especially popular in the Southern United States. As long as it is properly maintained, it competes against weeds, crowding them out so you do not have weeds popping up all over your lawn. It grows a beautiful, lush green, and makes a terrific "show" lawn if you are too busy for excessive maintenance or yard work.


Centipede grass grows very slowly, and only grows to a few inches. You mow centipede grass shorter than other grasses, to about 1 1/2 or two inches, so it can be mowed much less frequently without it looking like you are not taking care of your yard. Even when mowed irregularly, it still looks good, without acquiring that scraggly lawn look you sometimes see. If you get decent rainfall, it does not have to be watered often, but if you live in a drought-stricken area, you still need to water regularly. It only needs to be fertilized once a year, sometimes less frequently if it is doing well. Fertilize with nitrogen and potassium, but no phosphorous, and it will be a lush green your neighbors will envy.


Centipede grass has such low maintenance; you can spend more time enjoying it, and less time mowing it. Spread a blanket, lay out a picnic, and enjoy a cool evening surrounded with beautiful green grass and no weeds. Invite over a neighbor or friend so they can enjoy it with you. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can even let them in on the secret of your beautiful lawn: Lush green centipede grass that gives maximum enjoyment for a minimum of work!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dealing With Credit Card Debts

Whenever a debt collection agency calls and endlessly reminds you about your ballooning credit card debt, how do you usually deal with it? Do you automatically hang up? Do you listen to every word the agent says and be a worry wart and tremble upon hearing the phrase "taking legal actions against you" and faint? Or do you take initial actions by laying out negotiations and seriously work on recovering that debt through credit card consolidation?

I ask this because I know of a friend who, unfortunately, mishandled her credit card in the past months leaving her with a huge debt at the present. Now with all the added interests charges and penalties, she can not pay what is due. The collection agency has been calling her up and it seems she's just ignoring the calls thereby leaving her debt getting huge as months pass. Again there goes the moral about responsible owning of a credit card. Do not purchase beyond your means. And if such unfortunate situation occurs as that of my friend, experts remind that part of becoming a responsible cardholder and in order to get your way out of debt is to acknowledge the (valid) debts you owe and become accountable for them. Undergoing a consumer credit counseling is also a wise move. The Consumer Credit of America which is a non-profit agency is always ready to render valuable help to those who are struggling to get out of their debts. Their highly trained and expert counsellors provide debt consolidation strategies and repayment assistance through credit counseling. Again, ignoring these calls won't solve the problem so the best approach is to deal with these talks head on, negotiate and resolve to prevent the same financial mistakes that brought this kind of situation.

Car accident Lawyers

Hearing a bad news involving friends and family members is indeed not a good way to start the morning. I was eating my breakfast when I got a text from a friend informing me that they were in the Emergency Room as her husband met a road accident while on his way to the office. The car he was driving was totally wrecked when a truck slammed into its rear on the highway. It’s still a blessing though that her husband, although with several cuts and bruises all over the body, is perfectly safe. I can’t imagine how this is so traumatic not only to my friend’s husband but to the whole family as well. Their kids are still too young to lose their Dad.
The reason why my friend called is because she was asking me for denver car accident lawyers recommendations. She sought my help because she know that I have acquaintances in Colorado who were helped by denver accident attorneys in the past. Fuicelli & Lee P.C. was the firm who aided a relative when he was also engaged in an accident. These expert and professional denver accident lawyers skillfully made all the necessary representations and were able to rake in all the claims that they filed. This firm expertly manages a broad range of personal injury cases like automobile and trucking accidents, brain injury, back and spinal cord injury and wrongful death. They have been impeccably serving for years now and were able to win hundreds of cases for a lot of now happy and well served clients. I am confident that my family friend would be in good hands with Fuicelli & Lee P.C.

Hoping for a hong kong getaway

I'm currently planning our December family getaway and Hong Kong will be our destination. I'll just have to secure the husband's insights first before I proceed with the booking of our flights and our accommodation in a famous Hong Kong hotel. But I'm very certain that the pictures will speak for itself. I can just imagine how the husband will instantly nod yes upon seeing how cordial and cozy our hotel room is, how exciting the trip to national parks tours sounds and how the shopping destinations are so alluring with great deals and sales.. I also have to emphasize that this hotel is just nearby the main attractions of Hong Kong plus presenting the exciting itinerary of our prospective day tour might do the trick. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope to obtain his approval later.

I have researched at and will most probably book the trip through Collette Vacations. They have specialty escorted tours and customized tour packages all over the world like australia tours and asia tours. Each package was carefully tailored to make a unique tour relating to history, culture, and special events of that certain country. Very informative travel resource as well because travel info and trivia are just limitless.

Ebook Publisher To Trust

Recently, I bought an iPod Touch as a gift for myself. I am very much impressed with what I can do using such a small gadget. I can play games, connect to the Internet, listen to music, watch movies and even chat with my friends with it. But what I really love about my iPod Touch is that with it, I can read ebooks. Waiting in line is not boring anymore because I can enjoy my current reads without the bulk. This brings us to – the name an ebook publisher can trust when it come to high quality digital publishing services. It’s mission? Prepare the world’s largest and biggest corporations along with their content for a more stable and flexible future. This can be attained by delivery of relevant cost, quality and speed advantages by fast electronic publishing technologies that allow them to distribute content in any format to whatever medium like tablets, PCs, print and smart phones. Aptara has trained 2,000 personnel who implements the Leans Six Sigma Methodology which employs specific set of quality management methods that include statistical means to ensure total quality and customer satisfaction in the field of online publishing. Aside from that Aptara has skilled professionals that offer expert consultations and direction. Moreover, they utilize advanced technology like PowerXEditor and PowerSuite Tools for eBook creation.

Outdoor Furniture

Among the outdoor furniture I have browsed over the web, the Outdoor Dining Sets available at seems to be the most elegant and the most inviting garden d├ęcor pieces I’ve browsed so far. How I wish we have a huge patio, a balcony or a wide garden to place such outdoor Patio Furniture. I’m so envious of the scenes I see in movies in which families dine outside on hot summer noons. Such a relaxing and laid back scene. Our house has a little yard but placing such bulky furniture is improbable and just inappropriate. The Outdoor Chaise Lounges look so inviting, too, and they’re perfect on lawns that have pools. I love the striking colors especially the blue one. It’s the perfect reclining seat to curl on with a good book.

Browsing furniture and home decor sites has been my recent routine. Cozydays is one of my favorites as their collection is so vast with modern and classic pieces. And guess what, my browser’s bookmark tab is already brimming with inspirational sites. We haven’t decorated our lawn so I draw ideas from these sites. I’m pretty sure that we’ll have a grand, tough time contemplating which to choose and order.

Criminal Attorneys

It is such an ordeal when one finds himself in trouble with the law. Whether it be domestic violence, white collar crime, drug offenses, and driving under the influence, absolutely no one wants to get charged and face potential charges of probation, jail or even prison. While a denver criminal defense lawyer may be readily and easily hired, do remember that not all criminal attorneys are competitive enough and worthy of contracting their services. Trial experience and track record must be the prime determinant as to who one should choose. It’s advisable to get a specialized lawyer who is accessible. Local firms are a good choice as they are quite familiar with the courts, staff, judges and more importantly the local court system. In Denver, there is the Fuicelli & Lee, PC law firm who can assist and ensure that the rights of their clients are protected.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Love For Pearls

I have blogged a lot of times in my Fashion and Shopping Blog how I simply adore pearls. While jewelries made of precious metals such as gold and silver also do exhibit a rare and inviting appeal, there’s something about pearls that attract me more. They are dainty and elegant yet can be so casual, too. In other words, pearls, especially the white ones, go great with the fanciest dresses or the most casual jeans. I can wear them everyday without the reluctant thoughts that my jewelries may be off or may come in contrast with what I wear or the fear that I might get held up or robbed since they’re not as flashy as golds and diamonds.

My love for them must be the reason why I can’t get enough browsing the website of Pearls Only.  The lustrous world of pearls never cease to mesmerize me especially if they’re beautifully crafted to necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  And Pearls Only exhibits that one of a kind craftmanship as evidenced by their overwhelming catalog of pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet sets whether they’re made of Freshwater, Japanese Akoya, Hanadama and Chinese Akoya.  These are just among the pieces that I fancy the most:

jak-w-aa-67-p-trinity-01-t w-aa-78-e-02-t w-f-pend-s-910-heart-02-t

And wait, I just have to mention that these, by the way, are on Red Tag Sale so if you are tempted to buy (just like me), go ahead and splurge.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gold Coins as Arrhae.

A close friend of mine is getting married soon and she’s asking for tips about DIY wedding stuffs and the latest trends in weddings these days.  Particularly, the small trinkets and accessories of the ceremony like wedding rings, arrhae, cord, etc.  For the arrhae, I personally suggested that they buy gold coins or the so-called unity coins because of its precious symbolism.  Gold is a good choice because just like how a couple’s marriage should be, it doesn’t fade and its value do not change.  It remains valuable all throughout.  I’ve read that the US Gold Bureau offers the most competitive prices of gold in the precious metal investment world.  Do check the latest trends and data on their site.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping For Rolex Watches

Online selling and shopping have been the trend and a favorite practice among shopaholics since the internet boomed. Why not? They are able to shop their favorite brands, stuffs and avail services with just a click of the mouse and right in the comfort of their homes. No need to brave the thick crowds in malls just to bag the stuffs they are eying. However, as it may be easy, breezy and comfortable to shop online, there are also drawbacks and disadvantages that one can be easily fall prey on.

One good example is when shopping for pre-owned authentic premium line of Rolex watches. There’s a lot of online stores that offers “genuine” watches and yet, it is still evident that selling of counterfeit Rolex watches online is very rampant. But with utmost care and vigilance, one can easily spot those fraudsters and avoid from getting scammed. One can do some primary investigation and background checks on the sites’ reputation by studying past reviews and performance. Genuine stores have a physical location with a verifiable address and contact numbers. Most importantly, one must take note that the payment is highly secured through encryption of the pages for buyer’s protection. This how Swiss-wrist comes out above all else to be the most trusting and has the most reliable customer service in selling high quality pre-owned Rolex watches. Do check out the various fashionable styles and models of Rolex watches for men and women at Swiss-wrist.

Finding a Pottery Barn Promo Code Has Never Been Easier

While some people live to shop, others find it stressful and overwhelming. Adding online shopping to the mix can make it a complete nightmare. How do you know if you're getting the best deal amongst all the ads and the noise? Believe it or not, the Internet can actually make bargain hunting easier for shoppers today.

There are sites online that scour the Internet for store promotional codes and discounts. Some sites are driven by user contributions of codes, and some blogs exist simply to provide information on the latest shopper savings. All it takes is a simply Internet search, and you've got the discounts right at your fingertips. Let's take a look at how it works.

Say you want to find a Pottery Barn promo code. Just type the phrases "Pottery Barn" and "promo code" into your most trusted search engine, and a list of sites will appear. You can peruse these sites to look for the best codes or you may find that you need to refine your search a bit. For example, using the term "discount code" may lead to better results in your particular search.

Visit the sites that seem to offer most closely what you're looking for. Back to our Pottery Barn search. It's possible to find all kinds of deals such as a percentage off your total bill or sales on specific items. There are promo codes for free shipping, 50 percent off your total order or coupons for saving 20 percent at the Pottery Barn Sofa & Sectional Sale. Just choose the code that's most relevant to what you're looking for and go from there.

Some codes may be out of date, while others simply won't work. But, if you're lucky, you'll score big with a coupon for just the thing you're looking for. It's worth taking the time to do your research.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is an Auto Refinance Right for You?

If you're struggling to make your car payment each month, it may be worthwhile to look into an auto refinance. This type of refinancing may help you to lower your payments, allowing you more flexible money in your budget each month. While an auto refinance may lengthen the life of your loan, it will also mean that you're making smaller payments each month.

If you've recently experienced a layoff or lost your job, refinancing an auto loan may be right for you. Refinancing can help you reduce your payments, so that you've got more money each week to spend on other necessities, like utilities and groceries. If you're experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment, you might consider looking into auto refinancing to give your checkbook a break.

If you've found yourself with a car that's inappropriate for your needs, you may be able to sell it, refinance any remaining balance, and purchase a car that better matches your lifestyle. This type of auto refinancing option is popular for growing families that can no longer fit comfortably in their current vehicle.

If you're currently paying a high amount of interest and have good credit, refinancing your car might be a good idea. Refinancing will allow you to reduce the amount of interest that you pay over the life of your loan. This, in turn, will reduce your monthly payments. If you're tired of seeing that high interest amount on each billing statement, and want to do something constructive about it, refinancing your car may help.

There are many other reasons people consider refinancing. If you're concerned about the amount you're paying on your car each month, it may be wise to check into refinancing it. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much refinancing will reduce your payments and interest over the life of your loan.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Job Hunting.

My Daddy can finally breath more relaxingly and lay low with his work now (or he may retire already even if he wishes to).  As our youngest sibling has graduated from College last March, he has nothing to think of now.  All my other siblings are well established with their careers as well so technically, it’s just our youngest sibling who’s dependent on him for living while he’s on a job hunt.  Speaking of job hunt, my brother’s a bit having a hard time looking for one.  He’s familiar how the website of CollegeDegreesToday works and how it is very helpful for one to research college degrees.  He’s wishing that there’s a similar job headhunting website that can give tons of work leads.  He can’t wait to get a job so he, too, doesn’t have to depend on our daddy soon.

I Almost Saw Orlando.

I just had the weirdest dream last night.   I saw myself rushing in an empty airport trying to beat the last boarding call for a flight bound to the US.  I was carrying a gold ticket and I was holding it so preciously and carefully as it is my ticket to a month long Orlando vacation.  When I handed that ticket which served as my boarding pass to the attendant, she stopped me and said that I could not join the trip as I was wearing my sleepwear and it’s not allowed inside the plane.  Then I woke up and truly, I was wearing my favorite pajama.  Perhaps tonight I’ll wear something else so that the attendant will allow me to ride the plane and who knows I can finally see Orlando even just in my dreams. LOL.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Makeup – A Girl’s Best friend.

Not only diamonds, but makeup is also a girl’s best friend. Some women use them a lot everyday while some use just a little. But however and how frequent they may be implored, makeup is very well loved by women because it is a tool that helps them to look the best they can. Everyone has flaws to deal with: thick or very thin eyebrows, big eyes, flat nose, etc. and makeup is the magical tool of choice to hide their imperfections and put their features to near perfect instead.

There are no rules in choosing a makeup brand. The choice entirely lies upon the wearer. However, one must remember to avoid using cheap and the so-so makeup products. The dollar stuff may be easy on the budget but this usually will not apply well, stay long and can even be irritating on the skin. I have my own favorite branded products and among them are Clinique products. It may be a little expensive but Clinique is a company that creates a very high quality line of products. What I like best among Clinique makeup products is their moisturizers. I heard that Estee lauder makeup is also a great brand. Have to try that next time. I think it’s a perfect timing because I just recently discovered White’s East Hampton Chemists and Perfumers, an online shop that sells high quality cosmetics and perfumes that are all natural and authentic. I have to try ordering from them any time soon.

A Visit.

After attending the 6:30 PM mass last night, my boys and I drove to the little one’s godmother’s house in Sta. Cruz area. We’ve been there many times already but we almost got lost along the way as there were road blocks and dead ends with the ongoing road excavations in almost every intersection.  As there are one way streets there, we had to reroute a longer way.  We found ourselves cruising along Avenida and Tayuman areas where medical supply (like pulse oximeter, stethoscope, etc) stores abound.  Luckily, it was a Sunday and the traffic was very light.  We got in my friend’s house a few minutes later.  The reason of our visit was that I handed the What To Expect When You’re Expecting book to her as our gift on her pregnancy.  Yes, she just found out that they’re expecting.  Also, this particular friend has just arrived from the US so we got the pasalubongs for her beloved godson.  I’ll take a picture soon what the little one scored from her ninang.  Want to take a guess?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Cigar Place.

Left and right, we are bombarded with warnings about how dangerous smoking is. In our country, the government has mandated that cigarette makers should label their boxes with a huge reminder of the danger. Commercials and other media advertising also unceasingly cautioning us how detrimental it is to smoke even just a single stick. But despite all these warnings, many still finds comfort in puffing cigars and cigarettes. That is why many still sell such anywhere and in the case of Cigar Place, on the web. In the end, it entirely rests on the user and how moderate can he do it. Speaking of Cigar Place, I just browsed the site and found out that there are so many gizmos and accessories related to smoking. Aside from international brands of cigars like Acid cigars and CAO cigars, the site also offers accessories such as ashtrays, cigar humidor, cutters and punchers, humidifiers, lighters and other gadgets. I this this is the perfect shopping place if you are finding the perfect gift for a smoker celebrant. I haven’t tried purchasing from them yet but I think they truly have the best prices as evidenced by the huge discounts and sale prices they’re offering on the site.

A Twin Bunk Bed is Advantageous.

I totally agree when they say that a twin bunk bed is truly advantageous especially for homes that are space deprived. I, myself, grew up sleeping on such that’s why I can attest how true that statement is. Our house is just practically small so we have to maximize the space and my sisters and I had to share a room. I can still remember the time when my parents bought my 2 elder sisters and I a twin bunk bed with a pullout. We were all so excited the moment it was delivered that we raced one another to it, climbed to the top and mightily claimed whose part of the bed it should be. To date, the said bed is still in our folks’ house and is still being used by my elder sister who hasn’t gotten married yet. Memories of that bed include the nightly chitchats and bonding with my sisters. The said bed also has a compartment and two storage cabinets on the side of the pullout where I kept my clothes. So aside from being a space saving cozy bed it also provided storage solutions. If you are considering to buy bunk beds for kids, check out the wide selection of bunk beds wood at Mom’s Bunk House. They have several styles to choose from depending on your requirements and preferences. The testimonials from satisfied clients on their page shows how great their customer service is and how competitive their prices are on their quality and top of the line bunk beds.

Quality Ink Printer Cartridges.

Gone are the days when typewriters are used for reports, memos, correspondences and even school papers, thesis and projects. With the great advantage that a computer does, I think nobody uses the typewriter anymore. Students of today are a lot luckier now because they can easily and instantly produce high quality reports with the use of the computer.

In this regard, inks and printer ink cartridges are just among the most important office (and school) supplies that one must have. Nobody wants to experience running out of ink in the middle of a printing job and going helpless because no printer cartridges, remanufactured or ink refills are readily available or the ones available in your favorite ink store are so expensive. Fret no more because there is, an online shop that sells top quality cartridges from many different manufacturers like HP, Canon, Minolta, Samsung, Ricoh, Brother and so on. They have the widest selection of inks and they are all readily available. They’re different from the other online printer cartridge store because they offer the lowest prices and free shipping. They have a money back guarantee so rest assured that they offer only but the best and quality ink printer products.

Of Wedding Fairs and Bridal Barsh 2010


It’s June once again and it’s that time of the year when a lot of couples worldwide get wed on this favorite month of weddings.  But here in the country, I have observed that more couples nowadays opt to get married in December.  Perhaps, they want to coincide the celebration with the Christmas season when people from abroad come home for vacation or it could also be that people are richer during this month because of Christmas bonuses.  Just a hypothetical thinking. 

And so, for the myriad of couples getting wed on December this year, do check out Wedding Essentials Magazine’s Bridal Bash 2010 Bridal Fair if in case your roster of suppliers aren’t complete yet.  Or you might want to check outrageous vacation packages (like Branson vacation packages) for your much anticipated honeymoon.  Bridal fairs such as these help in heaps couples in their wedding preparations.  It’s a sort of one stop shop for all their wedding related needs so planning for the big day is less stressful for the couple.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Madonna’s Anti-Aging Cream.


At first glance and without taking closely at the brand, I was really in awe and was convinced that Madonna indeed found magic in whatever wrinkle fillers she may have used.  The difference was indeed emphasized.  But on a second glance and further scrutiny on the product, I was reminded that there really is ONLY ONE 100%  effective beauty anti-aging product that can make you look 25 years younger and the product’s named Photoshop.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Forms of Gold

In the past, gold is used as the main tool of barter or for exchange of goods.  It is most commonly known as a chemical element encountered in Chemistry subjects having the symbol of AU and atomic number of 79.  And of course, gold is more popularly known as composition if jewelries.  But other than this, do you know that gold is used as a standard for monetary and goods exchange?  This comes in various forms like coins, ingots, bars and bullions.  It is said that gold can protect one’s wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power.  This is possible by considering to buy gold coins from trusted gold investment company such as the US Gold Bureau.  It is one of the best dealers in America that offers a convenient market and very competitive precious metals prices.