Monday, June 07, 2010

A Twin Bunk Bed is Advantageous.

I totally agree when they say that a twin bunk bed is truly advantageous especially for homes that are space deprived. I, myself, grew up sleeping on such that’s why I can attest how true that statement is. Our house is just practically small so we have to maximize the space and my sisters and I had to share a room. I can still remember the time when my parents bought my 2 elder sisters and I a twin bunk bed with a pullout. We were all so excited the moment it was delivered that we raced one another to it, climbed to the top and mightily claimed whose part of the bed it should be. To date, the said bed is still in our folks’ house and is still being used by my elder sister who hasn’t gotten married yet. Memories of that bed include the nightly chitchats and bonding with my sisters. The said bed also has a compartment and two storage cabinets on the side of the pullout where I kept my clothes. So aside from being a space saving cozy bed it also provided storage solutions. If you are considering to buy bunk beds for kids, check out the wide selection of bunk beds wood at Mom’s Bunk House. They have several styles to choose from depending on your requirements and preferences. The testimonials from satisfied clients on their page shows how great their customer service is and how competitive their prices are on their quality and top of the line bunk beds.

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