Friday, June 11, 2010

Job Hunting.

My Daddy can finally breath more relaxingly and lay low with his work now (or he may retire already even if he wishes to).  As our youngest sibling has graduated from College last March, he has nothing to think of now.  All my other siblings are well established with their careers as well so technically, it’s just our youngest sibling who’s dependent on him for living while he’s on a job hunt.  Speaking of job hunt, my brother’s a bit having a hard time looking for one.  He’s familiar how the website of CollegeDegreesToday works and how it is very helpful for one to research college degrees.  He’s wishing that there’s a similar job headhunting website that can give tons of work leads.  He can’t wait to get a job so he, too, doesn’t have to depend on our daddy soon.

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