Saturday, June 19, 2010

Car accident Lawyers

Hearing a bad news involving friends and family members is indeed not a good way to start the morning. I was eating my breakfast when I got a text from a friend informing me that they were in the Emergency Room as her husband met a road accident while on his way to the office. The car he was driving was totally wrecked when a truck slammed into its rear on the highway. It’s still a blessing though that her husband, although with several cuts and bruises all over the body, is perfectly safe. I can’t imagine how this is so traumatic not only to my friend’s husband but to the whole family as well. Their kids are still too young to lose their Dad.
The reason why my friend called is because she was asking me for denver car accident lawyers recommendations. She sought my help because she know that I have acquaintances in Colorado who were helped by denver accident attorneys in the past. Fuicelli & Lee P.C. was the firm who aided a relative when he was also engaged in an accident. These expert and professional denver accident lawyers skillfully made all the necessary representations and were able to rake in all the claims that they filed. This firm expertly manages a broad range of personal injury cases like automobile and trucking accidents, brain injury, back and spinal cord injury and wrongful death. They have been impeccably serving for years now and were able to win hundreds of cases for a lot of now happy and well served clients. I am confident that my family friend would be in good hands with Fuicelli & Lee P.C.

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