Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrong Impression.

When I was younger and basically a newbie in the workforce, I would usually avoid agents who offer term life insurance quotes thinking that I was way too young to get offered.  Until one day, I was explained the benefits of having a life insurance. I then, realized that an insurance shouldn't be taken as a burden to our pockets. It should be viewed as a sort of means to secure not only your future but that of your loved ones as well preventing them from suffering a financial loss in the event of an untimely death. Life is never permanent and anything may happen. For instances like death, terminal, critical illnesses and permanent disabilities, the benefits endowed are truly life savers.

Free Donut For Every Coffee at Gonuts Donuts

gonuts donuts

Donuts and coffee lovers out there, here’s something to be crazy about.  The “insanely delicious” donuts of Gonuts Donuts can be yours for free for every coffee ordered from 8:00 AM until 2:00PM.  Popular favorites are the following flavors: Amazing Glaze, Choco Frost, Strawberry Glaze, Chocolate Cake, Yummy Vanilla, Choc-o-nuts. So go ahead and have your morning fix delight  at their participating stores:

1. SM North Edsa 2. SM San Lazaro 3. SM Mega Mall 4. Bridgeway 5. Petron Katipunan 6. SM Lipa 7. SM Sta. Rosa 8. SM Mall of Asia 9. SM SouthMall 10. Robinson’s Place Manila 11. SM Makat 12. Trinoma 13. Burgundy 14. Tektite

Just be sure to have your Lipofuze ready.  Don’t blame Gonuts Donuts for those extra calories gained from devouring their freebie donuts.  Or better yet, grab those Chocolate Glaze Sugar Free ones, perfect for those who are health conscious donut lovers.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Way.

One night a few weeks back, the husband told me that he plans to buy a scooter when we’re already settled in our new home in Batasan.  The village is a few meters away from the main road and according to him, it’s more practical if he just rides a scooter for short range errands like when he needs to go to the nearby wet market or the supermarket.  Honestly, I don’t buy his idea and I strongly object.  It’s not about the purchase expense but I’m just worried and tensed about all these road accidents being shown in the news these days involving motorcycles.  Most of them were fatal.  Call me OA or too pessimistic, but I’m really not just comfortable with the idea.  Aside from that, we don’t have a huge garage space nor a DuraMax Woodbridge Vinyl Storage Shed Kit 02714 to accommodate it's parking.  Further, it’ll be very seldom that he’ll run an errand to the wet market since we’ll be having our market day on a weekly basis and I’ll take charge of that.  He’ll be my driver and since our weekly groceries would be likely in bulk, transporting them home altogether is impossible with a scooter or even a bigger motorcycle. So….it’s definitely a big NO for me.  Period. No ifs and buts.

Missing my Former Colleagues at Convergys.

2187779984_071da2b546_o 2187779978_189c62ff95_o

Seeing these pictures of activities at Convergys remind me a lot of things and precious moments: engaging teambuilding adventures, lunch outs, pantry breaks, understanding although sometimes demanding bosses, endless overtimes, mountain high po finance documents, etc.  It’s been three years since I bid farewell to the corporate world and focused on the motherhood role.  Although I enjoy so much the path I’ve taken from then on, I can’t help but miss these things especially my beloved, wacky colleagues.  I do still get in touch with them once in a while (thanks to Facebook!) but there’s a place in my heart that longs so much for the close friends I’ve left behind.  I do wish to see and catch up with them one of these days.

Water Baby.

I’ve been despising the regular summer afternoons this year primarily because of the formidable and unforgiving heat we’re experiencing.  But if there’s one person who doesn’t want the summer season to go away, that would be my son.  This is the only time we’re allowing him to take a swim for as long as he wants in his mini-pool.  Actually, he is a water loving person so I’m sure even when it gets colder soon, he wouldn’t resist taking a dip in a pool or wouldn’t hesitate to take a bath if you’ll invite him in walk in bathtubs.  I believe his pose in the picture says it all..of how he’s enjoying wading and just dipping in the water.


Acuatico’s Balinese Villa.

4510520673_65701a5458_b This is one of Acuatico’s modern Balinese-designed villas.   Don’t you just love the architecture and the style?  I’m sure by just looking at the details like the glass windows, mini-garden, the terrace on the loft completely adorned with outdoor furniture and outdoor’re lured to come and personally check out this place.  Right?

Two of its three rooms were our sanctuary when my side of family went on an overnight vacation at Laiya last month.  As I’ve said when I posted the pictures on my Facebook, it truly was the best vacation I’ve ever had.  Talk about good food, magnificent scenery, refreshing swim, superb relaxation, quality bonding time with family, great laughs..absolutely, priceless!  How I wish we can do it more often and I won’t mind if we hold it over and over at Acuatico.

The Exasperating Heat.

It’s noontime once dreaded time of the day.  I love the summer season but with the exasperating and unusual afternoons that this summer brought, I really can’t wait for the rainy season to begin.  The heat and humidity is too much and it’s just so agitating.  We do not have an aircon in our room and with fans seemingly functioning as blowers, just imagine how hell-ish we feel like each noon.  I can’t also use my laptop that much because it get’s so heated that the battery recharging ceases and wouldn’t complete until 100%.  There are desktops downstairs but I also do not want to use that since their energy efficiency ratio is lower compared to that of laptops according to energy auditing experts. I don't want our electric bill to skyrocket that much again. And so without anything to do and since I can't take a nap because of the heat, what else can I do while waiting for the temperature to drop down?

Just another horrifying effect of global warming. :scary:

My favorite Wedding Movies

Wedding movies are one of my favorites to watch.  I guess it has to do with my being romantic, sentimental and having been a bride myself five years ago, the connection’s there.  I can so relate with how exactly a bride feels, her excitement, the drama, the bliss, the overwhelming happiness and even the stress brought about by the planning.  Seeing those familiar scenarios, situations and stuffs like wedding gowns and corsets, the bouquet, favors, elegant ballrooms, bridesmaids gowns, honeymoon, bridal shower…they make me reminisce my own wedding with so much delight.

The following are my favorite wedding movies that I have watched more than once:

Meet_the_parents_ the-wedding-singer121 father of the bride the_wedding_planner runaway-bride mybestfriendswedding

So Whose Fault Is it?

I’ve always been yakking about how busy and how I am so swamped with work.  Although I am truly blessed with lots of online earning opportunities of which I am so thankful for, I admit, it’s also my fault why I get burdened so bad with my tasks to the point that it’s so overwhelming and taxing already. 

Poor time management.  That’s the problem.

The perfect example, just this morning.  Instead of working right away to finish all my pending works that is due on Tuesday, I got distracted by my new toy and just played a few of the new apps I downloaded last night from iTunes.  Then when I was about to look for cheap car insurance quotes, a task I was given by the husband, I opened my iTunes instead and searched for more applications and games I could download to my iPod Touch.  Tsk tsk.

Baby Shower Cake


A Cookies and Cream Red Ribbon Cake was what we ordered for a dear friend’s bridal shower a year ago.  It’s actually a special request of the soon to be Mom as it’s her favorite flavor.  One proof that he she is a big fan, she immediately took a slice as soon as the box was opened.  She couldn’t resist her sweet tooth cravings.  She’s aware that too much sweets is bad for her and the baby but she guaranteed us that she can control herself, much to our relief.  We didn’t want her to get big and be blamed for the extra pregnancy fats she’d gain.  Even though she has access to the best weight loss supplements, she can’t take them after giving birth.

The cake reads..”Look out I come!”  Such a nice and very apt wording for a soon to be born baby, right?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Girard Perregaux Replica Watches

This is one of the oldest names in the world of watches which carries along with it the pride of accompanying time for more than two hundred years. Set up in 1791, Girard Perregaux watch company has been delivering the epitome of technological advancements and stylish looks to the watch lovers and in turn has lapped up limitless love and felicitations from them. This label manufactures watches especially for the high end clients and embodies their lifestyle to the last detail. This house has also patented nearly 80 concepts and stands miles ahead of its contemporaries.

The sparkle and dazzle of Girard Perregaux is seen in the exclusive assortment of Haute Horlogerie, Vintage 1945, WW. TC, Cats Eye, Richeville, Laureato and Seahawk amongst others. Watches in these collections are a beautiful example of the fine jewelry work and gripping patterns sewed together by strong and fearless technology. The world of entertainment, sports and business have bowed down to the majestic looks and towering techniques of these chronographs and hundreds and thousands of people are smitten by their bewitched charm. With this piece of enigma one does not need ornaments to decorate oneself.

Pack yourself in a style which is vivacious, fresh and energetic and doles out such magnetism that you would be surprised to see its impact on people around you. Girard Perregaux replica watches are the latest fad which carry with them the originality of the true brand and lace your spirit with the impeccable style and effervescence. Such precision and stability in replica watches is unheard of. So make hay while sun shines and jostle ahead of the crowd to own your choice of Girard Perregaux replica watches and shine like a star in the galaxy of style. It is highly recommended to put away these watches when you plan to get inside water.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grownup fashion.

I think it’s very evident how I love shopping for my 2 year old son.  Every time I receive sale alerts from Old Navy (my favorite shop for baby and toddler apparels), it’s automatic for me to browse shirts, tees, polos, shorts and pants for my son.  I just love their designs, specifically the “grownup” designs and styles.  I am not a big fan of babyish designs actually like those having bears or other nursery-related characters. Take a look at my son’s closet and you’ll see tons of striped tees and collared shirts.  In fact, I’d prefer to see him wearing white polo with bow ties than rompers or jumpers.  Nah, it’s not that I’m rushing his youth.  It’s just that I find him more adorable and cute in formal and grownup fashion.

I Miss Reading Books.

If there’s one hobby I’m miss doing these past few months, it must be reading books! I've developed this love for reading since I was a child. I had a wide collection of book for teeners favorite, the Sweet Valley series from Sweet Valley Kids to Sweet Valley University. I've also read and swapped with friends Sweet Dreams and other teen romance pocketbooks. Even up to now, the fascination of collecting books and magazines is still there. It's just that my work schedule coupled with parenting task deprives me from reading them. I still have a number of unread and unopened books that I've bought or were gifted to me. How I really wish I can find some free time to resurrect this interest very soon. I miss reading badly!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Responsibility.

I’ve been receiving a lot of credit card offers lately via phone calls and mails. Probably they’re seeing that I have a good credit card standing and I have no problems with credit card debt settlement among my existing credit cards. Owning a credit card comes with a big responsibility that’s why I see to it that I pay my dues on time and that I choose the best type that suits my needs. I don’t want having bad credit loans because such definitely affect my financial credit standing. I pity those who end up unable to pay their card debts but they are still fortunate because there is a site that enables them to compare and choose the best bad credit offer that suits them before they get to apply. These credit card types offer flexible terms and requirements that would let them rebuild their credit standing.  However, it doesn’t end there.  They should be careful and more responsible next time so they don’t end up undergoing the same credit repair procedures again.

In times of Financial Emergencies.

It’s June next week!  I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway through of the year 2010.  Time flies or should I say, “teleports” fast!  Anyway, while I get pretty excited that Christmas is near (yeah just 7 months away), the husband a bit dreads the coming month because it’s the time when his life and car insurance are due.  Then he has deferred charges carried in his credit card.  The sum’s kinda hefty and with all of our ongoing expenses, I don’t know if we can set aside enough savings after.  This got me thinking to suggest to the husband that he apply for a payday advance just to compensate for the huge expenses for next month. I can't apply obviously since I am not employed and does not have pertinent financial documents to present. Such kind of financial facilities help pockets to be unburdened a bit.  They can be truly counted on in times of financial emergencies.

Avoiding Temptations.

Most of the time, I dare not to open multiply online selling sites, ebay, and other shops on the web including my Flickr which some of my friends have recently turned into an online version of a “tiangge”.  Temptations abound when I open them.  I have this little bit impulsive side that I tend to say no to stuffs that I instantly fancy. 

I also have this recollection of my younger years when I refuse to leave the mall when my elder sister prompted us to go home for the simple reason that I still had some money left.  I resist to leave because I need to spend it although I don’t have any particular thing in mind to buy.  All I know is that I have to spend it.  That’s how imprudent and careless I was with money.  Perhaps, if I was already qualified way back then, I would have endlessly applied for payday advance just to shop like crazy.

All this bit by bit changed when I got married to a responsible man.   He taught me how to be careful, rational and sensible.  I even became better when I my son was born.  He taught me how to be selfless, because before or instead of spending on my whims, I’d rather spend the money for things that my child needs.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food Business.

I really believe that the food industry business will always be among the most profitable businesses that will be able to withstand economic challenges through time.  The reason is that there are billions of people worldwide and everyone need food to live.  We can not go on our day to day activities without fueling our bodies with food.  This is also what I learned when I was in College taking up a Business course.  And so when we had a feasibility study project for one subject, everyone in the class unanimously chose the food business sector to consider as their feasibility project as it deemed to be the easiest to venture on.

Of course, there will always be other pertinent factors to consider when putting up a food business.  The market it wishes to cater and the location are among the top considerations.  Depending on the size of the business, the equipment may not necessarily be the high end ones.  For the home-based and smaller food business, the ordinary equipment and utensils may be used.  For the more complex establishments like luxurious restaurants, of course, the chef will be able to execute his task if he’s equipped with a good and effective Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

While the food business sector guarantees a sure ball profit, it is still risky and challenging as any other businesses.  That’s why it should really be studied very well before hand and one must go in depth and must know every risks it poses.

Whether it be a full-fledged restaurant, a retail store selling fresh fruits and vegetables as in a wet market, or a bakery, a small supermarket or grocery store, a restaurant supply store, or a food stall selling street foods like kikiam, squid balls, ice cream and fruit juices, the food business sector is promising so long as one keep in mind all the factors relative to a food business like theme, location and sanitation.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Finding Low-Cost Designer Men's Shorts

If you live in a hot area, then shorts are almost a necessity. Owning a few pairs can make yard work, sports, and informal outings much more enjoyable. Finding designer mens shorts at inexpensive prices has become fairly easy over the past couple decades because the Internet has given consumers access to websites that focus on discounted clothing.

Buying Overstock Shorts
Companies that focus on selling overstock clothes give consumers easy access to some of the latest trends in fashion without paying high prices for name brand designers. These companies buy overstock merchandise from retailers that have either been unable to sell their products or simply placed orders that were too large for their stores. Overstock stores buy this merchandise at low prices, which allows them to sell shorts and other clothing to consumers at discounted rates. If you are looking for the latest fashions, then websites that focus on overstock clothes should be one of the first places that you look for a great deal.

Buying Shorts from Auction Sites
Auction websites like eBay make it possible for anyone to open their own online store. This is good news for consumers who want to find good deals on name brand clothes. Many retail stores and boutique shops use online auction sites to sell their products at discounted prices. A consignment store, for example, might use the auction sites to sell vintage and modern shorts. Online auction sites also present useful opportunities for individuals who want to sell clothes. This does not necessarily mean that you would be buying used shorts from the auction sites. Instead, you can focus on items that have never been worn. As return policies have become stricter at many stores, consumers turned to auction sites to sell gifts that didn't fit their waistlines or sense of style.

Five Facts about ED and Viagra

If you have ever wanted to buy Viagra but you are unsure if male enhancement drugs are for you, you are not alone. Many men who have experienced erectile dysfunction have turned to male enhancements to help them overcome the problem. With Viagra, you can get back to enjoying a normal sex life safely and effectively. Here are five things you should know about Viagra to help you make the decision to use it.

Viagra received approval from the Food and Drug Administration on March 27, 1998. Since then, the issue of erectile dysfunction has been an issue that has been discussed widely in the media, which has also helped to open a dialog between men and their doctors.

About 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction, or impotence. This can cause a great deal of shame or embarrassment for some men. In some instances, impotence may even cause problems in relationships and psychological problems for males.

The medication that we now know as Viagra began as a study in England as a medication that would treat high blood pressure and angina. Participants did not receive significant results with these problems while on the medication, but they did notice more sustainable erections that they had been experiencing for years. As a result, the manufacturer began gearing the research toward using it to treat erectile dysfunction.

The genuine brand of Viagra is produced and manufactured only by the Pfizer Company. In fact, this is the only company that is legally allowed to produce Viagra in many countries. You should not use any off brands or generic brands of Viagra if you want the genuine thing.

Viagra is designed to work within a half hour of taking the medication. Keep this in mind if you are going to have intercourse so you can plan your activities accordingly.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Lot Refreshing Now.

Finally, a breathe of cool fresh air.  After working on some blog posts earlier, I turned off my laptop and gave up.  It was so hot in our room that our fans (take note, two fans directly blowing at me) were useless.  I went out of the room, passed by the terrace and felt the cool breeze from the outside.  It’s a little humid still but a lot more refreshing and cooling.  The next thing I know, I was bringing out my laptop and voila, I now have an instant workstation here in the terrace and I can hear the hush of the wind and tree leaves rustling.  So peaceful.  Perhaps, this is how it feels like to have a vacation or live by the beach in a Tamarindo Real Estate property.  Maybe, it’s beyond relaxing even.  No wonder a lot are rushing to be one among the first owners of the newly developed houses and condominiums there.

Automotive Insurance in the USA

Automotive insurance with liability coverage for property damage and injuries to a third party is a must in most of the states in the USA. But there are many variations in the process of enforcement of these requirements.

New Hampshire does not make it compulsory that motorists need to have liability insurance. Virginia, on the other hand, does; and the residents there have to pay an annual fee of $500 per vehicle unless they choose to purchase liability insurance.

Penalties for non-compliance with the state rules regarding auto insurance differ from state to state, although in most of the cases they involve a large amount of fine, suspension and/or revocation of license and registration, and a possible jail term. The minimum that is made obligatory by law, usually, is third party insurance for the protection of third parties from financial loss, injury or damage from the operation of a vehicle.

In North Carolina, it is mandatory for a driver to have liability insurance as a pre-condition of the issuance of the driving license to him or her. Unless you have a liability insurance, you are not eligible to drive in North Carolina.

Some of the states insist that you must always carry your insurance documents with you in your car. Some states do not make it a compulsion. However, it is advisable that one should carry this document at all times in the car without exception. No reason to take a risk and go into an argument with law enforcing personnel.

Some authorities recommend that car insurers should issue license plates valid for the period of insurance coverage. The car owners will have to put this license plates on their cars. This will make the task of spotting cars without insurance easy because such a car will have no license plate provided by the insurer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Save Money With the Lowest Home Mortgage

The lowest home mortgage you can find will often have the lowest interest rate. Because home mortgage lenders charge interest based on your credit, the lowest home mortgage for one person may not be the same as the lowest rate you can get. Being diligent about the total cost of the mortgage and the monthly payment for it can help you save thousands of dollars over the course of your mortgage.

If you look at a home mortgage calculator, you can see the benefit of getting the lowest home mortgage possible. Just reducing the interest by 1 percent on a home costing $114,000 can save you over $70 a month. While that might not seem like much, you'll save over $25,000 if you pay the loan as scheduled over the course of 30 years. That can pay for a year of college for your child, or you could buy a new car.

In addition to finding the lowest interest rate for your home mortgage, there are other factors to consider. The closing cost for your loan will vary by company. Some lenders charge additional fees for each service, increasing the cost of the loan. The interest rate can also vary based on the type of loan you get and the term for it. For examples, the starting interest rates for an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and a 15-year home mortgage are typically less than the lowest interest rate for a 30-year fixed loan. When you compare these options, you'll want to evaluate the monthly payment and the total cost. With an ARM, take fluctuation in interest into account. If you can't pay afford the monthly payment at the highest interest rate possible for the ARM, the lowest home mortgage for you may well be a fixed loan.

Knowledge Found with Online Drug Rx

It was once the familiar difficulty: you would trudge to your doctor's office, trying to squeeze into the crowded parking spaces, forced to wait hours within the white walls of a lobby. You would then be summoned, left alone in a tiny room without even a cursory explanation. And then, finally, your physician would arrive, offering a prescription and few reasons for it. You didn't understand. You didn't think you ever could. But now you can. With online drug Rx sites, you can discover the truth behind your medication and how it effects your life.

There are few worries more consuming than those of health. We fear everything because we think there is everything to fear. We don't understand what we're given, why we're given it or what it ultimately represents. Drug Rx sites seek to challenge that, however. No longer question an illness or its treatment. Instead let it all be defined (in terms that won't confuse or alarm).

Explore the facts, and not the assumptions, of medicine. After receiving your prescription, use these sites to search for symptoms, causes and more. Allow each pill to be presented, its ingredients offered and its warnings shown. You will no longer have to stumble through a regimen, wondering always if it's correct. Instead you will know what you're meant to do and, more importantly, why you are meant to do it.

Let all drug Rx concerns retreat. With the help of your doctor and these sites, you will be informed of all aspects of your condition. And knowledge, you will find, truly is relief. You will no longer feel uncertain. You will instead understand all aspects and contingencies. Your body will be healing and your mind will be content. And that is the vital difference between satisfaction and constant fear.

Swimming is Best When Regaining Strength

If you have suffered from an injury that requires you to avoid high impact contact, then you know that pools are the best place for you to work out and above ground pools are the easiest way to get an affordable pool on your property quickly. If you gave up hope that the gentle power of exercising in a pool could be easy and convenient, you can get your confidence back. You may have thought that getting a pool is difficult and headache inducing but you can make the call and have a pool ready for you to use in no time.

When an injury has been sustained, the catch twenty two is that you need to use the muscles and ligaments to get your strength and flexibility back but you must be extremely gentle. For some, especially those with back or serious knee injuries, even a gentle walk is too intense. Swimming is the perfect answer because the water supports and buoys you while you gently move and rotate yourself. Your muscles can be engaged and get healing, nutritious blood and oxygen flowing into the injured area, allowing regeneration to take place. Strength can be rebuilt in an efficient, productive manner while unnecessary strain can be avoided.

Having a pool at your home is especially beneficial as it makes it much more likely that you will stick with your program and exercise regularly. You can work out when it is convenient and easy for you. Even if you have a particularly taxing day, you can hop into your own pool in the privacy of your own property and stretch out the tense and sore spots. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about incorporating swimming into your healing regimen and see if an above ground pool is the answer to getting and feeling better faster.

Get the Upper-hand on Old Games

For those of you who have always heard about old, classic games like Mah Jong, but never knew how to learn them, there's now an answer for you! Online gaming allows you to play old-fashioned games and learn the rules of how to play them, without having to visit your grandparents for advice. Learn the rules to older games, and impress your relatives at your next family function.

Online games allow you to learn in an environment that is self-paced. Pair yourself up against other players at your own skill level, and never feel rushed onto the next stage of game playing. Also, with online games you can choose from multiple formats and methods, both modern and old-fashioned, and become a pro in every way.

Impress your grandpa by learning an old classic like Sudoku, and then beating him at his own game on the Fourth of July. Learn how to play Mah Jong better than your aged granny, and teach her a few new tricks, too! There are so many great games online to choose from, that it's easy to overlook these tried-and-true classics. You can learn to play Chess a la Bobby Fisher if you focus, and follow the guidelines that are clearly laid-out for you online.

By visiting great online gaming sites you can get the skills that will set the stage for awesome family gatherings and first dates. If you've always wanted to challenge the old men from the park to a game of chess, online gaming will teach you how to play well enough to beat anyone at their own game. From old classics to new, modern takes on old games, and even newly-constructed fantasy games, there are choices that will suit any personality at any age. Online games aren't just a great pastime, they're a means of translating your skills into real life gatherings.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Moderation and Control.

Once in a while, we should also splurge and shop til we drop especially during sale seasons. It doesn't hurt if we occasionally treat ourselves to whatever tangible thing that our heart and mind desire. So long as it's done moderately and controllably. So while waiting for a free credit report this weekend, make sure to go out, pamper and engage yourself with some manic shopping in the mall. Today's a payday and most malls are having their 3 Day Sale in time for bonuses given and Back To School sales.

Securing The Future Through An Insurance

Having a security at all times is imperative for one's own protection especially in these times when the world economy is so indefinite. Other than that, no one exactly knows what the future brings so securing one's future through an insurance is the best thing to do. There are several types of insurance that one can avail: the most common life insurance, health, fire, car insurance, travel and a lot more. It’s not actually being negative or worrisome of any bad happenings but it’s just actually preparing for the worst. It wouldn't hurt when one's simply vigilant. What's damaging and troublesome is if you are caught empty-handed and unprepared in cases of emergencies.

In this modern world where the internet provides ease in a lot of our necessities, finding the perfect vehicle insurance will never be as tough as before. Just browse the website of and you will be provided with tons of options to choose from coming from the top and most trusted insurance companies with just one click. So now, there's no reason for one to delay or worst, not to get an insurance for his vehicle because everything's just so easy to fulfill.

Summer Schooling.

I initially planned of sending my 2-year old son to a summer swimming class this year. I have spotted a summer clinic that teaches toddlers and even babies as young as 6 months old to "swim" although not literally but more of water familiarization for them. This is actually great so as young as they are, they can develop confidence and won't get intimidated in the waters.

However, tons of things got me busy that I couldn't find time to enroll him. Perhaps, next year, he'll get to attend his first ever summer sports school. Other than that, I am also thinking to let him take piano lessons next year. As early as now, he has a keen interest with musical instruments. He strums with an invisible guitar, taps his lap when he sees a drum, and he likes tinkering the keyboard when it is on. So aside from sports, I think it really is a great idea to enroll him in music classes as well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Blog.

It's very rare that I get the chance to go over, read and relive a few entries here in this blog. As this was my very first online home that sheltered mostly of my soon-to-wed, newlywed and first part of pregnancy experiences, I'm glad that I kept this through the years and didn't hit that "Delete this account" link when I was so lazy to update and grumpy all the time during my first trimester of pregnancy. Well, it was basically my hormones crazily acting up that time. You know how inconsistent, lazy, sensitive and even irrational a pregnant woman can become, not at all the side effects of prenatal vitamins, but it's purely because of the raging hormones inside a pregnant woman's body. Five years later, my blog is still alive and even providing me means to earn some extra cash :wink:

What's Milia?

A friend of mine who has just given birth got perplexed when she saw tiny pimples on her son's face. I remember that my son had that too when he was a newborn. They're actually called Milia. According to my little research, they are known as milk spots or oil seeds that disappear in a few weeks so there's no need to look for and peruse acne product reviews. This is caused by a certain type of yeast causing a primary skin infection. They also clear up in a few weeks time although sometimes, it could linger for months.

Just Sharing.

For those people who really want to shed off those extra pounds, the technique with regards to food options is very simple. To help fire your fat burning capacity, aside from taking the best weight loss supplement, try snacking on foods that have just about 200 calories or less but will result in you feeling fuller for a longer time. These snack foods include popcorn, kamote fries, oatmeal, veggie burgers, sugar-free popsicles and apple slices. In addition, the desired body built and physique can be achieved faster if coupled with reasonable number of workout hours everyday.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Early December Vacation Plans.

I admit that between the husband and I, it's him who is more organized in a lot of ways. For one, he absolutely hates cramming, thus, the word "panic" is unknown to him. He has a clear picture of his goals and of the future. He plans ahead. He doesn't procrastinate.

So call it overrated, but we have already made our December vacation plans. Apart from being excited, he just wants everything gets settled way, way ahead to avoid booking hassles. Actually, booking as early as 6 months or even 1 year before a December holiday is advisable. Slots and availabilities are secured plus one is able to get cheaper and cooler deals as opposed to booking at the last minute or very near the desired travel dates. The husband always has in mind that December is a peak month for travels. Hence, he's been an early bird in planning.

We've initially looked at spending Holidays in Devon and have even canvassed for Self Catered Devon Cottages rates. But the husband thinks that we might have a hard time securing a visa for now. Instead, we'll check out nearby Asian countries first since they're basically cheaper and doesn't have visa requirements for tourists. But we'll always consider a Devon vacation and staying in Self Catering Holiday Cottages in the future. We're attracted with the complete vacation facilities that they provide to a travelling family. The Devon Cottages are fully equipped with furniture as well as with other necessary equipment and utensils to make one's vacation truly relaxing, comforting and memorable. The wide array of properties such as casas, villas, apartments, beach houses and cabins for rent are strategically situated in an excellent position within easy reach of various activities and shops. Almost all have a great panoramic view of the sea and sunset from the decked balconies. Hopefully, next year we can finally experience our much liked Devon vacation.

Eyesight Problem.

Among our brood, I think I am the luckiest to have been blessed with a good eyesight. My two elder sisters have been wearing contacts and eyeglasses for several years now. I am not ignoring the idea that the time will come and I’d also get to wear a pair of spectacles or an eyewear because it’s a fact that as we grow older, our eyesight deteriorates. But in my case, who’s always in front of the computer all throughout the day, I just hope that I’m not speaking so soon. Recently, I’ve been experiencing overnight headaches that won’t just go away when I wake up the next day. Hope it’s not the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome. I’ve read that there are anti-glare glasses to help reduce eye strain so that’s what I’ve been browsing for in a particular eyewear online shop. I think I need the assistance here of my optometrist friend because I'm absolutely clueless about this thing. I hope she can help me with this. I absolutely do not want to suffer any inconvenience or worse, contract any eye-related dilemma. I have an idea how discomforting it is because my elder sister would often complain then. I've seen what she went through and still experiencing until this time so as early as now, I do really need to take every preventive steps and ways to take care of my eyesight.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Introducing The New And Improved Way To Transform Your Body

Everyday it seems there is now new fad or gimmick out where people are making drastic changes to their bodies. Some people are opting for liposuction, while others are looking for the new and improved weight loss pill. Many people are risking their very lives in the quest to look perfect. Well, what if there was a way to look perfect with out any of the negative side effects.

That is were Zerona comes in. Zerona is a new procedure that has been passed by the FDA to help in the fight against weight lose. It is a laser that has be proven to remove the fat from your body without any scarring or damage to your health. It seems like a miracle. Since coming on the seen in 2008 it has already taken the country by storm. People are changing their minds about going under the knife and switching to have this new laser technique instead.

Zerona can help you reduce inches in your waist, and it can also help you loose that unsightly belly bulge. This procedure can me perfect for that new mother that has struggled so hard to loose the weight in those problem areas. This procedure is also more affordable than having liposuction done to the body. Many doctors are referring this new technique to their patients. With all the rave reviews liposuction may become a thing of the cosmetic past.

There are so many benefits to opting to have this procedure. The technique only take six visits before you will be able to see full results. Once they are over you don’t have to stress over recovery time or unsightly scars. The laser simply works by destroying the fat cells in your body, and then your own body works to flush out the fat through the lymphatic system . It’s just that simple. This is what makes Zerona the wave of the future. The brand new cosmetic procedure that is a sure fire way to rid yourself of ever being overweight again.

How to Avoid Fraud

While Intelius, created by Naveen Jain, is still known as the world’s largest “dot con”, conning people out of millions of dollars, there are still other companies online who are just as bad. Everyday people fall as victims of credit card fraud; not by individuals who steal their wallets or purses, but by companies who find your personal information from another site and unknowingly sign people up for their services. Here are a few ways to protect yourself from this happening to you.

Get a PO Box address as oppose to having your mail sent directly to the house. In some cases, a thief doesn’t have to wait to grab your wallet from you, or go through your purse, or even wait for you to submit your information online. Sometimes its as simple as going to your mailbox, sifting through the mail and taking out anything with your personal information on it.

Be careful with your social security number, especially when filling out applications online. Your social security number is the key to all your personal information. With it, a thief can have utilities turned on in your name, have credit cards issues, and even open bank accounts all without your knowledge and consent. Be cautious when it comes to using your social security number.

When shopping online, consider using prepaid credit cards or gift cards. These cards are not directly linked to your social security number or home address, making them ideal for paying your utilities online, shopping on eBay and handling other transactions.

If you do sign up for a “free trial” of any service, make sure you read through the fine print for any hidden costs or fees associated with the trial. Many times people overlook the fine print, making it easy for them to be charged for a service they didn’t want.

A Jamaican Anniversary Treat.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary come December this year. While we have agreed that we will definitely go out of the country for a change (and since we’re positive that we’ll have enough savings by then), we’re still debating whether to go on an Asian cruise, Asian key cities tour or go all out for a Caribbean cruise. But if I were to choose, I’ll go for the last option. While there, we can definitely check out and relax in a beach resort Negril. I’ve researched that there’s a beautiful beach in Negril (the Sea Breezes Resort) that’s totally inclusive Jamaica. I've heard so many positive feedbacks about the beautiful sea views and activities that can be done in there. I think the husband agrees too and it’ll be more likely that we’ll go for a Negril Jamaica adventure. It’s just funny because last night, the beautiful Negril was featured in our favorite travel TV show. We were severely tempted by the majestic beaches, tempting gourmet restaurants, popular nightclubs, inviting and cozy resorts. It has everything that even the most compelling tourist will be extremely gratified. I think there’s no other perfect anniversary destination other than this Jamaican town. I'm really yearning to spend even just a few days there. If time and budget allows, I also want to explore the rest of the Caribbean islands. Let’s see how will it go. I just hope that we’ll be able to get the best deal so we can maximize our anniversary trip.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cosmetology School Hunt

I was supposed to start on a big online project today but I decided to set aside it for the mean time as a friend is in dire need of my assistance. She has deep interest with beauty, hairstyling and makeup products and as she want to further this, she's looking for a cosmetology school in Texas. Her family is bound to migrate there soon. Luckily, as I was in the course of looking for Texas beauty schools, I stumbled upon the Regency Beauty Institute's website. Their curriculum looks interesting and the career opportunities it offers after graduation are equally inviting. Their state of the art facilities keep their students abreast of the latest in the cosmetology trends. I bet my friend will be overly delighted with my online find.

Of Discomforts and Sickness.

And so, not only my rashes on right arm and thigh are itchy. My throat's feeling some discomfort, too, and I'm coughing more frequently now. I guess, it's because of the weather (it's freaking hot and humid!) and lacking sleep lately (because of too much work) is making me susceptible to sickness. I just hope that my body won't totally take its toll on me and that I recover from this cough soon.

Itchy Rash.

One of the things I dread when summer time comes is that I get unsightly and very itchy skin rash. I don't know if it's a skin allergy of some sort or just the ordinary prickly heat rash. All I know is that it's very discomforting and disturbing. Sadly, I have some on my right arms and right thigh. It's very reddish and spreading very swiftly. As a first aid regimen and for relief, I've already applied Fissan Prickly Heat Powder and so far, it's effective.

The Perfect Time To Buy Gold.

If you are currently considering to buy silver bullion or any other precious metals as a form of investment. You need not actually wait that long since the perfect timing is always now. The world financial status may appear bleak and shady, and we might not be seeing any signs of stabilization because of the frequent fluctuations in commodity prices but actually, experts say that every moment is always the right time. Investors buy gold as a safe haven against any world crisis may it be economic, political, social or currency-based conflicts. These conditions include investment market declination, currency failure, inflation, etc. Gold is a sure investment that one can trust.


My 2 yeard old son has an extreme fascination with automobiles and big vehicles. He loves it whenever we're on the road and joyriding. The busy highways and streets entertains him so much that he shrieks in glee (with matching claps) everytime a truck, a bus, a jeep, train and a bike passes by. The big ones are his favorites though. So even if it's a septic tank cleaner truck, he'd surely be delighted upon sighting. Even the sky and the river do not escape his attention because he loves seeing airplanes and boats, too.