Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Lot Refreshing Now.

Finally, a breathe of cool fresh air.  After working on some blog posts earlier, I turned off my laptop and gave up.  It was so hot in our room that our fans (take note, two fans directly blowing at me) were useless.  I went out of the room, passed by the terrace and felt the cool breeze from the outside.  It’s a little humid still but a lot more refreshing and cooling.  The next thing I know, I was bringing out my laptop and voila, I now have an instant workstation here in the terrace and I can hear the hush of the wind and tree leaves rustling.  So peaceful.  Perhaps, this is how it feels like to have a vacation or live by the beach in a Tamarindo Real Estate property.  Maybe, it’s beyond relaxing even.  No wonder a lot are rushing to be one among the first owners of the newly developed houses and condominiums there.

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