Monday, May 03, 2010

Early December Vacation Plans.

I admit that between the husband and I, it's him who is more organized in a lot of ways. For one, he absolutely hates cramming, thus, the word "panic" is unknown to him. He has a clear picture of his goals and of the future. He plans ahead. He doesn't procrastinate.

So call it overrated, but we have already made our December vacation plans. Apart from being excited, he just wants everything gets settled way, way ahead to avoid booking hassles. Actually, booking as early as 6 months or even 1 year before a December holiday is advisable. Slots and availabilities are secured plus one is able to get cheaper and cooler deals as opposed to booking at the last minute or very near the desired travel dates. The husband always has in mind that December is a peak month for travels. Hence, he's been an early bird in planning.

We've initially looked at spending Holidays in Devon and have even canvassed for Self Catered Devon Cottages rates. But the husband thinks that we might have a hard time securing a visa for now. Instead, we'll check out nearby Asian countries first since they're basically cheaper and doesn't have visa requirements for tourists. But we'll always consider a Devon vacation and staying in Self Catering Holiday Cottages in the future. We're attracted with the complete vacation facilities that they provide to a travelling family. The Devon Cottages are fully equipped with furniture as well as with other necessary equipment and utensils to make one's vacation truly relaxing, comforting and memorable. The wide array of properties such as casas, villas, apartments, beach houses and cabins for rent are strategically situated in an excellent position within easy reach of various activities and shops. Almost all have a great panoramic view of the sea and sunset from the decked balconies. Hopefully, next year we can finally experience our much liked Devon vacation.

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