Sunday, May 30, 2010

Acuatico’s Balinese Villa.

4510520673_65701a5458_b This is one of Acuatico’s modern Balinese-designed villas.   Don’t you just love the architecture and the style?  I’m sure by just looking at the details like the glass windows, mini-garden, the terrace on the loft completely adorned with outdoor furniture and outdoor’re lured to come and personally check out this place.  Right?

Two of its three rooms were our sanctuary when my side of family went on an overnight vacation at Laiya last month.  As I’ve said when I posted the pictures on my Facebook, it truly was the best vacation I’ve ever had.  Talk about good food, magnificent scenery, refreshing swim, superb relaxation, quality bonding time with family, great laughs..absolutely, priceless!  How I wish we can do it more often and I won’t mind if we hold it over and over at Acuatico.

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