Friday, January 22, 2010

Annoying Spywares

Just last month, my brother’s computer at home finally gave in forcing dear hubby to reformat it. It started with pop up ads indiscriminately displaying, then the browser’s default home page is always redirected to another page no matter how often you try to restore your defaults in the Browser Options. The anti-virus software also keeps on popping as it detected various irreparable threats. We also experience frequent crashing and the BSOD or the “Blue Screen of Death” was a common sight. Obviously, the computer was attacked with some sort of spywares, or probably even virus and some type of worms.

Those are the things that I dread the most. As wikipedia explains, a Spyware is computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed consent. Personal information is secretly recorded with a variety of techniques, including logging keystrokes, recording Internet web browsing history, and scanning documents on the computer's hard disk. Purposes range from overtly criminal (theft of passwords and financial details) to the merely annoying (recording Internet search history for targeted advertising, while consuming computer resources).

Spywares are absolutely annoying, dangerous and even costly. This is the reason why we need to be secured by powerful antispyware softwares and exercise utmost care like when we find duplicate files download. These antispyware softwares block known and emerging spyware threats before they ever reach your computer while you browse. They let you download music and share files without worries of spyware infection.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Sleepy.

It's siesta time! But alas, I have some works to do so even though the bed is tempting me to lie down beside my soundly napping little son, I'm strongly resisting the urge. I just can't afford to nap at this time. This is the advantage of not having a study table or a work station. I do not have such special space so it's either I work on the dining table or on our metal beds. In our future little home, I'll make sure that I will find some little nook where I can have my work station. It doesn't matter if it won't be well and lavishly furnished as if I'm working in a real office. Just a set of table and comfortable (preferably something that's ergonomically designed for my dextroscoliotic back) chair. That way, not only I will have good posture while working but also, to prevent me from giving in to sleeping/napping temptations like I'm undergoing through right now. Now I just have to figure out how to keep my eyes open and preventing to shut on their own. Coffees are out since they don't work for me. Pinch and slap myself? Nah, that would be too harsh. Eat? It's too early for snack time. Well then I guess, I just have to do a hundred Jumping Jacks then.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of a Kind Paracetamol.

I'm not in my best mood and condition right now. Kinda feeling sickly as I my throat's starting to feel itchy and I feel so tired even though I was just idle the whole day. It could be a sign that Aunt Flo's coming as I just checked my calendar now (read as PMS-ing) but I can not discount the fact that there are sickies in the house and that it could also be the virus is now creeping into my system. Thanks to this gallery of faux sapphire earrings from Holsted Jewelers, I'm somehow relieved and pacified. These jewelries are actually soothing to the eyes..perhaps the reason could be blue is my favorite color and it's one of the loveliest and most striking gems out there. It's a good thing that my moodiness extends to my shopping tendencies. Otherwise, I would have damaged my credit card on impulse big time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 Questions

Snagged this from a Facebook friend's profile and seriously, it left me puzzled. LOL.

It's amazing how these group of people (it's a class, I think) certainly all look alike. I bet it has to do with their chinky eyes and fairly white skin (I wonder if there such things as skin products for acne in their country). They may all look alike at first glance but do notice how genetics still made them entirely different.

"Woot Woot!" or "Shame Shame!"

Whether this is photoshopped or not, I think this is a great reminder how we should be having control with our eating and exercise habits. We should not wait for this extreme instance when even the best diet supplement or the best workout regimen have an absurd chance to trim your body down. After all, everything lies to our hands and the best tool that we have is DISCIPLINE.

A Bride's Lose Weight Strategy

Aside from the nitty gritty details of the wedding preparations, another thing that stresses a bride out are the efforts on how to lose weight and become slimmer before the big day. More often, you'd hear these brides resolve that they would eat less however, they neglect exercise. The best weight loss strategy is a combination of regular physical activity and a sustainable eating plan. There are also diet aids out there that can supplement for a more effective slimming program. But seriously, the wedding is not about how slim or how gorgeous you'd look in your wedding dress. Because no matter how you look, it's the love you share with your spouse that is celebrated and the most important thing of all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just a thought to ponder:

If you have a friend, a sibling or a family member who found a cellphone in a certain place, will you condone his action by getting delighted upon the little treasure he stumbled upon? Or you will not tolerate his action and instead, you will encourage him to return the item?

I am a firm believer of karma. Whether good or bad, I think that we'll equally reap the consequences of our actions towards others. I have had similar experiences in the past and without second thoughts, I right away returned the item to the rightful owner. I don't want myself or any of my loved ones suffer the same fate of losing valuable things or even worse like getting sick such as simplex herpes, bankrupt or those worse scenarios that I can't imagine. What goes around comes around.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tired But Still Sweet

The husband for the second night in a row came home from work this late. Something urgent came up and they are all forced to render extra hours in the office to work on it. Poor hubby, he's getting exhausted and is so yearning to take a leave and de-stress for a while. As for me, I've got no qualms about staying up late to wait for him. I have plenty of tasks right now so that's what I do while waiting for his arrival. Even though he's so stressed and all, I commend the husband's thoughtfulness. He came home with a Mcdonald's Double Cheeseburger for me. Sweet. It's just ironic because my browser was displaying the page: when he handed me the Mcdo plastic bag and my eyes (and taste buds..and tummy) went crazy.

Has It Really Been Two Years?

On this week last year, I was occupied and so busy planning for Asher's first birthday bash. Now fast forward to this time of 2010, I am about to finalize his second birthday celebration plans. Has it really been two years? It seems it was just yesterday when I tested positive on the pregnancy test kit and started to take the best prenatal vitamins. It seems it was just recently when my bump started to show and it seems it was just a while ago when I gave birth to our precious darling son. Wow, time does really fly fast. Before I know it, I'll be sending a little boy to school soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Motherhood Marks

When I became a mother, I embraced everything that comes along with it. Often deprived of "me" time, endless zombie nights especially during the post delivery on first few weeks, physical and mental stress brought about by a growing robust kid and of course, the body's transformation to a "mother-like" built. While I may be blessed that I got back to my skinny self in just a matter of few months (thanks to breastfeeding), I have my very own post natal body imperfections, too: my flabby and stretch marks-filled belly. So I realized I'm not blessed with an elastic skin. This means, I may still fit in but I don't have the confidence to strut my two-piece swimwear..shame-faced to expose the "ugly" marks. But as I've said, I have embraced every "motherhood marks" even they may be unpleasant so I don't have plans of having it removed via special operation or what.

There are those who undergo and try the technology of liposuction and body contouring butI can't blame them. They do it to look and feel better about themselves. That's also the reason why various lipo clinics exist now such as sono bello. With clinics situated mostly in the western part, their highly-trained team of plastic surgeons and liposuction physicians have made a lot of patients happy and felt better about themselves afterwards.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Computer Protection

It's undeniable that a virus attack to a computer can be a tremendous nightmare. I have similar experiences in the past and I can still recall how devastated I was when my hard disk suddenly ceased working and wouldn't boot. I got so nervous and kept on thinking about my precious school files. It's a blessing that I had a genius techie boyfriend then who was able to fix and recovered all the files. Since then, I was so cautious on clicking links and made sure that my antivirus software was updated. It's great that we have so many reliable software now, one among the best (according to reviews I've read) is this VIPRE Antivirus, a free trial can be downloaded from Its antispyware features are impressive. It also doesn't slow down a pc during a scan. I'll surely try this out soon once my antivirus license expires.

HMO and Medicare Supplements

With my son's hospitalization last month, I once again realized how important it is to have a Health Maintenance Org (HMO) or a Medicare supplement. You know how serious a hospital bill can damage your pockets especially if it strikes when you're least prepared. It's really beneficial if you have something to turn to in such challenging times. After all, you wouldn't want to endure added stress while attending to a sick loved one right?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lawyer Talks.

I am self-confessed avid Kapamilya shows fanatic as I find most of their TV shows entertaining. Every night, we watch their prime time shows from TV Patrol up to Pinoy Big Brother. Since it's a sort of nightly marathon, the teleserye "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" is part of our routine although the story line has become less interesting. I really hate it when a story revolves around revenge and hatred) but nevertheless, I still watch because it precedes Pinoy Big Brother and the stars are good in acting. Also, the story includes lawyer characters and it's thrilling to watch court room debates and actions. These actors are really good because it's tough to portray a lawyer's character, in my opinion. I wonder how tougher it is in real life. How I wish I personally know a San Antonio personal injury attorney so we can ask. By the way, for those of you who are in Texas and needing a free consultation or assistance about your rights and legal options for compensation for motor vehicle accident injuries or workplace accident claims, do check out the competent O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath lawyers.

Surging Appetite.

My son's appetite today is simply amazing. In a span of 4 hours, he drank 12 oz of formula milk (daily average is just 8 oz), uncertain amount of breastmilk (direct feeding) from me, then had 2 plates of meal for lunch. We've noticed that his appetite suddenly surged after we got out of the hospital. It's actually good so that he regains back speedily the weight he lost when he got sick. In fact, his abrupt weight gain is very evident. Growth spurts perhaps. He surely weighs heavier now compared to last week. So we take that as a good sign that he's fully recovering or recovered even. Absolutely, he wouldn't need any of those Fastin slimming pills. He's just a baby and besides, we really want him to add on some built. He looks too skinny when he's beside his 20 month old cousin.

Digiscrapping Invites.

Aside from my bountiful online writing assignments, what's keeping me busy since yesterday noon is digiscrapping. Well not really back yet to making full layouts, still lacking with the much required creative mojo. But my Photoshop (and me) is busy designing my nephew's Ben 10 themed birthday party invitation. He's turning 7 this coming month end. By the way, I finally have a CS3..woot! But I haven't figured out though the difference and haven't fully explored the new features. Since I'm scrapping using my new Harry, I've never digiscrapped this easy. I mean, my Firefox with lots of opened tabs and PS are working and processing at the same time real fast. I got used to a conking and hanging laptop before so this new machine is the bomb! I am yet to make some revisions on the invite, as requested by my SIL. Hope it'll turn out good.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I wonder how many of my friends will get wed in this year of the Tiger. I have a feeling that we'll be receiving not less than two wedding invitations this year. I have a number of friends who have changed their status in Facebook from "in a relationship" to "engaged" in the last quarter of 2009. The question now is just when will the BIG wedding days be. I guess I just have to wait for their announcements or their save the date notices.