Saturday, January 09, 2010

Computer Protection

It's undeniable that a virus attack to a computer can be a tremendous nightmare. I have similar experiences in the past and I can still recall how devastated I was when my hard disk suddenly ceased working and wouldn't boot. I got so nervous and kept on thinking about my precious school files. It's a blessing that I had a genius techie boyfriend then who was able to fix and recovered all the files. Since then, I was so cautious on clicking links and made sure that my antivirus software was updated. It's great that we have so many reliable software now, one among the best (according to reviews I've read) is this VIPRE Antivirus, a free trial can be downloaded from Its antispyware features are impressive. It also doesn't slow down a pc during a scan. I'll surely try this out soon once my antivirus license expires.

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