Friday, January 25, 2013

Chocolate Gifts for Valentines

Valentines is synonymous to chocolates and flowers.  They have long been a favorite gift for lovers and popular tokens when wooing someone.  Chocolates signify sweetness while flowers convey appreciation for beauty.  Here are some chocolate gift ideas that you can share with your special someone over a romantic meal.

Love Chalkboard Art

This is a wonderful chalkboard word art frame not only for Valentines but whole year round for everyone in the family.  It’s great to hang on the living room wall, the bedroom or on a space where it can be very evident.  It’s a great reminder and affirmation not only for couples but everyone in the family.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Effective Time Management

Life has been extra busy these past few months with both my online work and with the online store that I own.  Most of the time, I fail to finish all the things I needed to do in a day that’s why I really try to manage my work time effectively.  But then, there are times that work pile up that fast that I wish I have the extra hands, mind, extra computers and extra multiple monitor mounts so I can attend to all the tasks at the same time.  I’m not complaining though because being busy means I’m blessed with projects.  As I have said, I really just need to manage my time (and stress) more effectively.

ISO: Wooden Frames

These are the wooden frames that I have been scouting.  If you have any leads whether an online store or in physical stores, please let me know.   I’m needing a few for the photo wall that I’m planning to have.  Also, I think they make a great photo prop for my headband business.