Friday, December 19, 2008

Extra Precaution.

An online friend of mine who resides in Massachusetts worries about the heavy snow downfall that will take place in a few hours from now. A maximum of 18 inches of snow is expected and that is indeed worrying. My cousin is based in Seattle and I heard that the snowy weather isn't good either so I do hope that he takes extra precaution. Last year, he met an accident while he's on his way home. His car skidded on the highway and a few other cars were included in the mishap and a few were hurt. Luckily he got a good Seattle injury lawyer so everything was settled smoothly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Continuous Advancement.

I was dusting my mini bookshelf yesterday when I unearthed my college books. One of them is my ever favorite Programming book that is still very alive at the moment. Alive meaning after several years I graduated, it hasn't been disposed still. Whenever I redesign my blog, I make it as a reference as it contains the basic HTML guide. Of course, there have been a lot of advancement and development in the programming world today that it could be outdated but I know the basics don't go passe. For the more advanced terminologies, Mr Google has the answer. Like for this terminology "data integration software" that I read somewhere, it brought me to the Syncsort Incorporated's site. From there, I learned that it's a high-performance software for data management and data protection for various environments like UNIX, Linux and Windows. It speeds up various processes like data warehouse processing, improve database loads, improve query performance and back up and protect data in distributed environments. I surely do not understand most of the complicated terms and that's what the web is all about. It continuously advances.

Happy 3 Years!


Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary pare! More years of bliss to come. Can't wait for the year 2015..the year when we'll get married again to renew the vows we once made. So as early as now, let's start saving up for a one grand wedding celebration. :)

Where Would Your Dream Guy Take You on Your Honeymoon?

You Should Honeymoon in Europe!

You are a traditional romantic at heart...

With a taste for fine wine, museums and beautiful walks.

You and your sweetie should get romantic in a cafe in Paris

Or get a Eurail pass - and see as many cities as possible!

Suggested destinations: Paris, Venice, London, Greece

Oh...of course I'd love to go to Europe with the husband. It's what they call the most romantic place on Earth. If only it doesn't cost a fortune to get there, we've long been there. Perhaps celebrate each and every anniversary or even our monthsaries there. Geez..that would be lovely.

Honeymoon Beach Getaway.

While we celebrate today our 3rd wedding anniversary, I'm sure it's notable too for my sister as it's exactly one month to go before their wedding. They're both scheduled to arrive from Qatar in two weeks time to prepare for the last leg of their preparations. I think they're almost done except for the nitty-gritty details like drafting of misalettes, distribution of invites and preparation of their souvenirs and silver tokens. Most of their major concerns are now addressed and I've even overheard that their honeymoon is all set. I'm not sure but I think they'll be having an all inclusive vacation packages in one of the Caribbean top notch resorts in Riviera Maya. I tried googling about it and came to know that they have the finest white sand beaches..and I'm so envious. How I wish the husband and I can go on a second honeymoon in such a lovely vacation paradise. But since we already have our little Asher, we might bring him in tow. I read that Azul Beach Resort is a family-friendly one with all its amenities like strollers, cribs, baby milk heaters, beach games, coloring books, refrigerators for milk and medicines, and even kid-sized bathrobes all intended for the little beach buffs. Well let's see where this dream vacation take us.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here's what we'll have for our Noche Buena. My sister's own version of Carbonara.

Onion – chopped
Garlic – chopped
Mushroom (1 can, sliced)
Beef cubes (1 box)
Nestle cream (1 can)
Cream of mushroom (1 can, campbell’s)
Evaporada Milk (1 can, alpine)
Cheese (1 box, grated)
Fetuccini/tricolor (spiral) pasta

1. saute garlic and onion in butter
2. add on the mushroom
3. beef cubes
4. add on the cream of mushroom
5. stir constantly, under low fire
6. add: nestle cream and evap milk
7. add the grated cheese with continous mixing
8. boil the pasta (put butter to prevent pasta fromsticking)
9. fry bacon w/o oil (til crunchy)

serving: top on the bacon or you can mix it with the sauce

I tried this once and it's kinda easy to follow and prepare. Beware though, better have your diet pill prepared so you won't lament later on for the extra calories gained.

Photo grabbed from

Lechon Month.

At this time of the month, Christmas parties abound left and right. And among my Multiply business contacts, guess who's most in demand and has received lots of orders since the beginning of the month. It's no other than Sabroso Lechon. Lechon (roasted pig) has always been a part of the Pinoy's party menu and despite it wreaking havoc on one's diet plan, a lot would still feast over its crispy skin, delectable meat and yummy sauce. Binge-ing on such once in a while is just okay, just make sure to ready your slimming plan after the holidays like doing a Lipovox review before indulging on a lechon feast.


More and more motorcycles are swarming the roads everyday. Perhaps, this is their way of addressing the issue on the rollercoaster rise and drop of gas prices. But whether it may be economical or not, I'm not one of those who would support or be into motorcycles. If you notice on the news, common road accidents involve motorcycles, drivers are whom are mostly careless and don't even wear protective gears like helmets. Even if there are local lawyers who are at par with motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles that would mediate in cases of accidents, I wouldn't still ride ever a motorcycle.

Tulip Bridal Bouquet.

When I got married, I had nothing in mind but tulips for my bridal bouquet. They're lovely, they don't wither right away, they don't have thorns. It's just magical.


Now what do tulips represent in a wedding?

Tulips, in general, is the symbol of The Perfect Lover. That is why it is an ideal type of flower to use in weddings.

If you choose red tulips for your wedding, you are declaring your love to your partner. Yellow tulips mean that you are hopelessly in love with your partner.

And cream-coloured tulips mean that you will love your partner forever.

That, folks are what weddings are all about.True love....


Santa's Eyewear.

The popular online eyeglasses shop, Zenni Optical has something in time of the holiday season. Whether you're putting on a Santa Claus costume or not, their Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical would surely add festivity and glamor in your holiday getup. Their holiday frames and $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses are the recent additions in their collection and I'm sure it'll be a great hit for those fashionistas out there. I wonder which frame will the old Nicholas/Santa wear...perhaps, all of these?

SpitzTunes - Cheer & Fear

The world may be suffering from financial crisis but surely, everyone can recover on this. May the holidays may somehow uplift our dampened spirits. There is truly a way out of the crisis. One of them..perhaps, music can.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Covered Ears.

Looks like we will be having a loud and noisy evening later. Our neighbor is currently setting up the shade/tent, chairs and tables and other party safety equipment for their party tonight. And yes, it's only mid-afternoon but their videoke is now blaring loud causing great annoyance to all the villagers. But among all of the villagers, it's us who's deeply affected because they're just right beside us. We're living in a townhouse style village so just imagine how our ears are aching now.

Friday, December 05, 2008


:Sigh: We don't have Nikky yet with us. According to the shop, they don't have news yet as to when they'll be restocked with D60 but I was told to constantly communicate with them. I just hope to have him/her (not sure yet if it's a he or she..LOL) before the big events this month. We'll be celebrating our anniversary in two weeks time so it would be best if we have it by that time. Or else, I won't have anything to give the husband (and so is he). So I guess, I better look for a standby gift, just in case. I'm looking at a fashion jewelry sets site now and do you think the husband will love this diamond dad ring?

Love that bling-bling effect, don't you? This by the ways is a craft of Holsted Jewelers..check out their high quality diamond rings..they're a bargain.

Alone Time.

1. Do you ever get a ‘break’ from people (Say your S.O. goes on a personal vacation or something)? If you do, do you like the time alone? Why/why not?
+ So far, since the time I gave birth and decided to become a Stay at home mom, the only "break" or I consider my "me" time is when I'm online while the little one sleeps or if he's with his nanny. Of course, I'm just a human who gets tired from strenuous activities so "me" time such as this is just normal, in fact, recommended.

2. Do you think being alone is a bad thing? Why/why not?
+ No, of course. Everyone needs space and some time to be alone and reflect or meditate about her/his life. This works as a therapy for some to relieve themselves and drive away stress.

3. Everyone gets lonely sometimes. How do you cope with being lonely? What do you do to make that feeling go away?
+ I think of happy thoughts.

Thanks, Donna.

Name Four.

Got it from Yen.

1. Places you would like to visit and why.
+ My spur of the moment wishes: France, Japan, Vietnam and USA.

2. Favorite things to munch on!
+ Chocolate mallows, Boy Bawang, raisins, grapes. A lot actually but luckily I don't get fat easily so appetite suppressants aren't for me.

3. Favorite sites for online shopping.
+ Gymboree, Old Navy, Multiply and Digishops.

4. Things you have to get done this weekend.
+ Fit my gown for my sister's wedding, buy a DSLR (hopefully), pending online tasks, and rest.

5. Things that pop up when you google your name.
+ My flickr, blogs, Chian Mai travel site, wikipedia.

Engage With Grace .

Death is one of the things that most people are afraid of. But in this world we're living, it is inevitable. What's your take on this?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Pursuit to Masterals.

I had a conversation with a college friend of mine the other day and we got the chance to catch up with the recent happenings of our busy life. She's now on her last semester of her masteral studies in business administration and is currently working on her major thesis that will either make or break her pursuit for that much coveted graduate degree. Knowing her diligence and persistence, I know she'd make it with flying colors and honors even. In fact, I won't be surprised to know in the years to come if the next thing she's working on is a dissertation for a doctorate degree. At one point, I felt envious of the dedication she has for continuing a higher education which makes me interested and consider to pursue a MBA for myself. I know being a Stay-at-Home Mom isn't a hindrance since I can study and obtain an online degree from trusted universities worldwide through online education. Take Capella University for example, this university has 109 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs serving 23,400 students from all 50 states and 45 other countries. They are a provider of exceptional academic excellence with a state-approved specialization in reading and literacy. Learn more about them through the podcast on their site.

Well, someday..somehow I know I would be able to realize this goal.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Common Christmas Gift.

Gifts for nephews, nieces and godchildren - check
Gifts for close friends - check
Gifts for my siblings - check
Gifts for my in-laws - check
Gifts for Asher - check
Gift for the husband - hmmm...pending.

Before you think that I'm disregarding my husband, we have agreed that we will buy a DSLR for ourselves this Christmas. This is one of our common gadget whims for the longest time and so instead of giving each other separate gifts, we'll pool our savings and splurge on this. We're eyeing a Nikon D60 and the husband says we might include this in our itinerary tomorrow after his annual physical check up. I can't wait to get hold of our own Nikky soon. By the way, I don't know if it's a sort of premonition or something, look what I found from Chikai's blog...a buzz about's free Nikon Strap. I think it's one of those promotional items for their Nikon D90 but this strap is okay for all Nikon models. Since there's no catch or anything and they ship worldwide, I signed up so that when Nikky is here, she has a ready strap.

My Sunday.

How's your Sunday noon everyone? Mine's just perfect. Me and my boys have just recharged through a relaxing afternoon nap. We just also had a hot and freshly cooked bibingka for merienda to our tummy's delight. Even though I have a few pending online works to do, I'm taking it easy and enjoying this long weekend. Tomorrow's a non-working holiday so it'll be another day of relaxing and chilling. We'll accompany the husband to the clinic for their company's annual physical examination then we'll go malling afterwards. I'm instructing hubby to take this chance to have his eye checked by the doctor. He's been complaining recently of frequent headaches, perhaps due to eye strain or something since he's been working in front of the computer longer these weeks. He might need to wear his eyeglasses again just like he used to before during his high school days. But I hope it's nothing serious. For all we know, he just needs to relax and prevent himself from getting too stressed from work.

How Pisces Are You?

You are 93% Pisces

You are 93% Pisces

All About Me.

You've probably learned a lot about me through this blog with all my random (and sometimes senseless) ramblings I share but do know more about me through this Dneero convo.

December is Almost Here!

Today's the last day of November and as always, I'm mesmerized how time surely flies so fast. The year end is fastly approaching and I feel like there is still much of my plans that I haven't accomplished yet. And with December being a busy month, all the more that I'm near panicking. The holiday shopping is almost done though since we started it early this month. Then I also need to prepare for the weddings I'll be attending on December and on January..which reminds me I am yet to buy a formal footwear to go along with my gown for my sister's wedding. I am inclined to buy similar to this Manolo Blahnik Marith style in my fave shoe shop. Looks good, eh?

Then of course I also need to prepare for the two out of town getaways the whole family will be having before and after Christmas. Arrggh, December will surely be one busy but fun and exciting month..can't wait.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BF Shopping.

For those of you who are in the US, how was your Thanksgiving celebration? Just sad that we don't celebrate here but I'm pretty sure it'd be exciting to hold one. For shopaholics like me, the After Thanksgiving Sale is even more exciting with all the lowest price drops ever in each and every store. Even though I'm a sleepyhead, I don't mind waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to take advantage of the best buys and coolest deals ever. In fact, I might not be able to sleep the night before because of too much excitement to shop. Why not get crazy when prices of everything drops as low as 80% off. No wonder why people even get rowdy and fight over limited stocks of stuffs just like what I watched in youtube. Two men almost engaged in a brawl because one tried to snagged the reserved the home theater furniture of the other. It's a good thing though that they were set apart right away or else, Black Friday could have literally turned into a gloomy friday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just when I needed tons of bucks to fund my christmas shopping and holiday expenditures, online works become scarce suddenly. When I say scarce, they're totally went down the drain that I don't have any to work on for the past few days. And this made to find some other ways to earn and work from home so I can contribute to our savings. I've heard a lot of times about oDesk before and how lucrative it is provided you're armed with the right skills and know how..and so the scarce opps made me sign up with them just this noon for a data entry and blog writing positions. It's entirely a different home-based online job, a tad similar to my current job but I'm still finding my way through the initial "just signed up" process so I don't have much to say about my experience yet. It's kinda overwhelming actually, but let's see where this will lead me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quotable Quotes from Barack and Michelle.

The new US president elect isn't only admirable on his wisdom about governing the country but his love for his family and wife is equally laudable.

Barack Obama: "And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years ... the rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady ... Michelle Obama."
Source: "President-elect Barack Obama's remarks in Chicago." 11/04/08.

Barack: "If I ever thought this was ruining my family, I wouldn't do it."
Source: Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, "The Obamas Get Personal", People, August 4, 2008, page 57.

Michelle: "Time and love and sacrifice and struggles make you stronger."
Source: Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, "The Obamas Get Personal", People, August 4, 2008, page 57.

NYT quoting Michelle about their marriage, April 2007: "... she wants to keep her marriage 'sort of stress-free, free of the discussion, free of the analysis, free of the assessment.'"

Michelle on why the family did not move to Washington, D.C.: "We made a good decision to stay in Chicago, to remain based in Chicago, so that has kept our family stable. There has been very little transition for me and the girls. Now he's commuting a lot, but he's the grown-up. He's the senator. He can handle it. That's really helped in keeping us grounded."
Source: Chicago Tribune, 12/24/2005.

Michelle on being a political wife: "It's hard and that's why Barack is such a grateful man."
Source: The New Yorker

Barack about being present to his family: "It is important that when I'm home to make sure that I'm present and I still forget stuff. As Michelle likes to say, 'You are a good man, but you are still a man.' I leave my socks around. I'll hang my pants on the door. I leave newspapers laying around. But she lets me know when I'm not acting right. After 14 years, she's trained me reasonably well."
Source: Lynn Norment, Ebony, "The Hottest Couple in America", February 2007, pages 52-54.

Swiped from here.

What Your Home Says About You

What Your Home Says About You

You don't come across as very intellectual or serious. You seem like a bit of a goofball.

Your hygiene is passable, but you may be hiding some dirty secrets.

You are a very domestic person. You enjoy decorating, cooking, and making things homey.

You are not a very nurturing person. You have enough trouble taking care of yourself.

You feel settled in your life. You have enough time to focus on little details.

You are a very self sufficient person. You can get along well without much help.

Your friends see you as accommodating, peaceful, and forgiving.

On Wedding Make-Up Artists.

When I prepared for my wedding three years ago, one of the on-the-day suppliers that are somewhat difficult to book was a make-up artist-slash-hairdresser. Unlike a cake supplier or an event stylist who could prepare or provide their service beforehand and requires just a few hours to render their services, most make-up artists can't accommodate several bookings in one day. One, they can't rush their services so the bride's overall do will look dashing and charming and two, prepping the bride and the whole entourage takes some time to finish all of them. And sometimes, the make-up artist stays even after the wedding ceremony and is just on standby should the bride needs a retouch. So it's no wonder how steep a make up artist's service rates could be as the beauty of the bride on her wedding day all depends and lies on his/her hands. I know of one's rate who's the best in the industry almost costs a gold. I think he invested a fortune for his studies in a beauty school abroad. No wonder he's so talented and his hands in transforming faces are pure magic. Searching for Beauty Schools in the US is so easy with FindABeautySchool. They have a complete beauty school directory and searching in a particular state takes only a while since links to their websites are also provided.

Teary-eyed on a Wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I attended a friend's wedding yesterday and guess what? I'm such a sucker and get so emotional and affected every time I witness a bridal march. Hmm, I'm very sure that I'm not PMS-ing so the hormones aren't to be blamed but I got so teary eyed when my kumare, Ena, walked down the aisle as the bridal hymn "Ikaw" romantically plays on the background. Perhaps, I could just relate how overwhelming a bride can feel because I was a former bride myself. Seeing the man you love the most waiting by the altar, all the eyes of the crowd are on you marveling how dashing you are in your bridal gown, and your family teary-eyed because of the thought that they're seemingly "giving" you away and how proud they are of you...all those thoughts rummaging into your mind can really make you overwhelmed and the feeling's just so nice and heartwarming. I always tell hubby that by hook or by crook, I'll definitely go through that feeling and I'll walk down the aisle again as we renew our vows on our 25th and 50th wedding anniversary come 2030 and 2055.

Just 2 Months Away.

...and it'll be my eldest sister church wedding already.

As she is currently working and domiciled in Qatar, preparing overseas for her wedding is quite a taxing task. It's a good thing that she and her husband (they were already civilly wed two years ago), contracted the services of a full time coordinator that can arrange and organize the logistics of their preparations for them. Being the first to marry among us siblings, I would have helped her more comprehensively in her wedding preparations but with the birth of my son this year, it was just impossible to do the whole leg work for her. But nevertheless, of course, I tried to extend my help, thoughts and suggestions whenever she asks. I'm also going to be her Matron of Honor and so come wedding day, I'll be her "on the day achay". This reminds me that we haven't fitted my entourage gown yet. Their coordinator has texted that it's available for fitting anytime. Hopefully, within the week I could finally fit it.

My sister will be arriving on the last week of December to oversee the last leg of her preparations. I'm so excited that another wedding will be celebrated in the family. I love weddings and it's evident when I prepared too for my own wedding three years ago. This blog has been a witness how OC and hands on I was with the preparations. This will definitely make me walk down the memory lane of my own wedding. Can't wait!

What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You.

What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You

Your Personal Style:

Young and flashy. You dress like a celebrity, and you love to accessorize.

Your Ideal Wedding:

A huge party with all your friends, with lots of toasting and dancing

Your Philosophy on Marriage:

The person you marry should be your best friend.

Your Perfect Marriage:

Is when you still surprise each other with romantic gestures

Online Store of Health Care Supplies.

I have blogged in my other online nook about Asher contracting bronchial asthma recently which his 5 month old cousin, Kylie, was diagnosed with earlier. And this made us (including my in laws) realized how important it is to have a nebulizer in a home that has a kid or a baby. Well, as their immune system is still immature and can easily catch colds and cough causing virus, the use of nebulizer at the early stage of illness (usually colds), can cause enormous relief for them.

When the Pedia instructed that Asher needed to be nebulize as part of the treatment, we had a hard time scouring for a cheap yet quality nebulizer in the drugstores and health shops. Usually, the ones available are way so costly that can literally dig a hole in your pocket. Luckily, we were able to spot one at Watsons at a cheaper price of just Php 2500. It's just later that I realized I should have tried checking out It is a medical equipment and home health care supplies shop that offers online over 55,000 fairly priced products. What's more interesting is that they have a free Allegro eCatalog that offers limited time specials and discounts to new members. They offer various products such as (but not limited to) Exercise/Fitness equipment, hospital discharge favorites, maternity care supplies, electrotherapy products including electrodes, urologicals/catheters, wound care supplies and so much more. And to top it all, since it's online, you can browse and buy your needs at the comfort of your home.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday 9.

Saturday 9: Dreaming of You

1. What did you dream about last night?
It was an unpleasant one. I dreamed of a blogger friend's baby daughter getting sick. :(

2. Do you often have nightmares?
Not that often. But I notice, I do have them everytime I forget to pray before I doze off.

3. Do you have any special talents?
Eating tons of foods without gaining extra weight. :wink:

4. Who is the most talent person that you know?
A friend of mine who dances, acts and sings well.

5. What did you watch on TV last?
A local TV drama series.

6. Is there a new TV show that you would recommend?
hmm..perhaps, Pinoy Fear Factor.

7. Who was the last person you phoned and why?
I think it was my sister asking when will we have our gown fitting for my sister's wedding.

8. Who was the last person who phoned you and why?
The husband. Informing me he's on his way home.

9. What was the last snail mail letter that you received?
My Globe Handyphone bill. Arghh..bills. bills. bills.

An Invitation and Freebie from Themes and Motifs.


Pre-registered soon-to-weds who will come early to Elegant Weddings 2008 will get the chance to own the limited edition 2009 Themes & Motifs Executive Planner / Datebook. Perfect for planning your dream wedding with 3 - day/page sheets, special provision for important dates, personal information, important suppliers addresses, notes, and advertising pages of some of the country's well- loved wedding suppliers. Let this cool executive planner with a hard plastic cover help you get organized and remember important dates and events. Great as a keepsake! Preserve your wedding planning memories for posterity.

What Christmas Carol Are You?

Your Christmas Song Is

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh

When it comes to Christmas, you really get into the holidays

You have a ton of traditions that spread holiday cheer!

Delectable Restos.

We attended a friend's wedding this morning and it was one of the nicest ones we've ever witnessed. It was simple yet very solemn and the love they have for each other could be warmly felt especially when they had their first dance in the reception. Their sweetness and the romantic mood made me teary-eyed as they danced so close, singing their theme song while their eyes are fixed on each other.

Speaking of reception, theirs was held in a nearby restaurant. Their food was great especially the carbonara and fish taste buds were so pleased. This reminded me of the delectable and cozy Denver Restaurants that I was reading about earlier at This site is so informative about everything that the Mile High City offers..from its scenic spots, the people, the culture, their fashion, business and sports. It is also in this site that I read about The Oceanaire which has an ambiance of 1930s ocean liner and obviously their best sellers are their dinner delights: halibut, oysters, bluefin tuna and salmon. Okay enough with that, this makes salivate for seafoods.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Fab Eyeglasses.

Do you need a new pair of eyeglasses but your budget at the moment isn't enough for one? Worry no more as there are $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses that can be ordered online through Zenni Optical. The popular online eyeglasses shop is the only one who can offer at such a low price. And if you want to be hip this Christmas season, check out and wear those Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Days of Silver Getaway,

Here comes another contest to try your luck on. This is a sister company of Hand Bag Planet and if you remember what they did onset their launch last month where they gave hand bags for free, Silver Treats will do the same but this time it'll be a jewelry giveaway.

Beginning December 1st, we will give away one jewelry set per day for 12 days. Each set is valued at an average of $275! After signing-up in one easy step, you can select the jewelry set you would like to win. There's absolutely no catch - this means no shipping/handling fees or credit card required. Yes, it's really that simple!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Frugal Shopping.

I guess everyone is with me when I say that life, economically, is getting harder each day. It's not surprising whenever news says that the currency trading (peso versus dollar) is not getting any better each day and prices of commodity are high-rocketing . There may be slight change with the peso's daily standing but it's not so stable. In fact, no one is ascertained how's economic life ahead since the world economy is so inconsistent. With this situation, we don't have a choice but just be prepared for the future. And for me, preparing for the future simply means "SAVE".

There may be plenty ways of saving for the future but in my opinion, the most significant and effective method is cutting back on expenses that are least of our priorities. Let's say in our case, hubby and I have been drooling over several gadgets like new mobile phones, a DSLR cam and a new laptop but with the anticipated Holiday expenditures, we can't have all of our whims at the same time. So what we do is organize our shopping list and prioritize those that are must-haves at this time. Of course, I can't say that shopping is forever ceased, I might freak out if that happens. But there is a term called "frugal shopping". One can be an economical shopper by spending wisely on a cheaper yet quality product. For example, you need a new pair of eyeglasses, you can skip on expensive prescription eyeglasses as there are cheap and stylish frames that you can order online. Zenni Optical has prescription eyeglasses for as low as $8. So cheap yet design and quality wise are topnotch. The reason why their eyeglasses are cheap because they don't have middlemen to retail their products so wholesale prices are directly offered to their clients. So in this case, it doesn't really hurt to search first and compare prices before buying or shopping on impulse.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Excited for Baguio.

It's November already and just a few more weeks then here comes December. Aside from the holidays, what I'm most excited about our December this year is the family's getaway to Baguio on the week before the Christmas. It's been a while since I've been in the city of pines and since it's also Asher's first time to visit the city, all the more that I'm excited. We'll definitely go to some of the famous scenic spots like Mines View Park, do boating at Burnham Park and ride the horses' english saddles at the Wright Park. And this reminds me that I am yet to buy sweaters and long sleeved shirts for Asher because it can get very cold in Baguio during December.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

All About Blogging.

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

1. When did you start blogging?
March 2005. I started with this particular blog as my wedding online journal.

2. How often do you blog? How many times per week, per day?
I blog everyday.

3. How many blogs do you have?
I currently author 4 blogs all in all.

4. How many blogs do you visit daily? What type of blogs do you tend to visit? Do you always leave comments?
With my tight online time, I don't get to bloghop as much as I want to but I'm always keep updated because my favorite blogs are all listed in my Bloglines. I leave comments when I want to.

5. What is it about blogging that you enjoy the most? What is it that you don’t like about blogging?
I enjoy blogging because this is my social life now since I turned a SAHM. I met new friends. Also, this has been an income resource so what's not to like or love about it. I earn dollars in the comfort of our home while I get to personally take care of my son.

6. What do you usually blog about?
Sometimes I do reviews about anything like auto insurance quotes. But most often it's all about my son.

She's Engaged.

I was chatting with a close friend of mine the other day while she's packing her stuffs in moving boxes. It's been a while since we last talked and so yesterday we chanced each other online and there, we chatted for hours. She buzzed that she just got engaged and will finally tie the knot next year. Her fiancee's proposal was overwhelming and romantic that I can't help but wished Paul did the same years ago when he popped the question. Anyway, I'm so happy for her and wish her much wedding bliss. She's busy packing stuffs right now because they'll both be spending a week vacation in Chicago.


Got this from Yen..thanks girl!

1.) As an adult, do you do anything for Halloween or is it jut another day?
* It was our first Halloween that we did something because of Asher. We attended last Thursday a Trick or Treat activity at hubby's workplace and we had a blast.

2.) Do you ever dress up for Halloween? What will be your costume this year?
* Of course, it was only Asher who wore a costume last Thursday but it could be fun also if I wore a witch hat of some sort in the spirit of the Halloween.

3.) Have you started Christmas shopping yet? When do you usually begin?
* Yes, I have. I started shopping last month.

4.) Do you look people in the eye when talking? Does it bother you when people don’t make eye contact during conversation?
* Yes, I do look people in the eye especially if it's a serious discussion. You would know if someone is lying or not through his eyes.

5.) What excuse do you usually use when you want to take a day off work for no real reason?
* Sick.

6.) How often, on average, do you find yourself thinking about sex per day?
*'s only the husband who must know this.

7.) What company makes your favorite brand of shoes? What makes them your favorite?
* I'm not a shoe fetish really so there's no particular brand that I prefer. As long as the footwear is comfy and fits my taste and style then I'm fine with it.

8.) Do you ever save alcohol bottles once they are empty?
* Nope. I don't even drink alcohol.

9.) Do you enjoy musicals?
* If it's old-fashioned musicals, I don't.


October wasn't a good health month for us. The husband, me and even little Asher got sick with cough and colds. As confirmed by the doctor, it's the changing weather that is to be blamed. It could get very hot and humid in the afternoon then hours later, it would rain. That's why it's no surprise to see that the clinic of Asher's Pediatrician is swamped with sick babies and kiddos whenever we go for checkup. Up to now, Asher is still under nebular treatment to cure his cough. If not for our ever reliable health insurance, we could have holed big our wallet for recent medical expenses. For now, Asher's doing better and I do hope that he continues to get well in the days to come.

Cheap Glasses.

Gone are the days when eyeglasses are associated with geeks and nerds. If your eyesight needs a pair of glasses, check out the Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. They have wide array of stylish and chic frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Their Great Eyeglasses For Less are available for as low as $8. It may sound unbelievable but this was confirmed as Zenni Optical was on FOX news! The reason why they can afford to sell their prescription eyeglasses at a very cheap price is because they don't have middlemen to resell or retail their products. Check out the video of Zenni on Fox.

Where O Where?

Snagged from Alpha.

1. Where’s your favorite beach?
From among those I visited, definitely...Boracay.

2. Where’s your favorite place to spend money?
Malls..tangible and online.

3. Where’s a good place to watch people?
At the beach. Because everyone's seem so relaxed and with happy thoughts.

4. Where’s a good place to be totally alone?
At home or at las vegas hotels.

5. Where’s a place outside of work (or school) where you’re likely to run into people from work (or school)?
Nearby malls.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Changing Christmas Wish List.

Have you drafted your Christmas wish list yet? I have but it isn't still final as I find it changing almost everyday. Aside from it getting the list longer because I keep on adding items every time I see new stuffs online, the placing of the top wishes on the list also changes because their "I want" degrees vary. I can't settle with my ultimate wish yet. At one moment, I'm wanting a DSLR the most but after a thorough self-deliberation, I'm drooling over a new laptop then later, yearns for a new cellphone or a new Patek Philippe watch. I'm confused really because I simply want them all. I hope there's a way for Santa to give not just one but all of the items I'm wishing that are on my list. LOL.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please Vote & Win!

Can I ask a favor from you guys? My sister and his fiancee are getting married on January 2009 and they are part of the VRC Creative Events’ Best Destination Prenup Photo Contest. Their entry was shot at Sagada by Metrophoto Photography who'll also be their photographers in their upcoming wedding.

The voting will run from October 27 to November 16, 2008. All you just have to do is register one time and vote at for Entry No. 7: Arfilson & Lei. I think you can vote one per day (I’ll confirm this tomorrow). The winning couple will win a gift certificate for 3days 2nights stay at Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Aside from that, you could also win a surprise gift from VRC Creative Events by just voting. Top 5 out of 9 Entries will be displayed on Nov. 22 & 23, 2008 at Dream Weddings and Destinations - Before I Do Bridal Fair 4th Ed. at Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall.

You can check out their other marvelous Sagada Prenup pics here.

Please vote and help spread the word..thanks!

Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Sunday, October 26th

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First & Currently Tag.

1. First piercing → ears
2. First best friend → Eunice at Nazareth School
3. First award → Third Honor
4. First crush → I forgot the name but it was during my pre-school years. LOL
5. First pet → puppy
6. First big vacation - in Hong Kong, year 1995

7. Eating → Demolino Chocolate
8. Drinking → Water
9. I’m about to → take a nap
10. Listening to → Itunes playing Bread songs
11. Plans for today → accomplish all tasks in my to-do list and research about nice vacation spots in NC. I think Outer Banks is worth checking out.
12. Waiting for → my hubby who went shopping in Greenhills. Asher and I didn't tag along since the little one has colds. He needs to rest and get well so he enjoy the outing on Wednesday.
13. Want kid/s? → of course!
14. Want to get married? → I already am married.
15. Careers in mind → i wanted to become a dentist. :D

Thanks Chikai!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yoiks, I lost my files!

Have you ever lost important files on the computer that you couldn't completely retrieve anymore? Well, earlier just this year, my external hard disk conked out. It is where all of my digiscrapping kits and masterpieces and most importantly most of the birth photos of Asher were saved. Luckily, I have uploaded my digiscrapping masterpieces on to an online gallery. I learned my lesson the hard way. Since then, we've backed up our files through burning them to DVDs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Word.

I'm killing time through this meme while I wait for the ball lock pins that will be delivered today. We're improvising a plank to turn into a mini-cabinet for the pantry.

1. Where is your cell phone? Room
2. Your significant other? Paul
3. Your hair? Black
4. Your mother? petite
5. Your father? workaholic
6. Your favorite thing? laptop
7. Your dream last night? water
8. Your favorite drink? Fruitas
9. Your dream/goal? Travel
10. The room you’re in? Bedroom
11. Your hobby? Blogging
12. Your fear? Death
3. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
14. What you’re not? Fat
15. Muffins? Yummy
16. One of your wish list items? dslr
17. Where you grew up? Makati
18. The last thing you did? Eat
19. What are you wearing? Shorts
20. Favorite gadget? Laptop
21. Your pets? Jumong
22. Your computer? Acer
23. Your mood? Lazy
24. Missing someone? Hubby
25. Your car? Nissan
26. Something you’re not wearing? Brief
27. Favorite store? ON
28. Like someone? NO
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photo Overload.

Our digital camera has never been overused as this since we bought it last year. The cam's CD Picture Card flash memory gets easily overloaded with photos of none other than the little boy. If you get to see my Flickr and Friendster accounts, recently uploaded pictures would always be of him. We also have them printed so you could just imagine how many albums we have already filled with prints aside from the online galleries that I maintain. And he hasn't turned 1 year old yet. I take fancy and I'm so addicted taking his photos almost everyday because as young and as little as he is, he already knows how to exude his charm in front of the camera. A potential model in the future? Why not!

Weddings & Debuts 2009 Bridal Fair.

For those of you who are getting married or celebrating their debuts next year, here's a bridal fair that you shouldn't miss.

WHAT: Weddings & Debuts 2009 Bridal Fair
WHERE: SM Megatrade Halls 2 & 3 SM Megamall
WHEN: February 13, 14, 15, 2009

Get a chance to win a P 25,000 cash gift for on-the-spot bookings!
Plus get an extra chance to win one of three P 10,000 cash gifts
for bookings made on the Bridal Fair’s first day, Friday, February 13, 2009!

Registration for FREE ENTRANCE to
Weddings & Debuts 2009 Bridal Fair is now ongoing!
Register here for FREE Entrance
for you and up to 2 companions!


When we were preparing our wedding three years ago, most of our suppliers were scouted and booked through the various bridal fairs we attended. Whenever a friend asks for tips regarding wedding preparation, I always tell them to attend bridal fairs as they are already a one-stop-shop for all their wedding needs. Much more, they can get the coolest promos and discounts that could save a large chunk off their wedding expenses.

Friday, October 17, 2008

8 Random Facts About Me.

I got this tag from the mom of cutie Zoie. Thanks Bonz!

simple rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 Facts/habits about me:
1. I'm petite and super thin at the moment (Stands 5 ft and weighs 90 lbs) so diet pills are definitely not my thing.
2. I'm happily married to my bestfriend for almost 3 years now (and still counting)
3. I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom or could also be Work-at-Home Mom (thanks to online ventures)
4. I'm exclusively breastfeeding my son for 7 months now and will continue to nurse him for as long as my supply lasts and for as long as he's willing.
5. I author 4 blogs.
6. I'm moody.
7. I love shopping online for my little Asher.
8. I'm the happiest wife and mom in the world.

Considered yourself as tagged. This is fun, promise!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Online Learning.

My younger brother has been having a blast since his semestral break (from college) started this week. He's now bumming at home spending most of the day in front of the computer playing online or if not, playing his Playstation. Having a grand time, right? Well, he deserves it after a much pressure-filled and stressful semester. He's now on his third year (start of majoring year) so he was really busy with projects and feasibility studies. He reminded me of my college days. I also took up a business course and we were so beaten up with lots of projects and studies about entrepreneurship. Hard, yes but I actually miss school life. I miss the review sessions, having classmates and just the thought that I'm learning a lot makes me fulfilled. It is in this light that studying again crosses my mind and pursuing a masteral degree in business is being considered. But my being a stay-at-home mom state doesn't permit to enroll in real universities so I'm thinking to take up a degree online.

One of the most sought after online universities these days is Capella University. Existing since 1993, they are one of the education leaders in providing masteral and bachelor degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety. They serve more than 20,000 students across the globe so from which part of the world you are, a high-caliber academic excellence can be attained through Capella. Just recently, they buzzed that they're the only online university to offer a graduate degree program with a state-approved specialization in reading and literacy. Check out their latest ‘Inside Online Education’ podcast at for more about this buzz.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Shower Cake.

My former boss, who's now my sister's boss, will be surprised with a Baby Shower tomorrow. She's due to give birth any time soon and I think will be on Maternity Leave starting next week. Right now, they're working with the procurement of unique baby gifts and finalizing on some party details. I helped them with the baby shower cake hunt. I initially referred my favorite cake artist, Emily Uy of Sugarbox, who made our wedding cake and Asher's Christening cake, but unfortunately, she can't accommodate my delivery request. Luckily I stumbled upon one at Multiply whose creations and styles are similar to that of Emily's. So far, she's very prompt and accommodating with all our queries and request. I will be posting her site and rave about her if the cake pleased their taste buds and if everything goes well tomorrow. Here's our requested design from the cake artist. It'll be almost as is, except that the feeding bottle is excluded and the lining will be in pink.

Run for the Impressions!

Visual Talking is really cool. I'm thinking of posting one VT message again on my blog soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Do We Need Friends.

Got this from Kathy.

"We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need friends to remember us
one we have passed sharing memories
that will always last."

Spread the poem of friendship.1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng’s Simple Thoughts . . . 4. good thoughts, good trades 5. Ours and Our Kids 6. Jengspeaks 7.Jacque 8. Snippets of My Mind 9.Melisse’s Domain 10.Seize The Day 11. Eds Mommy Life 12. Just Me.. Eds 13. My Precious Niche 14. Scribbles of My Life 15. The Shopaholic In Me 16. In This Game of Life 17. Stripe&Yellow 19.Something Purple 20.Em’s Detour 21.Living the Healthy Life 22.Doll Me Up 23.Vanity Kit YOU 24. kathycot 25. Love. Happiness. Us. 26. You

Protect Yourself.

Cough and colds are very rampant nowadays more likely due to the abrupt recent weather change that we experience. Just in our household, the maid and my younger brother contracted colds recently that's why I'm very cautious that little Asher might catch this contagious illness. Apart from taking vitamins daily, there are some ways that we can further protect ourselves and our household from these pestering bacteria and viruses with the use of certain indoor health products. Indoor tools like humidity sensors and basement dehumidifiers are just some of the things to count on in controlling the growth of molds, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbials that thrive in homes and buildings and often cause allergies, immuno-toxicity and infections.

In Times of Sickness.

More often than not, being hospitalized or undergoing a surgical operation can be a nightmare especially if you don't have a reliable health insurance. Depending on your illness, medical expenses may undoubtedly surge and go beyond the costs that what have you alloted. Just like when I underwent a cholecystectomy (removal of gallstones and the gall bladder), I wouldn't be able to overcome that grueling experience of pains immediately if I didn't have my own health card. I wouldn't know how and where will hubby and I secure Php 100,000 just to have me operated. For emergency medical expenses, having an insurance with wide coverage such as the North Carolina health insurance would grant you and your family peace of mind.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

You Are Very Thin

Your BMI is 17.6 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25

Don't lose any weight. You already are quite slender.

You could even gain a few pounds if you wanted.

Indulge yourself every once and a while!

Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!

Obviously, I need not lose weight any further. I stand at about 60 inches (yeah just about 5 feet small) and weighs, as of my last checking, I'm just 90 pounds. Apart from breastfeeding, the reason why my dropped weight to this from my average of 100 lbs, is because of my little son who's getting heavier day by day and who wants no one but me to carry him. Yes, he's so clingy these days. Tough, but it's okay..I love him to bits.

Windy Alternative

Have you seen the Bangui Wind Turbines in Ilocos Province? Well, apart from it being a tourism spot, the government must assert more similar projects that would make use of alternative means of energy source. I bet you're one of those who have been complaining of surging electricity costs and all those stuffs, don't you think that wind turbines would be of great help?

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Bag Tag.

1. What's the most important thing in there?
My wallet that contains a few paper bills, IDs, ATM and Credit Cards; my passport, my bank book, my mobile phone, and prayer book.

2. What's the most embarrassing thing in there?
Hahaha previous month's paid bills, bills and bills. I need to declutter my bag, I know.

3. What's the smallest thing in there?
My yellow hair clip.

4. Is there anything illegal in there?
There is none.

5. How many pens are in there?
I have red Gelball gel pen, one black Value-OA gel pen, one Dong-A black gel pen (I love gel pens!) and one Parker pen. This makes me wonder how come I got so many pens in my bag. LOLz.

6. Do you keep anything edible in there?
When I was still working, I used to stock mints in my bag. But now, I don't have.

7. Are there invoices, receipts, etc in there?
Yes..plenty of them. The oldest, the Dad's receipt dated June 15, 2008.

8. Is the color of your wallet the same as your bag?
Yes, they're both black.

9. Are you a bag person? How many bags do you own?
Not really. I just have a few..3 I think.

10. Are you brand conscious with your bags?
No. I have a few branded bags but they weren't bought. They were gifts to me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Online Wedding.

I wonder if couples who met online and had a cyber relationship tied the knot in this manner:

cartoon archive at

Win $15 Paypal Money.

In the course of my random googling earlier, look what I've stumbled over.

 blog it

I'm trying my luck to win Steve's Win It Wednesday $15 Paypal Money Giveaway he's holding over at Youth Ministry Ideas. Joining isn't tough at all as you just have to:
1. Blog about this contest (like what I'm doing now)..and
2. Leave a comment here.

Just plain easy, isn't it? Now if you want to take a chance, you still have ample time to join since it will last until this coming Tuesday.

I'd love to win so I can buy something for Asher on his 7th month birthday soon. :)

Nut and Bolt Wedding Rings?

Weddings nowadays have truly changed. From the advancement and innovativeness of so many things to the weirdest wedding stuffs one can think of, I am always amazed and surprised more often than not. I'm surfing the weddingsatwork blog and saw these cool wedding bands:

Just leave out the sexual undertone it connotes, but the idea is actually cool. It simply signifies how two married people should complement each other like a nut and bolt. Clever, huh? This by the way is brass, 24k gold plate white zircon, designed by Kiley Granberg.

I wonder if there are also rings like a electric socket & plug, or coffee & cream, or nail & hammer. Or wedding bands that signifies a couple's common interest like gadgets, cars, pets or emblems of more specific ones like Superman movie theme, Benz or Ferrari parts. How amusing would that be.

Financial Talk: Things To Prepare Before Getting Married.

Husband: I dreamt I was laid off and you lost all your credit cards
Woman: That wasn't a dream. That was a nightmare!

1. Do an honest evaluation and talk about each other's finances
- Lay down what each of you has to offer and come together where you both stand because your financial lives will collectively become one.

2. Figure out the expenses that your financial standing can afford and how to budget.
- Your lifestyle as a couple, the monthly expenses like rent, utilities and the like must be considered. Make an agreement how your salaries (if both of you are working) will be saved, partitioned (like who pays on what).

3. Plan out a savings goal
- This goes to goals like properties to be acquired in the future (house, car, etc), children's education, and business.

4. To handle emergencies, obtain an insurance
- Study thoroughly and get the best deal on insurance. So spend some time perusing all those disability, health and term life insurance quotes from a reputable insurance agency.

5. Prioritize marriage
- Don’t let anything especially money come between the two of you. Work on your marriage and make it your top priority at all times. No amount of salary will make your marriage solid but quality time and open communication will.

Who Were You In High School?

You Were the All American Kid

Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.

You were well rounded and well liked in high school.

All American! My High School years, I believe, were the best part of my school life. I way enjoyed High School than College because it was the time when I most relished my teenage years without having to take life so seriously. Unlike College wherein you have to be deeply focused since your future is nearing to take shape, High School just lets you savor life as it is and the only worries you have is thinking how to get rid of acne, puppy love and crushes, terror teachers and some other minor peer pressures to deal with.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Modern Bathroom Faucet.

I would love to have this faucet in our bathroom:

This is called the Water Ball Ripples and I saw this over at Designed by Smith Newnam, this isn't actually available yet in the market as it's just a concept right now. It may look complex at first but controlling it is just easy. The electronically-secured metal ball on top of the faucet’s frosted glass surface is moved towards and outside of the center to control the water pressure. While moving it around the center controls the temperature. The surface glows red or blue to denote how cold or hot the water is. Cool, isn't it? Definitely lovely for the bathroom. I wonder if Delta faucets will have such concept in the future.

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

You Get Enough Sleep

Although sometimes it make not feel like it on Monday morning...

You are getting enough sleep.

Want to sleep better? Try wearing socks to bed and turning your clock to where you can't see it.

If I were to take this quiz some time April, the results would have been otherwise. Thank goodness, my son has been sleeping through the night since his second month. Otherwise, I might have become a total zombie for months already. I can still recall how tough it was during Asher's first month when we have to wake up every hour or so to check why he's crying in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning. I felt my head was about to explode and acne was all over my face due to lack of sleep. But that's how the first part of motherhood is and albeit difficult, it was all worth it. You'll be doing everything for your child.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Top Five Music.

What's yours?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christmas Shopping and Shipping.

We're almost halfway through September, then just about two and a half months, Christmas is already right here in front of our nose. Don't you always wonder how time flies by so swiftly? Well I do. That's the reason why as early as now, I have started listing down the list of Christmas gifts we'll give this year. I also told hubby to start buying whenever we can so as to avoid the Christmas rush just like what happened last year.

Since it's gonna be Asher's first Christmas celebration, we're the most excited that's why as early as now I have also started listing down his Christmas Wish List as well as things that Santa Claus will be gifting him. I am also excited for the sales that we'll be happening as the season changes. I'm one manic mommy shopper again if that happens. If only Old Navy could have been accepting international billing details, we're supposed to be waiting for a box full of shopping loots that would be shipped by an Oregon-based friend to here. Then I might as well ask her to send a best buy dell laptop I saw online through portland crating services. Fragile and valued items such as these must be via shipping crates portland as they are not safe to be sent via ordinary shipping boxes. Her mom has tried sending a furniture through Industrial Craters and Packers' crating portland services and they were pleased how the custom crates were done. Their services are commendable for they have been in the business and trusted over the years.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Protect Baby, Protect Mom"

Two former colleagues are about to give birth soon. Two friends are scheduled to pop any time soon as well. Five blogger and twitter friends are also pregnant. Are we having some baby boom here..probably yes. I remember when I was infanticipating a few months back, I have several friends and acquaintances who were also pregnant. Oh well, babies are a blessing and being a mother is the best experience a woman can undergo in life so it's no wonder why pregnancy and birth announcements are always good news, don't you agree?

Now this suddenly reminds me of my own pregnancy. The moment I learned that hubby and I were infanticipating, I read countless pregnancy and parenting books and signed up with several pregnancy journal newsletters to educate me about the things I need to know and learn especially that I'm a first time mom. There are tons of new terms that I encountered and one of them is this technology called cord blood banking where a newborn's umbilical cord blood is preserved for potential use against many illnesses like Leukemia, Lymphoma and Immune system disorders. There are already many pregnant Moms who have supported this undertaking that's why initiatives such as Cryo-Cell's "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" are worth trying out. If you'd like to know more about this program, hop on over Cryo-cell's site and check out their "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer.

Further you might want to check out the other Cryo-Cell Innovative Stem Cell Solutions. This is also entirely new to me. I didn't know that our menstrual fluid during our menstrual cycle aren't unsanitary wastes at all. They are source of vital stem cells that are collected, processed and cryo-preserved that may have value over time as new cellular therapies emerge.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sports Buff In The Making.

When Asher grows up, we'll definitely encourage him to be involved with sports. Aside from keeping one mentally or physically fit and healthy, sports instills in one's self discipline, interpersonal and social skills (for team sports). I want him to become a goal-oriented person, working and focused to strive a set dream. Further it brings leisure and recreation satisfaction.

There are several types of team sports, mostly involves contending possession for a ball or object. Most common examples and most played are Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Volleyball. I'm pretty sure that Asher will grow up to be a sports-minded person someday because hubby and I, ourselves, are sports buffs. Hubby loves playing basketball and billiards while I, on the other hand, is into volleyball. It's up to Asher which sport will he choose but I'm making a strong bet, it'd be basketball. Why, you may ask..well just look at the pictures below.

IMG_1263 IMG_1264 IMG_1265

Free Medical Minute Guide

If you wake up one morning and not feeling well, how do you approach it? Do you take painkillers or self-medicate, just shrug off the pain hoping that it will disappear in a minute or so or go to the doctor right away? While there are discomforts and illnesses that don't need an immediate doctor's check up, keeping yourself familiar or abreast of your condition is advisable. After all, you'll never know that a bigger danger might be lurking just around the corner, starting with just one simple symptom. In the age of modern technology, we're lucky readily access tons of information through the internet. In the field of Medicine, Epocrates Inc has this Free Online Medical Guide that is a resource of drug and disease that can be used by anyone patients and health care professionals and the like. It has a disease database where several info such as condition overview, risk factors, tests to order, treatment approach and more. In addition, a drug reference guide supplements the database to determine which drugs can be safely prescribed knowing the right dosage, possible reactions with other prescribed drugs, etc. From the simplest ailment such as colds to a more sensitive one like Genital Tract Chlamydia Infection and more complicated heart diseases, all can be found here. This is definitely one useful and helpful easy online guide.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.