Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weebee me..

Okay I admit..I was such one negligent blogger the past few weeks. So plenty of things to blog about but the mood was not just there. I've been meaning to make my presence felt and even tried a couple of times drafting a "back from hibernation" post but it only got me staring blankly on the screen for reasons I myself do not know. Whew! But don't worry I'm doing much have happened the past few days and amidst the hustle and bustle of the days that gone by, I'm doing hubby and I are still very much in love, just fine with work and of course still enjoying the roller coaster of life. This entry will consist of "assorted" happenings and random thoughts..

1. 35 days to go, hubby and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and I'm so overwhelmed how we've journeyed together the first year of our marriage. We've faced a lot of challenges and I'm just proud how we are dealing with each and every trial that tested us. We've been blessed with so much happiness and triumph that made us appreciate each other better. I'm so much blown away how my hubby has been taking care of me and how understanding & supportive he has always been. We have some plans brewing up of how we'll celebrate it come Dec. 17..but more than this celebration, the best gift we could probably give to each other is the fulfillment of our neverending promise to fulfill the vow we've made one year ago that is to love each other more and more each day and to face life together until we're old and weary..and the promise to never get tired waiting fervently for the blessing we've been wishing and praying for that will complete us as a couple and family.

2. We videoke-d the night away last Friday as we celebrated our department's October & November birthday celebrants at Music 21. It was so much fun as we pigged out, which by the way I discovered that it's one of our department's weaknesses, and of course it was so amusing as we took turns passing the mic and "overpowering" the music (lolz). Lunch at Max's last friday was also on the department's budget as we welcomed our new Purchasing Supervisor. I've been with the group for only more than 1 month pa lang and yet madaming blowouts and parties na ang ikinabusog ko ng sobra. And I discovered na mababaw pala kaligayahan namin na kahit Flat Tops chocolate, mallows, pretzels, etc...pinagpiye-piyestahan ng lahat! Di kami nauubusan ng wonder kahit na one month pa lang ako with them, I gained weight agad and a lot nakakapansin na tumataba daw ako. Hehe! This is favorable to me para naman di na ako underweight. :)

3. I responded to Bren Taylor-Boone's CT call at DST and luckily got accepted. Now I'm still in cloud nine as I'm still tooting for my first ever Creative Team. I'm just so ecstatic that I get to have Bren's kits for free and digiscrap as much as I want. I'd just have to create at least four layouts using her kits a month as part of our terms and upload it on three different digiscrap galleries which is quite easy naman. View my recent LOs on my DSP gallery, DST gallery and SOTB gallery. Leave me some love..alright?

4. As I'm not satisfied with the services of my OB at Chinese General Hospital, we decided to change and return to my first OB at Capitol kahit na mas pricey ang fee. And as I returned to her, I'm quite relieved to see some tests results via TransV that nothing's wrong with my repro system and that my uterus is anteverted (normal position of uterus) as opposed to the claims of my other OB at CGH that mine daw is retroverted. We'll be back on Tuesday for the interpretation of the other tests results.

5. "We may never completely understand God's plan and we may not like the suffering and troubles He's letting us undergo but we should think that God doesn't loves us less with that. In fact, He loves us so much and He'd always know what's best for everyone." That's what I have in mind right now as I see my sister-in-law, who has just been discharged from the hospital, crying and grieving so much for the baby she lost on her 8th month of pregnancy. We were awaken yesterday morning by a text of mom-in-law informing us that Ate was rushed to the hospital and will give birth any moment as her waterbag broke. Hours later, we got a text that the baby didn't make it as he had a weak heartbeat and as they say, congenital complications was the reason of his demise after living for about 20 minutes only. We drive to Pampanga this morning to lay Baby Akil to rest. A baby who looks so fragile and innocent, perhaps, sad that he wasn't able to be with us longer but looking at his tiny cute face...he's so in peace probably because of the pouring love he got from the family and friends even for just a short time.

To you baby Akil, we want you to know that you're so loved by many. Especially your mom and dad who's been so much in pain because of your loss...hurt because they didn't get to be with you as you were laid to rest this morning and aching for they were not given the chance to nurture you with their love and care for a long time. I'm sure you've seen how your 3-yr-old Kuya Miggy was wailing and calling for you last night when he got home from the hospital. He didn't want to get off the taxi and he was shouting.."no go home..go to 'Chilie' only". And this morning, I'm sure you heard him shout "bye baby 'Chilie'...wav yu" as he left you a flower. As they say, there's a reason why this happened. Perhaps, para di ka na mahirapan at mag-suffer ng matagal. We did not get to know you more but I'm sure we'll meet you again in time. We'll be fine Baby Akil..we love you..our little angel up there.

Hay! Baby Akil pa man din sana first na inaanak ko. I thought may aaginaldohan na ako this Christmas.

With that, I guess, I have to end this here muna. Just letting you know I'm alive and hope this "weebee me" or welcome back drama would drive me to blog more these coming days.