Monday, September 25, 2006

First Day High

* Nasasabik sa unang araw ng eskwela, taas-kamay with confidence let's do the first day high *

Apart from having that as my LSS, (last song syndrome)..I had the euphoric feeling that of an excited student on his first day of school this morning..only, for me, it has got to do with my first day of work. Brand new week, brand new day, brand new work. And how did it go? well, not much tasks yet, mostly...just some "tunganga" moments while reading a manual and familiarizing myself about the Purchasing Processes I'll be dealing with in the coming days and observing while I was oriented by a colleague whom I'll be sharing tasks with. Only she wasn't able to orient me fully yet as she has some urgent matters to attend to. So pasundot-sundot pa lang. While the things I'll be needing and my PC are being set-up, I also took the time to accomplish first the necessary HR, agency and bank forms for new hires. As Joy said, samantalahin habang wala pa ang workload, so savor the moment hehe!

As I had experience working for a call center also in the Finance Department before, I'm hoping I'd be able to adjust well with the culture and new working environment easily. Colleagues wise, I'm just fortunate to work again with two colleagues who used to be my close officemates way back my Contactpoint years. In fact, they are the ones who referred me to this job for the mean time as I'm waiting for my application with a government corporation. (So Tin, yep, I'm still pursuing my desire to work for the government hehe!) So at least, panatag ang loob ko kasi we pretty knew each other and go along well. I missed their company especially yung lunch outs namin kaya I'm just estatic to go through those fact nagsimula na kanina hehe!

As for the workload I'd be having, I'm given a heads up and I'm expecting it's not gonna be a walk in the park. Anticipating such, in fact, made me miss my "batugan" life that ended yesterday. I'm missing my limitless sleeping, digiscrapping, surfing...though I have internet connection naman sa office but then siyempre alangan naman gawin ko mga yun haha! But then again, at least, I'd be wearing a big grin on my face come Oct 15, wouldn't I?

On a sad note, my heart is still weeping with yesterday's UAAP Finals Game 1 results between UST & Ateneo. Probably, you have read/seen the story on the news or even watched it how the Tigers almost had it but lost with a big mistake on the last second of the game (yes! as in 1 second). Darn! I was there in the coliseum and was one among the yellow gallery rejoicing when Allan Evangelista sank the shot that gave them the one-point lead with 2-3 seconds left. Early on with the game, it was one heck of a neck-to-neck in nagpapalitan lang ng lead. And who would've thought, the game will be decided on the last second of the Fourth Quarter as the Atenean Kramer sank the ball easily from a genius play designed by their Coach. As the Tigers' Coach Pido said, nakalimutan ang depensa. They learned their lesson in a hard way..but ain't over 'til it's over. May Game 2 pa and I'm sure the Tigers will be back with a vengeance on Thursday. As they say, pag nadadapa, lalong nacha-challenge at nagiging matapang..Anyway, win or lose, the UST Tigers have already proven their abilities this season...kaya:

Black gold, black white
Go fight, fight, fight
and win for U-S-T!!!!!
go USTe!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Official..


1.) I will be making a comeback to the corporate world and start reporting for work on Monday after enjoying a "queen" / SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) lifestyle for five months. Just to correct those who posted comments on my previous entry, I will be working for a call center but not as an agent, particularly I'll be connected with its Finance Department so no shifting schedules for me there..just the regular office hours of 8am-5pm.
2.) I'm inching my way to the withdrawal stage of digiscrapping. Huhu! Not much time to limitless scrap. waahhh!
3.) UST Tigers are facing the Ateneo Blue Eagles on Sunday! I watched their live breathtaking and exciting game yesterday against the UE Warriors clinching the finals seat by just a mere point 81-82. Whew! Go USTe!!
4.) We're watching live the Championship match on Sunday! Just got the tickets this afternoon at the UST Gym pero Upper Box B na siya as sold out na daw ang Patron, Lower Box and even Upper Box A tickets. Woohoo!

Monday, September 18, 2006 more?

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I was caught up among so many things since last week and possible in the coming weeks ahead.

I was busy updating my resume, filling up application forms, readying some requirements scanning online job search matches and still doing endless settling variance and clearance with GT. :D
-- Yes, I'm about to bid farewell to my being bum...and I'd definitely miss my five-month of lazying around, sleeping and waking up at my desired time, pigging out the whole day, unlimited internet surfing/blogging/bloghopping and non-stop digiscrapping. Hehe sounds like fun, wasn't it? While waiting for the results of my pending application with a government corporation (finally, my civil service eligibility I earned last August will be put to use), I'll be trying for the mean time a project employee post for a call center's support group that a former colleague offered me. Hmm...the work, environment and the pay..all in one something worth being excited about and looking forward to. So there you go, as early as now I'm announcing, there will definitely be some blog absence in the coming weeks. Pero babalik at babalik pa rin naman ako, don't worry. Will also try to sneak in and peep in your blogs once in a while.

I'd also like to blab how supportive I've been of UST Tigers' campaign this season onset with the UAAP Final Four...this time, I didn't resort just merely rooting for them on TV. I watched their two latest games live! Their rubber match with the Adamson Falcons for the 3rd spot last Thursday at ULTRA and their first thrilling Final Four match with the UE Red Warriors yesterday amidst the huge crowd at the Araneta Colisseum. Ibang-iba talaga if you watch and cheer for your alma mater live. And definitely sweeter pag nananalo sila. Haha! Worth it yung binabayad and masakit na sore throat after ng games kasi nanalo UST. With UE enjoying a twice to beat advantage in the Final Four, the Tigers are all set and growling to get Game 2 from them to advance to the finals and face the Ateneo Eagles for the championship title who are now relaxing on their Finals seat as they won over the Adamson Falcons yesterday.

We also watched yesterday's match between the Eagles and the Falcons..and oh boy! grabe ang tension! Sobrang init ng mga ulo ng mga players and coaching staff of the Eagles. At sobrang mas mainit ang mga ulo ng mga Eagles' fans. They were abhoring and cursing the referees for their inconsistent calls. Well, its alright to express their disgust pero naturn off talaga ako when some fans went to the extent of attempting to hurt the referrees physically on their way out of the court during the halftime period. Masyadong affected at ramdam na ramdam ang poot. Nakakahiya talaga kasi mga kababaeng tao and "respetado" pa man din ang mga dating in medyo may edad na. Siguro nanay ng isang player? Ewan ko lang. Sayang ang pagiging "atenean" nila. Tsk tsk!

In the midst of these things, siyempre pa, nilalasap ko na ang mga huling araw ng pagkahilig ko with digiscrapping. Katuwa kasi kasali pa rin ako sa Digital Elite Team contest ng DSP. It's on its 3rd week na. It started with 186 layouts, then trimmed down to 80 and just last week further cut down to 40 entries! And yes! katuwa talaga kahit na ang hirap mag-isip ng new concept at style every week. Anyway, here are my entries, the last of which is the latest that made me advanced this far: (just click on the thumbnail to view it larger..credits are likewise displayed on the gallery)

Ins.pi.ra.tion - DET4 Round 1 - Relax, Dad! - DET4 Round 2 - Through My Window - DET4 Round 3

And of course, I'd like to share my fave layout I did so far...this layout also made me win in one contest at DSP just recently.

Forever Lasting

You’ve always been there for me through the good & bad times. Always my strength when I’m weak, my soul uplifter when I’m down, my number one proud fan for every triumph. You’ve always made me feel how lucky I am to be loved...little did you know, I’ve always loved you much more than you love me.

Memories Ploppers by Lauren Bavin
September Club Digital
A Splash of Colour Add-on Pack2 by Lauren Bavin
Fonts: Bradley Hand, Hanshand, Freebooter Script

Monday, September 11, 2006


Yey! Kudos and big congratulations to the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe for bagging First Place at the 69th UAAP Cheerdance Competition yesterday. Winning it for the fifth time in a row (with 8 championship trophies throughout the contest's 12 yrs) is indeed another sweet victory which make the whole Thomasian Community glorious and proud. Watch their winning piece and check out their highlights with a "bridge Spiderman-like walk, five girls mounted with a Superman music theme on the background, a summersault toss, amazing pyramids, perfectly synchronized dance routines topped with the overwhelming support of the Thomasian crowd's yells and cheers"...okay enough of me and just watch them do the talking.

Credits to Youtube's uploader Disharmony.

Go USTe! Congratulations as well to the 1st runner-up, the FEU squad and the UP Pep for the 2nd runner-up amazing finishes. More of the story here. I just hope..they'd also pass the "blessings and grace" to the UST Tigers who are making their comeback (finally!) in the Final Four and eventually bag the tourney ring this season.

On another note, I'm also making a shoutout to our bunso "baby" brother (who's not a baby anymore as he's been wooing us that he may be permitted to drive our old conking car for his 17th birthday). Happy Birthday, Kuya Rely! (Hmm..9/11 attack anniv hehe!) Yes we call him kuya as he's the only "astiging" bunsong unico hijo in the family. He's also been charming me that he'd be given a guitar and requesting me din to digiscrap his pic daw...daming demands ah! (I'm still working on your digiscrap, ok? Upload ko pag oks na). I love u, kuya! Ngapala, ayan another wish granted...i've blogged about you haha!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Feelin' Better

Reading my entry I made last night and browsing through your comments, I could say that I'm feelin' better now. Thanks for the encouraging words, my dear blogger friends. I'm sorry for having you absorb some bad vibes on a bright monday morning. Credit that to raging hormones brought about by PMS. Lolz.

Anywayz, as I've slightly transformed my blog to a digiscrap nook of my latest layouts (LOs), I might as well share some recent works I did (while I'm sulking). At kahit na bad mood ako, akalain mong may creative juices pa rin pala ako...hehe!

By the way, to my digiscrapper friends out there who are interested in joining contests, check out the Digitalscrapbookplace Forum as there are lots of on-going challenges out there. Try it and I'm sure you'll super dooper enjoy. If ever you decide to register, don't forget to put my nick (maileen1) on the referrer's box, ok? :)

1. Here's my first entry to the 4-Round-Elimination Digital Elite Team Contest at DSP. Only half of so many participants make it through the second round. I'm not confident and am not expecting anything as there are lots of outrageous layouts out there but I'm quite satisfied with how I played around with the kits and elements. It's my first time to use circle papers and I love how it functioned as a spotlight.

Check out larger image and comments from fellow digiscrappers here.
Au Natural Page Kit by Kim Liddiard
Circles of Nature Stackers Word Art by Tina Chambers

2. Another entry for the Six-Pack Challenge (also at DSP) where six photos must be scrapped in one layout.

View the image and journalling here.
Live Laught Love Kit by Jamie Rousselle
August 2006 Club Digital

3. Lastly, Karla requested me to create a layout that she'll give her father on his birthday. Here's what I did:

View the image and journalling here.
A Time To Remember Kit & Add-on Pack by Kim Liddiard

Whew! I can't believe..3 LOs in one day! Thanks to digiscrapping...I definitely feel better now.. hehe! Therapy din pala ito!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mind Your Own Business...Pwede?

I just hate it when people try to rule my life..mingling with my business and seemingly dictates how to run my life. And I just hate it more when I pour out my emotions like this on my blog, but couldn't find the right words to express my frustrations...even uncertain if this ranting will do me good.

Eversince, I grew up being independent...deciding and acting on my own. In doing my projects and assignments as a student, I would exhaust all my means first before I implore aid from the others. Hindi kasi ako parasite na palaging dependent sa isang bagay..nor I was trained to become that: hindi ako pinalaking parasite. As long and as much as I can, I avoid seeking help from anyone. And even when I started working (and changing works), I've been confident and comfortable with my own decisions. I know I may have made crooked decisions along the way but I reaped all the consequences wholeheartedly and there's no one else to be blamed kasi nga I decided on my own.

Siguro, that's one thing I miss about being single. Walang complexities pag decision making kasi your own self lang naman ang involve...walang ibang apektado..walang ibang nagre-react..walang nakikialam. Don't get me wrong, DH (dear husband) has always been supportive of my decisions and I love him more because of that. At kahit makialam siya in some ways, oks lang...asawa ko siya eh and I know naman before I make any decisions, I have to hear his say first. My ranting isn't about us. There are just things (outside factors) in my life now that I wish to straight it clear. Just as my first sentence says, I hate it when people pries and questions the decisions I make. I know you're just concerned about me..and I appreciate that...but there are a lot of other ways of showing it than constantly bugging me with all those repetitive questions and comments. This is my life. I have my own timelines..own plans..own thoughts..own decisions. Mind your own business, will you?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Moment Like This

If there's such thing as a Wedding-Preps theme song, that would be A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson for me. Her song became a hit while we were preparing for the wedding last year and I constantly fell in love with this song..along with the song Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, a revival hit by Nina.

I'm just glad that the Lyrical Challenge of this month at DSP is about this song. I immediately sorted our stashed digital wedding pics and off I digiscrapped using the following kits:
* Softly, Sweetly Page Kit by Stacey Jewell Stahl
* Frame Brushes Variety Pack by Lauren Bavin
Both were included in the August Club Digital Kits which I won from the NKOTB5 challenge I blogged recently. This layout is also doing double duty for the Playing by the Numbers Challenge where one has to scrap six photos in one layout. View the full layout here.