Friday, October 13, 2006

Meeting Madame President

I'm just amazed how time really flies so fast. I can't believe na it's been 3 weeks na pala since I started work..and yey! Di ko namalayan ang time kasi medyo na-engrossed sa work agad hehe! (excuse for neglecting my blog these days? hehe!) My first 3 weeks got me involved agad with the preparation of a big event in the company. We had our Building Dedication (blessing) last Wednesday and no other than GMA lang naman ang special guest. O di ba, astig!

Since I'm with the Purchasing group, we were busied with sourcing suppliers and ordering from vendors for the event...and grabe most of these transactions were all rush order requirements kaya ngarag kami at nangarag din ng suppliers. Pero rewarding naman ang experience..the event was succesful and bigatin kasi it's my first time to see in person & even shook hands with the highest ranking official in our country. Yes...I got to shake hands with Madame President, not only once but twice - nung dumating at nung paalis na siya! In fairness, she was in the mood that time, all-smiling & amiable and stayed for almost an hour when in fact, her itenerary should've just included the unveiling of the Dedication Mark for a 15-minute activity. Kinamayan kaming lahat sa Finance Dept hehe! She also listened to a mock-up telephone inquiry between a CSA & a client and joined our corporate officials in a breakfast/merienda salo-salo. I have a video clip of this encounter with GMA kaso di ko maforward to my email from my phone. Sayang..share ko sana.

Yiha! TGIF!!! and double yey! just got my first pay woohoo!!! :D

Thursday, October 05, 2006


..BUT challenged!

That goes to the work that I'm dealing with right now.

When a former colleague (now my desk buddy at C) encouraged me to try out this post, I thought I was only engaging myself with a "mere" part time job while I'm waiting for some other pending applications, thus, with a project employee post. Having been aware of the reason why I resigned from GT, sabi niya, "don't worry purely purchasing tasks but dedicated to the Operations needs lang ang gagawin mo. Parang ikaw lang ang bridge between the Ops and the vendors." With that and of course with the pay that's equal to the salary I left at GT, I accepted the job offer.

Two weeks have almost gone by since, and I'm starting to have the real feel of my job. I'm on my way to get the hang of it though I feel I'm still depending too much with Joy of the things and decisions I have to make. Overwhelmed..I couldn't say na nalulunod na ako with the tasks that I'm handling, in fact, wala pa nga ako dun sa peak kungbaga...pero ngayon pa lang, laging overtime galore na ako... siguro it's just natural to feel overwhelmed kasi nag-aadjust. But what I do like is that kahit na extended ang working hours at walang OT pay, I could say na I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I'm just glad na panibagong skills na naman ang natututunan ko ngayon..I've never handled purchasing kasi before and I'm looking forward to learn and hone my skills further. Add to that, seems like sarap kasama ang Finance group. By the way, we had our monthly staff meeting kanina with our Director then after that, proceeded to Marina Jupiter for our in pig out talaga with crispy pata, baked talaba, kare-kare, sinigang, pinakbet, talaba, ensaladang mangga, ensaladang talong, etc..blowout daw ng mga September celebrants sa department. Siguro one thing I like about our department is that, most are young and of my age..though meron ding medyo seniors na pero mostly mid-20's.

Anyway, back to being overwhelmed, today I learned na I'm in for more pala. C will be centralizing its Vendor Contract Management system worldwide and I'm surprised how our Manager vested her trust in me to handle it, for C Philippines that is. Hay! Nalula naman ako. Am I ready for that big leap??? Scary! but I'm challenged. :)

With the lack of blogging time, I'll just summarize some highlights of my week and some random thoughts na rin at the moment:
1. Went to my OB yesterday for my monthly check-up..I'm on my third month of work up na..hay! wish ko lang magbunga ang kakainom ko ng clomiphene citrate.
2. Haha! kabago-bago sa work, leave agad. Well, la ako choice, monthly check-up eh.
3. Napagkamalan akong med rep ng secretary ng OB ko kaya ayun, I waited for about 3 hours bago ma-check-up ni Dra. Hay! I'd no longer relate the details dahil maiinis lang ako ulit.
4. I got my passport ammended na with my married name. (Thanks Chris!)
5. I haven't digiscrapped for two weeks now. Huhu! Dami ko pa man ding new kits courtesy of DSP's Club Digital which I won from the NKOTB contest before.
6. Yipee! may 120G External Hard Disk na kami ni hubby. Pwede ko na store dun mga digiscrapping kits ko.
6. Mukhang masaya yung Victory Party kagabi ng Thomasians kahit na inulan. Na-feature kagabi sa TV grabe ang Tigers Champion Fever! Ironic lang, Parokya ni Edgar ang nag-concert dun (mga atenista yun eh).
7. I'm missing my hubby now. He went home kasi sa QC last night and bukas pa niya ako sunduin para sabay kami uwi doon for the weekend. I prefer going home kasi dito sa Makati (my parents' house) pag weekdays since tricycle away lang ang Convergys.
8. I recently signed up with a Forum for Pinay Digiscrappers...saya!
9. Yey! TGIF tomorrow! Dress down nga pala kami bukas.
10. Inaantok na ako!
On that note, I have to go....I have a busy Friday ahead, I need to reserve much rest. Till then...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tigers Rule!!!!!!!!

I bet you know what I'm blogging excitedly about tonight!

Eversince I learned that UST Tigers won against the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the UAAP Game 3 Finals this afternoon 74-76 via Overtime regulation through the shoutbox of Ustexchange, I was so overwhelmed with pride and joy that I couldn't wait to get home and watch the replay on TV. I was in the office working my ass off but I just couldn't concentrate as the heart-pumping blow by blow details are being entailed by the USTexers, along with hubby's YM messages who luckily was watching the game in their office along with his Thomasians & Atenean colleagues. Hay! I was really itching to go home and absorb the action up close. Buti na lang talaga may replay on TV..and there having watched the replay, I just witnessed how they bagged the crown and felt the proud Thomasian spirit filled the Dome as they sang the UST Hymn..can't help with the goosebumps that I felt..sarap ng nostalgic talaga and I'm just glad being a Thomasian.

Champion Tigers at '69
(photo grabbed from

Grabe! After 10 years of title drought, they were able indeed to bring back the glory years of the UST Tigers in the 90's. Until now as I'm composing my entry, can't help but wear this big smile on my face and a thankful heart to the Lord for bringing out the best in them. A Cinderella story indeed..who would've thought, a team that wasn't favored to win early this season and barely making it to the Final Four, defied all odds and emerged victoriously in the end?

**commercial break lang muna, Saksi on GMA 7 is featuring about the game this afternoon at katuwa yung pag-alaskahan ng mga anchors na sina Vicky Morales who's an Atenean and Arnold Clavio, a Thomasian.**

Congratulations din for the Blue Eagles for putting up a One Big Fight. In fairness, magagaling din naman talaga sila and they have nothing to be ashamed of..siguro the Tigers just have the bigger dreams, heart and greater desire to win.

As the Thomasian crowd cheers go: Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go go go go!


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Surprised? Naah, typhoon "Milenyo" didn't storm through and ransacked my blog thus, with the new look. I just feel like having a new ambiance around here as I got bored already with the old layout. One, aside from changing the design, I started revamping some links on the sidebar and I'm planning to clean it up more on the next coming days or weekends perhaps. Two, I painstakingly went through the codes and finally, whew! corrected some syntax errors that had been bugging in the old layout. Three, yey! no more after-10-years-loading-drama...did you notice it?

Yey! I "survived" my first week at work, di pa naman ganun ka-busy and somewhat lax pa ang workload and schedule but I feel the greater chunks of duties are about to start pouring in next week, though.

I never realized how big trouble the typhoon left the metropolis until I saw uprooted trees on the road, collapsed EDSA billboards, bogged down MRT & LRT operations, landslides killing several people and some homes not having their electricity restored yet until this very moment. Luckily, I was at home then when the typhoon hit the city. We were directed by our Director not to report for work if we don't have any critical deliverables that day. So I just stayed at home...watched how umbrellas of passersby flipped to a cup position and witnessed how our neighbor's wash basin (batya) got carried and blown away by the strong winds. Buti na lang, half-day din lang si hubby and classes were earlier suspended naman so we stayed at home lang with my brother. Nagkulitan, slept the afternoon away and pigged out with pancit canton for merienda as darkness hovered the metropolis because of the blackout. 8:30 PM, we were dozing off na..wala kasing magawa hay! Our electrical power was restored at 2:30 am Friday morning and I was just surprised to know ang dami kong colleagues na brownout pa rin daw sa houses nila. Even in my in-laws' house in Frisco, wala pa ding kuryente hanggang ngayon kaya di kami makauwi dun and Paul and I are still here in Makati (my parents' house). Thank God, we managed to survive the wrath of the typhoon. Sana lang last na was terrifying kasi.

Double yahoo! for the UST Tigers. They survived Finals Game 2 today against Ateneo 87-71 and got back confidently from their heartbreaking one-point-loss last Saturday. Go get the Championship Trophy on Monday, Tigers! Woohoo! Go USTe!!!!