Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Hairstyles and Facial Shapes

When planning your dream wedding look for the big day, it’s important not just to focus on your skin and age spots but on knowing your facial shape as well to determine the appropriate hairstyle to complement it.  Having the right hairstyle will further bring out the radiance that exudes from within.  How to determine the shape of your face?  Look straight into the mirror and pull back your hair.  With a lip liner, trace on the mirror the outline of your face.  Whatever shape that closely resembles the outline is your face’s shape: oval, round, square, heart.

Here are some wedding hairdos suited for each shape:

1.) Oval – goes well with most hairstyles: soft cascading curls or complicated up do.  Just avoid piling the hair up on top as this will make the face look narrower and longer or heavy fringes that cover the face.

2.) Round – Hair down with long or wavy tresses, off-center part, side swept bangs or high wedding up do’s are great for this facial shape.

3.) Square – To soften the sharp jaw lines of squared face brides, a hairstyle that frames the face with wisps of hair or parting the hair on the side will look great.

4.) Heart – Wispy bangs or hair framing the face looks good on heart shaped brides.  No pulled back hair as this will just emphasize the forehead’s broadness.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Medical Alarm Devices

We abhor getting involved or any of our loved ones with any medical emergency especially when we leave them at home.  Whenever I had to leave the house without my son, I always make sure that his nanny knows what to do when an emergency arises.  In the cases of the elderly, a medical alarm device has been a popular solution for the peace of mind of the loved ones.  This system consists of a two-way voice communicator and medical alert bracelet which the user can easily press or tinker when a something emergency comes up.  LifeCall is a company that has been founded in 1989 and catering top notch and practical medical alarm devices to senior residential, assisted living and retirement communities.  These medical alarm devices are not just ordinary gadgets…they are life-saving tools.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top 10 Bride Chic Lit Books

Movies and novels about anything wedding related catches my attention.  I’m fascinated perhaps because I experience being a bride myself some few years back.  Albeit stressful, I definitely enjoyed the adventures and misadventures of our one year wedding preparations then.  Most of all, it’s so fun and overwhelming getting married and seeing your long time dream unfolding.

I have recently got hooked with collecting ebooks of chick lit books in my reader.  I’ve scoured the web and these are the top 10 must haves bride lits according to  I’m really thankful for iBooks, organizing and storing them is as easy and secured as a Dokmee document management software.  Now I’m off to secure all these titles.

1. Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella

2. Diary of a Mad Bride - Laura Wolf

3. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? - Melissa Senate

4. Hitched - Zoe Barnes

5. Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married - Marian Keyes

6. The Best Day of Someone Else's Life - Kerry Reichs

7. Tales From a Hen Weekend - Olivia Ryan

8. Amanda's Wedding - Jenny Colgan

9. I Do (But I Don't) - Cara Lockwood

10. The Bachelorette Party - Karen McCullah Lutz

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My Favorite Motherhood Quote

“I never knew how much my heart could hold until someone called me ‘Mommy’”.

That’s one of my favorite quotes of motherhood and I can just so relate ever since I had my little Asher.  The moment I learned that we’re anticipating a little miracle, I made a promise that from then on, everything I’d do, I’d be extremely careful for the sake of the little being inside my womb.  I followed my doctor’s orders, avoided all the things I was instructed to get away from, to not take any medications without my doctor’s go signal and all those things.  There are several drugs and medications in the market that are dangerous for the baby in the womb.  Nobody wants to endure the pain that Mommies who are pushing Topamax birth defect lawsuit in court are experiencing.  These are the Moms who have taken Topamax but where unaware of the side effects of the drug due to the manufacturers’ failure to disclose.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Somebody’s celebrating his 30th birthday this weekend and Asher and I are so excited about it.  We have already planned where to go and eat on Saturday and Sunday.  Yes, it’ll be a 2-day affair for the most loving, caring and responsible Dad and the greatest husband in the whole world.  As for the gift, well I initially thought of buying him an xbox (complete with accessories xbox 360 controller) but he has a special request.  We’re yet to buy it in the mall on weekend as I can’t order them myself.  Advance happy birthday, Daddy! We love you so much!

Monday, May 02, 2011


When my son had an asthma attack and was prescribed by his pulmonologist with a corticosteroid, I kinda got worried because I thought that he has to drink the “dangerous” type of steroids.  I made my research right away and was appeased that a corticosteroid is not similar and not even close to an anabolic steroid.

The steroids which are often associated with the dangerous type are synthetic substances that are used to enhance muscle growth and develop male sexual characteristics.  Typically, they are prescribed by doctors to treat certain conditions like delayed puberty and impotence.  It’s not at all bad.  It only becomes dangerous when people abuse it which is what’s happening and very prevalent among sportsmen, bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes.  I’ve recently read that certain supplements like tren xtreme were known to have anabolic steroids as their content.  The manufacturer says they have reformulated it though.  Nevertheless, those wishing to build muscles should still be careful in selecting the right supplement.

MA Degree

I’m so proud of a former college classmate who’s now in the US to pursue her graduate studies dream.  She worked in the corporate world for about 5 years after college graduation to save up for an educational fund.  After much effort and persistence, she has just recently enrolled herself in a prestigious university where she can finally earn her MA degree in Business.  She also has high hopes to right away snag one of the columbus jobs she’s been eying for ages now.  Wishing her all the best.