Wednesday, November 30, 2005

December na!

It's December 1st na tomorrow! my oh my!

Now the real count down begins..

Not much accomplishments lately except that we're almost done with the RSVP. Tomorrow's the last day of attendance confirmation and I think we still have about 10-15 unconfirmed people. By weekend, we should be starting with the table assignments. Going into 16 days left mark, i could say that the Guest List and RSVP so far were the hardest on the leg of wed preps. * Ask my sisters and Paul how many times I cried because of this hehehe! *

I've inquired with Bubbles! Bubbles! and Burst Professionals regarding their bubble machine rentals. The latter got my thumbs up the owner was really nice talking with...not to mention their rate is cheaper than the first. I'll confirm my booking with them tomorrow.

What else? Next on our line up (scheduled on weekend) are this:
1. Pay AdeB full balance for the bridal car rental
2. Settle full balance to Emily Uy of Sugarbox for the cake
3. Settle full balance at Sta. Rita de Cascia
4. Pay Interplay full balance for the flowers and reception styling

Since most of our payables are due on dec 10, we decided to settle some earlier para di ganun kabigat sa bulsa on the 10th as we're due to pay the remaining balance for the hotel which is really MABIGAT huh!

Long before we were only talking about bookings and reservation full balances na! Ngayon ko lang talaga fully narealize ang mahal pala magpakasal and it's good that we're doing it now..pano pa kaya next year or the next years to come (million na siguro ang kelangan) kaya sa mga single friends ko out there..hehe! magpakasal na rin kayo now na! hehe!

Monday, November 28, 2005

updates with 19 days left...

...did I mention 19 days? uh-oh! haha..i know i got to believe it..errr seems like the calendar hasn't sinked in my system yet..Haven't I just heard christmas carols outside? Oh yeah..December is just around the corner na nga..

Haven't blogged of our latest achievements and I'm proud to say that there were a lot of them..hehe!
* Finished wrapping and inserting the Thank You tags to all the gift favors (for Guests, Principal Sponsors, Entourage Members, Readers, Emcees, etc)

Side kwento speaking of emcees: My HS bestfriend can't make it on our wedding day..huhu! She can't take a leave from her call center work and TV taping of their station. Emcee pa naman siya..buti na lang may angel wilsie kami. She's also a HS friend who definitely knows Paul and me a lot at siyempre one good host din.
* Submitted all the Pre-Marriage documents required by the Church

* Finished the ka-ek-ekan stuffs like the guest sheets, containers for the customized m&ms, kissing bells

* Shopped swimwears and other gears for our Bora honeymoon getaway

* Bought wedding accessories and other stuffs like wine flutes, party poppers, unity coins chest, Bible, jewelries

* Our wedding rings, which are sponsored by my dad (just arrived last Friday from Saudi), is with me na!

* Entourage gowns and barongs were distributed and got nice feedbacks with the fittings..

* Misallette already printed

* Finished my masterpiece..i designed the matches that will be used by our Candle Sponsor...which amused Paul so much. Siyempre naman para naman may contribution na ako ang nagdesign di ba? He did our invites..i did the matches! nyahahaha!

To Do's:
* Finalized program sequence and script with Christine
* Buy Paul's shoes
* Finish photo mosaics - c/o Paul
* Meet Lala, the florist, to finalize the contract as we have additional requirements
* Meet Ginee of Hotel Rembrandt to give final headcount and discuss additional requirements
* Finalize rental of manequin and bubble machine booking
* Finish the RSVP and Table Assignments
* Settle the remaining balances of some suppliers on dec 3 and dec 10
* Kung may time pa, attend listening session of Enamel
* Turnover documents and other stuffs to the OTD Coordinator on Dec 10
* Start visiting the spa
* Meet the emcees
* Practice walking with my bridal shoes
* Relax...(can I do this now?)

System time: 12:15 AM..niyay 18 days na lang!

i hate it...

..when people, REFUSE to understand your predicament. Refuse so i say..'coz even how simple you lay down the details (not to've already told them a thousand times), they seem to make "deadma" of the situation you're all into and just assert easily what they want.

..when these people always think of what others have to say without considering first what I have to desires. (haller! this is MY WEDDING..not yours!)

..when, despite, having making "parinigs" hoping they'll realize how hard this is for me, totally ignore your hardships and just let it that way..* batu-bato sa langit..bakit parang walang tinatamaan at mukhang babalik na lang sakin ang bato? grrr!*

I know I should be enjoying the last leg of my wedding preps with less than 3 weeks left...pero what can I do? Just like my ate said..sana nga daw matapos na ang wedding para no more tears na rin ako. Hay I just wish! Pwede bang mag-let go na agad at this time?

Monday, November 21, 2005

....countdown: 26 days to go

26 days left...
yikes! sobrang lapit na...can't believe we'll soon be wrapping up the one year wed preps we've busied ourselves since January...aside from the wedding day itself another thing I'm looking forward to is the long vacation yahooey! finally, we'll get to rest! hay thank God! I'm so tired and feel so stressed out na talaga of both wed preps and work.

1. We're almost done with the distribution of well as completed 50% of the RSVP, that is with Paul's side (Paul deserves my commendation on this..)
2. We've also handed to almost all of our entourage their gowns and barongs.
3. Church documents almost banns was on its 3rd week of publication yesterday and it'll be released on Wednesday.
4. I've bought the earrings (white gold dangling with crystals) that I'll use on my wedding day.
5. Paul and I have shopped clothes and bathing suits for our Bora getaway
6. As for our wedding suppliers...we're yet to meet them for details confirmation and finalizations.
7. Kuya Lawrence, a US-based cousin who's so kind (sobra) to sponsor our customized M&Ms informed us that the chocolates were already delivered. Now I just have to wait for my tita on dec. 12. We've bought na rin yesterday at Divi the containers for the m&ms.

Yipee! My dad and stepmom will be arriving (from Saudi) this coming Friday.
Meanwhile, be posting again soon (I hope..that soon nga), update ko lang sidebars ng blog ko.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

...31 days left...


Is this for real? Only a month to go...

I'm feeling frantic, excited, nervous, glad..all sorts of feelings..kabaliw! :D

Monday, November 14, 2005

..our invites

As promised, I'm proud to present our DIY invites made by my better half...
Initially saw the layout from QP Designs for Leslie. We were quoted for Php 110/pc then..pero dahil sa artistic hands ni Paul, he was able to do it alone (yes..100 pcs of this) nakatipid kami ng sobra. It turns out na about Php30/pc lang siya. Thanks to their ever reliable Fuji photocopying machine and papers from Prestige. Hmm..ilang weeks (months?) din niyang ginawa yan.

The two main inserts, the RSVP card and the map.
Paul used Paintbrush lang po for the map. Galeng-galeng noh?

...the hills (and rivers ?) are alive with the sound of music

Here are some scenic places we toured while Paul and I were on vacation in Isabela last Oct 28 - 31. Hay ang sarap bumalik..lamig ng hangin and absolutely alang pollution...really nice place to unwind


click on the pic to view it larger..sige nga hanapin niyo yung 5 baboy
Floating houses on Cagayan River.
This pic was taken while we're on the road leading to Magat Dam in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao

Camp Vizcarra..a jamboree site
Hay when will we set foot kaya ulit dito?

..throughout my wedding preps, the hardest part ever is....

I've never thought that drafting the guest list is this so hard! Promise! I should've prioritized this before along with the booking of our major suppliers. In as much as we would like to limit the guests to family, close relatives and close friends..making it so simple and intimate..parang ang hirap gawin. Lalo na on my part..this would be the first wedding sa family ko (hehe ahead of my two ate's) and ngayon lang ulit sa Toralba clan (Older cousins got married noon pa). Mahirap in a sense na di mo alam kung sino ba dapat ang i-retain sa list or sino tanggalin kasi almost lahat ng nandun eh ka-close din talaga. Ngayon ko lang narealize marami pala kaming kamag-anak. Hehe! It's not just a wedding pala but a one grand reunion na rin sa Toralba side. Two tita's will be coming from the from Norway...many from Pangasinan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, etc.

So far, mukhang nasa target limit pa rin naman kami. I just hope na di na lalagpas ng 200 (initially we opted for a max of 150 lang). Besides, may RSVP pa naman. We're halfway through sa pagdistribute ng invites (we started first week of nov). Actually, we were given deadline ng pagdistribute by our coordinator Christine until tomorrow so that makapagstart na sila ng RSVP. Kaso nga lang since dami pang di naibibigay, baka we might do the RSVP by ourselves na lang. And that reminds me, have to tell this to Christine pala..and also update her of some other accomplishments we had. Ooppss, we're still in the process of selecting and scanning the pics for the AVP. Hay wish ko lang matapos na ni Paul yung mga pics niya para masend na namin kay Christine.

Hay I miss blogging...sobrang dami ko ng utang na kwento. Eh pano ba naman, how can I blog kung:
1) late na umuwi dahil super busy sa work (went home usually mga 11 am..may one time pa nga 1 am na)
2) pc at home is critical na..may virus siya salamat sa brother ko. Nakakainis gumamit kasi nagau-auto shutdown siya
3) la sa mood magblog kasi pagod
4) super occupied ang thoughts with problems at work
5) wedding preps siyempre, lalo na ngayon, nakalaan ang weekends namin sa pagdistribute ng invites.
6) pagdating sa bahay, nanonood muna ng pinoy big brother..after nun, antok na kaya I'd rather sleep.

Buti na lang, maaga kaming natapos ngayon with work..kaya eto blogging hehe! bunso

I've always been used to being "the bunso" eversince...kasi nga I'm the youngest girl in the family...and originally, ako talaga bunso hehehe! But since I've started going places with Paul's family (lalo na ngayon we're distributing the invites to their relatives and friends)..usually, eto ang dialogue:


Friend 1: Ay ang bata naman ng mapapangasawa ni Paul...

Paul: Naku di po..magkasing-edad lang kami niyan..mas matanda pa nga po yan sakin ng ilang buwan eh...(in defense)

Friend 1: Ah ganun face kasi eh..

Mai: Ah thank you po..(thinking..thanks! that's a compliment)


Paul's Tita: Ay kain ka lang ng kain ineng...
Paul's Mom: Kanina mo pa tinatawag ng ineng yan...
Paul's Tita: Eh kasi mukhang ang bata pa eh..
Paul: Naku..magkasing-edad lang po kami niyan (see how Paul always reacts hehe..defensive)

Paul's Lola: Liz, (referring to Paul's mom) parang kamukha siya (referring to me) ni BJ (paul's elder sister)..parang nakababatang kapatid

Eto the best...

When we dropped by Bocaue during the Holidays two weeks ago, we went shopping na ng fireworks. I was with Paul's mom, Paul and Kevin (Paul's 13-yr old bro). After bargaining, napunta ang usapan sa kwentuhan ng family...Paul's mom was introducing and saying some things about Paul and Kevin...when the vendor laid her eyes upon me..she exclaimed:
Vendor: Ah siya po ang bunso niyo noh! (with tone na siguradong-sigurado siya)

Sabi nga ni Paul..dalawa lang yan...I really do look young for a 24-yr old lady or siya ang mukhang matanda kaya nagmumukha akong bata...hmmm! :D

Monday, November 07, 2005

40 days.... not talking about the memorial service we observe after one's death.

Grabe..can't believe we barely have one month left before the long-awaited big day. Basically, we're in the final leg of preps but it seems like there are still a lot of things to be done.

Right now, we're in the hardest part and the most challenging task amidst wedding preps...maintaining your guest list along with sending out of invites. Hay i hate this..don't know how to prune the continuously increasing number of guests. Oh well...pamatay ang hirap..promise!

Anyway, just want to share, we already have our marriage license!'s official na. Another hmmm...hala lapit na nga!

By the way, as posted, here's the prenup pic that got featured in the canon expo. Hehe entry number 3. As to kenneth's fate, kung nanalo ang entry niya? di ko alam hehe!

Picture_25_'s 12 am na pala and yet dito pa ako sa office. Waah sawa na ako dito. Ayaw ko na pagod na ako..sobrang stressed na ako huhuhu! Bakit ako nagbloblog ngayon? aba bakit ba..just taking a break..tagal na rin akong di nakakapag-update dito eh. Tampo na si blog ko.