Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas is Near

It’s getting colder these past few nights.  I guess we can already safely say that the Christmas breeze will soon be here.  Actually, some have even put up their Christmas trees already and even have started their Christmas shopping.  That’s how excited some people are.  In the other parts of the world, they have experienced their first snowfall already so some have also started to look columbia jackets clearance.  How about you, can you already feel that the most favorite season of many is very near?

Bottle cap Necklaces

Personalized Hello Kitty Bottle Cap Necklace, Custom Name, Princess Birthday Present, Flower Girl, Heart Charm

Aside from baby headbands and hair accessories, I’ve also been hooked to making kiddie jewelries like bracelets and bottle cap necklaces.  So far, I have been using (and even made a sale) with bottle cap necklaces using ballchains and leather cords with organza ribbons.  I’m going to try soon adding beads and charms like the photo above which I snagged from an Etsy store.  I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fairy Hobmother

For several days now, I’ve been thinking how will I doll up my little princess this Halloween.  We got invited to a Halloween Party and a Trick or Treat Activity next week so coming in a costume is ideal.  I find it impractical to buy expensive custom made costumes no matter how cute they are because they’ll just be worn for several minutes.  DIY-ing is the only solution I could ever think of.  Thanks to Fairy Hobmother because his visit on my blog last night sparked an idea in me.  An old tutu, improvised wings and wand and voila…my little darling will be the cutest Fairy, I’m certain.

So thank you, Fairy Hobmother for that great idea.

Aside from the fairy costume idea, I have a greater thing to thank the Fairy Hobmother for.  Would you believe that he (he’s a guy!) has sprinkled some pixie dust and showered me a gift card I can use at Amazon?  Not enough to buy a freezer but just enough to spoil myself and splurge on new clothes!  He said that he’s on a mission of spreading goodness and joy to deserving bloggers in the blogosphere.  I feel so blessed to have been paid a visit.  He also left a note that he’s continuously searching for more deserving blogs to visit.  One way of finding them is by referring to those who will comment on this post.  So what are you waiting for?  Comment away and experience the fairy’s goodness one of these days.

Invitation to A Fun-Filled Lunch Date with

Attention Soon-To-Wed Couples! is inviting you to a fun-filling FREE LUNCH at Paul Calvin's Diner (Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) this Saturday, October 20, 2012, 11:30am-3:30pm for some WEDDING PREPARATIONS idea exchange and chitchat with other soon-to-weds.

To join, send the following details to

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Take note that only 15 lucky couples can join this event.

Wedding Preparation

Friday, October 12, 2012

Smart Parenting Model Search 2012


If your 1 – 7 year old child has that interest or dream to become a model someday, then this contest search is for her/him.  Make that dream come true as early as now by registering him or her and attend the Go-See Audition on October 20.  Winners get the chance to be covered on Smart Parenting Magazine.

Earrings Organizer

Women are fond of wearing of jewelries as they can make a big difference in one’s appearance.  They come in various colors, sizes, styles to make it a match on the wearer’s fashion, personality and style.  This is why a woman can have too many jewelries, or earrings, in particular.  Over the years, one might be surprised over her growing army of accessories and keeping them or organizing them in such a way that one can easily see and browse through for easier selection.  Here are some creative yet effective ways on how to organize your accessories:


Photo source: via Rainboe Sims-Jones on Pinterest

Cheese Grater: Hang earrings on a painted cheese grater for that easy keeping and display.  You can decorate and add makeshift legs using auto-adjust toggle clamp so that even the lowest layer of the holes will be utilized.

Lace or a crocheted band and an old frame.

Source: via Cristy on Pinterest

Old frame and layered wires.


1. What time do you usually go to bed on weekdays?
Lately, around 1 am after doing online works and headband orders.

2. Has anyone ever told you about bad habits you have during sleep? (Snoring, talking, kicking etc?)
Husband says that I tend to snag his pillow in the middle of our sleep.

3. Do you prefer your sleeping environment to be warm and snug, or cool and crisp?
I prefer to sleep in a cool bed with smooth and wrinkle free beddings. After checking the security systems of the house, my bedtime routine includes fixing the sheets flattening it as smooth as possible before I lie down.

4. What was your favourite bedtime story as a child?
I love my grandmother's version of the Monkey and Turtle Story.

5. Is there anything unusual that you often do while in bed? (Unusual meaning something other than sleeping, reading, naughty fun etc.)
None that I know of. More often than not, my eyes automatically shut as soon as my back hit the sack.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Rainy Season Illnesses

Whenever the rainy season is here, we are always reminded to be alert and be on guard against various illnesses.  The rainy season brings forth a lot diseases during this season and these include the following:

1. Diarrhea

2. Dengue Fever

3. Flu

4. Lepstopirosis

5. Athlete’s Foot

Do take note that some of these are fatal when not remedied immediately.  The key is whenever you see any or all of the following symptoms, better see a doctor immediately.  Some may abhor the sight of the hospital beds, medication carts and injections, but immediate action is very important.

1. Fever more than 37.8 Degrees Celsius

2. Bleeding

3. LBM of more than 3 days, excessive thirst, dry tongue, decreased amount of urine

4. Generalized weakness, difficulty in standing, difficulty in raising both arms

5. Yellowish discoloration of the eyes, urine and skin

Source: Maxicare MB 60 Bulletin

House Ants

Ants have been plaguing our home for several weeks now.  It’s so annoying and disturbing to see ants everywhere.  From the dining table, dresser, closet and even our bed.  We’ve been looking where do they possibly come from but to no avail, we can’t locate it.  They just seem to appear everywhere as if they have wings and land wherever they wish to.  Anyone knows of natural ways on how to get rid of these house ants?