Friday, October 12, 2012


1. What time do you usually go to bed on weekdays?
Lately, around 1 am after doing online works and headband orders.

2. Has anyone ever told you about bad habits you have during sleep? (Snoring, talking, kicking etc?)
Husband says that I tend to snag his pillow in the middle of our sleep.

3. Do you prefer your sleeping environment to be warm and snug, or cool and crisp?
I prefer to sleep in a cool bed with smooth and wrinkle free beddings. After checking the security systems of the house, my bedtime routine includes fixing the sheets flattening it as smooth as possible before I lie down.

4. What was your favourite bedtime story as a child?
I love my grandmother's version of the Monkey and Turtle Story.

5. Is there anything unusual that you often do while in bed? (Unusual meaning something other than sleeping, reading, naughty fun etc.)
None that I know of. More often than not, my eyes automatically shut as soon as my back hit the sack.

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