Friday, October 12, 2012

Earrings Organizer

Women are fond of wearing of jewelries as they can make a big difference in one’s appearance.  They come in various colors, sizes, styles to make it a match on the wearer’s fashion, personality and style.  This is why a woman can have too many jewelries, or earrings, in particular.  Over the years, one might be surprised over her growing army of accessories and keeping them or organizing them in such a way that one can easily see and browse through for easier selection.  Here are some creative yet effective ways on how to organize your accessories:


Photo source: via Rainboe Sims-Jones on Pinterest

Cheese Grater: Hang earrings on a painted cheese grater for that easy keeping and display.  You can decorate and add makeshift legs using auto-adjust toggle clamp so that even the lowest layer of the holes will be utilized.

Lace or a crocheted band and an old frame.

Source: via Cristy on Pinterest

Old frame and layered wires.

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