Sunday, January 20, 2008

ISO: Photoshop Actions.

I've been digishop-hopping lately as I hunt for cool BUT reasonably-priced Photoshop actions. As you've probably noticed (check out now if you still haven't), I am into "photo-overloading" my main blog. Well, it's not that I intend to make it a photoblog or aiming to slow down your bandwith, but I'm just so enamored lately with my Flickr PRO (yep, I'm now flickring with a pro account). Then I also just recently joined the photohunt craze and prolly, it's just about time to maximize my S3 IS toy (features of which I still haven't fully mastered). Let's just say that I'm quite serious into photography lately..have plans of taking up basic lessons but I'm pretty contented with my self-help learning technique at the moment. Don't have the luxury of time to take up formal lessons yet.

As I've mentioned, I'm in the lookout for nice actions to use on my photos. Having online coupons to digital scrapping shops would also be a nice option..but the question is, where can I possibly get hold of them.

By the way, we already have Baby A's 4D video. Please check it out here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Mumi.

An uncle whom we haven’t seen in a while paid us a visit two weeks ago. He’s actually based in the province together with my Grandma who I equally miss. She’s not that weak yet but we limit her travels especially the long ones since she’s too old to stand long drives (Manila is 9 hours drive away from Isabela). She used to do that, though, alone when she’s a bit younger. Anyway, I am reminded of our sweet, old “Mumi” as our Uncle brought us some fruit preserves and meat products skillfully made by her. There are several bottles of preserved pineapple, mango and a certain fruit which we call “littuko” in our dialect. She also sent us marinated and ready-to-cook beef tapa, longganisa and embutido. Yup, my Lola is so much into homemaking. She’s actually a Home Economics teacher way back her younger years…thus she’s into cooking, food preserving, crafts, and gardening. I remember when we were still kids and we used to have our vacation in the province, my siblings and I would join her in the garden (armed with gardening tools and disposable gloves) every morning. We help her tend and water the plants. In the kitchen, we’d also help her prepare and cook our meals. I miss my Lola so much..hope I get to see her soon. To our dearest Mumi, Happy 82nd Birthday on the 21st!

Our Mumi and Uncle on my Dec '05 wedding.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Finally, I have it up and running.

I'll still maintain this blogger account but I'll now be blogging more often there( Please link it up and hope to see you there.

Two Things Tag.

Got tagged by Yna.

1. Two names I go by: I'd like to share four: Mai (nick), Maria Elena (my name on my IDs and legal docs), Maileen (long version of my nickname from which "mai" was derived) and Ninin (pen name at home).
2. Two things I am wearing right now: oversized shirt and uber-low waisted shorts
3. Two things I like to do: Eat and Sleep (lolz)
4. Two things I want very badly in this moment: Tuna Fettucine (World Chicken) and the DVD of Baby A's 4D ultrasound (we'll have it next week pa kasi)
5. Two things I did last night: Underwent 4D ultrasound and watch TV before retiring the night
6. Two things I am doing tomorrow: Hear mass and blog/digiscrap
7. Two things I ate today: Tinapang Bangus (breakfast) and Paksiw na Pata (lunch)
8. Two favorite beverages: Water and Fruit shakes (i miss fruitas waahh!)
9. Two of my favorite food: pasta and sweets (tsk tsk tsk)
10. Two persons I last spoke to: hubby and Mom-in-law
11. Two things about me that you may not have known: gymnast wannabe and when I was younger, I wished I could change my name to "Ashley"
12. Two jobs that I have had in my life: Bank Teller and Accounts Payable Assistant
13. Two movies I would watch over and over: Scary Movie and The Notebook
15. Two favorite things to do: Blog and digiscrap

I'm not tagging anyone this time..seems everyone has done this already.

Pisces Horoscope 2008.

Pisces Horoscope 2008 brings only good news, success and better luck in all phases of life for people born under this sun sign. The best period of the year would be the time after the month of July. Before that, small hurdles or problems may occur for the Pisces people. As per the horoscope, commitment is the main theme of the year for the Pisces people.The horoscope 2008 advices Pisces people to avoid any kind of distraction in life, as these may lead to unnecessary problems and hurdles.

The year 2008 would witness a steady rise in income for the entire period. As for the career, the stars have only positive to say about this aspect. The Pisces people are said to not only have a stable but also an upward moving career.

If Pisces people want success in their professional front then it is advisable for them to just go for their goals. Leave your comfort zone and move forward with all the energy.

Try to avoid any kind of unnecessary issues as they will only result in misunderstandings and problems in your life. The horoscope 2008 talks of opportunities for being more commitments in the love life for the Pisces people. Those who are single and don’t want to remain so anymore can be sure of finding that perfect one with little of efforts. Moreover, the horoscope advices people born under this sign to keep no secrets in their love life, as it will create only problems for them.

~ Just like Alpha (thanks for this tag, sis!), I do not totally adhere or trust my fate into these horoscopes but it's fun reading them though. And since it is the New Year, might as well tag a few friends - Yna, Kathy and Ann. All you have to do is visit this LINK, choose your Zodiac Sign and copy/paste what the stars have to say on your blog then highlight all the predictions that you like or you can relate to. It’s that easy! Come on, don’t be a kill joy. Let’s all start the year with good vibes.


I just read and went over my previous post here and I noticed how loaded it was with pictures. Actually, I have several photos (of the holidays) more here but I’m just not sure if I’d be able to share and upload them since I have some pending digiscrap layouts about them. So probably, I’ll just post the layouts once I’m through. I’m just having a dilemma though…I’m having a hard time choosing pics to include in my layouts because I have tons of them. I had a fun time being a shutterbug during the holidays, playing around with my S3 IS. In fact, I consumed and drained several packs of lithium battery. Actually, I just clicked and clicked guessing which setting, angle, etc. would work best. Now it gets me thinking, I want to learn and familiarize myself more about photography basics so I could maximize the features of my toy.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone!

And I thought, I’ll be blogging on this first day of 2008 in my new “would be” main blog. But things aren’t all set yet with the DNS servers so it’ll take a few more days before I can finally start migrating in there. So how did your New Year celebration go? Mine was fantastic! It was bright (with all the fireworks), loud (with the deafening firecrackers) and of course, a tummy-filled celebration. I know I haven’t blogged yet how I celebrated my Christmas. Shame on me, I procrastinated towards the year end of 2007 lolz. I’ll try to go over them bit by bit before they slip away from my memory. Also, I think my digiscrapping mojos are finally back as I have several works on progress, mostly all about Christmas ’07 and Baby A projects. So as I finish them (hopefully not that long), I get to integrate the recent happenings as I post them on my blog.

First, the new year celebration. Since we celebrated Christmas in Makati with my lil bro at my parents’ house (minus the folks since Dad and Stepmom are abroad), we had our New Year at my In-Laws’ abode in QC. As mentioned, it was bright, loud and overindulging.

There were better and far nicer fireworks lighting the Frisco skies last night than these but I just couldn’t get the best angle and position. One, I was so conscious of the loud firecrackers and two, fearing that I might get hit by the falling remnants of these (like sticks, dust and other particles). Third, neighbors’ trees and hanging fiber optic cables or whatchamacallthem were blocking the best view I could have.

By the way, here are the 2008 calendars I just finished. Since I haven’t shopped any Christmas gifts for my colleagues, I’ll just have these printed and give to them prolly this week or early next week.

Here are the 2008 “Baby A” CD Case Calendars I did which hubby and I will be using/displaying at our workstations. I only made January and February since the remaining months will have to be all Baby A pics.

Just a preview of the blog entries that I owe you guys:

Lastly, here’s the recent LO I did. I know it’s a bit late for Christmas but as they say, better late than never. Lolz.

2008 calendar office
12 Month 2008 Calendar by Shellyrae Cusbert

2008 "Asher" calendar
2008 CD Case Calendar by Shabby Princess

To Do's
Organized Sticky Tabs by Leora Sanford

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree
Acid Rain Paper by Janelle Kretschman
Cardboard Frame Trio by Traci Sims
Ribbon from Ent'attendant by Petit Moineaux
Cardboard Tear by Laura Burger
A Wildlfower Holiday Elements by Gina Marie Huff
Sierra Shiver Elements by Laura Burger
Christmas Doodles Alpha by Grazieli Niclass