Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Should Be a Credit Card Payment Mode.

A cousin of mine has ventured into selling baby clothes online. Actually I find the idea brilliant because I, myself, loves shopping on the web for Asher. She opened her boutique at Multiply, which is the easiest platform to set up for such a simple online shop without undergoing the complex steps of having a full shopping website with its own domain. While Multiply may be the easiest and cheapest to set up, it has its cons too. The most notable of which is that the mode of payment is just limited to bank deposits, g-cash and paypal. But what about if you don't have cash on hand but holds a credit card that can be used? Well, multiply sellers should try checking out Total Merchant Services. I heard that they have the lowest cost solution for establishing merchant accounts which ever type of credit card system one is looking for whether it be Retail, Point of Sale(POS), Wireless, Portable or Internet and Online.

Saturday 9.

1. Do you mind people to show up uninvited?
:: Yes, I do.

2. Last person you talked to on the phone?
:: My mom asking about good diet supplements recommendation. Well, she's barking at the wrong tree. With my scrawny figure, do I look like I still need slimming pills?

3. Last person on your missed call list?
:: An unknown number, probably a telemarketing firm's.

4. Who calls you the most?
:: The husband.

5. What is your favorite song about breaking up?
:: I Love You Goodbye

6. If someone sent you an unexpected gift, what would you like it to be?
::The house for sale we're eying nearby. LOL.

7. Your classic rock station plays the top songs of all time. What is number one?
:: I'm not into rock songs.

8. Do you live for today or tomorrow?
:: Both.

9. What movie villain scared you as a kid?
Zuma..the snake man.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair, Beautiful Hair!

I've been wanting to change my hairstyle or at least have a haircut. I'm pretty tired of the same old ponytail style..which hairstyle do you think would best suit me?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 Going 6.

Yes..I'm currently taking a big leap.

From 4 blogs, I'm now officially authoring 6 blogs.

It's a handful but I have to...all for that "big goal".

Equally Offensive.

If you think being slim and slender is always fun, you're wrong. While it's true that I can eat whatever I want without any worries of getting fat and that I can fit into smaller clothes, and I don't need to undergo extreme exercises on the threadmill or on the ellipticals...there are things that I hate about my skinny self. One, I don't get to wear almost all of my clothes because I look like a hanger in them. Two, I have a very active toddler who grows so fast so just imagine how I pant and get tired easily when I carry him and he's up with a prolonged clinging session. Three, hearing remarks such as "try to gain some body mass, mai" is the same and is equivalent to the subtle way of saying "you're so fat, try to lose some weight". So to my friends, stop commenting that I'm so skinny because I already know. In fact, I'm trying very hard to address this (you should see my appetite) but what can I do..body metabolism can't be altered.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Wedding Favor Ideas.

Wishing to have a garden wedding and is scouting for wedding favor ideas? Check out the following reasonable-priced and unique personalized wedding favors I found at The Knot Wedding Shop.

Aren't all these cool? For more garden wedding favor ideas, visit The Knot Wedding Shop. It is the largest retailer of wedding supplies online and is the most accessible wedding shop that brides can turn to for quick turnaround delivery of last minute orders. So whether it be a personalized wedding camera, a handcrafted card filled with wildflower seeds, customized chocolates, flutes, tote bags and more, this is the shop to check out.


It's the quality, not the quantity, that counts.

A general statement. A general "parinig".

This is the line that I'd like to reiterate over and over this week. I can't go on further and blog about the details but it's just so appalling how people BRAG about how many they have, how they broadcast the NUMBER but little did they know..that certain NUMBER is nothing because the manner how "it" took place was disappointing. Go and ask each of these people that comprised the NUMBER how they find "it", you may be surprised with the result. :)

For those who are in the midst of their wedding and debut preparations, here's another bridal fair to check out and attend. A project of Chu-U-Yen, this bridal show and special events expo will run on May 23-24, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center. This expo will showcase hundreds of suppliers in the wedding industry: venues and facilities, catering, entertainment, event styling and decoration, photo and video services, invitations, souvenirs, wedding rings, cakes, flowers and balloons, lighting and sound facilities, audio visual equipment, special effects and more. Be sure to register on their site (click on the image) to avail of free entrance plus freebies, to qualify in the Celebrations! Grab a Gift Promo and win exciting prizes and also, to have the chance to be one of the 500 couples/debutantes to receive a coupon book, a collection of discount coupons from several reputable companies. So what are you waiting for, go register and attend the expo. Happy Preps!

Outreach Programs.

Last night as I was browsing some old photos from my "memento box", contents of which were collected way back grade school years, I can't help but be sentimental and reminisce the activities we did way back then. There's this picture of me together with an aged lady on a wheelchair taken at Tahanang Walang Hagdan. It's an orphanage that cradles disabled and incapacitated men and women and they are given continuous hope in life by giving them valuable and productive activities. I clearly remember that our visit then was an outreach program where we brought some food supplies and medicines and even gave them a little entertainment with a group song number. And they were so delighted. The smiles on their faces are priceless. Someday, I'd like to come back there and perhaps donate some supplies they can use in their daily living. Since I'm clueless of medical stuffs to bring, I'll go check out's Free Allegro eCatalog. It has an easy to browse online catalog where stuffs are orderly arranged per category. It also gives limited time specials and discounts to anyone who signs up. This way, the discounts granted will enable me to shop more for charity stuffs.

Missed Juday and Ryan Wedding Video Special?

If you're like me who failed to watch the exclusive wedding special about Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo's wedding over at ABS-CBN last Sunday and if you're searching it at youtube but can't find one, consider yourself lucky because you can watch it here. Just be quick though because it may be deleted anytime.

buzzTrendz ... Bringing Twitter and YouTube together!

Twitter indeed is a big thing among the social networks. I, for one, is a self-confessed Twitter addict so it has become one of my daily online routine. In fact, my day isn't complete without exchanging tweets with my online friends and getting the latest buzzes from my top fave sites including youtube tweets. So with the coming of Buzz Trends, it's really something to look forward to.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hitting the Beach Soon!

Finally our summer will be complete (despite the rains) because we'll troop to the beach come May 9 to celebrate the Mother's Day with my in laws. It'll not be an all inclusive cancun beach getaway in one of the Riviera Maya hotels (I wish it is) but it'll just be at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. This will be Asher's second beach experience and I'm expecting that he'll have a blast just like he did in Boracay last December.

Speaking of the Riviera Maya hotels, I can't help but browse their site over and over again. It has become a vacation dream for me because I got so drawn with their top of the line amenities and service - a truly pampering and relaxing getaway. They also cater destination weddings and even have special packages for wedding anniversaries. Hmm..celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary here on December is a brilliant idea right? I wonder if the husband will concur.

What Twilight character are you?

I took the quiz here and guess which Twilight character it says that I am like:


Beautiful and vicious, many people admire you or fear you. You tend to be a little self-centered, but hey, it IS all about you right?

Really? Then who could be the Emmett of my life?

Download Galore.

If only my external hard disk can talk, I would have been cursed so badly already. Why? Because I've been downloading like crazy since yesterday. It would have been just light and easy but guess what my download history enlists..about 30+ movies in mp4 format with an average of 200 MB file size and tons of free digital kits because of the {inter}National Digiscrapping Day today. File sizes of which are also tons and occupy about a few megabytes too.

Oh well, it's a good thing EHDs don't talk. hehe!

Truck Accidents.

Any vehicular accidents news are just as horrible to hear as when you see them. Way back my high school days, a schoolmate of mine died due to severe collision with a trailer truck. Actually it was just not mere collision as the heavy trailer pinned and crashed into their much smaller car. Everyone on board including his dad and aunt died except for her little sister and cousin who were covered by their aunt. Their death was really tragic and seeing their family grieve was truly heartbreaking. I just don't know how the legal case was pursued. I learned from Demerath Law Office's site that truck accidents are much different from lighter vehicles accidents because of several factors involve like the physics of collision (since they're bigger), impact forces, deceleration factors, turning radius, and torque dynamics and so on. Understanding the said factors with the expertise of a Truck Accident Attorney Nebraska are important in determining the liability involved which will make your accident claim have a greater degree of claim. For a free consultation, Omaha personal injury attorney Larry Demerath is just a call away.