Monday, February 22, 2010

Chiropractic Help (?)

Earlier this year, I vowed that I'll be seeing a doctor soon to check on the status of my dextroscoliosis. I think it was in 2004 when I discovered through a Pre-employment exam that my spine has an unusual curvature to the left. I was advised that no treatments were necessary then as it was just minor and can be corrected through exercise. I've been hearing about this chiropractic practice and been longing to try it however, I'm not so sure if this is good given my condition.

I've read about Hassel Family Chiropractic (based in West Des Moines, Iowa) and the technique they use which is the highly-effective Gonstead adjusting technique. People of all ages: newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors seek their help for pain relief from back pains and frequent headaches.

One statement in their site caught my attention: "Neglected, spinal problems may worsen and make correction more difficult and expensive later". All the more I'm convinced to schedule a doctor appointment real soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

14 Days To Go..

Just 14 days to go and our little prince will be celebrating his 2nd birthday already. Wow, I can't believe that another year has just passed and he has definitely grown bigger and matured a lot. It seems it was just yesterday when I gave birth to him and now I have a toddler who's so smart, adorable and a bundle of energy. He's definitely the ultimate source of our joy.

We're forgoing a party this year since we're currently having our very own Little Mansion constructed. But of course there will still be a celebration with our families (my side and hubby's) and we will be treating the little one a trip to an Oceanarium. A post celebration will be held a month after in a beach together with my family. My eldest sister is coming home for vacation from abroad so we will be having a one grand family vacation in just a nearby beach. The Karisma Hotels are also good options but we have to postpone that to some other year due to time and budget constraints. I heard they have the greatest secluded white-sand beaches and the only resort that offers the unique luxury all-inclusive concept in Riviera Maya. Wow..that alone sounds tempting already.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shouldn't Be Taken With A Grain of Salt.

A recent study about call center employees having a higher risk for contracting the HIV virus has been in the news recently. This somehow caused agitation among employees from the said industry saying that their reputation is being tainted. No offense to them and with all honesty, while this is an alarming issue, I find it not surprising. I once worked for two different call centers as a Finance support team member and I saw first hand what the culture is like among the agents. Some (I'm not generalizing, okay?) are too liberated and wild. It is because of this type of environment and peer pressure that tempts them to do such acts.

The study shouldn't be seen by the said industry as a degrading remark or as an insult. This is a serious health issue that the call centers should address. They should look into this and perhaps start doing their share safeguarding the interest of their employees like increasing their HMO coverage, inclusion of herpes simplex treatment and other pertinent actions. Further, the government should take action before this issue becomes worse.

Early Campaign.


Our locality celebrated its annual fiesta two weeks ago and this is how our streets have been looking like for several weeks now. Such an eyesore, isn't it? The official campaign period for the local posts is yet to start next month but look how they are loudly exposing their faces and names in huge fonts already. Their campaign strategies and intentions are very obvious. Their fiesta greetings are just their "excuse" but come to think of it. Do they really need to greet everyone in such an eyesore form? The money put on these useless materials should have just been donated to their impoverished constituents. They would have been happier.

It's just ironic that these public servants vow to uplift and make promises to make their constituents' lives brighter and safer. But with such streamers dangerously hanged on telephone and cable wires, don't they convey an entirely contradicting message?

Just a personal insight, I don't really care about their very well made up faces (either a result of Photoshop wonders or acne pills) nor how big, how colorful or how much budget your seemingly bragging with all these useless stuffs. My appeal is that, now that the festivities are over, can you please put these dangerous streamers and posters down already?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Make A List.

I have several topics that needed to be blogged within one week. Just seeing how long the roster of my assignments overwhelmed me right away so much that literally ceased my brain cells to function in an instant. I worked so slowly that even a turtle can catch up. Glad, I chanced upon my Starbucks planner and went over my weekly notes. I got ideas and from there, I listed down lead topics and now I'm blogging like crazy, even overflowing with stories and ideas. It's really a time saving tool and all other traffic works should just be left to and taken care by a seo software. So to my colleagues in this kind of online work, I suggest you do the same. Make a list as soon as a new idea pops into your head then come blogging time, blog away like crazy!

Underwater Renewal of Vows

An acquaintance and grade school classmate's unique wedding vow renewal got featured on TV Patrol last night. Having a common hobby of diving, they did it underwater of the beautiful Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan on Valentines Day! It truly is special and one of a kind. I had a glimpse of the event through their Facebook photos and I'm so envious. It's really outrageous being able to profess and affirming your love while communing with the nature.

By the way, if you got suddenly interested with such an unusual wedding, remember to be in your best body physique. Find the best way to lose weight. And of course, you have to have a diving license first.

Here are some snapshots of their wedding underwater.

You can watch the full video here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clays and Pottery

As early as 2 years old, I let my son explore the world of arts and crafts. He loves doodling with pencil and crayons, finger painting and lately, he's enjoying the play doh clay factory set his godmother gifted him last Christmas. I do not let him play it on his own yet as it is still a little dangerous but I do not deprive him the freedom of exploring and making shapes. It also makes a great bonding activity for both of us.

Because of this, I am searching through the web for tips and interesting ideas on how to nurture and further this interest among kids. At AMACO/Brent, I found a particular section where I can specifically get ideas on Kids’ Craft Projects as well as pottery materials like mexican clay pottery and overglazes. If you are interested or is searching too for craft projects for your kids, check out this magnificent site. The section for kids also includes a list of available workshops, books, posters, videos, lesson plans, and promotional materials available from AMACO. I came across mexican clay pottery from another resource and it's from AMACO that I fully understood about this stuff which is a red, self-hardening modeling clay.

Company Uniforms

Not all companies provide uniforms or clothing allowances for their employees. For some, they veer away from the conservative looks of the corporate world while some think about these as additional cost for the company. I have experienced working in four different companies having different views regarding on this matter. I had numerous sets of formal business attires in my tellering and cashiering jobs and I could say that while it has its own advantages to boot like no pressure on planning what to wear the next day and it exudes a feeling of pride and class, it also has its disadvantages like a feeling of stiffness since your movement are refined by these formal business attire. While on the other hand, my call center employer prefer to have their employees work in a more relaxed and homey environment that's why employees usually come in just casuals.

On the web, there is a supplier known for creating functional and trendsetting styles on uniform work shirts, chef jacket and all other corporate wardrobe. iD by Landau has been on the business for more than 60 years and they are take pride on their quality garments, quality service and on-time delivery. Should your company offers uniform polo shirt benefits for employees, take a look at their sample folios on their site.

Home Plans

A married couple starts building a family after the wedding. Some want to conceive a child right away, while some opt to focus on their careers while stabilizing their financial capacity. A married couple ideally starts their lives anew under one roof on their own, either by renting or for those who are more established and financially capable, they purchase their own abodes and materialize their house plans right away. While these may be the ideal setup, some would rather live temporarily with the family of either partner for practical reasons as in our case.

We got married 4 years ago and with the coming of our child and after being able to have ample savings for a home plan, our very dear "Little Mansion" project has sprung forth. The construction is ongoing and it won't be long until it get finished and furnished. Hopefully, in a couple of months, we'll be able to move in.

We're thankful that we have a great and a skilled developer. They make wonderful houses and cottage plans just like does. If you have that dream home and is now ready to make it come through. Start doing so by checking out the wide collection of the best home plans in their site. Whether you're after a luxury, log, cabin, rustic and ranch plan style, they have the perfect home building resources and helpful tools to make your home plan searching a lot easier.

Keeping It Forever.

After going over and reliving a few entries here last night, I'm just glad that I didn't delete this account when I was tempted many times to do so during my pregnancy. Well, it was basically my hormones dictating and acting up that time. You know how inconsistent, sensitive and even irrational a pregnant woman can become, not at all the side effects of prenatal vitamins, but it's purely because of the raging hormones. I myself didn't understand my feelings and what was going on in my mind then. All I know is that a part of me wanted to click the "delete this blog" button. Glad, I didn't. This nook will remain very dear to my heart because this is my very first online space where I chronicled my wedding preparations and the first part of my pregnancy. So for sentimental reasons, even though it doesn't have its own domain and doesn't earn from it that much anymore, I'm keeping it until forever.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Spend Within Your Means

This is a constant reminder that we often hear, we often say, we convince ourselves and we try to do..but often fail to observe.

Just a mere hint of "Sale" promos already stirs the shopaholic in us and we itch and find ourselves running to the malls or to a particular website for online sales. I think, girls are not really born shopaholics. But I'd say, girls have less control and it may be unpleasant to hear, we have lower Emotional Quotients than our counterparts. We are the ones who tend to buy impulse. I won't be surprised if statistics will show that ladies avail credit repair services more than the gents.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


In these economic challenging times, the confusion everyone has in mind is perfectly understandable. Everyone's concerned about what lies ahead, about one's future, of how secured his finances are. Common questions asked are: When is the right time to buy gold bullion and invest in precious metals trading? If so, what type of investments would be safe? The experts and financial advisors say that one of the safest investments these days is gold. It may be in any form: coins, bars and bullions. But this is only guaranteed if you know the ins and outs of the trading market and if you are greatly assisted by experienced professionals like those from US Gold Bureau -- the gold authority in safeguarding your gold coins and bullions.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Harry..enjoy your stay with tita glo

After two months since Harry and I met, I have nothing but great raves about this new gadget of mine. Of course, I do occasionally miss my now dead Acer Aspire laptop which I fondly call Acerito, especially that I wasn't able to recover some of my old files from there. But it's okay, the magnificent online (and gaming) experience my HP G60 is giving me has compensated enough the longing. No more long waiting as it boots, runs programs a lot faster, Windows 7 simply rocks and the HP games are so addicting. I'm really thankful fore Walmart's sale perfect timing, Glo and Jun's kindness and to my blogging money for financing this unplanned purchase.