Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clays and Pottery

As early as 2 years old, I let my son explore the world of arts and crafts. He loves doodling with pencil and crayons, finger painting and lately, he's enjoying the play doh clay factory set his godmother gifted him last Christmas. I do not let him play it on his own yet as it is still a little dangerous but I do not deprive him the freedom of exploring and making shapes. It also makes a great bonding activity for both of us.

Because of this, I am searching through the web for tips and interesting ideas on how to nurture and further this interest among kids. At AMACO/Brent, I found a particular section where I can specifically get ideas on Kids’ Craft Projects as well as pottery materials like mexican clay pottery and overglazes. If you are interested or is searching too for craft projects for your kids, check out this magnificent site. The section for kids also includes a list of available workshops, books, posters, videos, lesson plans, and promotional materials available from AMACO. I came across mexican clay pottery from another resource and it's from AMACO that I fully understood about this stuff which is a red, self-hardening modeling clay.

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