Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early Campaign.


Our locality celebrated its annual fiesta two weeks ago and this is how our streets have been looking like for several weeks now. Such an eyesore, isn't it? The official campaign period for the local posts is yet to start next month but look how they are loudly exposing their faces and names in huge fonts already. Their campaign strategies and intentions are very obvious. Their fiesta greetings are just their "excuse" but come to think of it. Do they really need to greet everyone in such an eyesore form? The money put on these useless materials should have just been donated to their impoverished constituents. They would have been happier.

It's just ironic that these public servants vow to uplift and make promises to make their constituents' lives brighter and safer. But with such streamers dangerously hanged on telephone and cable wires, don't they convey an entirely contradicting message?

Just a personal insight, I don't really care about their very well made up faces (either a result of Photoshop wonders or acne pills) nor how big, how colorful or how much budget your seemingly bragging with all these useless stuffs. My appeal is that, now that the festivities are over, can you please put these dangerous streamers and posters down already?

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