Wednesday, February 17, 2010

14 Days To Go..

Just 14 days to go and our little prince will be celebrating his 2nd birthday already. Wow, I can't believe that another year has just passed and he has definitely grown bigger and matured a lot. It seems it was just yesterday when I gave birth to him and now I have a toddler who's so smart, adorable and a bundle of energy. He's definitely the ultimate source of our joy.

We're forgoing a party this year since we're currently having our very own Little Mansion constructed. But of course there will still be a celebration with our families (my side and hubby's) and we will be treating the little one a trip to an Oceanarium. A post celebration will be held a month after in a beach together with my family. My eldest sister is coming home for vacation from abroad so we will be having a one grand family vacation in just a nearby beach. The Karisma Hotels are also good options but we have to postpone that to some other year due to time and budget constraints. I heard they have the greatest secluded white-sand beaches and the only resort that offers the unique luxury all-inclusive concept in Riviera Maya. Wow..that alone sounds tempting already.

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