Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spending Smart on Eyeglasses.

For the question When and How You Can Start Spending Smart, it's actually only you who can answer. Wise spending is one way of coping with the financial crisis that we're going through. Let's say there's a need for you to get a new pair of eyeglasses. You need not go after the expensive branded ones because there are trusted ones out there that don't cost you a fortune. Take the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses of Zenni Optical as an example. It doesn't cost much but they're one of the most durable and fashionable ones I've seen. Eventhough I dont' wear one, My favorite high fashion eyeglasses are those from Zenni Optical.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hassle Free Baby Shower Invitations.

Free Baby Shower Invitations
Free Baby Shower Invitations
Planning a baby shower is not as complex as most think. The most important things to work on are the venue, food, the activities and the distribution of Invitations Baby Shower. Ordering a baby shower invitation doesn't cause much hassle too.

Just open the huge gallery of baby shower invites over at CardsShoppe and you've got one item scratched off in the List of Things To Be Done in an instant. They have artistic pool of experts who can customize, print and send fast cards for all occasions. Their patented Instant Preview Features let you view the layout before they get it printed. At, they also offer great deals such as 40% discount for every order because you get 10 cards for free.

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Canon 3-Day Heroes' Weekend Sale!

Canon 3-Day Heroes' Weekend Sale!
August 29-31, 1:00pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday to Monday
The Tiendesitas Delicacies Village Lobby

 Very enticing promos and freebies up for grabs:

Enjoy special promos, big discounts, and freebies on digital cameras, video camcorders, and accessories!


Canon PhotoDV ZR900 Camcorder
Original Price: Php 19,950
Sale Price: Php 10,950
SAVE Php 9,000!

Canon PhotoDV DC310 Camcorder
Sale Price: Php 24,950
Free! PowerShot A470 Digital Camera!

Pick a prize with every purchase! Illusion lens, SD cards, scrapbooking kits, tripods and lots more!

Thanks Animetric World for this heads up.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Birth Announcements.

Photo Birth AnnouncementsI remember my husband feeling ecstatic and restless outside the Delivery Room while I savored the first moments of being a Mom as soon as I heard my son's first cry. I felt nostalgic how time went by fast. It wasn't that long ago when we first learned about the pregnancy, then my friends distributed baby shower invitations (similar to the image on the left) and the next thing I knew, we'd be making birth announcements. Nothing really beats the joy experienced by new parents as they proudly make baby announcements.
Cards-411 understands that having a new baby at home requires much attention and time. That's why their expert artists make the task of searching for the perfect photo birth announcements a lot easier by providing a wide collection of unique birth announcements as well as customized announcement birth layouts. Further, they perfectly understand how excited the parents must be to distribute these as soon as possible. That is why they guarantee a fast service: they can print and ship your order on the day of your layout approval.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gift For the Elderly.

The older a person gets, the harder it is to think of things to gift on special occasions especially for the elderly ones. Electronics gadgets are just next to impossible because their mental capacity might not cope up anymore with the technology. Aside from the fact that their poor vision could not decipher the electronic displays. So I think the best things to gift are those that they can aid in making their day to day lives easier. Like a hearing aid, a new pair of eyeglasses, a wheelchair, a shower chair and a lot more. For more home health care supplies for the elderlies, several can be browsed at Allegro Medical - the online leading source for medical equipment and supplies today. 

Back To Farming.

Look who has just returned to her farm. Yes, that's my farmer Misha at her very own Hacienda. It's been months since I got addicted with this Facebook game called Farm Town and have neglected the farm for so long. Way back then, I have only few neighbors, meaning not much weren't playing yet. But with all the Farm Town gift and neighbor requests and status updates and notifications from friends, I was lured to open last week my account. Lo and behold, I was surprised to see that most of my friends are Farm Town fanatics now and their levels are even way advanced than mine already. Truly addicted! Now, I'm finding myself getting hooked again. From level 17 last week, I'm now up at level 26. The picture above was taken when I got back and since I've progressed in the past days, I was able to expand my farm to the biggest lot size possible. Now I'm inching my way to the ultimate level 34 when I would be able to buy a mansion.
On another note, I've promised to lay low as I've got of online works up in my sleeves. Have to prioritize first the things that MUST be done or else, we won't be able to buy our ultimate dream of mansion in the offline world.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


A dear online friend of mine and I were chatting earlier this afternoon and for a moment our thoughts pondered this question:

"So will it ALWAYS be JUST a thank you?"

I won't elaborate on this one because we don't want to wallow on negativity in a day that is supposedly a blessed one. Thanks to the husband who amused us with his funny yet a bit "malaman" comment...

"Hey, malapit na ang National Heroes Day. Ipagpapatayo ko na rin kayo ng mga rebulto niyo.."

'Nuff said.

Willing To Try Acai Berries?

Try to google the keywords "Acai Berry Energy Supplement" or even just the term "acai berry" and you will notice that the names of Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray are boldly connected among a few search results. Although filed court cases are the topics linked with it (because these hosts deny that they endorsed or testified about certain acai berry diets on their shows) people can't still help but get intrigued why this acai berry is so called a wonder fruit. I tried to research about this and here are a few notes I got.

Acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee) berries are a newly discovered type of berry from the Amazon jungle that has some amazing characteristics. The marketers of this product claims that it provides increased energy levels, improved digestion and detoxification, thus, it makes a great dietary supplement for losing weight.

So would you be willing to give this fruit anti-oxidant a try?

His Sticker Album.

His sticker album

Or should I term this a "sticker leg"? This is one of Asher's recent mischief. He toyed with his animal stickers and managed to take them one by one and stuck to his leg. He wasn't contented or perhaps, there was no more space on his leg that's why he stuck some on my hand, too. Kulit noh?

Playing with animal stickers

Playing with animal stickers
A picture of him in full concentration taking out the stickers.

The Pacman Cake.

Pacman Groom's Cake

If you know of a couple or friends who are so into Pacman...such themed cake would be a hit. And since Pacman now is more synonymous to Manny Pacquiao, this cake (with a boxer topper) could be a very apt cake in his victories parties. Love the design and idea? Check out here for whom this cake was made and who skillfully designed it.

The Faltered CPA Dream.

"Assets are what you own", "Liabilities are what you owe", "Capital, or owners’ equity, is the difference between what you own and what you owe". It's been almost a decade since I first learned about these accounting concepts. As you know, I took up Commerce in college so accounting subjects were part of our curriculum. Unfortunately, Accounting became my waterloo so I concentrated on Business Administration on my majoring year. I initially dreamed of becoming a CPA and working for a partnership like Las Vegas Quickbooks Accounting Firm but fate has other plans for me. But who knows, in the future, I can still pursue my education and my CPA dream could be rejuvenated. And who further knows, I might find myself working on general ledgers and t-accounts of well-known companies from Homeowner Associations, Casinos/Gaming, Contractors, Developers and Retail/Convenience Stores industries.

Mr. Independent.


Here's a proof that my son is slowly learning to be independent. He can now entertain and play by himself. Playing alone is a valuable skill in babies that builds independence, creativity and imagination. He has his own corner here in our room where he would simply grab the toys he'd like to play. It is in these times when I take chance of the time to work on my online tasks. When he's through or he has enough playing time, he'd start making "kulit-kulit" to me, blocking his body and preventing me to further type on my laptop.

And yes, fixing and packing his messed toys are already included in my day-to-day to do list.

Long Drive Getaway with the Family.

Out of town adventures are much more enjoyable if traveling with the whole family. I have the fondest memories of our domestic and even international trips with my family and I am so wanting to travel with them again. We're now geographical far from each other: my folks and my eldest sister is in abroad, two other siblings are in our Makati home, while me, hubby and Asher are staying here in my in-laws in QC. It's been a while since we had an out of town adventure so come December or March next year, or whenever everyone's free for a one week getaway, I'd love to enjoy a long drive with them just like what we did 10 years ago when we had a tour of luzon. We could hire a RV and Dad, my hubby and my BIL could take turns in driving. Of course, nothing could impede and ruin a wonderful trip so we'll take note of a motorhome towing service provider's number ready all the time for road assistance.

This post made me suddenly miss all of them...hoping to see them all real soon.

It's No Wonder.

I was surprised to learn from a friend how costly it is to have a haircut from a salon in the US. Unlike here where I am from, you have to set an appointment in salons there before hand because they don't usually accommodate walk ins. Now it got me thinking, the reason why their services are pegged much higher is because they get quality beauty school houston education from the likes of Regency Institute, the fastest growing beauty school in the US. Their students get nothing but the best and exceptional cosmetology courses complete with high quality training from their expert instructors. Their campuses mirror upscale salons so they have first hand experience of how is it like to work in salons and other venues like cruise ships and runways where hair cutting services are needed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate Overload.

I woke up this morning with a big zit on the forehead. Yep, not a nice view to behold in front of the mirror on a nice Thursday morning. Well, it's not a surprise because I've been munching like crazy this load of chocolates for two days now.


For some, this image may equate to numerous pills of diet-supplements. But not for me, to the envy of many, I know. I'm kinda perplexed as well as to why despite my voracious appetite on sweets, my weight still tips on the 90th lb mark. Call me lucky that I can wear those small sized wardrobes but no, a big part of me wants to gain back my pre-pregnancy average weight of 100 lbs. I just look better with that weight.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birth Announcements.

Asher's Birth Announcement

This was Asher's birth announcement which was especially made by me last year. Thanks for digiscrapping templates, I was able to whip this up in a flash as I just plopped the photo onto it. I thought of ordering online for baby announcements but shipping from the US will take a while so I opted to make one myself. Besides, most of my intended recipients can be contacted online so digital, email and web galleries were the way to go. The cards at Pear Tree Greetings are so lovely though. Love the designs and unique ideas that they have.

National Mourning.

It's been a week since the whole nation started to mourn for the loss of our late great President Cory Aquino who succumbed to the big C last Saturday after battling for 17 months. The world witnessed how the Filipino people mourned in solidarity paying tribute to every way they can - endured the long 9 hour funeral procession to the cemetery and even online, yellow ribbons abound everywhere. The whole nation cried buckets and empathize with her children especially when Kris, her youngest, spoke on the Requiem mass. They're indeed very lucky to have her as their Mom and in the same way that Tita Cory is also proud of them. The love in their family is just simply overflowing and overwhelming especially during the last and most troubled days of the late President. From the time she was diagnosed with Cancer, they scoured every possible way for treatments and even searched colon cleanse reviews that could cure or just to free their Mom from tremendous pain. They did everything for her and they were beside her for most of the time during her last days until their Mom was reunited with her hero husband, Ninoy, in the grave.

Derma Quick Trip.

I made a quick trip to a Dermatologist last Saturday. Not to request for acne products but for a checkup and have my rashes all over the face, arms and legs be seen. It's my first time have such so I'm really curious what could be it, what triggered it and what remedy that could be given because it was so really itchy and discomforting. She said I got angioedema, the cause of which or the allergen that caused it cannot be determine unless I take an allergy test. She gave me instead Citirizine and a an anti-itch cream to apply. So far, the rashes are almost gone except for a few itchy ones on the legs that were left. Hope it also disappears so so I can be itchy free already.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stress Free Christmas Party Invitations.

Invitations ChristmasPlanning a Christmas party is definitely an exhausting task with all the details that have to be carefully thought of and planned. But Christmas Celebrations and Christmas Party Invitations ordering need not be a hassle because there are sites and suppliers online that can help in organizing a stress-free Christmas party. For your Christmas Invitations, Holiday-Invitations is the ultimate resource of uniquely and creatively done Christmas Party Invitations layouts. Save the stress on thinking of the Invitation Christmas design because they can do a customized one just for you. But that's not all, they also offer irresistible freebies and deals like free 10 cards Thank You and free shipping for a certain order volume. With Holiday-Invitations' services, consider the Party Christmas Invitations on your checklist done as early as now and move on to planning the other party details instead.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

First Trick or Treat.

Trick Or Treat at Daddy's Workplace

This was Asher's first Trick or Treat experience last year that took place at his Daddy's workplace. Even though he wasn't aware and couldn't appreciate yet the fun and excitement begging for sweet treats yet in his Tigger costume, this will remain memorable especially for me. I was so excited that months before November even before the Halloween invitations were distributed, I had this costume bought and shipped from the US. That's how ecstatic I was. I also made it a point that he's equipped with his loot container (the halloween pumpkin) and the camera batteries all fully recharged so his Trick or Treat moments were perfectly captured by his Daddy.

Christmas Party Invitations

Invitations ChristmasThere's no doubt that Christmas is the merriest season of all. This is the time to hold parties and reunions where merrymaking all day long is observed. Speaking of get-togethers, this is the time when Christmas Invitations are also in demand.

Ordering Party Christmas Invitations need not be much of a hassle. Online, offers the widest array of New Styles Trends Christmas Invitation. Unique and exclusive designs of Invitation Christmas is what they provide. If personalized or customized layout is what you wish let's say you want to include a logo or a picture, their creative artists can also create a special design just for you. As mentioned, ordering from them Christmas Party Invitations is easy and fast as they print and ship your order same day it is approved.

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