Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some updates.

Time to do some updating. I know it’s been a while hehe! But I know, too, that you do understand what’s keeping me so “busy” these days.

Anyway, just an update, I went for my second pre-natal check-up last Saturday. No extensive tests were done yet but I’ll be back this weekend to have my first ultrasound test. Aside from checking how baby is developing, I’d also need the ultrasound report as a requirement (notification) to claim my SSS benefits later. Hubby and I are pretty excited to see how baby looks like by now. I know it’s still as minute as a peanut but it would really be exciting to get a first glimpse of her/him freely swimming around.

Well, my morning sickness has improved a bit, I think. Unlike before, I barely feel like throwing up at night anymore. Perhaps, the medicine Plasil which my OB gave me is really effective. I’m also given two other pre-natal vitamins to take. And I’m sure one of them is the culprit for making me ultra-sleepy at work. If only, I could make use of the jura capresso in the office and guzzle some coffee, I would have been easily stimulated. I have some flakes, cakes and other mints stocked in my drawer to gobble up anyway.

I think my little bump is slightly getting bigger already. Proofs? My pants and slacks can no longer be buttoned and zipped. Hehe.

So there, pardon for this long overdue update and sorry if I don’t have any new things to blab about except for my pregnancy development. Hopefully, when I get my groove back, this blog will be rejuvenated with some other topics.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Still Slacking.

Now I totally understand when they say that pregnancy hormones can drain your mojos and how they literally suck up your mood. Sadly, my digiscrapping and blogging pursuits are two of the things that are affected much lately. There are a lot of things that needs to be chronicled here but then, I get so easily listless and bored a few minutes after turning on the puter. It’s so totally un-me!

Anyway, pardon with this bulleted list of my recent musings. At least, I still get to recount them even though they’re kinda late.

* This Morning All-Day sickness has just gotten worse this week. My buds are torturing me too, as I’m clueless of the food to take in. Yes, seems like I’m having aversions from everything (food and scents) and I’m getting traumatized with this all-day puking. As mentioned before, I hate processed, fried meats like luncheon meat…now even my favorite siomai becomes unappealing to my buds. I hate scent of perfumes and my shampoo-scented hair. I abhor the whiff of my make-up. Ironically, the smell of sautéed garlic doesn’t make me feel queasy. I’m not complaining, though, that I’m having an intricate first trimester. After all, this is the very essence of pregnancy right? Besides, I’m enjoying all the TLCs that everyone is giving me. Hehe!

* Hubby and I celebrated our 7th yr of being together (gf-bf anniversary) last July 19. Unfortunately and for the first time, we didn’t get to celebrate it lavishly probably we’re still dazzled and both occupied with this pregnancy thing. Hehe! Well, we didn’t fuss or bother to plan anything since we agreed that we have our wedding anniversary anyway to jubilate on big time at the end of the year. At least I also have an ample time to save on Air Jordans that he’s been eyeing lately which will perhaps serve my anniv gift then.

* We attended and coordinated a colleague’s wedding last Saturday. And with all the positive feedbacks and praises that we got that day, my officemates and I are thinking of pursuing this sideline. Probably, I’ll post this in a separate entry complete with pictures.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Am...

…on my 6th week and 3 days to be exact (week 7).

…as twittered, going through the rough times of my pregnancy’s first trimester. Whew! And I was hoping, I’m one of the lucky few who won’t get to experience the dreaded Morning Sickness symptom. Actually, I was on leave again yesterday as I was throwing up the whole day, perhaps the term All-Day-Sickness should fit? Hehe! Actually, I’m okay naman…just don’t show or let me smell processed meats specifically luncheon meat. Eeww..just the mere thought of it makes me puke.

…feeling so tamad pa rin. (thus, the brief hiatus on this blog).

Pregnancy at 6 Weeks.

From Babycenter.com.

How your baby's growing:
The cells that will make up all of your baby's body parts and systems are dividing furiously as her body begins to take shape. Right now she's about the size of a small lentil bean (4 to 5 millimeters across). If you could see through your uterine wall, you'd find an overlarge head and dark spots where her eyes and nostrils are beginning to take shape. Shallow pits on the sides of her head mark her developing ears, and her arms and legs appear as protruding buds. Her hands and feet look like paddles, with thick webbing between the developing digits, but her fingers and toes will soon become more distinct. Below the opening that will later be your baby's mouth, there are small folds where her neck and lower jaw will eventually develop. (Inside, her tongue and vocal cords are just beginning to form.)

Your baby's heart (which is starting to divide into the right and left chambers) is beating about 100 to 130 beats per minute — almost twice as fast as yours — and blood is beginning to circulate through her body. Her intestines are developing and tiny breathing passages are beginning to appear where her lungs will be. She's also starting to build muscle fibers and, halfway through this week, she'll likely start moving her tiny limbs. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait until you're several weeks into your second trimester before you get to enjoy feeling your baby's calisthenics.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Home Theater.

I can barely recall the last time hubby and I watched a movie in a theater. Actually, we’ve missed a lot of must-see movies this year that’s why I’m really outdated and left out whenever my peers talk about the latest flicks. Well, it’s not that we’re not into it but our busy schedule just doesn’t permit us to do so most of the time. Probably, it would be nice to just have a plasma TV and a theater seating just like this at home, pop in a DVD then all we have to do is sit back and relax while munching some buttered popcorn.


Admittedly, I’m not really into or barely knew anything about golf. Except that players strike a ball into a hole using a club, and that a caddy carries the players’ golf clubs as they troop from one hole to another, and Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world. I’m clueless really about how the scoring goes; what does the terms putt, par and bogey means, etc. Probably, I should start watching the PGA Tour and other golf competitions being shown in ESPN or Star Sports to learn more about this sport. Or perhaps, I should try playing Level Up’s fantasy online golf game called Pangya.

Bye-bye Flabs?

A friend of mine has finally decided to trim down her weight and her “flabs” fast. She is planning to join an exercise program, adapt a diet regimen and might take in a diet pill, which a cousin of hers recommended. Has anyone ever heard of or tried out the Tenuate pill?


On Monday, I’ll be transferring again to a new workstation. Actually, I’ll just be moving onto the adjacent cubicle from where I’m stationed at for the last three months. My new space was formerly occupied by our boss, who’s also transferring to the next cubicle. Then some transfers were also made in the Accounting side last week. A lot of us are affected with these movements as our group is expanding. Our workplace was renovated to accommodate 2 additional hires that joined our department recently. Well, I don’t mind the transfer as long as it’d be comfortable, has the same office furniture and as long as it’s spacious as the one I have now…I don’t mind packing up my things, moving and adjusting again.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Out of Office.

It’s Thursday morning and while I’m supposed to be at the office at this moment, here I am in front of the puter, surfing, while munching some mangga with bagoong. Okay, reason why I’m lazying around at home? Blame it to the whacking headache that woke me up this morning. Mabigat ang pakiramdam. tinatamad…I felt a bit of urge to throw up. Hmmm…this must be it. Some additional preggy symptoms kicking in.

I texted my bosses that I can not come in this morning and IF I feel and get better, I will try to report for work this noon. Hmm, I feel better na ngayon BUT…I’m still feeling sluggish which means I might will have the whole day today to bum around. Hehe!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Wooowwwww..I am so blown away with all the love that you poured our way during this exciting moment of our lives. Paul and I can’t thank you enough for all the greetings and warm wishes you extended to us through this blog, SMS, Friendster messages and comments, yahoo mails, Bebot Forum, CWL yahoogroups..we really appreciate your kindness so much. All the more that we’re excited to spring out this little pea so we can tell him/her how much he/she is welcomed and is loved by many.

Thank you for the constant reminders and yes, I will definitely take the utmost care for myself and moreso, for this little blessing growing inside me. I’ve never felt so much responsible like this before, knowing that someone precious is entirely depending on me for his/her dear life. Just like what my wedding coordinator-turned-friend said, “for everything that you do, for every food and drink that you take in..you have a little person to think about first”. And I absolutely agree. This is so true, isn’t it?

I’m only about half way through my first trimester and I know, there’s a still a long way to go. More hardships to toil, more sacrifices to deal with…I know it’d be hard along the way..almost intolerable…but I’ve already psyched myself and I’m all set to experience those…all for the love of our little precious.

There would really be a lot of changes in our lives from this moment on…allotment of our time, realignment of priorities, probably changes in domicile setup, grocery shopping cart contents (bulk of which would then consist of baby stuffs such as baby foods, tranquility diapers, etc.) We haven’t straightened the concrete plans yet but hopefully, we’ll do well as we go along.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


When I asked why oh why in one of my recent entries, I didn’t know that I was speaking so soon for myself. When I was complaining recently about my being crabby, sluggish and so much sleepy, the cramping and the back aches I’ve been having these days, I didn’t know that there’s already a miracle forming and growing inside me.

Yes, after 18 months of trying, we’re finally infanticipating. This little embryo is on its 5th week already and is expected to come out and greet the world on March 10, 2008…two days before my 27th birthday. This is the BIG news that I was referring to in my previous post. We just came home from my first OB check-up. Necessary examinations were done and thankfully, we are on the right track.

..to be continued

July 6, 2007
9: 57 PM
Thank you Lord, for this early sign of life..for entrusting to us this precious gift. Fourteen hours later since I first witnessed how the second pink line appeared, here I am still dumbfounded…astonished. Can’t find the right words to explain my thoughts and the extreme delight I’m feeling right now. After 18 months of trying, finally the perfect time has come. Paul and I are so elated that we’re finally blessed..that we’re finally realizing our long time dream of parenthood. Thank you, Lord for this wonderful gift.

Loving Spring Paper by Jan Hosford
Be Inspired Paper by Dani Mogstad
Neopolitan Summer Paper by Amber CLegg
Vintage Frame by Nancy Comelab
Stitched Ribbon by Beth Nixon
Flores Flower Element by Lively
Laced Leather Stitches Oct 06 Club Digital by DSP Designers
Pewter Alpha by Doris Castle
Amore Hearts by Shabby Princess

Font: Pea Alesa

Green Machine.

Just last weekend, we had Green Machine “repaired” as the aircon fan suddenly stopped functioning while driving home to Frisco. It’s a good thing that we’re near home when it happened, otherwise, we might have been stuck somewhere with an overheating, conked out car. As the mechanic evaluates the machine, it turned out that there’s really nothing to worry about as the aircon fan was just loosely unplugged.

But it seems Green Machine is really requiring us to shell out some money for a repair. This time, the car’s machine is producing a strange, disturbing sound as it accelerates. The mechanic suspects something’s wrong with the bearing of some part. I just don’t know the exact details but what I heard from hubby is that the entire machine needs to be dismantled to further check out that specific bearing. I am not sure also if they need some plasma cutting services. I just hope, Green Machine gets repaired with not much cost to burden us.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Giddily Excited!

Wow I’m just so glad that it’s Friday once again…my favorite day of the week. Hehe! I already have plans cooked up for tomorrow and I’m so going gaga and going giddily excited! I can’t tell yet the details but I will definitely get back to share our “experiences” and the big news here tomorrow. Yipee! I won’t be giving any clue basta…I’m so overly stoked!

The "I Hate" Tag.

I've been tagged by Andrea:
1. Food you hate – hmm, I don’t eat sushi.
2. Fruits you hate – there is none.
3. Veggies that you hate – Radish and Ampalaya.
4. Celebrities or people that you hate – People who are so pretentious, those who lavishly despise others and those who are so “mapag-mataas” as if they own other people
5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate – instances when I feel so alone and incomplete.
6. TV shows or movies that you hate - animes
7. Type of music that you hate - I’m not into metal and classical music.
8. Household chore that you hate – Ironing.
9. Things you hate about the world – drugs, poverty and too much desire for power & money
10. Things you hate about yourself – my being introvert and procrastinator.

I'm not tagging anyone but if you would like to try, you may go ahead and do so.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Blabs.

* It’s just now that I posted my entry last night. I didn’t notice that I wasn’t able to publish my post as I shut the notebook down. Wehehe..reason? There was a commotion outside last night that I got so antsy and hurriedly went out to know what it was all about. The electric post near our front yard was on fire! Actually, it’s not naman the whole post but the wires connected to the transformers. I don’t know how the ignition started but according to my engineer husband, the transformer might’ve a leak or something. It wasn’t that big but the fire spread hastily. Anyway, the firefighters arrived immediately naman and they were able to contain the fire with just a sprinkle of their high-pressured water host to my neighbors delight. Haha! Parang pelikula..they were clapping and rejoicing as if they were saved by a Super Hero. Lolz.

* On another note, dear hubby is feeling better. We rushed to Makati Med’s ER the other night as he complained of some excruciating tummy pains on his left for two consecutive days. His urinalysis yielded normal results so the doctor concluded that it was just probably a strained muscle. Yan kasi laki-laki ng tiyan. Haha!

* I’m feeling so cranky and so lazy these days. I blame this to my surging hormones and to my anticipated “visitor” this week.

* By the way, I’m a few bucks richer today. Finally, I got my first dollar check courtesy of those links on my blog’s right sidebar. Woohoo! Clearing days would take about 25 days nga lang as it’s a Non-NY check. Pero oks na...thanks so much Adbrite!


Glad, it’s midweek already. That means I’m half through with all the stress that this week has stored for me. I can’t wait till weekend. For one, I’d love to sleep, sleep and sleep. Lolz. I feel so sleepy these days eventhough I have enough at night. Probably, I’m just so tired at work, or just PMS-ing..or simply just the sleepyhead-in-me whacking big time. :yawn:

Another thing I’m looking forward to this weekend is the opening of the UAAP season this coming Saturday. So we’ll go cheering once again for our dear Alma Mater’s UST Tigers. Woohoo! Hope they’ll grab the crown again just like how they surprisingly did last year.

** posted July 5, 2007 **

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mathematically Suicidal.

My colleague recently mentioned that her child who’s on the 6th Grade is struggling with her Math lessons. She’s doing fine with all other subjects but Math doesn’t simply interest her. My colleague would love to help her daughter but with the busy schedule that she has at work, she cannot attend to her child and do some personally coaching. This is the reason why she’s now looking for math tutors. Preferably she would love to avail tutorial services just like those being offered by the Academic Directors from Score Learning Center. They have effective programs that will guarantee your child’s academic progress through personal academic coaching, positive reinforcement, and a customized curriculum that adapts to each child's pace and learning needs.

I advised my colleague that she should seek help as soon as possible. She shouldn’t wait for her kid’s test paper to look like this:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Why oh why?

There are so many couples wanting and trying so much to conceive, very much willing to take on the challenging responsibility of rearing a child, and yet they are hardly blessed.

There are expecting mothers out there, already going through the bliss and are thrilled of experiencing Mommyhood in a few months time, but the little peanut growing inside her tummy is suddenly taken back.

Then there are those who are blessed but they reject this blessing through abortion or abandon them in orphanages.

Why is life so odd?

Anne, Nyree, Karla, to my elder sister Lei, to my cousin Janelle..hopefully ours will come soon…in His perfect time.

To Angie, Dianne and Wanda..you’re still blessed to have your little angels up there. Hugzzzzz.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Next Stop: Barcelona!

One of my favorite cities and would definitely love to travel is the city of Barcelona. It is the second largest city in Spain and is located along the Mediterranean coast. The country, as a whole, has a rich cultural heritage. With my Native Land (the Philippines) being colonized by the Spaniards in the earlier times, I’m quite familiar and could totally relate with some of their traditions, ways and customs. In fact several Filipino words are derived from Spanish or Espanol, the national language of Spain.

A lot of historical scenic spots and beautiful landmarks make up this wonderful city. Among the top destinations that tourists are dying to see are the Ramblas, the Barcelona Opera House, Barri Gotic, La Pedrera, Tibidabo, Picasso Museum, and Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. Aside from the places, other things to rave about Barcelona are the food, the people, and the overall festive mood and colors of the city. Accommodation is never also difficult to find as there are five-star luxury, two-star Barcelona Hoteles which are priced per room.

Cuáles son que espera… vas tan visitar Barcelona!

(translation: so what are you waiting for..go and visit Barcelona!)

Tiring Yet Fulfilling.

Work was hard last week and the coming weeks ahead are definitely harder. The whole Purchasing group (all 5 of us) stormed all our sites in the metro to conduct training in preparation for the new financial system which the company will be adapting soon. We finished the training for Makati sites the other week then just last week, we went to outMak sites namely Ortigas, Commonwealth and Alabang. It was indeed tiring since we had to conduct the trainings during operation hours. And operation hours for call centers spell night time. So for three consecutive days, I went home late…as in almost midnight already. Thank goodness we had a van rented for our transpo and hubby was kind enough to wait for me eventhough he was so sleepy already. It was pretty strenuous really since we also have our regular day work. I bet I’ll be reaping some whopping amount of OT earnings on the 15th huh?

At any rate, it still feels relieving especially that the end-users seem to have a positive approach and outlook on this new project plus I’m just glad that I finally got to visit all our other sites (after 9 months of being with the company). The remaining sites I haven’t gone to are just our 2 Cebu sites which I hope I’d get to set my foot on someday. Also, one good thing about this site hopping is that I got to see the faces behind the names and email addresses that I daily correspond with online. (Well, our group is always in demand and they regularly get in touch with us since we’re the ones who do their purchase requisitions across all Philippine sites).

Seems the preparation of our new financial system has been 90% ironed out and implementation will be on its initial stage this week. Tomorrow, I’ll be having a special training with our project SME since I’ll be handling a critical role under the new system. I’m scared, nervous, probably overwhelmed too, but definitely, I am challenged. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of birth pains, but hopefully, we’ll get to surpass them all. After all, as our department’s slogan goes..we’re the best and the fastest. (Jokingly, they also say we’re the fattest…because of my plumpish colleagues Lolz!)

By the way, to wrap up our exhausting week, my newly-promoted best-bud-colleague treated us to a very sumptuous treat at Seaside Macapagal last Friday night. Yehey! Even if my stomach got a little bit crabby due to the Chocolait Milk I drank for breakfast, I allowed myself to overindulge with sweet & spicy crabs, baked tahong and buttered shrimps. Yummy! Now that’s my literal Fridays Feast.

Next Stop: Rome!

Time to hop again in my blog warp zone. Our next stop: Rome!

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is situated in the central-western portion of the Italian peninsula. It is where the holders of the episcopal seats reside as it is the sovereign territory and center of the Catholic Church. Rome has played a great part in the world history especially during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods. A lot of its historical marks are still evident with all the must-see beautiful landmarks. This old city houses over 200 palaces, 900 churches, major parks, well-known monuments and a lot more. Popular places include The Vatican, Spanish Steps, Termini and the Colosseum. There are also about 300 Cheap hotels in Rome. They've got the best and year round prices. So for your next vacation, be sure to consider this remarkable and heavenly destination.

This Blog..

….is sporting a new look..again.

Like it? Hate it? What do ‘ya think?

By the way, my blog’s new theme is based on this caption for a layout I did several months back.

As long as I am with you and you are with me, I'll never fear to face the waves of life.

Sassafrass Kit by Bren Taylor-Boone

ETA: I have also revamped my blogroll list. For those of you who got delered, please let me know if you still want to exchange links. Thanks!

Business Sign.

One of our computer shop’s business sign has already faded and needs to be replaced. I am currently searching for a signage maker online where you can easily choose a size, customize the look of it and order very quickly and effortlessly just like with BuildASign. They customize various kinds of signs including Yard Signs, Magnetic Signs, Political Signs, Street and Real Estate Signs. These signs are printed on high quality materials with the most advanced of printing equipment available. Customizing your sign can be done without any difficulty with their design tool. Lastly, you signs are delivered fast with their Next Day Shipping feature.