Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooling Home with Indoor Wall Fountains

No one’s exempted from experiencing the grueling heat of summer. Probably you’ve mumbled a thousand times already how ridiculously hot it has been every day.  Aside from turning on the air conditioner and the electric fans, do you know that you can somehow cool down your home by having an indoor wall fountain?  By blowing fresh, dry air across the indoor wall fountain, the water evaporates and absorbing some of the heat energy in the air and effectively cooling it.  So start looking for an indoor fountain now, take advantage of its water features and you can cool down your hot summer a bit with this wonderful home décor.

Flowers For Mom

Contemporary Design Flowers

The most common thought of gift for Mother’s Day are floral arrangements.  Mother’s Day is just a few months away so flower shops would soon be again busy accepting orders and delivering bouquets and baskets of flowers for Moms.  Giving of flowers as gifts dates back even to the early times.  It’s one of the most frequently practiced traditions.  Flowers can eloquently convey one’s sentiments: admiration, gratitude, sweetness, love.  They are beautiful and they make a great symbol of one’s special thoughts for a loved one or special someone.  As an idiom about flowers say, a flower say so much more than a thousand words.  So if you still haven’t thought of gifts to give your mom or wife on Mother’s Day, call the flower shop now and place your order.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Importance of Metal Storage Cabinets

Tools are essential in a handyman’s work.  It is comparable to a soldier’s gun, a doctor’s stethoscope, a driver’s steering wheel.  Without tools, he cannot carry on or complete his construction, maintenance or repair tasks.  As these tools are essential, utmost care is given for a long lasting life and sustained durability.  Proper and safe storage involves the utilization of toolboxes, portable tool cases and metal storage cabinets.  These systems fulfill specific storage functions and needs depending on the tools stored.

Nowadays, functionality is highly considered when selecting the right steel cabinets.  It’s not just enough that the storage requirement is satisfied but more over, we find for storage systems for our home and offices that also look stylish, space saving and serve other purpose that would make our task easier and more convenient.  Let’s say the rolling storage cart.  The steel storage cabinets' underneath perfectly stores tools and utilities while its rolling capacity makes transfer and movement from one place to another an effortless task.

For industrial work, cabinet style industrial workbenches serve dual purpose.  A workbench will let you work and make it easy for you to complete projects comfortably on a table instead of crouching on the floor.  The space under the bench are maximized into drawers, shelves and cabinets and provides a lot more storage space for small tools and industrial equipment.

The Benefits of Credit Cards


A credit card is a small plastic card that can be used in major malls and stores anywhere in the world to purchase goods and pay for services without the need for physical money.  The best credit cards have greatly gained popularity in the last few decades because of the tremendous benefits it gives to a cardholder when used smartly.  On the other hand, when it is misused, the effects can be drastic and painful.  Because of this many people are afraid to undergo credit card application because they fear they will be stuck in debt as a consequence.   Again, so long as one is cautious of his spending behavior, he will never fall into the pits of debt. 

Here are just a few of the many advantages that credit cards are thanked for:

1.  With credit cards, there’s no need to carry bulk and huge amount of money in our purse.

2.  A credit card is an instant purchasing tool when cash-strapped at the moment.  One can still buy the thing or pay for a service with just a swipe of the card and can be settled after a certain period of time.

3.  The best credit card deals nowadays provide rewards for every usage of the card.  They may be in the form of rebates or freebies in various types: food, appliances, vacation deals, airline miles, etc.  You’ll be informed of these rewards during credit card applications.

4.  Credit cards can be used as an payment aggregator of all bills.  Utility bills can be enrolled and take advantage of the auto-debit arrangement where each bill will be taken care of the credit card.  No need to pay utility bills separately and take note of the different payment due dates as the credit card company will take care of it.

5. Credit cards are not only for individuals.  Commercial entities can also take advantage of credit card applications that give them a better way of managing their cash, credit and capital.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature Fundraiser Ideas

When raising a monetary fund in an organization or community, finding the right and most effective idea to make it happen can be quite tricky.  There are so many ways but still, nature fundraising activities prove to be the easiest and most noble because you do not only succeed in raising hefty funds but you also do your share in helping to promote to care for the environment.

There are actually tons of nature fundraiser ideas that can be considered.  One of the highly favored environmental fundraising options is through product selling.  Environment-friendly products are immense that organizers will not have to worry about expensive upfront costs.  They can make the green products themselves or ask for donations.  For younger fundraisers, one great idea is to sell organic candies and chocolates.  They can research from the web for easy recipes and ask assistance from their parents when preparing or cooking it.  Another idea is to sell products and novelty items that appeal to people of every age and personality: apparels, bags, jewelries, natural soy candles, household gift items and many more.  Take a look at Nature’s Vision’s catalog (an online fundraising center) for more unique product ideas for your green fundraising activity.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally, They’ll Be Home For Good

My parents just informed us of the good news that they’ll be coming home from abroad on June.  But it’s more exciting because my Dad decided to retire already and will be home for good!  Finally! He’s spent most of his years working abroad so it’s about time to enjoy the fruits of his long labor and spend the coming years with us.  He’s been an OFW for 31 years now.  I’m so excited for Asher and Ashley as they’ll be having more bonding times with their Lolo and Lola.  Even though they get to talk everyday (thanks to affordable vonage plans!) on the phone, it’s still different when you see them and talk to in person any time. My stepmom is now busy packing up their things for the airfreight shipping.  Now that gets me more excited..can’t wait to open those balikbayan boxes!

Spray Tanning Instead of Sunbathing

During summer time, people basking in the sun on beaches are a usual sight.  The beeline in the beach is usually consists of white-skinned people who sees a tanned body gorgeous.  Tanning is often associated with healthy and athletic bodies.  And there’s something about tanned looks that are attractive to them.  However, medical practitioners say that tanning under the sun is actually dangerous because of the UV rays.  They suggest to use commercially available tanning lotions or mobile spray tanning equipment.  This method can help you achieve your desired tanned look without the risk of premature aging, eye problems like cataracts, and skin cancer which are ill-effects of overexposure to the sun.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Party Planning


Are you a party planner? My love for party planning was brought about by my wedding planning some years ago. My husband and I got married  seven years ago. Back then I was hands on on my own wedding planning up to the minute details, resulting to a fully personalized party. The invitations, souvenirs, table number cards, guest sheets…all these were personally handcrafted by me.  Labor of love, indeed.  Not only we were able to tailor suit these stuff according to our preferences and requirements but we saved a great deal with all these. 

Every time my friends would have a party whether it be a bridal or baby shower, a housewarming or birthday parties, they always call me to do the theme decor and motif for their parties. My sister even sought my help in planning her own wedding a few years back.  Thankfully, sourcing for raw materials has been basically easy and convenient.  It's really great to have a good and reliable party supplies source to get all nice décor from.

Zurchers is an excellent site to purchase themed supplies from like balloons, plates, table cloth, streamers, disposable serve ware, utensils, centerpieces, wall decors, pinatas and other goodies. They sell item in bulk or wholesale quantities so you are sure to save money. They even sell candies for goodie bag for the little kids. Imagine being able to choose over 6,000 discount party supplies, you sure to find anything you need for your party. What’s even nicer about Zurchers is that they have a wide array of themed party supplies so let’s say your kid is having an enchanted and princess-themed wedding, tangled party supplies are available for ordering. There are a lot other themes to choose from: super mario party supplies, stadium horns supplies, Fiesta supplies, Hollywood party supplies and so on. When you have a store with this comprehensive and affordable supplies and ships your items promptly, it makes party planning really easy like a breeze.

High End Furniture

Even as a little kid, I’ve always dreamt of living in a mansion. When I played with my Barbie dolls, I always imagined that she has this big house with several rooms including a big closet room in her bedroom, a big comfy modern white sectional sofa in the living room, an attractive and cozy bedroom furniture set, and an elegant high end furniture in the dining room.

Isn’t this 14-seater dining table set lovely? Actually, I snagged the picture from and more images of mahogany dining chairs can be viewed from their gallery.

They are an exclusive online dealer providing excellent and best selections on quality home mahogany dining room table at a fair pricing. I find their site very useful especially for those who would like to shop conveniently for the finest and elegant furniture without the need to personally go to the stores and see the limited stocks on display. On their site, you’ll be able to browse all their designs complete with pictures, product information and descriptions. Testimonials from satisfied clients can be perused in the Guestbook. Searching for your preferred item is conveniently done through clicking on the tabs: Free Tools, Dining, Room, Bedroom and Office. New Items and On Sale products are distinctly accentuated on the sidebar.  The availability of each item is likewise indicated through color-coded buttons beside the Item Code.  It’s readily available and can be shipped anytime if it’s a green button, inquiry for yellow and sold for red.  This is the perfect site for those who wish to have antique looking bed frames, night stands, dressers, bookcases, office desks and many more.

I find one of the Mahogany King sized beds truly attractive however, it’s too big for our small bedroom.  Perhaps, if we get to have our own mansion in several years time, we’ll get to know how it feels like lounging on such a majestic bed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Impressive Determination and Hard Work

I have several friends from High School who are now medical practitioners.  I’m so proud of them and I laud them for their hard work and determination for achieving their dream.  They toiled several years of sleepless nights just to study and attain their desired specialization.  Many of them are now residing in the US and I heard that they are excelling in their respective posts.  I won’t be surprised if I see their profiles along with Ronald Sabbagh MD  in Doximity having a long and impressive list of licensures and certifications.  Doximity is an online exclusive network of US physicians through which they can communicate and reach out among each other for referrals or any other medical-related concerns.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Benefits of Web Conferencing

There are many benefits that businesses reap when using a Web Conference solution.  These includes the following:

1.) Web meetings done online cut down expenses significantly.  Costs save include transportation costs, hotel accommodations, rentals and catering.

2.) It is time-saving since there’s no travel time involved.

3.) It has a wider audience reach.  You can get everyone participate.

4.) The interactive capabilities of web conferencing allows participants to interact through live polls, question and answer periods, file sharing, etc.


Web Conferencing Solution

The power of internet has enabled many businesses to achieve their desired growth through going with the flow of technology.  Web conference is an innovative technology that allows individuals or groups to establish communication with another party else where through the internet.  It is the most convenient option to communicate with business partners, suppliers, clients and employees.  Through a web conferencing solution, businesses need not spend large amount of money on transportation and accommodation costs and other incidental expenses just to convene and have a meeting.  With just a computer, internet and a web conferencing host, everyone can already virtually meet any time, any where.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saving Energy and Reducing Costs with LED Lights and LED Track Lights

A home without lights or is poorly lit feels gloomy and absolutely isn’t inviting.  That’s why deciding on the lighting fixtures to install is an important decision to make when thinking about the illumination of the house.  The house need not be lighted with grandiose and overly shining and shimmering chandeliers.  That would not only hurt the homeowner’s pocket but the extremely high energy usage of the lights can also harm the environment. 

A home can be lighted with just a simple lighting fixture yet energy saving and long lasting.  Given such factors, led lighting fixtures with Led track lights appear to be the smartest choice among the types of lighting.  Homeowners and scientists even agree that using led lights have more advantages than the fluorescent lighting fixtures.  Here are just some of the reasons why a lot prefer led lighting and Led track lights:

1. Consumes lower energy level.  Lower consumption means lower electricity bill.  Led lights can therefore significantly reduce electricity costs.

2.  Known to last up to 50,000 hours so it’s more long-lasting.

3.  Durable and can resist vibrations even when you drop or bump them.

4.  Its directional distribution of light makes it perfect for spotlighting.

5.  Safe for the health and environment as there’s no dangerous emission  of UV and infrareds.   It doesn’t also contain mercury.

6.  Does not heat up so you can change the bulb right away without having to cool it down first before touching it for replacement.

All Gotham Lighting models at Alcon Lighting uses led lights so be sure to check them out when searching for the perfect lighting fixture for your home.  While there, one is able to shop by browsing the Indoor Lighting catalog or the Outdoor Lighting category.  There are also other electrical stuff that can be purchased like dimmers, drivers and transformers, ballasts, sensors and controls, emergency light batteries, wall plates and many more.  It’s actually a one-stop shop for all your electrical lighting needs.


Custom Labels for Party Materials

I remember when I planned my son’s first birthday party three years ago, a lot commented how OC I was. They say that the whole party itself down to the minute and little details show the great effort I exerted in each of them. With the help of a good friend, Jacque and her skillful decorators, we were able to come up with a colorful and jungle-lific party venue. Jungle safari was the party theme and we were able to execute it well from the tarpaulin, balloons, invites, registration table, table centerpieces, down to the prizes and even to custom labels of the loot bags’ thank you note. It really was a hard work and tremendous time and effort were put on just to come up with these unique ideas so just imagine how their praises sound music to my ears.

One of the things that I am most proud is the chocolate bar wrapper with custom printed labels and custom stickers. I personally designed the cover then have a local chocolate supplier print them and packaged on the homemade chocolate bars I’ve ordered. Other trinkets I made with a custom stickers are the table names with different jungle safari-related keywords like “savannah”, “lion’s den”, etc. The guests loved the idea, too.

I still get a lot of inquiries in my blog about the party. Some even are asking if they can hire me for similar trinkets and stuffs I made for my son’s party. I would love to make this a business but sadly, my time won’t permit. I advised them that there are online suppliers anyway whose services are readily available for such like the Data Graphics Inc.. They have been in the manufacturing industry for several years now and are known for their quality nameplates, overlays and labels for all types of businesses and needs.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Luxury Bedding For a Luxury Bedroom Retreat

When checking in in a splendor hotel, the first thing that’s most noticeable upon entering the room is the luxury bedding.  Just the mere sight of it can already transport you into a royalty room because of its sheer elegance and beauty.  By touching, sitting and lying on it, the layer upon layer of soft sheets, comforters and pillows gives one a wonderful and indulgent feeling. 

These days, there’s no need to splurge and spend a fortune checking in in a five-star hotel just to experience the comfort and warmth of a luxury bedding.  This same effect can now be emulated and similarly enjoyed into one’s own bedroom at home.  Choosing the perfect luxury bedding for your bedroom can definitely give you a luxury retreat just like a luxurious hotel room does.

By shopping online, one can get excellent deals on quality bed linens.  Versai offers a wide array of luxury bedding sets in a huge range of colours and styles.  Whether your prefer solids, stripes, patterned, embroidered, quilted, wood fiber, it has all the possible styles to meet your requirement.  Same goes with the choices on fabric, thread counts and fit, they’ve got everything for your most specific needs.

Upscale Hair Salon Furniture Entices Customer To Come In

There are several beauty and hair salons that have sprouted like mushrooms in the city nowadays.  Each has its own expertise to boot and cool promos and deals to entice the public.  But what is it that influences one to highly favor one particular salon over the others? 

Listed below are my personal criteria.  As a customer, these are the factors or things that I consider the most in choosing the right salon that I perceive will be able to fulfill my needs:

1.  I slightly prefer hair salons that have already built their names and reputation well over the years.  Meaning, I’d go for those that are unquestionably well trusted by many.  Of course, I’d be willing to try the services of the newcomers provided the salon will speak for itself how cozy it is.  The aesthetics of its hair salon furniture should entice me and leave me an impression that I’ll have a good pampering time sitting on their salon styling chairs, for example.

2.  The attendants and staff should be courteous, friendly, pleasant and most importantly, skilled.  The attendant should know well what she or he is doing, must be updated with the latest styles and trends and offer amiably suggestions and recommendations of hair styles that will best suit me.

3.  The prices of the services should be reasonable.  I abhor those that charge much yet their skills are below par and their hairdressing salon furniture and facilities are not well maintained.  Their choice of shampoo brands and other supplies also have impact on my trust with them.  Definitely, I’d go for those that uses well acclaimed brands.

Yes I really have a high regard with upscale salon furniture and they really entice me much.  After all, they contribute immensely to the pampering overall ambiance, right?

Collectible Items in Military Auction

There are so many different types of hobbies that people get interested in.  Some are interested with craft-making, gardening, bird-watching and play musical instruments.  While others engage in collecting a certain type of thing.  The most common ones include collecting stamps, comic books, coins, vintage toys, etc.  There are also those who are into collecting unusual stuff like rifles, antique furniture, paintings and many more.  Each of these hobbies are all worthwhile activities and make a terrific pastime.  In fact, most of these collections can actually be a valuable investment.  There are various ways on how to obtain collectible stuff and one of which is through an auction.

A military auction is the best event to attend when looking for military assets collections.  These include military vehicles, hats, belts, boots, first aid equipment, rain suits, deployed parachutes, scrap metal, gas masks, sleeping bags.  There are also military surplus rifles for sale that a military branch put on auction.  If these items aren’t used for personal gain like for collection purposes, their resale value is something to look forward to.  The internet is a great source for all military surplus auctions needs.  The Affiliated Auctions & Realty is a company that specializes in buy and sell events and auctions.  It is associated with various groups and military organizations that are well known to handle sales and military auctions.

Online Store for Fruit Trees

I was so excited when we started our garden project three months ago.  Well, we can not really say that it’s a true garden because we just have a couple of built in plant boxes below our windows on the second level of the house.  Plus, we really need potted plants to decorate and add spice on the exteriors of the house.  So we really don’t have a backyard or a lawn that we can do a landscape on or of that sort.   Anyway, when I started searching the web for local botanical shops, seedling banks and plant sanctuaries, I realize that we do not have many.  Or if there are, they’re not advertised on the web (wrong marketing move..they’re missing bountiful opportunities!).

I’m really envious that in the United States, entrepreneurs really take advantage of the internet that’s why even the smallest businesses are advertised and very well publicized throughout the country.  In fact, some businesses are dependent on the internet just like in the case of Willis Orchards which is a mail-order plant and fruit tree company.  You can browse on the site their extensive gallery pictures of fruit trees, Grape plants, berry plants, palm trees, nut trees, flowering trees, blueberry plants, shade trees, bamboo plants and many more and place order through a secured, fast and easy checkout process (or through telephone).  The shipping might be a concern for some as nursery stock is perishable but with the very careful packing and handling of the courier, FedEx, normally and ideally, the plants arrive safely and in perfect condition.  But of course, Willis Orchard does replacements should there are obvious mishandling during the shipment. So for those in the US who have plant requirements (except California which has shipping restrictions), Willis Orchard is the site to see.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

First Birthday Party Preps

This month-end, my daughter will be 6 months old.  For some moms, it will be too early to start planning for her first birthday but actually it’s never too early to start planning especially if you’re eying to book the so-called “in-demand” birthday party suppliers.  So far, I got the venue, host/magician, photographer/videographer and venue stylist booked.  These are the suppliers that usually accept just one booking per day so they are the ones that must be secured first.  Next month, we’ll be booking the caterer and all other party details.  I love party planning and I’m really excited to pull off the best first birthday party for our very special princess.  Whew! I can’t believe that I'm thinking about first birthday party preparations and first birthday gifts.  Time flies, indeed!