Friday, April 20, 2012

Party Planning


Are you a party planner? My love for party planning was brought about by my wedding planning some years ago. My husband and I got married  seven years ago. Back then I was hands on on my own wedding planning up to the minute details, resulting to a fully personalized party. The invitations, souvenirs, table number cards, guest sheets…all these were personally handcrafted by me.  Labor of love, indeed.  Not only we were able to tailor suit these stuff according to our preferences and requirements but we saved a great deal with all these. 

Every time my friends would have a party whether it be a bridal or baby shower, a housewarming or birthday parties, they always call me to do the theme decor and motif for their parties. My sister even sought my help in planning her own wedding a few years back.  Thankfully, sourcing for raw materials has been basically easy and convenient.  It's really great to have a good and reliable party supplies source to get all nice dĂ©cor from.

Zurchers is an excellent site to purchase themed supplies from like balloons, plates, table cloth, streamers, disposable serve ware, utensils, centerpieces, wall decors, pinatas and other goodies. They sell item in bulk or wholesale quantities so you are sure to save money. They even sell candies for goodie bag for the little kids. Imagine being able to choose over 6,000 discount party supplies, you sure to find anything you need for your party. What’s even nicer about Zurchers is that they have a wide array of themed party supplies so let’s say your kid is having an enchanted and princess-themed wedding, tangled party supplies are available for ordering. There are a lot other themes to choose from: super mario party supplies, stadium horns supplies, Fiesta supplies, Hollywood party supplies and so on. When you have a store with this comprehensive and affordable supplies and ships your items promptly, it makes party planning really easy like a breeze.

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