Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saving Energy and Reducing Costs with LED Lights and LED Track Lights

A home without lights or is poorly lit feels gloomy and absolutely isn’t inviting.  That’s why deciding on the lighting fixtures to install is an important decision to make when thinking about the illumination of the house.  The house need not be lighted with grandiose and overly shining and shimmering chandeliers.  That would not only hurt the homeowner’s pocket but the extremely high energy usage of the lights can also harm the environment. 

A home can be lighted with just a simple lighting fixture yet energy saving and long lasting.  Given such factors, led lighting fixtures with Led track lights appear to be the smartest choice among the types of lighting.  Homeowners and scientists even agree that using led lights have more advantages than the fluorescent lighting fixtures.  Here are just some of the reasons why a lot prefer led lighting and Led track lights:

1. Consumes lower energy level.  Lower consumption means lower electricity bill.  Led lights can therefore significantly reduce electricity costs.

2.  Known to last up to 50,000 hours so it’s more long-lasting.

3.  Durable and can resist vibrations even when you drop or bump them.

4.  Its directional distribution of light makes it perfect for spotlighting.

5.  Safe for the health and environment as there’s no dangerous emission  of UV and infrareds.   It doesn’t also contain mercury.

6.  Does not heat up so you can change the bulb right away without having to cool it down first before touching it for replacement.

All Gotham Lighting models at Alcon Lighting uses led lights so be sure to check them out when searching for the perfect lighting fixture for your home.  While there, one is able to shop by browsing the Indoor Lighting catalog or the Outdoor Lighting category.  There are also other electrical stuff that can be purchased like dimmers, drivers and transformers, ballasts, sensors and controls, emergency light batteries, wall plates and many more.  It’s actually a one-stop shop for all your electrical lighting needs.


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