Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally, They’ll Be Home For Good

My parents just informed us of the good news that they’ll be coming home from abroad on June.  But it’s more exciting because my Dad decided to retire already and will be home for good!  Finally! He’s spent most of his years working abroad so it’s about time to enjoy the fruits of his long labor and spend the coming years with us.  He’s been an OFW for 31 years now.  I’m so excited for Asher and Ashley as they’ll be having more bonding times with their Lolo and Lola.  Even though they get to talk everyday (thanks to affordable vonage plans!) on the phone, it’s still different when you see them and talk to in person any time. My stepmom is now busy packing up their things for the airfreight shipping.  Now that gets me more excited..can’t wait to open those balikbayan boxes!

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